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Sunbreak Great Sword Tree: List of All Great Swords

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - List of Great Swords

This is a list of all Great Swords in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to know all about the Great Swords, their damage, sharpness, elements, status effects, affinities, and available slots.

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All Great Sword Trees

Defender Tree

   ┗Champion Great Sword III Attack Icon210
    ┗Guardian Great Sword Attack Icon230

Kamura Tree

 ┃┣Kamura Cleaver III Attack Icon90
 ┃┃┣Kamura Cleaver IV Attack Icon140
 ┃┃┃┗Kamura Cleaver V Attack Icon150
 ┃┃┃ ┗Kamura Ninja Cleaver Attack Icon190
 ┃┃┃  ┣Kamura Warrior Cleaver Attack Icon250
 ┃┃┃  ┃┗Kamura Warrior Cleaver+ Attack Icon290
 ┃┃┃  ┃ ┗Fine Kamura Cleaver Attack Icon330
 ┃┃┃  ┗Duke's Claymore Attack Icon320 Dragon Icon (240x)39
 ┃┃┃   ┗Decapitator Schneiden Attack Icon330 Dragon Icon (240x)42
 ┃┃┣Gossblade I Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon-15% Ice Icon15
 ┃┃┃┗Gossblade II Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-15% Ice Icon17
 ┃┃┃ ┗Abominable Great Sword Attack Icon230 Affinity Icon-15% Ice Icon20
 ┃┃┃  ┗Abominable Snowblade Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon-15% Ice Icon22
 ┃┃┃   ┗Abominable Snowblade+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon-15% Ice Icon25
 ┃┃┃    ┗Abominable Frostblade Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-15% Ice Icon29
 ┃┃┣Hanayako Yohino I Attack Icon110 Affinity Icon10% Water Icon20
 ┃┃┃┗Hanayako Yohino II Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon10% Water Icon25
 ┃┃┃  ┗Akanesasu Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon15% Water Icon30
 ┃┃┃    ┗Akanesasu+ Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon15% Water Icon36
 ┃┃┃     ┗Akanesasu Divider Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon15% Water Icon42
 ┃┃┃       ┣Akanesasu Divider+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon15% Water Icon48
 ┃┃┃       ┗Pure Sword Omurasaki Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon10% Fire Icon (240x)28
 ┃┃┗Axeblade I Attack Icon120
 ┃┃ ┗Axeblade II Attack Icon150
 ┃┃  ┗Colossal Axeblade Attack Icon180
 ┃┣Carapace Sword I Attack Icon120 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃┗Carapace Sword II Attack Icon130 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃ ┣Carapace Blade Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃ ┃ ┗Carapace Buster Attack Icon260 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃ ┃  ┗Carapace Buster+ Attack Icon270 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃ ┃   ┗Barroth Smasher Attack Icon360 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃ ┗Tiger Jawblade I Attack Icon150 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃  ┗Tiger Jawblade II Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-20%
 ┃┃   ┗Tigrex Great Sword Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-15%
 ┃┃    ┗Tigrex Great Sword+ Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon-15%
 ┃┃     ┗Tigrex Supreme Sword Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-15%
 ┃┃      ┗Tigrex Supreme Sword+ Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-15%
 ┃┗Khezu Shock Sword I Attack Icon90 Thunder Icon30
 ┃ ┗Khezu Shock Sword II Attack Icon110 Thunder Icon35
 ┃  ┗Khezu Shock Blade Attack Icon140 Thunder Icon40
 ┃   ┗Khezu Shock Blade+ Attack Icon260 Thunder Icon65
 ┃    ┗Khezu Shock Full Attack Icon290 Thunder Icon71
 ┃     ┗Khezu Shock Full+ Attack Icon330 Thunder Icon85
 ┗Izuchi Blade I Attack Icon60 Affinity Icon10%
  ┗Izuchi Blade II Attack Icon80 Affinity Icon12%
   ┣Snapper Blade Attack Icon150 Affinity Icon15%
   ┃┗Snapper Blade+ Attack Icon240 Affinity Icon15%
   ┃ ┗Blower's Blade Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon20%
   ┣Deadly Serpentblade I Attack Icon90 Poison Icon40
   ┃┣Deadly Serpentblade II Attack Icon100 Poison Icon42
   ┃┃┗Poison Serpentblade Attack Icon160 Poison Icon45
   ┃┃ ┗Poison Serpentblade+ Attack Icon310 Poison Icon52
   ┃┃  ┗Snakesmaw Attack Icon330 Poison Icon60
   ┃┗Hidden Blade I Attack Icon110 Affinity Icon30%
   ┃ ┗Hidden Blade II Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon30%
   ┃  ┗Dark of Night Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon35%
   ┃   ┗Gloom of Night Attack Icon250 Affinity Icon35%
   ┃    ┣Gloom of Night+ Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon35%
   ┃    ┃ ┗Avidya Great Sword Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon35%
   ┃    ┗Merak's Asterism Attack Icon340 Poison Icon20
   ┗Frilled Blade I Attack Icon90 Sleep Icon16
    ┣Frilled Blade II Attack Icon120 Sleep Icon19
    ┃┗Illusory Frilled Blade Attack Icon160 Sleep Icon22
    ┃ ┗Illusory Frilled Blade+ Attack Icon260 Sleep Icon26
    ┃  ┗Nightmare Frilled Blade Attack Icon290 Sleep Icon30
    ┃   ┗Nightmare Frilled Blade+ Attack Icon320 Sleep Icon34
    ┗ Bloom Snow Blade Attack Icon280 Ice Icon89
     ┗Bloom Snow Blade+ Attack Icon310 Ice Icon93
      ┗Flicker Blizzard Blade Attack Icon320 Ice Icon100

