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Ever since the announcement of the PC release, Monster Hunter Rise fans have been calling for cross-play (cross-platform) and cross-save support. But does Capcom have plans of ever implementing these features for Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak expansion?

Does Monster Hunter Rise Have Cross-Play?

No Cross-Play and Cross-Save Support

With the PC version and Sunbreak expansion for both platforms out now, the question on everyone's minds has been whether Monster Hunter Rise has cross-play (cross-platform) and/or cross-save support.

The Monster Hunter Rise official website confirmed that the PC (Steam) version does not support cross-play and cross-save from other platforms. That means that players who own a copy of the game on either Nintendo Switch or PC will not be able to hunt with another player who owns the game on the other platform. Porting the save file from one platform to another is also not available.

If you are hoping to migrate your Nintendo Switch save file to PC, you might want to consider starting over with a new save file in the PC version.

PC (Steam) Release Date, Specs, and Demo

No Cross-Play and Cross-Save in Sunbreak

With the release of Sunbreak right around the corner, Capcom has clarified that even after the expansion is out, Monster Hunter Rise will still not have support for cross-play and cross-save.

This means that you will not be able to play Sunbreak quests with other hunters who are playing on a different system, and you will not be able to continue your save file on either system in case you decide to play on the other one.

Future Cross-Play and Cross-Save Support

The official Twitter page of MH Rise addressed the lack of cross-play and cross-save support for the game and it would seem that they tried to work on this request.

Sadly, the developers could not implement these functions. However, they did end that statement on a hopeful note saying that they are just not able to implement it at this time. This could mean that the future of cross-play for MH Rise and Sunbreak is not bleak at all!

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Defining Cross-Play and Cross-save

What is Cross-Play or Cross-Platform?

MH Rise - Canteen in Gathering Hub

Cross-play or cross-platform is a function offered by games to players that lets them collaborate with other players using different hardwares/platforms to play the same game. This lets players from different servers play the game simultaneously.

What is Cross-Save?

MH Rise - Character Select and Select Save File

Cross-save is a function that lets players use a save data from a different platform or server to another. This function lets a player progress in a game using a different hardware from where they started.

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