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This is Game8's Discussion Board for Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). The Discussion Board is for discussing Monster Hunter Rise in general. Share your review of the game and theorize about the story and characters with other fans of the game!

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46 Anonymous9 daysReport

>>44 great! best of luck on the arena quest!

44 Zypher10 daysReport

>>42 It was totally that, thank you!!

43 Anonymous10 daysReport

>>35 To be fair whether you no life the game or work 8+ hours a day a lot of us have years of experience in Monster Hunter, experience which translates from game to game relatively unchanged. Practice and get better, your job doesn't prevent you from doing that it only changes the amount of time it takes for you to reach the "I got good" point. MH is all about experience, knowledge, and practice, there isn't any shortcut or words we can tell you that can help with your lack of dodging skills.

42 Anonymous10 daysReport

>>33 have you tried completing both the volvidon and basarios high rank quests? might be that

35 Anonymous10 daysReport

>>34 "git gud" is a bs mentality and the people who just keep repeating it suck. BUT you can climb down off that cross. lots of us work 8 hours a day and have lives outside of video games (even if, as of may 2021, those lives are still mostly inside). best case, you're trying to own literal children for anon clout. that's just sad. you're not better than the toxic "git gud" drones, handle your nonsense if you want to play at being an adult.

34 Anonymous10 daysReport

>>32 Well lets put it this way. To the people out there with no life and no job who can play day to day on games like this. I spend 8 hour a day working my life away so people like those no lifes can enjoy using our taxpayer dollars to git gud and be like that, cocky and think two words can help. If they had to work 8 hour a day like this they'd understand a bit more about how I can manage my time and money. ~No lifes will be no lifes and us hard workers will just keep supplying them Oh well~

33 Zypher10 daysReport

I'm really confused, I have unlocked every monster on the update, got my HR unlocked, and I still haven't unlocked the Arena Quest 6. I don't know what I'm supposed to do! I have read somewhere that you need to hunt the "surprise monster" but I have already done it. I really don't know what to do.

32 Anonymous11 daysReport

>>24 >>19 Then Make some time for it, don't go crying on the comments and getting upset because you don't have that much time to play, you shouldn't be playing when you have work.

31 Nandarch12 daysReport

>>28 It's supposed to work like that, it's been like that since the first game. In MH there isn't a threat system because it doesn't fit. They could do it quite easily because they implemented a threat system in the Behemoth fight, but it just doesn't fit in Monster Hunter.

30 Anonymous13 daysReport

>>24 It might be two simple words but honestly, that's the point. there's not much help that can be given. No single person can fix any problems the game might have. It all falls on the player to play the game and learn what's what. If you do not have time to "get good" then there is nothing that can be done... Hitboxes are what they are and the Monster AI is what it is. if you are in the same area it's going to attack everyone in that area at least once.

29 Anonymous14 daysReport

dodge have Iframes, learn them. Since you obviously are a new player, invest into longer iframes and dodge extension. Its really funny how you see all these new players complain about their lack of skill. Also no one cares about your damage except yourself. The game is soloable even for new players that actually invest a small amount of time to learn things like monster attacks, iframes. They even added a wirebug escape mechanic and counters for you guys....

28 Anonymous14 daysReport

It's not even the hitboxes anymore. The game just doesn't act right.

27 Anonymous14 daysReport

>>24 You're complaining about hitboxes and getting upset that no one's able to help you. How tf are we supposed to make the hitboxes smaller for you bro are you listening to yourself. Btw git gud

26 Anonymous14 daysReport

>>21 you mean you came into his house stealing his shit, id hit you too.

25 Anonymous14 daysReport

>>19 if your a monster hitting someone and that person isnt dying, you switch to someone else you can easily kill because they been poking you in your ass for like the last 5 minutes lol

24 Anonymous14 daysReport

Git gud. U look at bad person being bad at game and instead of helping like the others have, which thank u by the way, and u say 'git gud'. Like that magically works by just saying the words. LOL Nice one, if I had the time and didn't work 99% of my life away to actually gid gud, I would be better. But no, I work hard so lazy people with too much time on their hands can tell me two simple words. If I need help on a game, I look for help, not two little words.

23 Anonymous17 daysReport

>>18 no you git gud. We didn't complain about Plesioth's crazy hitboxes (or maybe we did) and we didn't quit the game. GIT GUD.

22 Anonymous18 daysReport

if your in the area itll see you he has a agro farther than 200ft id rather have that than a game thats just fixed on one person

21 Anonymous18 daysReport

>>20 He was facing the other direction 200 feet away from me, I was just gathering materials far away from him.

20 Anonymous18 daysReport

>>19 You assume the AI is bad because MH doesn't have a traditional threat/aggro system? It's not supposed to. It wouldn't be very fun if you could just have a friend who mains lance tank all the hits with his shield up while you deal all the damage. Goss Harag hit you because you are a player and monsters hit players they see.

19 Anonymous19 daysReport

So question, how does the monster targeting AI work? I just spent 30 minutes just watching as a friend fought Goss Harag but the monster decided he wanted to kill me instead of the human beating his ass....... I wasn't scared or anything I was proving a point that these monsters AI is BS. Why target me, who is a good 500 feet away from him just harvesting ore where my friend was in his face ripping him a new one? I'm confused as to why I was being targeted.......

18 Anonymous19 daysReport

>>16 Wow..... like I've never heard that one before. Gitting gud and the game hit box being stupid are too different things. Besides I switched weapons I was using and I've gotten way better. Hit boxes are still a bit off but with the right armor and dangos I be getting better.

17 Anonymous19 daysReport

>>12 specify which attack from which monster and I'll tell you exactly how you got hit. bc if you're attentive enough you can tell what hit you and when.

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    • >>[44]
      great! best of luck on the arena quest!

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