Primordial Tree

Silver Sunderer Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon0% Dragon Icon67

Ore Tree

 ┗ Steel Sword Attack Icon100
  ┣ Buster Sword I Attack Icon110
  ┃┣ Buster Blade Attack Icon140
  ┃┃┗ Chrome Razor I Attack Icon160 Poison Icon35
  ┃┃ ┗ Chrome Quietus Attack Icon180 Poison Icon40
  ┃┃  ┣ Chrome Hell Attack Icon240 Poison Icon43
  ┃┃  ┃┗ Chrome Hell+ Attack Icon280 Poison Icon47
  ┃┃  ┃ ┗ Chrome Heaven Attack Icon340 Poison Icon51
  ┃┃  ┗Astalos Crashblade Attack Icon300 Thunder Icon41
  ┃┃   ┗Astalos Crashblade+ Attack Icon310 Thunder Icon43
  ┃┃    ┗Astalos Arcblade Attack Icon320 Thunder Icon47
  ┃┣ Barbaroi Blade I Attack Icon100 Fire Icon40
  ┃┃┗ Barbaroi Blade II Attack Icon130 Fire Icon42
  ┃┃ ┗ Crimson Goat Attack Icon160 Fire Icon45
  ┃┃  ┗ Inferno Goat Attack Icon260 Fire Icon68
  ┃┃   ┗ Inferno Goat+ Attack Icon300 Fire Icon76
  ┃┃    ┗ Blood Baph Attack Icon330 Fire Icon83
  ┃┗ Pukei Edge I Attack Icon100 Poison Icon24
  ┃ ┗ Pukei Edge II Attack Icon130 Poison Icon30
  ┃  ┗ Datura Cleaver Attack Icon170 Poison Icon39
  ┃   ┗ Datura Cleaver+ Attack Icon250 Poison Icon38
  ┃    ┗ Datura Slasher Attack Icon280 Poison Icon40
  ┃     ┗ Datura Slasher+ Attack Icon330 Poison Icon45
  ┣ Icicle Fang I Attack Icon100 Affinity Icon30% Ice Icon30
  ┃┗ Icicle Fang II Attack Icon120 Affinity Icon30% Ice Icon34
  ┃ ┗ Paladire Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon35% Ice Icon38
  ┃  ┣ Glaciator Attack Icon270 Affinity Icon35% Ice Icon50
  ┃  ┃┗ Glaciator+ Attack Icon290 Affinity Icon35% Ice Icon58
  ┃  ┃ ┗ Blizzard Biter Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon35% Ice Icon68
  ┃  ┗ Sword of Winter MoonAttack Icon300 Ice Icon32
  ┃   ┗ Sword of Winter Moon+ Attack Icon310 Ice Icon36
  ┃    ┗ Vadel Frostedge Attack Icon330 Ice Icon40
  ┣ Aknosom Blade I Attack Icon100 Fire Icon20
  ┃┗ Aknosom Blade II Attack Icon134 Fire Icon23
  ┃ ┗ Daybreak Cleaver Attack Icon160 Fire Icon27
  ┃  ┗ Dawnmoon Cleaver Attack Icon250 Fire Icon39
  ┃   ┗ Dawnmoon Cleaver+ Attack Icon270 Fire Icon41
  ┃    ┗ Dawnmoon Hopebeam Attack Icon340 Fire Icon43
  ┗ Tetranadon Edge I Attack Icon110 Water Icon18
   ┗ Tetranadon Edge II Attack Icon130 Water Icon20
    ┗ Tetranadon Cutter Attack Icon160 Water Icon24
     ┗ Tetranadon Cutter+ Attack Icon250 Water Icon27
      ┗ True Tetranadon Cutter Attack Icon270 Water Icon30
       ┗ True Tetranadon Cutter+ Attack Icon340 Water Icon36

