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Canteen (Tea Shop) and Food Skills

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Canteen (Tea Shop) and Food Skills Banner

The Canteen (Tea Shop) is where you can eat Dango and activate food effects in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to know more about the canteen, food skills, and all the other features of tea shops!

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Canteen and Food Skills BannerCanteen Guide Dango List: Effects and How to UnlockDango List Best Dango Combinations | Dango Tier ListBest Dango

Canteen in Monster Hunter Rise

Canteen (Tea Shop) Location

There are three canteens in Monster Hunter Rise. Two in Kamura, both immediately available in the base game and one in Elgado which is accessible only with the Sunbreak DLC.

Kamura Village Canteens (Tea Shop)

The canteens in Kamura are available immediately in the base game. The first is Yomogi's Tea Shop and will primarily be your canteen for Village Quests. The other one is in the Gathering Hub and is meant for Hub Quests.

MH Rise - Canteen (Tea Shop) in Gathering Hub

When playing multiplayer, all the hunters can also choose to just sit, chat, use gestures, and eat together at the canteen!

Elgado Outpost Canteen (Tea Shop)

MH Rise Sunbreak - Tea Shop in Elgado

On the other hand, the canteen in Elgado Outpost is available only in the Sunbreak DLC once that hunter has arrived at Elgado Outpost. It can be found in the Tea Shop area near the plaza.

Just like the canteen in Kamura's Gathering Hub, the necessary facilities for preparing before a hunt should be nearby.

Provides Bonuses Before a Quest

Provides Bonuses Before Quests

Always eat before every quest. The Canteen in Monster Hunter provides food bonuses that can help you out during a hunt.

The general bonus is a significant increase to your hunter's health and stamina. Additional bonuses will depend on what Bunny Dango you choose to eat!

Bunny Dango: Effects and How to Unlock

Order Bunny Dango at the Canteen (Tea Shop)

Yomogi the Chef

Bunny Dango is a delicacy made by Yomogi the Chef available at every canteen. She and her trusted Palico companions try their best to make the tastiest Bunny Dango!

The main mechanic of the canteen in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) revolves around the flavors of Dango. The skills change depending on the flavor combination you choose!

Best Dango Combinations

You Can Order Food from the Camp Tent

The Canteen is accessible while inside the camp tent (including subcamps unlocked along the way). However, you cannot access Daily Specials while in-quest.

If you need to refill on some buffs and bonuses, all you have to do head back to a camp and eat a meal!

Do remember that you will have to wait before eating again. You cannot eat more Dango after taking a meal and you would have to wait again.

How to Use the Canteen (Tea Shop)

Step by Step Guide

1 Sit down on any chair and choose to eat a meal.
2 Choose payment method. You can pay using money or points.
3 Order a Bunny Dango or choose from registered Dango combinations by Ordering the Usual.
4 Choose the Dango flavors you want. You may choose up to three (3). Take note of the effects and activation percentages!
Use a Dango Ticket or the Hopping Skewer if you want! Also, register Dango combinations here!

Register Your Favorite Dango Combination

You may also register a specific Dango combination for future use! This will streamline eating in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) especially when farming repeated quests!

To do so, you need only pick the Dango combination you want then select Register a Set. You can then access these sets with the Order the Usual menu. Here, you'll be able to rename, rearrange, or remove your registered sets as you please!

Tickets Raise Skill Activation Chance

You can use Dango Tickets while choosing flavors for your Dango. These tickets greatly increase the chance that food skills will activate.

Dango Tickets give +40% activation chance for each Dango on the stick, so save them up for when you need them the most! On multiplayer lobbies, this effect applies for everyone, so make sure to use one before heading out!

Motley Mix Gives Helpful Items

You can order a Motley Mix where you can give items to the chef to roast into other items including Well-done Steak and Gourmet Fish. Some items will give random bonus consumables such as Dusts of Life and Immunizers.

Ordering enough Motley Mixes will reward additional Dango Tickets, so try to maximize the number of items you give every time!

Food Skills and Effects

Improves Health and Stamina

Improves Health and Stamina

Eating bunny Dango will give boost to your health and stamina up until the end of the hunt. Whether you fail or succeed in a quest, you will always have to eat again to get that boost back!

Will Food Affect Spiribirds?

Only the Chirp Chirp Dango affects the way Spiribirds provide boosts. At higher levels, Dango Bird Caller can double the Spiribird effects! The reverse, however, is not true: Spiribirds do not affect Dango food effects.

Spiribirds do still allow you to get health and stamina bonuses on top of what you normally get from eating Dango, so finding the route to get them is still important if you want to maximize your stats!

List of Permabuffer Endemic Life

Skill Activation is RNG

The skill activation, like the past games, from eating in the canteen is random.

But some Dango flavors have higher chances of activation compared to others. You can see the percentage chance of activation based on the Dango flavors you choose!

If there is a Dango with a low activation chance you plan to use, it is recommended that you use a Dango Ticket to bring it up to 100% for a hunt.

Bunny Dango Grant Skills!

On top of stamina and health bonuses, Dango cooked by Yomogi and Palicoes at the Tea Shop or at camp temporarily grant hunters food skills when eaten.

They have a fixed activation chance in the field, and have increased activation chance through Dango Tickets. Study each Dango Skill carefully!

Dango List: Effects and How to Unlock

Daily Special

MHRise Daily Special

Daily Special Dango are only available in the shop, not in the field.

They change after every quest, so make sure to maximize the use of a Dango you like when you find it!

Hopping Skewers Change Skill Levels

New to Sunbreak are Hopping Skewers which change the levels and activation rates of the Dango depending on its position. Normally, skills will be at Lv. 2, but enabling the Hopping Skewer raises the topmost Dango by 2 Levels at the cost of lower activation chance.

Dango Position Skill Level Activation Chance
Top Lv 4 -20%
Middle Lv 3 -10%
Bottom Lv 1 +10%

Increasing the level boosts Dango effects, making them more useful. However, the Dango at the bottom instead gets a level penalty but with a higher activation rate.

Platform Swap Skewer Skill Details
Switch NSW - Minus NSW - Right Analog Click
PC Tab Ctrl
PlayStation PS4 - Touchpad.png PS4 - Right Stick.png
Xbox XBOX - Options Button.png XBOX - Right Stick Press.png

You can swap between Normal and Hopping skewers anytime before confirming your order by using the inputs above.

Expanding the Canteen (Tea Shop)

Expanding Increases the Dango List

Expanding the Canteen (Tea Shop)

Expanding the canteen is as important as upgrading your hunter. You will miss out on a lot of skills you can grant on top of your equipment!

To expand the Dango list make sure to talk to Yomogi the Chef or Azuki the Cook and complete their quests which give out Bunny Dango unlocks.

How to Expand the Canteen (Tea Shop)

MH Rise Yomogi the Chef with Dango

Progress Through Village and Hub Quests

The Canteen does not expand per se, but the food bonuses you get from eating some Dango increases as you progress through quest ranks.

Complete Requests that Reward Dango

In the beginning, only a few Bunny Dango are available for use at the canteen and camps. But as you progress, you will get opportunities to expand your Dango variety.

Take on quests by looking out for characters with speech bubbles/icons above their heads! Speak with them to take add their quests to the hub and you'll be rewarded with new Dango after completing them.

Dango List: How to Unlock Dango

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