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Great Sword Builds and Best Armor

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Great Sword Builds and Best Equipment Guide

This is a guide to the best builds and equipment for Great Swords in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn about the best Great Swords for the Sunbreak expansion, and the best Skills and Armor pieces to use with the Great Swords for Low, High, and Master Rank.

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Latest Sunbreak MR Build

Blood Awakening Status Frostcraft Greatsword (BU Build)

Recommended Great Sword

Weapon ATK DEF Affinity
MerakMerak's Asterism
340 0 0%
/ Status
Slots Rampage Slots
Poison Image 20

Recommended Armor Loadout

Armor Slots Skills
Primordial HelmPrimordial Helm ④④ー
Blood Rite Lv. 3
Primordial MailPrimordial Mail ④④②
Burst Lv. 1
Primordial VambracesPrimordial Vambraces ④④②
Virtue / Prudence Coil Virtue / Prudence Coil ④②ー
Primordial GreavesPrimordial Greaves ④④ー
Talisman Frostcraft 3 with a ②②① slot or better
Rampage Decoration
Rampage Skill Swap between Wyvern Exploit, Anti-Aerial Species, Anti-Aquatic Species, or Fanged Exploit depending on the monster.
If only using ① Rampage Slot, you can use Wirebug Wrangler for keeping extra Wirebugs longer.

Build Merits and Augments

Weapon Augments
Armor Augments Armor Augments for this build are not necessary. However, feel free to add as you please once you get comfortable with your build! Generally, you'd want to get better skills and more slots for your armor.
For damage, aim for any of the following:
Powder Mantle
Buildup Boost

For comfort, aim for any of the following:
Recovery Up
Wind Mantle
Frenzied Bloodlust
Build Merits and Notes
Blood Awakening is a new aggressive comfort skill introduced in the Bonus Update. It pairs with Blood Rite and helps in dealing with large monsters that inflict Bloodblight.
Merak's Asterism is the choice weapon for this build. Another alternartive would be Scorned Magnamalo's Azure Blaze Great Sword, having a ③ decoration slot instead of ④, and a ② rampage slot. You can get more damage out of these Status Effect weapons are rolling Buildup Boost as armor augments.
If you do not yet have a Frostcraft talisman, you can use Buildup Boost as an alternative.
Quick Sheathe, Stun Resistance, and Speed Sharpening are added for comfort use. Critical Eye, paired with Weakness Exploit, is maxed out to make the most out of Critical Boost. These damage skills will help in part breaks, leading to a quicker activation of Blood Awakening.
Wirebug Whisperer is recommended if Strongarm Stance is used often. If not needed, you can swap it out and max out Attack Boost to Lv. 7 with decorations.
In addition to helping you tank hits and land charged attacks uninterrupted, Intrepid Heart can make it less risky for you to receive Bloodblight. You can use this to your advantage to get the most out of Blood Rite.

Master Rank Great Sword Builds

High Rank Builds

MH Rise - Great Sword High Rank

Gathering Hub HR 4 - HR 100+

Whether you're just breaking in the High Rank at HR 4 or are just looking for some new strategies at HR 100, we've got the best High Rank Great Sword builds to spice up your hunts.

►High Rank Great Sword Builds

Latest Builds Rank
2.0 Raw Damage + Critical Build HR 40 to 99

Low Rank Builds

MH Rise - Greats Sword Low Rank. size:440x248

Village Quests - Low Rank Hub

Check out the best Great Sword builds for Monster Hunter beginners or for speeding through Village Quests or Low Rank Gathering hub.

►Low Rank Great Sword Builds

Latest Builds Rank
Critical Draw + Critical Eye Combination Village Quest ★4 to ★6

Best Skills for Great Sword

Best Damage Skills

These skills make it possible to deal extra damage! Aim for these skills for maximum DPS to defeat those monsters easier and finish those quests faster!

