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How to Raise Max Stamina.png

This guide will show you how to raise your maximum stamina level in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Additionally, this page will explain the uses for the stamina mechanic, how it can be refilled and buffed through food, skills, and items.

What Is Stamina?

Used to Perform Various Actions

MH Rise - Stamina Gauge HUD

Stamina is a game mechanic indicated by the yellow bar appearing underneath your health bar. It signifies how much energy is needed to perform certain actions.

Actions such as running (both on the ground and on walls), dodge rolling, and using the stamina-consuming moves of different weapon types (Dual Blades, Hammers, Lance, etc) cost stamina to use.

Stamina will naturally begin recovering as soon as you finish performing a stamina-consuming action. There are two ways on how stamina is depleted.

Fixed Stamina Depletion

Fixed Stamina Depletion happens when an action consumes a fixed portion of your stamina bar. The depletion happens at the start of an action.

The most common example of this is the depletion caused by dodge rolling. Another is guarding a hit (with a shield for some weapons). Such actions can be repeated, so as long as you have enough stamina for them.

An action that uses fixed stamina depletion cannot be performed if there is not enough to use. You must wait to recover enough stamina before performing that action.

Continuous Stamina Depletion

Continuous Stamina Depletion happens when an action gradually consumes your stamina bar over a period of time. One example that depletes stamina continuously is running.

In contrast to fixed stamina depletion, stamina here is consumed over time rather than used up in chunks. Like fixed stamina depletion, stamina begins to deplete at the start of an action.

Continuous stamina depletion ends when your stamina bar is fully used up, or can end when your action is interrupted (when you get knocked back while sprinting). In some cases, like being hit during Demon Mode, your stamina will still continuously deplete (since being in the state of Demon Mode itself triggers the depletion).

Empty Stamina Causes Fatigue

If you continue using stamina until the bar is completely depleted, your character will need to catch their breath and recover some stamina. You will be locked into this animation for some time before your stamina has completely recovered.

You will be unable to run or dodge once your stamina is low enough (at which point it will blink red).

Be sure to stop and recover some stamina to avoid letting this happen!

You Cannot Guard Without Enough Stamina

Guarding attacks cost stamina. If you guard an attack while not having enough stamina, the attack will bypass your guard and hit you instead.

Make sure to recover stamina to have enough blocking monster attacks.

Hunger Depletes Max Stamina Cap

Maximum Stamina.png

Hunger is a game mechanic where, as time goes by during a quest, your maximum available stamina will start to decrease.

Your available stamina cap decreasing is not caused by the continuous use of stamina, but rather by time spent being in a quest. It is represented as a red outlined empty bar that extends to where your maximum stamina originally was.

Fortunately, this can be easily remedied through food consumption or by having the Hunger Resistance skill.

Use a Food Item to Restore Stamina

Replenish Stamina.jpg

When your maximum stamina depletes itself, you can raise it back by eating various food items.

A Well-Done Steak will fully restore your stamina, while Rations will restore a small amount of stamina.

EZ Rations can be found in the supply box in most missions, so be sure to check it before setting off to defeat each quest's monster!

How to Raise Max Stamina

Eat Food and Bunny Dango

Eat Dango at a Canteen

MH Rise - Gathering Hub Canteen

Always take a meal before a hunt to increase your hunter's maximum health and stamina.

In Kamura Village, the Canteen can be found at the Gathering Hub. In the Elgado Outpost, it can be found at the Tea Shop area by the lookout.

Take Meals Inside a Tent

MH Rise - Status Increased

When you begin a mission, you have the option to go inside your tent and eat a meal at any time. If you forgot to take a meal at a canteen, you can take them inside at a tent any of the available camps on the map.

Cook or Eat During a Hunt

MH Rise - BBQ Split.jpg

You can bring food items such as Rations with you to a hunt to keep your stamina at max when needed.

The BBQ Split allows you to cook Raw Steak into Well-Done Steak, which can then be used to replenish stamina.

How to Cook Well-Done Steaks

Use Stamina-Reducing Dangos

Dango Glutton.jpg

Dangos Effects
MH Rise - InvigoratingInvigorating Dango Fighter: Reduces stamina depletion when evading, blocking, or doing certain other actions.
MH Rise - Hot-to-trotHot-to-trot Dango Hunter: Reduces stamina consumption when fleeing from large monsters.
MH Rise - Leg DayLeg Day Dango Wall Runner: Decreases stamina depletion while wall running.
MH Rise - Pinea-fullPinea-full Dango Glutton: Reduces stamina consumption for a certain period after eating.

Bunny Dangos can give a wide variety of effects, including some that can decrease your character's stamina depletion.

Effects of these dangos can be boosted further by making use of Hopping Skewers.

Equip a Petalace

MH Rise - Petalace

Petalaces are equipment seperate from armor which gives bonuses to your hunter. These can be changed at any item box in the village (or in a tent within a quest).

As you progress through the Village Quests, you should begin to pick up more and more of these. Petalaces can raise various stats, such as maximum stamina, maximum health, attack, and defense (as well as the amount of these stats you gain when receiving a buff).

List of Petalaces

Find Endemic Life to Increase Stamina

Look for Yellow and Prism Spiribirds

Yellow Spiribird
Prism Spiribird

Spiribirds are a type of Endemic Life that can be found in Monster Hunter Rise. If you are near them, their pollen will be absorbed for various buffs.