Bone Tree

 ┣ Bone Slasher Attack Icon110
 ┃┣ Jaw Blade I Attack Icon120
 ┃┃┗ Giant Jawblade Attack Icon130
 ┃┃ ┣ Wyvern Fang I Attack Icon150 Dragon Icon27
 ┃┃ ┃┗ Great Wyvern Fang Attack Icon180 Dragon Icon30
 ┃┃ ┃┃┗ Great Wyvern Fang+ Attack Icon240 Dragon Icon53
 ┃┃ ┃┃ ┗ Wyvern Gnasher Attack Icon290 Dragon Icon63
 ┃┃ ┃┃  ┗ Wyvern Gnasher+ Attack Icon330 Dragon Icon82
 ┃┃ ┃┣ Red Pincer Attack Icon250 Water Icon32
 ┃┃ ┃┃┗ Red Pincer+ Attack Icon300 Water Icon38
 ┃┃ ┃┃ ┗ Great Pincer Attack Icon330 Water Icon46
 ┃┃ ┃┗ Ceanataur Blade Attack Icon290 Water Icon22
 ┃┃ ┃ ┗ Ceanataur Blade+ Water Icon310 Water Icon24
 ┃┃ ┃  ┗ Killer's Scythe Water Icon330 Water Icon27
 ┃┃ ┣ Golem Blade I Attack Icon180
 ┃┃ ┃┣ Blade of Talos Attack Icon200
 ┃┃ ┃┣ Blade of Talos+ Attack Icon280
 ┃┃ ┃┃┗ Blade of Tartarus Attack Icon320
 ┃┃ ┃┃ ┗ Blade of Tartarus+ Attack Icon350
 ┃┃ ┃┗ Cheda Blade Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃ ┃ ┗ Cheda Blade+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃ ┃  ┗ Impudent Cheda Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃ ┃┣ Valkyrie Blade I Attack Icon170 Poison Icon22
 ┃┃ ┃┃┗ Valkyrie Blade II Attack Icon180 Poison Icon25
 ┃┃ ┃┃ ┗ Sieglinde Attack Icon210 Poison Icon28
 ┃┃ ┃┃  ┣ Sieglinde+ Attack Icon270 Poison Icon29
 ┃┃ ┃┃  ┃┗ High Sieglinde Attack Icon320 Poison Icon32
 ┃┃ ┃┃  ┃ ┗ High Sieglinde+ Attack Icon340 Poison Icon36
 ┃┃ ┃┃  ┗ Rosenbrett Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon20% Fire Icon25
 ┃┃ ┃┃   ┣ Rosenbrett+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon20% Fire Icon29
 ┃┃ ┃┃   ┃ ┗ Rosenkraft Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon20% Fire Icon33
 ┃┃ ┃┃   ┗ Kaktus Kraft Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon15% Fire Icon65
 ┃┃ ┃┗ Jyura Mudblade I Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon-10% Water Icon15
 ┃┃ ┃ ┣ Jyura Mudblade II Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-10% Water Icon17
 ┃┃ ┃ ┃┗ Terracutter Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-10% Water Icon20
 ┃┃ ┃ ┃ ┗ Terracutter+ Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon-10% Water Icon22
 ┃┃ ┃ ┃  ┗ Valtos Rapier Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon-10% Water Icon25
 ┃┃ ┃ ┃   ┗ Valtos Rapier+ Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-10% Water Icon29
 ┃┃ ┃ ┗ Red Wing I Attack Icon180 Fire Icon36
 ┃┃ ┃  ┗ Red Wing II Attack Icon190 Fire Icon38
 ┃┃ ┃   ┗ Rathalos Firesword Attack Icon210 Fire Icon40
 ┃┃ ┃    ┗ Rathalos Firesword+ Attack Icon310 Fire Icon57
 ┃┃ ┃     ┣ Rathalos Shriekedge Attack Icon330 Fire Icon62
 ┃┃ ┃     ┗ Rathalos Gleamsword Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon35% Fire Icon70
 ┃┃ ┗ Quarrel Hornsword I Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon-25%