Best Skills Explanation
Attack Boost
This skill increases the Great Sword's damage values, especially when hitting a successful True Charge Slash!
Offensive Guard
Increases overall damage output for the Strongarm Stance playstyle.
Weakness Exploit
A staple skill for any meta builds. The Great Sword's playstyle requires targeting weakspots to inflict optimal damage, so having this skill provides a significant boost to your DPS. Always max out this skill whenever possible.
Critical Boost
Further amplifies critical hit damage. Make sure to have high affinity first before equipping!
Critical Eye
Always aim for 80-100% affinity to amplify the Great Sword's base damage efficiently! It is best to max this out when you're using a Surge Slash-focused build.
With Velkhana's return to Sunbreak, this skill is a must-have for the old-school playstyle of hitting the monster then running away to regroup! With this in mind, we highly recommend the gloves from the Velkhana Armor Set for a level of this skill plus max level of Critical Draw.
Available in Sunbreak Free Title Update 4
Critical Draw
Grants up to a 60% affinity on draw attacks. On Free Title Update 4, this skill is best paired with the Frostcraft skill.
Element Attack
Sunbreak featured buffs for elemental damage, making elemental builds viable. Be sure to max out this skill to get the most out of its potential.
Fire | Water | Ice | Thunder | Dragon
Element Exploit
This skill is ideal to have on elemental builds because of the Great Sword's playstyle of targeting a monster's weakspots, making sure you pull off significant damage every time you hit them!
Available in Sunbreak Free Title Update 1
Charge Master
Provides extra elemental damage every time a charged attack hits.
Powder Mantle
This skill from the Risen Teostra Armor provides the Great Sword with additional blast damage every time it activates, contributing greatly to DPS.
Available in Sunbreak Free Title Update 3
Using the Red Scroll for elemental builds and the Blue Scroll for raw builds improves overall damage; just be wary of your health, especially when you're doing the small barrel bomb counter technique!
Available in Sunbreak Base Game
Overcome the Frenzy Virus to power up with this skill; best paired with Coalescence.
Available in Sunbreak Base Game
Critical Element
For elemental builds, this skill contributes greatly to the damage dealt to a monster. Consider this skill when doing a Surge Slash-focused build.

Best Comfort Skills

These are skills that make managing weapon mechanics a lot easier. Damage is only part of the equation - taking time to slot in comfort skills that increase consistency & comfort will also increase overall DPS!

Best Skills Explanation
Speeds up the Great Sword's charge attacks and is a must-have skill for any Great Sword player.
Three levels of this skill prevent most roars, tremors, and winds from interrupting your charged attacks. The Cornerstone Jewel is a level 1 decoration, so slot it in whenever possible!
Available in Sunbreak Free Title Update 1
Quick Sheathe
Makes Power Sheathe quicker, providing enough time to reposition for a counterattack or regroup.
Consider slotting this skill in when a single point is enough to get your Great Sword to a decent amount of purple sharpness.
Shock Absorber
Flinch Free
Useful especially in multiplayer so no minor attacks can interrupt you or your team's combos!
Frenzied Bloodlust
The Risen Shagaru Magala Armor introduced this new skill. After overcoming the Frenzy Virus, it grants you an extra Wirebug on your arsenal. If you have 3 Wirebugs equipped, activating this skill will allow you to access 4. This will allow you to access Strongarm Stance more, doubling your DPS in a fight. Synergizes well with Wirebug Whisperer and/or Wind Mantle.
Available in Sunbreak Free Title Update 5
Speed Sharpening
Reduces a cycle for sharpening with each level. Useful for getting your sharpness level up mid-fight.
Intrepid Heart
Whenever the gauge above your health bar is full, this skill can be useful in preventing monster attacks from interrupting your combos, making it possible to pull off an extra charged attack before you can regroup.
Available in Sunbreak Free Title Update 2

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Rampage Great Sword Ramp ups: sharpness 1, Non-elemental, Affinity Surge Armor: Full Valstrax Charm At Least 2 level 2 slots Decorations: 2 handicraft, 2 focus, 3 crit boost, 3 stun resistance


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