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This is an article about the Canteen (Tea Shop) and the effects of food in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). If you want to know more about the canteen and food skills, read on!

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Canteen (Tea Shop) in Monster Hunter Rise

Provides Bonuses Before a Quest

Provides Bonuses Before Quests

The Canteen (Tea Shop) in Monster Hunter provides bonuses valid for the next quest. The bonuses that it provides are no joke so do not forget to eat before every quest.

Bunny Dango Made by Yomogi

Yomogi the Chef

A new food called Bunny Dango is made by Yomogi the Chef. She and her trusted Palico companions try their best to make the tastiest Bunny Dango!

The main mechanic of the canteen in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) revolves around the flavors of Dango. The skills change depending on the flavor combination you choose!

The Canteen (Tea Shop) is in the Gathering Hub

Canteen (Tea Shop) in Gathering Hub

The Canteen (Tea Shop) is in the Gathering Hub so hunters do not need to go out to the village and eat. You can even eat together with your friends during multiplayer sessions!

You Can Order Food from the Camp Tent

In the demo, it is confirmed that you can access the Canteen (Tea Shop) while inside the camp tent. However, you cannot access Daily Specials while in-quest.

How to Use the Canteen (Tea Shop)

Step by Step Guide

1 Sit down on any chair and choose to eat a meal.
2 Choose payment method. You can pay using money or points.
3 Order a Bunny Dango or choose from registered Dango combinations by Ordering the Usual.
4 Choose the Dango flavors you want. You may choose up to three (3). Take note of the effects and activation percentages!
Use Dango Tickets if you want! Also, register Dango combinations here!

Register Your Favorite Dango Combination

You may also register a specific Dango combination for future use! This will streamline eating in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) especially when farming repeated quests!

Tickets Assure Skill Activation

You can use Dango Tickets while choosing flavors for your Dango. Tickets and vouchers assure that food skills will activate. This also gives your hunting friends the same effect so use this in multiplayer hunts!

Food Skills and Effects

Improves Health and Stamina

Improves Health and Stamina

The Bunny Dango that Yomogi and her Palicos make is confirmed to provide stamina and health boosts!

Will it change because of Spiribirds?

No, as it still gives a bonus to health and stamina that rises as you progress in the game. Spiribirds do still however allow you to get health and stamina bonuses on top of what you normally get from eating Dango, so finding the route to get them is still important if you want to maximize your stats!

List of Permabuffer Endemic Life

Skill Activation is RNG

The skill activation, like the past games, from eating in the canteen is random. You can see a percentage chance activation based on the Dango flavors you choose!

Skills Are Now Dango Based!

The skills are now taken from the dangos that Yomogi and her Palicos cook! They have a percent chance activation in the field, and can have guaranteed activation through Dango Tickets. Check our guide below to learn more about the available dango skills!

Dango List: Effects and How to Unlock

Daily Special

MHRise Daily Special

Daily Special Dangos are only available in the shop, not in the field. They change every day, so make sure to maximize the use of a dango you like when you find it!

Expanding the Canteen (Tea Shop)

Expanding Increases the Dango List

Expanding the Canteen (Tea Shop)

Expanding the canteen is as important as upgrading your hunter. To expand the Dango list make sure to talk to Yomogi the chef and do the quests she requests of you!

How to Expand the Canteen (Tea Shop)

Progress Through the Village Quests

The Canteen does not expand per se, but the bonus you get from eating Dango increases as you progress through quest ranks.

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