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This is a comprehensive guide on the Arena Quest 06 found in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on for a guide on how to beat Volvidon, Basarios, and Bazelgeuse in the Lava Caverns, how to get S Rank, armor and weapon loadouts, and more!

Arena Quest 06 Basic Information

Slay a Volvidon, a Basarios, and a Bazelgeuse
Monster Hunter Rise - Volvidon Icon.png Monster Hunter Rise - Basarios Icon.png Monster Hunter Rise - Bazelgeuse Icon.png
Locale Arena
Time Limit 50 min.
Avaliable Weapons
Monster Hunter Rise - Long Sword Icon  Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Icon  Monster Hunter Rise - Charge Blade Icon  Monster Hunter Rise - Insect Glaive Icon  Monster Hunter Rise - Heavy Bowgun Icon 

Rank Clear Times

S Rank 9 min
A Rank 15 min
B Rank 50 min

Arena Quest 06 Rewards

Target Rewards
Quest Rewards
Coming soon!
Rewards Drop Rate
Ace Hunter Coin -
Bazelgeuse Coin -

Weapons and Armor Sets

Loadout 1: Long Sword

Long Sword

Monster Hunter Rise (Arena Quest 06) - Loadout 1.png

Weapon Armor Items
Almudron Blade II Damascus Helm
Damascus Mail
Damascus Vambraces
Damascus Coil
Damascus Greaves
Potion x10
Mega Potion x10
Max Potion x2
Dust of Life x3
Ration x10
Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit
Switch Skills
Step Slash Spirit Roundslash Combo Soaring Kick

Loadout 2: Gunlance


Monster Hunter Rise (Arena Quest 06) - Loadout 2.png

Weapon Armor Items
Despot's Phlogiston Barroth Helm S
Barroth Mail S
Barroth Vambraces S
Barroth Coil S
Barroth Greaves S
Potion x10
Mega Potion x10
Max Potion x2
Dust of Life x3
Ration x10
Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit
Switch Skills
Blast Dash Hail Cutter Guard Reload

Loadout 3: Charge Blade

Charge Blade

Monster Hunter Rise (Arena Quest 06) - Loadout 3.png

Weapon Armor Items
Sinister Shade Axe Death Stench Brain S
D. Stench Muscle S
Death Stench Grip S
D. Stench Bowels S
Death Stench Heel S
Potion x10
Mega Potion x10
Max Potion x2
Dust of Life x3
Ration x10
Trap Tool
Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit
Switch Skills
Condensed Element Slash Morph Slash Counter Peak Performance

Loadout 4: Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive

Monster Hunter Rise (Arena Quest 06) - Loadout 4.png

Weapon Armor Items
Queen Regalia Skalda/Spio Vertex S
Skalda/Spio Thorax S
Skalda/Spio Brachia S
Skalda/Spio Elytra S
Skalda/Spio Crura S
Potion x10
Mega Potion x10
Max Potion x2
Dust of Life x3
Ration x10
Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit
Switch Skills
Leaping Slash Tornado Slash Diving Wyvern

S Rank Guide: Long Sword

Long Sword Tips

Counterattack As Much As Possible

Counterattacks are what Long Sword are known for! Take advantage of Iai Slashes and Foresight Slashes to maintain the offensive and quickly maximize your Spirit Gauge.

Spirit Helm Breakers are Crucial

Spirit Helm Breakers are vital to achieve S Rank clears in Arena Quest 06. Only perform this move on weak spots like the head and with a full Spirit Gauge.

Spirit Helm Breakers also deal mounting damage, which allows us to Wyvern Ride monsters!

Eliminate Bazelgeuse First

Bazelgeuse's starting position is directly in front of a Water Vent. The Water Vent deals a lot of damage to a monster if it's launched toward it, making it possible to eliminate Bazelgeuse within two minutes.

Immediately fast travel to Sub-Camp 2 at the start of the run and grab the Blastoad along the way. The Blastoad is instrumental in knocking Volvidon down later on.

S Rank Guide: Gunlance

Gunlance Tips

Utilize Burst Fire, Hail Cutter, and Guard Edge

These three attacks are vital in achieving S Rank clears in Arena Quest 06. Refer to the table below for tips on optimal positioning and timing for each attack:

Attack How to Use
Burst Fire Combo Focus on landing as many lance slaps as possible on weak spots for optimal damage. You do not have to land the full combo every time.
Hail Cutter Hail Cutter is another heavy-hitting attack combination and should only be used when you're sure that your downward strike will connect. This attack also allows us to Wyvern Ride monsters once enough damage has been accumulated.
Guard Edge Guard Edge allows us to regain a bit of sharpness from blocking and land Wyvernstakes quickly. Activate Guard Edge just before your target's attack connects to trigger Offensive Guard as well.

