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This is a farming guide for Awegite, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn how to get Awegite, all mining locations, drop rates from monsters and quests, also Awegite uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Awegite - Basic Information

Name Awegite ImageAwegite
Description An ore of alluring brilliance. Its pattern shifts in response to the observer's mood.
Rarity 8 Type Ore
Sell Price 1200 Hold Limit 99

Best Farming Route for Awegite

Farm Awegite in Master Rank Shrine Ruins

Best Awegite Farming Route Video

Best Awegite Farming Route Guide

Shrine Ruins

Awegite can be mined in the Shrine Ruins once you reach Master Rank. You'll be able to find them from both blue and white mining outcrops, so try to mine all the nodes along the route. Note that the mining outcrops can be found at different elevations across the map, so check the video if you're feeling lost!

To maximize the amount of ore you get, try looking for an upsurge in mining outcrops when you go out on a Master Rank expedition tour in the Ruins. We also recommend having the Geologist skill at Lv. 3 to gather more ore. Also consider bringing Gathering Palico to increase your chances of getting this ore!

Awegite - Mining Locations

Location Summary
Obtained from Master Rank mining outcrops.

Gathering Spots: Master Rank

Map Gathering Spot
Shrine Ruins Mining Outcrop (White, Blue)

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Rate (#)
Urgent Hub Quest M★1 Uninvited Guest ½
Hub Quest M★1 Reap What You Saw ½

Item drop rate is ranked from 1 to 5 ★, with five stars being the most common. A half star is indicated with ½. Items which are guaranteed a minimum of a set amount are marked as "min."

Awegite - Crafting Uses

Effect Summary
Used as forging material.

Used to Craft Decorations

MH Rise - Blaze Jewel+ 2Blaze Jewel+ 2 (×2)

Decoration List: How to Unlock Decorations

Used to Craft Weapons

Sword & Shield Image Royal Order's Sword (×3) Lance Image Elder Babel Spear+ (×2)
Heavy Bowgun Image Kamura Warrior Ballista (×1) Switch Axe Image Kamura Warrior Battleaxe (×1)
Dual Blades Image Kamura Warrior Blades (×1) Bow Image Kamura Warrior Bow (×1)
Charge Blade Image Kamura Warrior C. Blade (×1) Light Bowgun Image Kamura Warrior Crossbow (×1)
Hunting Horn Image Kamura Warrior Flute (×1) Insect Glaive Image Kamura Warrior Glaive (×1)
Gunlance Image Kamura Warrior Gunlance (×1) Long Sword Image Kamura Warrior Rapier (×1)
Lance Image Kamura Warrior Spear (×1) Sword & Shield Image Kamura Warrior Sword (×1)
Heavy Bowgun Image Meteor Cannon II (×2)

Used to Upgrade Weapons

Charge Blade Image Gale Sickle+ (×3) Dual Blades Image Cyclone+ (×3)
Lance Image Elder Babel Spear+ (×1) Switch Axe Image Hellish Edge+ (×2)
Heavy Bowgun Image Meteor Cannon II (×2) Switch Axe Image The Power Shredder+ (×1)
Hunting Horn Image Vicello Du Black (×2)

Used to Craft Armor and Buddy Equipment

Arms Image Ingot Vambraces X (×1) Head Image Gargwa Mask X (×1)
Torso Image Guild Bard Bolero / Scholar's Blouse (×1) Legs Image Guild Bard Boots / Scholar's Socks (×1)
Head Image Grand Chaoshroom (×2) Torso Image Ingot Mail X (×1)
Head Image Five Element Mask (×3) Head Image Kamura Legacy Head Scarf (×1)
Legs Image Kamura Legacy Leggings (×1) Torso Image Squire's Cuirass (×1)
Arms Image Kamura Legacy Braces (×1) Head Image Squire's Earrings (×1)

Awegite is usually needed for Master Rank Kamura weapons. These weapons are fairly easy to make and should help get you ready for early Master Rank.

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