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Demo Review

This is a review for the demo of Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). This summarizes our positive and negative insights after exploring the demo and the new changes to Monster Hunter in MH Rise.

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Our Rating of the Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) Demo

Overall Rating: 8 / 10
"New features help make Rise a great addition to the Monster Hunter franchise!"
Check IconThe wirebug mechanic is an excellent addition

Check IconGraphics are excellent for a Portable game

Check IconLittle to no bugs and glitches

Check IconA fairly challenging monster fight

Check IconThree-week Demo access
Cross IconNo equipment stats and details section

Cross IconAttack command display is not present

Cross IconNo access to the training area

Take note that this rating is for the demo version of the game. Expect a new review when the full game drops or a new demo comes out!

Things that We Liked

The Wirebug Mechanic is Excellent

Wirebug GIF

We first saw the wirebugs in action during the very first Monster Hunter Direct back in 2020 and were amazed by it. Fast forward 2021 and we are still amazed when we got to try it hands-on. It is a very good addition to the franchise and we hope Capcom gets to keep it (or a version of it) for the next Monster Hunter games!

How to Use Wirebugs

Graphics are Excellent for a Portable Game

Monster Hunter Rise

MH Generations Ultimate

Considering that this game runs on the Nintendo Switch, Capcom's RE Engine is proving capable of running smoothly on comparably weaker hardware (vs. the Playstations and XBoxes)!

There is a decent render distance that is amazing for Nintendo Switch standards. Lessening (or lack thereof) of anti-aliasing is not noticeable as well because monster fights still look relatively appealing to the eye!

Of course, there is a noticeable lack of environmental details like shrubbery as well as overall light effects but those are menial things that do not degrade the overall graphical experience of the game. Comparing this game to the last Portable game the Monster Hunter Team released (Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch), the difference is night and day.

Available Platforms

Little to No Bugs and Glitches

Little To No Bugs.png

For a game with tons of things to render and process, it has virtually no bugs and glitches during our gameplays. The game runs on a fairly smooth 30fps with some noticeable dips on online multiplayer hunts. (Palico effects are too much)

A Fairly Challenging Monster Fight

Mizutsune Demo.jpeg

Capcom did not skimp on giving us a fairly difficult fight for the demo! They pit us against a Mizutsune, a challenging monster that last appeared in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Players who only started playing in Monster Hunter World are in for a treat!

How to Beat Mizutsune

Three-week Demo Access

Limtied Time Demo.png

In contrast to World's three-day demo access, Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) has a three-week demo access. This enables hunters to enjoy the game for a longer period with friends or solo!

Demo Guide and Features

Areas that Need Improvement

No Equipment Stats and Details Section

We honestly hoped that this time around, the game will show us the equipment stats and details to better judge them! We are honestly left with things to figure out for ourselves like the ammo types of the Bowguns and the elemental affinity of weapons.

Lack of Attack Command Display

Attack Command display in Monster Hunter World

Unlike in World, there does not seem to be an attack command display that helps the hunter with the attack commands. We hope that this is implemented in the full game to better cater to the newer audiences.

No Training Area Access

training area.png

Considering this demo is made to familiarize players with the fourteen weapons along with the unique wirebug actions tied to them, we are sad that they did not include access to the training area. This could have been a perfect opportunity for players to sink their teeth on the different newly-introduced weapon mechanics for each weapon!

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