 ┃┃  ┗ Quarrel Hornsword II Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-25%
 ┃┃   ┗ Feud Hornsword Attack Icon230 Affinity Icon-25%
 ┃┃    ┗ Feud Hornsword+ Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-25%
 ┃┃     ┗ Vendetta Hornsword Attack Icon360 Affinity Icon-25%
 ┃┃      ┗ Vendetta Hornsword+ Attack Icon370 Affinity Icon-25%
 ┃┣ Hack Blade I Attack Icon100
 ┃┃┗ Hack Blade II Attack Icon110
 ┃┃ ┣ Jaggi Greatblade Attack Icon180
 ┃┃ ┃┗ Jaggi Greatblade+ Attack Icon260
 ┃┃ ┃ ┗ Avallo Blade Attack Icon360
 ┃┃ ┣ Flammenzahn I Attack Icon140 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon20
 ┃┃ ┃┗Flammenzahn II Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon24
 ┃┃ ┃ ┗Gnashing Flammenzahn Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon26
 ┃┃ ┃  ┗Gnashing Flammenzahn+ Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon28
 ┃┃ ┃   ┗Lohenzahn Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon30
 ┃┃ ┃    ┗Lohenzahn+ Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon32
 ┃┃ ┗ Usurper's Storm I Attack Icon120 Thunder Icon30
 ┃┃  ┗ Usurper's Storm II Attack Icon170 Thunder Icon35
 ┃┃   ┗ Despot's Blackstorm Attack Icon200 Thunder Icon38
 ┃┃    ┗ Despot's Blackstorm+ Attack Icon310 Thunder Icon54
 ┃┃     ┗ Oppressor's Forger Attack Icon330 Thunder Icon59
 ┃┗ Cataclysm Sword I Attack Icon90 Water Icon30
 ┃ ┗ Cataclysm Sword II Attack Icon100 Water Icon32
 ┃  ┗ Cataclysm Blade Attack Icon170 Water Icon35
 ┃   ┣ Cataclysm Blade+ Attack Icon240 Water Icon58
 ┃   ┃┗ Aquatic Cataclysm Attack Icon290 Water Icon66
 ┃   ┃ ┗ Aquatic Cataclysm+ Attack Icon330 Water Icon84
 ┃   ┗ Golm Blade Attack Icon310
 ┃    ┗ Golm Blade+ Attack Icon330
 ┃     ┗ Great Gorgigas Attack Icon360
 ┗Snow Clad I Attack Icon90 Ice Icon20
  ┗Snow Clad II Attack Icon100 Ice Icon25
   ┗Lagombi Charlotte Attack Icon150 Ice Icon35
    ┗Lagombi Charlotte+ Attack Icon240 Ice Icon61
     ┗Lagombi Decider Attack Icon330 Ice Icon81

Magnamalo Tree

Sinister Blade I Attack Icon130 Blast Icon15
 ┗ Sinister Blade II Attack Icon140 Blast Icon21
  ┗Sinister Shadowblade Attack Icon200 Blast Icon25
   ┗Sinister Shadowblade+ Attack Icon290 Blast Icon29
    ┗Mighty Soulquencher Attack Icon320 Blast Icon33
     ┗Azure Blaze Great SwordAttack Icon330 Blast Icon36

Gore Magala Tree

Schattenstolz Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon20% Dragon Icon (240x)32
 ┃┗ Schattenstolz+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon 20% Dragon Icon (240x) 35
 ┃ ┗ Verhängnisstolz Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon 20% Dragon Icon (240x) 37
 ┗L'Apothéose Attack Icon290 Affinity Icon 45% Dragon Icon (240x)66
 ┃┗ L'Origine Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon 45% Dragon Icon (240x)74
 ┗Anfang/Fin Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon -35% / 15% Dragon Icon (240x)51

