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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Great Sword Builds and Best Equipment Guide

This is a guide to the best builds and equipment for Great Swords in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn about the best Great Swords for the Sunbreak expansion, and the best Skills and Armor pieces to use with the Great Swords for Low, High, and Master Rank.

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Latest Sunbreak MR Build

Blast Buildup Greatsword Build

Weapon ATK DEF Affinity
Azure Blaze Great SwordAzure Blaze Great Sword
Azure Blaze Great Sword Great Sword Sharpness
330 0 0%
/ Status
Slots Rampage Slots
Blast Image 36
Armor Slots Skills
Risen Kaiser HornsRisen Kaiser Horns ③②ー
Risen Kaiser MailRisen Kaiser Mail ②②ー
Risen Mizuha SleevesRisen Mizuha Sleeves ④②①
Onmyo Ateobi Onmyo Ateobi ②②①
Agitator Lv. 3
Embolden Lv. 1
Risen Mizuha GaitersRisen Mizuha Gaiters ④①①
Talisman Attack Boost 3 with ② slot or better
Rampage Decoration
Rampage Skill Swap between Wyvern Exploit, Anti-Aerial Species, Anti-Aquatic Species, or Fanged Exploit depending on the monster.
Build Merits This build focuses on utilizing the Scorned Magnamalo's Blast Greatsword Azure Blaze Great Sword. It features a decent amount or Raw damage and a solid amount of Purple Sharpness. With TU3, we now have access to level 1 decorations of Teostra Blessing and while not game changing, definitely still helps the greatsword in applying blast procs. We slot these gems in for a larger blast buildup which when paired with Buildup Boost further increases our raw damage. When used together with Guard Boost (which can be used together with Strong Arm Stance), your raw damage shoots up pretty high in value.
We do want to note that Powder Mantle is not a core skill and is simply obtained through the new Teostra armor pieces. Also, the number of hits a level two Powder Mantle requires from the GS is high (around 10-12) which normally seems small but with the Greatsword's slow attacks, this number becomes not easily achieved. We do not recommend playing around the skill but do remember that if the Powder Mantle is active, avoid getting hit and attack the monster when the skill (the aura surrounding your character) is colored blue to deal additional damage.
Alternatively, you can also reduce one Guardian Jewel 3 in the build to slot in a Wirebug Jewel+ 4. This will reduce the armount of raw damage, but it adds a faster cooldown to your Strong Arm Stance and is a completely personal choice depending on the player.

Master Rank Great Sword Builds

High Rank Builds

MH Rise - Great Sword High Rank

Gathering Hub HR 4 - HR 100+

Whether you're just breaking in the High Rank at HR 4 or are just looking for some new strategies at HR 100, we've got the best High Rank Great Sword builds to spice up your hunts.

►High Rank Great Sword Builds

Latest Builds Rank
2.0 Raw Damage + Critical Build HR 40 to 99

Low Rank Builds

MH Rise - Greats Sword Low Rank. size:440x248

Village Quests - Low Rank Hub

Check out the best Great Sword builds for Monster Hunter beginners or for speeding through Village Quests or Low Rank Gathering hub.

►Low Rank Great Sword Builds

Latest Builds Rank
Critical Draw + Critical Eye Combination Village Quest ★4 to ★6

Best Skills for Great Sword

Best Skills
Speeds up the Great Sword's charge attacks and is a must-have skill for any Great Sword player.
Weakness Exploit
Increases affinity when hitting weak spots. Something that a Great Sword user should always do.
Critical Boost
Further amplifies the Great Sword's high damage output.
Critical Eye
Always aim for 80-100% affinity to amplify the Great Sword's base damage efficiently!
Attack Boost
Increasing base attack is always good for Great Swords!
Punishing Draw
Adds a stun effect and bonus damage to your draw attacks
Critical Draw
Adds affinity to your attacks for a short while after unsheathing your weapon.
Flinch Free
This skill makes it easier to perform attacks in multiplayer because It prevents other weapons from interrupting your charge attacks.
Speed Sharpening
Reduces a cycle for sharpening with each level. Useful for getting your sharpness level up mid-fight.

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