A Spiribird's color determines what kind of buff they will give you, with the Yellow Spiribird giving you increased maximum stamina. Gather these Yellow Spiribirds to max out your stamina bar. Each type is beneficial to you, so be sure and go near them when you see one!

Another is the Prism Spiribird, which immediately gives you the maximum stamina cap. This also bestows the buffs of the rest of the Spirbirds. They are found at the start of a quest within arena-like maps like the Infernal Springs and Forlorn Arena.

Spiribird Locations and Best Routes

Interact with Peepersects


Peepersects are another type of Endemic Life that you will encounter that can allow you to decrease stamina usage. Simply interact to receive the buff.

List of Endemic Life

Ways to Manage Stamina

Use Stamina Management Skills

Skills Explanation
Constitution Decreases fixed stamina consumption. Makes dodge rolls and other moves that consume a chunk of your stamina less.
Marathon Runner Decreases continuous stamina consumption. Stamina drain for moves like running and being under Demon Mode are slower.
Stamina Surge Increases your stamina recovery speed. Makes it easier to get back to full stamina, making it a good opportunity for taking advantage of Maximum Might.
Hunger Resistance Extends the time until your stamina cap reduces. Prevents stamina cap reduction at Lv. 3.
Guard Reduces stamina depletion when guarding, allowing you to keep your shield up for much longer.
Wall-Runner Reduces stamina consumption while wall-running.
Latent Power Reduces stamina depletion when the skill's required time for activation has passed. This timer can be shortened through weapon attacks.
Bloodlust Stamina use is reduced when infected by Frenzy.
Chameleos Soul This is a Rampage Skill. Has a chance to provide stamina use reduced as one of its effects.
Demon Rage This is a Rampage Skill exclusive to the Dual Blades. Nullifies stamina drain for a very short while during Dual Blade strikes.

There are several ways that stamina use can be greatly used, and one of the most popular ways to do it is through modifying your stamina with skills.

List of Armor Skills

Skills that Give Infinite Stamina

Skills Explanation
Heaven-Sent Provides infinite max stamina at Lv. 3 provided the hunter is not knocked back or within a set distance from the monster during its activation period.
Furious Provides temporary infinite stamina upon swapping to the Blue Swap Scroll when then hunter is fully charged up with Furious.
Strife Provides infinite max stamina at Lv. 3 when attacked is maxed out due to the red health gauge. This can be activated quickly through Berserk.

Some skills are able to give infinite stamina after fulfilling certain conditions.

Infinite stamina is indicated by the glowing stamina bar, similar to the effect of other stamina buffs. The difference is that upon activation, your stamina bar is filled to the max and remains at maximum until the effect wears off. This makes it viable to pair with skills that depend on max stamina, such as Maximum Might.

Any moves that consume stamina will not diminish the bar during this state.

Equip Switch Skills that Improve Stamina

Switch Skills Explanation
MH Rise - LanceTwin Vine
Stamina consumption is reduced while you are tethered to a monster with this Switch Skill.
MH Rise - BowFocus Shot
Crouching after landing with this Switch Skill causes stamina to recover at a rapid pace.

Some weapon Switch Skills can give you temporary stamina buffs. Take note of these when you are going to a hunt with a different weapon!

Switch Skills Guide

Use Stamina-Improving Hunting Horn Songs

Songs Effect
MH Rise - Stamina Use Reduced Icon
Stamina Use Reduced
Using this song will reduce stamina depletion for the party. This is similar to having Constitution or Marathon Runner.
MH Rise - Stamina Recovery Up Icon
Stamina Recovery Up
This song helps speed up stamina recovery for every member of the party. This is similar to having Stamina Surge.

When playing in a group or solo with a Hunting Horn, you will want to look out for songs that modify your party's stamina.

This is valuable for members, such as hunters using Dual Blades, that often utilize the stamina bar.

Hunting Horn Songs and Effects

Have Items for Stamina Recovery

Items Effect
MH Rise - Ancient PotionAncient Potion Fully restores your health and stamina.
MH Rise - Dash JuiceDash Juice Gives back a small amount of stamina and reduces stamina loss for a short period of time.
MH Rise - Energy DrinkEnergy Drink Boosts stamina and prevents sleep.
MH Rise - RationRation Restores a small amount of stamina.
MH Rise - EZ RationEZ Ration Restores a small amount of stamina. (Supply Item)
MH Rise - Well-Done SteakWell-Done Steak Food that fully restores stamina.
MH Rise - Rare SteakRare Steak Consume to fill a portion of the red portion of the stamina bar.

Take note of these items when preparing for your loadout before every hunt! You may large encounter monsters that take a lot of energy out of you.

Dash Juice is a great item to bring if you need extra management during a hunt.

Food and Medicine

Avoid Abnormal Status Effects

Abnormal Status Explanation
MH Rise - WaterblightWaterblight Slows down stamina recovery, making it harder to manage moves with stamina costs.
MH Rise - StenchStench Temporarily prevents you from using any items that make you recover stamina.

Some monsters like Almudron and Amatsu have special attacks that can cause Waterblight. Meanwhile, Stench is a status effect unique to Volvidon that temporarily prevents item usage.

Make sure to have Nulberries on hand when dealing with Waterblight and Deodorant when dealing with Stench.

Abnormal Status and Elemental Blight Guide

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