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Monster Hunter games are known for having a lot of stats, and Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) is no different. Read on to find explanations for player stats, the yellow arrow on the health bar, the red bar above the health bar, as well as how all of these will affect your gameplay!

Explanation of Each Player Stat


health bar.png

The green bar on the top left indicates how much health you have. When you get hit, a portion of your health bar will turn red. This red health recovers back to green slowly over time, but natural recovery is very slow that it's hard to rely on. Some Armor have armor skills such as Recovery Up which boosts your recovery.

When you completely run out of health, you faint, and you get carted back to camp. Usually there's a maximum of 3 faints per hunt, so make sure you are prepared because you will have to start a completely new hunt if you max out your faints.

You can recover lost health through Potions, Max Potions, Vigorwasps, and other healing items. In Monster Hunter Rise, you can increase your maximum health for the entire duration of the hunt by gathering green Spiribirds. However, there is a limit to how much the Spiribirds can increase your stats by. You can also recover health by getting hit with Green Lampsquid ink while traversing the Frost Islands!

Beginner's Guide and How to Get Started

Yellow Arrows On Your Health Bar

When out on hunts, you may see yellow arrows on your health bar. This only happens when you've eaten for the Dango skill Dango Moxie found in the Magnaroar and later Magnacrisp dango flavor!

As the skill explains it, any single attack that may reduce your health to zero while you are below that yellow arrow threshold will not cart you - instead it will retain 1 HP to keep you alive!

Best Dango Combinations: Dango Tier List

Red Meter Above the Health Bar

The red meter above the health bar appears when you grab the Lanternbug Endemic Life. This acts like a health bar buffer that will absorb damage before actually depleting your health!

Lanternbug Location


stamina bar.png

The yellow bar on the top left indicates how much stamina you have. It gets expended whenever you do actions like evading or running up a wall. Weapons also have attacks that use up stamina, some quicker than others.

While it always recovers quickly, maximum stamina will always decrease over time. You can effectively manage your stamina with a plethora of items like:

You can also go around the map and gather yellow Spiribirds to further increase your maximum stamina. How much stamina you will have at the start of the hunt is determined by what Petalace you wear.

Some Decorations and Armor skills like Stamina Surge that increases stamina regeneration and Constitution that reduces the stamina consumption of all stamina-consuming actions can also be used!



Your Attack stat determines how much damage you can do to monsters. Each weapon has a different attack stat, so make sure to upgrade them regularly! Certain armor also has the Attack Boost skill. You also have the option of crafting an Attack Jewel 2 decoration to fit into your armor slots!

In Monster Hunter Rise, you can increase your Attack by gathering red Spiribirds.

Weapons List: Weapon Types and All Weapon Guides


Weapons can inflict elemental damage on top of the raw damage. Whether it's fire, water, thunder, ice, or dragon is determined by the weapon itself. If you're having difficulty fighting a monster, you should try looking at what element they're weak to by checking out the Hunter's Notes (Press + → Info Tab → Hunter's Notes).

That being said, there are weapons that are better off not taking their weapon's elemental damage into account. Since elemental damage gives each of your attacks a flat increase, faster weapons like Insect Glaive, Dual Blades, and Bow will benefit a lot from increasing their elemental damage. Slower weapons like Great Sword and Hunting Horn are better off increasing other stats to increase their damage.

In Monster Hunter Rise, you can also inflict elemental blights on monsters using Endemic Life (specifically, Hunting Helpers like Thunderbeetle and Mudbeetle)! Monsters can also inflict elemental blights to one another so the new mechanic Wyvern Riding is very important.

Sadly, weapons cannot do this so we'll have to make do with these Endemic Life.

Elemental Blight Guide

Abnormal Status Effects

somnacanth sleep breath.gif
Weapons can apply abnormal status effects like poison, paralysis, sleep, and blast. Like with elements, it also depends on the weapon what type of abnormal status effect you can apply. And similar to elements, faster weapons are way better at applying these abnormal status effects because they get more chances to inflict it with every attack.

Abnormal Status Guide


Critical vs Non Critical.png

Your Affinity is your chance to deal critical damage. You will know if your attack is a critical hit if it has increased damage and it has a red line coming out of the damage numbers.

Critical damage boosts an attack's damage by 25%. So if your Affinity is positive or upwards of 0%, you will have a chance to deal critical damage. But if your Affinity is negative or below 0%, then you will have more chance of dealing weaker attacks, which means it deals 25% less damage.

Gathering Red Lamsquid ink in the Frost Islands grants Affinity Up, buffing your base critical chance at 15% per Lampsquid up to 50% total!

Lampsquid: How to Get and Use Lampsquids


weapons in mhrise.png
The accumulated defense stat of your armor is the determining factor on how much less of damage you're gonna take from a certain monster attack. The higher the defense stat, the less damage you're going to take.

In Monster Hunter Rise, you can increase your defense stat by gathering orange Spiribirds. Some Armor Skills give a boost of defense such as Defense Boost among others. Slotting in Defense Jewel 1 decorations in Armor Slots also boost defense.

Defense Bonuses

great sword vs bow.png
While armor is the most important factor when it comes to building up your defense, each weapon in the game also has a built-in defense boost.

Ranged weapons reduce elemental damage, while melee weapons reduce physical damage. So Bow users might be more resistant to a Rathalos's fireball, while Great Sword users will withstand its tail spin attacks better.


royal ludroth water bomb attack.png
Each armor piece has resistances (or weaknesses) to a certain element. For example, Rathalos armors boosts your resistance to fire while Royal Ludroth armors boosts your resistance to water.

If you built your resistance up to 20, you would be completely immune to the blight related to the resistance you have built up. For example, if your Fire Resistance reached 20, you would not get Fireblight anymore even if you got hit with Rathalos' fireball. If you have negative resistance, you will get increased damage from that said element.

You may also increase your Elemental Resistances by looking out for resistance Armor Skills and decorations:

Element Armor Skill Decoration
Fire Fire Resistance Fire Res Jewel 1
Water Water Resistance Water Res Jewel 1
Thunder Thunder Resistance Thunder Res Jewel 1
Ice Ice Resistance Ice Res Jewel 1
Dragon Dragon Resistance Dragon Res Jewel 1

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