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Sunbreak Display Settings: How to Hide Helmets and Armor Pieces

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Display Settings: How to Hide Armor Pieces

This is a guide to the appearance and display settings in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to know how to hide armor pieces and how to hide helmets and other ways to modify your character's appearance in-game!

How to Hide Armor Pieces

Hide Through Equipment Display

MH Rise - Sinister Armor Set Hide Helm

You can hide specific armor pieces from appearing by accessing your Item Box and choosing Equipment Display on the Manage Equipment menu.

This is purely a cosmetic option. Use this feature if you want to change the look of your character without affecting stats!

From the Equipment Display menu, you can find tick boxes beside armor parts that you can toggle to appear or disappear. Take note that hiding a piece hides both the layered and equipped armor piece.

Appears Hidden Both Online and Offline

MH Rise - Daora Armor No Helmet

Whichever part you hide on your character, it will also show as hidden both online and offline to others, and even during cutscenes.

Take advantage of this feature when taking photos, especially within a group!

How to Use Photo Mode

How to Hide Your Helmet

Hide Helmet in Equipment Display

MH Rise - No Helmet Affinity Build

Hiding your character's helmet allows you to flaunt your created character's face to the world!

If you wish to hide your character's helmet, you only need to have the Head piece unmarked in Equipment Display.

Make use of those hours spent on the character screen instead of hiding it in armor helm pieces!

Some Headpieces Show Your Face

MH Rise - Bloodmalice Scarf.PNG

Some headpieces, such as the Bloodmalice Scarf and the Mighty Bow Feather, do not completely cover your face. Even so, they are still classified as armor pieces that can be hidden.

Armor designs also differ depending on your character's body type (for example, the female version of the Chaotic Gore / Nephilim Armor set shows your face, while the male version does not.)

If these headpieces are not a hindrance to your appearance, you do not need to hide your helmet. You can still hide them through Equipment Display if you are aiming for a certain look.

Other Ways to Modify Appearance

Use Layered Armor

You can equip Layered Armor in the Layered Equipment Setting in the Item Box to change your armor's look. This doesn't have any effect on stats and is purely cosmetic, so give it a shot if you have obtained any layered armor sets!

Layered Armor usually requires Outfit Vouchers for both Low Rank and High Rank sets, and Outfit Vouchers+ for Master Rank sets.

They can all be crafted by Hamon the Blacksmith and Nakago the Blacksmith at the Gathering Hub in Kamura, and Minayle the Smithy in Elgado if you have the Sunbreak expansion.

List of Layered Armor (Transmog) and How to Equip

Change Armor Pigment

MH Rise - Armor Pigment Option

Two kinds of armor pigment can be changed: both equipped armor and layered armor.

You can change your equipped armor's color through the Armor Pigment option in the Appearance Settings at the Item Box, while layered armor pigment can be changed only through the Change Armor Pigment option in Layered Equipment Settings.

For equipped armor, this is only exclusive to High Rank/Master Rank armor. But for layered armor, even Low Rank pieces can be dyed with a different color! Progress into High Rank to start using armor pigments!

How to Unlock High Rank

Edit Your Appearance

Monster Hunter Rise (Character Creation) - Hair Customization

The last option is to modify your character's physical appearance through the Change Appearance in Appearance Settings at the Item Box menu.

You can add more makeup to your character and change his/her hairstyle. Give it a try to spice up your character's looks!

Character Vouchers Can Be Used

MH Rise - Character Edit Voucher in the eShop

Store Price
Nintendo eShop 1 Voucher $2.99
2 Vouchers $4.99
3 Vouchers $6.99
Steam 1 Voucher $2.99
2 Vouchers $4.99
3 Vouchers $6.99
PlayStation 1 Voucher $2.99
2 Vouchers $4.99
3 Vouchers $6.99
Xbox 1 Voucher $2.99
Save $0.30 with Game Pass
2 Vouchers $4.99
Save $0.50 with Game Pass
3 Vouchers $6.99
Save $0.70 with Game Pass

DLC prices may vary per region.

You also have the option of using a Character Edit Voucher to change smaller details of your hunter.

If you had the game from the start, you get a free Character Edit Voucher by Title Update 2.0.

If you purchased the game after the title updates, you can buy Character Edit Vouchers from your game platform's official online store!

List of DLC and Prices

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