Rajang Tree

Demon Rod I Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon10% Thunder Icon20
 ┗Demon Rod II Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon10% Thunder Icon24
  ┗Great Demon Rod Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon10% Thunder Icon26
   ┗Great Demon Rod+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon10% Thunder Icon31
     ┗Great Demon Hot Rod Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon10% Thunder Icon33

Furious Rajang

Ibushi Tree

  ┗Abyssal Galeblade Attack Icon210 Dragon Icon15
   ┗Skysplit Hurricane Attack Icon340 Dragon Icon23

Narwa Tree

  ┗Skysplit Thunderstorm Attack Icon320 Thunder Icon105

Kushala Daora Tree

Icesteel Edge I Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon10% Ice Icon40
 ┗Daora's Decimator Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon10% Ice Icon45
  ┗Daora's Decimator+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon10% Ice Icon57
   ┗Daora's Tughril Beg Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon10% Ice Icon62

Teostra Tree

Teostra Blade I Attack Icon180 Blast Icon38
 ┗King Teostra Blade Attack Icon190 Blast Icon45
  ┗King Teostra Blade+ Attack Icon330 Blast Icon55
   ┗Teostra del Sol Attack Icon340 Blast Icon60

Chameleos Tree

 ┗Foreboding Shamshir Attack Icon190 Poison Icon66
  ┗Foreboding Shamshir+ Attack Icon310 Poison Icon78
   ┗Dreaded Shamshir Attack Icon320 Poison Icon80

Valstrax Tree

 ┗Reddnaught Claymore Attack Icon180 Dragon Icon45
  ┗Crimson Vastwing Attack Icon340 Dragon Icon56

Gaismagorm Tree

Abyssal Eruption Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-15% Dragon Icon (240x)29

Velkhana Tree

Winged Seraphyd Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon0% Ice Icon33

Amatsu Tree

Roilcloud Sword Attack Icon360 Affinity Icon-25% Water Icon58

Chaos Tree

 ┗Wyvern's Perch II Attack Icon180 Poison Icon32
  ┗Roguish Deathcap Attack Icon210 Poison Icon35
   ┗Roguish Deathcap+ Attack Icon270 Poison Icon37
    ┗Lordly Deathcap Attack Icon340 Poison Icon40

Shell-Studded Tree

 ┗ Sleepy Shellblade II Attack Icon120 Sleep Icon10
  ┗Soporific Shellblade Attack Icon180 Sleep Icon15
   ┗Soporific Shellblade+ Attack Icon270 Sleep Icon18
    ┗Dreamdiver Attack Icon330 Sleep Icon20

Speartuna Tree

 ┗Frozen Speartuna II Attack Icon140 Ice Icon60
  ┗Freezer Speartuna Attack Icon150 Ice Icon70
   ┗Freezer Speartuna+ Attack Icon270 Ice Icon103
    ┗Xiphias Gladius Attack Icon310 Ice Icon118

Smithy Tree

Ninja Parasol I Attack Icon160 Dragon Icon20
 ┗Ninja Parasol II Attack Icon170 Dragon Icon22
  ┗Dragonslayer Parasol Attack Icon190 Dragon Icon25
   ┗Dragondance Parasol Attack Icon250 Dragon Icon71
    ┗Dragondance Parasol+ Attack Icon310 Dragon Icon104

Felyne Tree

Cat's Soul I Attack Icon100 Paralysis Icon36
 ┗Cat's Soul II Attack Icon130 Paralysis Icon40
  ┗Cat's Curse Attack Icon150 Paralysis Icon45
   ┗Cat's Curse+ Attack Icon220 Paralysis Icon47
    ┗Cat's King Attack Icon300 Paralysis Icon50

Royal Order Tree

Antique Machina

Rampage Tree

  ┗Rampage Cleaver III Attack Icon180
   ┗Rampage Cleaver IV Attack Icon190
    ┗Rampage Cleaver V Attack Icon200
     ┗Rampage Cleaver S Attack Icon210

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Astalos Crashblade isn't on there.

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Is it just me or is L'Origine tree not here?


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