Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Rimeguard Armor Set Skills and Forging Materials (Master Rank)

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This page is about the Rimeguard Armor Set (Master Rank) found in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. The Rimeguard set's skills, defense and resistances, forging materials and more can all be found here.

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Rimeguard Armor Set Preview

Type 1 (M) Type 2 (F)
Rimeguard Set Image Rimeguard Set Image

Rimeguard Layered Armor for Hunter

Rimeguard Armor Set Skills

Skills and Slots

Skills and Slots
Set Bonuses
Armor Slots Skills
Head ImageRimeguard Helm ③①ー
Ammo Up Lv. 3
Torso ImageRimeguard Mail ④②①
Arms ImageRimeguard Gloves ③②①
Waist ImageRimeguard Coil ③③②
Focus Lv. 3
Legs ImageRimeguard Greaves ④①ー
3-Piece Set Bonus All Res. +1
4-Piece Set Bonus All Res. +2
5-Piece Set Bonus All Res. +3

Rimeguard Armor Set Stats and Resistances

Elem. Resistances
Armor Base Defense
Head ImageRimeguard Helm 123
Torso ImageRimeguard Mail 123
Arms ImageRimeguard Gloves 123
Waist ImageRimeguard Coil 123
Legs ImageRimeguard Greaves 123
Total 615
ArmorFire Symbol (MH Rise).pngWater Symbol (MH Rise).pngThunder Element (MH Rise).pngIce Element (MH Rise).pngDragon Element (MH Rise).png
Head ImageRimeguard Helm-32-14-1
Torso ImageRimeguard Mail-32-14-1
Arms ImageRimeguard Gloves-32-14-1
Waist ImageRimeguard Coil-32-14-1
Legs ImageRimeguard Greaves-32-14-1

Rimeguard Armor Set Forging Materials

Armor Required Materials
Head Image Rimeguard Helm
Torso Image Rimeguard Mail
Arms Image Rimeguard Gloves
Waist Image Rimeguard Coil
Legs Image Rimeguard Greaves

Builds that Use this Armor Set

▼ Builds with red MR are endgame Master Rank builds.

Available Builds
(Pieces Used)
Great Sword Image Frostcraft Velkhana Greatsword Build
(Chest, Arms, Waist, Legs)
Great Sword Image Frostcraft Greatsword Build w/ Partbreaker and Blood Rite
(Chest, Arms, Waist)
Great Sword Image Frostcraft Amatsu Greatsword
(Chest, Arms, Waist)
Long Sword Image Powder Frost Lucent Narga LS
(Chest, Arms, Waist)
Long Sword Image Silkbind Spammer Amatsu Long Sword
Sword and Shield Image Frostcraft Velkhana Sword and Shield Build
(Chest, Arms, Waist)
Dual Blades Image TU4 Furious Rimeguard Dragon Conversion Build
Hammer Image TU4 Frostcraft Velkhana Hammer Build
(Chest, Arms, Waist)
Hammer Image Frenzied Bloodlust Elemental Courage Hammer
Gunlance Image TU4 Frostcraft Shelling Build
(Chest, Arms, Waist)
Light Bowgun Image TU4 Endgame Raw Pierce Rapid Fire
Light Bowgun Image Endgame Raw Pierce Climber

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