Blast Dash to Close the Distance

Blast Dash is an excellent way to close the distance whenever monsters charge away from you. Strikes before landing also contribute towards mounting damage, allowing you to Wyvern Ride monsters even faster.

Time Your Blocks

Barroth's Set comes with Offensive Guard and must be activated as much as possible for maximum damage. Make sure you time your blocks just before a monster's attack lands!

Eliminate Bazelgeuse First

Bazelgeuse's starting position is directly in front of a Water Vent. Take advantage of this by immediately fast travelling to Sub-Camp 2 at the start of the run. Make sure you grab the Blastoad along the way as this helps you knock one of the last two monsters down easily, creating a nice window of attack.

S Rank Guide: Charge Blade

Charge Blade Tips

Element Discharges are Crucial

Proper positioning and timing of Element Discharges are absolutely necessary to achieve S Rank clears in Arena Quest 06 — Especially since we're using a Charge Blade with Impact Phials.

Amped Element Discharges

Amped Element Discharges allows us to land our impact phials precisely and must always land on a monster's head. This lets you deal solid amounts of KO damage and can lead to quick knockouts.

Take note that your discharges will turn into Ultra Element Discharges by default whenever your shield is charged. You can still perform regular discharges with a charged shield by inputting (↓ + X) before the swing.

Ultra Element Discharges

Ultra Element Discharges is a more devastating discharge that can only be performed when your shield is charged. Make sure your axe swings land on the head or other weak spots.

The phials will travel three steps forward from the final swing's impact area — Maximize the damage by making sure that the rest or most of the monster is directly in front of the initial impact.

Utilize Counterpeak Performance and Morphing Advance

A Charge Blade's Silkbind Moves are some of the best in Monster Hunter Rise and must always be utilized regardless of the hunt.

Counterpeak Performance allows you to instantly fill your phials from blocks and gives you the ability to charge both sword and shield quickly. The non-phial damage from counterattacks also do mounting damage, allowing you to Wyvern Ride monsters.

Morphing Advance, on the other hand, is a mobility skill that lets us dash forward with the Charge Blade in Axe Form. This lets us perform quick Element Discharges or get out of harm's way.

Keep Your Shield Charged

Charging your Shield is important because it increases your shield-based, phial-based, and Axe Form attacks. You can charge the shield easily via Counterpeak Performance.

Eliminate Bazelgeuse First

Bazelgeuse's starting location is directly in front of a Water Vent. Take advantage of the extra damage from the Water Vent to clear Bazelgeuse quickly.

Aside from the Blastoad along the way, you can also grab the Thunderbug beside Sub-Camp 2 to create a Shock Trap. This is extremely useful for pinning Volvidon down later on.

Charge Your Sword Against Basarios

A Charged sword allows you to bypass Basarios' hard exterior and prevent weapon bounces! Always keep your sword charged against Basarios to make quick work of this tough monster.

S Rank Guide: Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive Tips

Eliminate Bazelgeuse First

We should always take advantage of Bazelgeuse's starting location since it has a Water Vent that we can use to inflict major damage. Start the run by immediately fast travelling to Sub-Camp 2 and grabbing the Blastoad on the way to Bazelgeuse.

Always Activate White and Orange Buffs First

Activating these buffs first allows us to completely ignore monster roars, making the start of a fight a lot smoother.

Luckily, our Insect Glaive comes with Foebeetle. This particular Kinsect is a Dual-Color type, which means we can grab two colors per Kinsect attack.

Make sure you fling your Kinsect towards torsos and hindlegs to ensure you get White and Orange buffs online at the start of the fight!

Utilize Aerial Attacks, Diving Wyvern, and Tornado Slashes

These three attacks are your best sources of damage to achieve S-Rank clears in Arena Quest 06.

Aerial Attacks and Diving Wyvern allow us to mount monsters quickly. Diving Wyvern, in particular, must always be used to initiate the Wyvern Ride for efficiency.

Tornado Slash combos are your heaviest moves in terms of damage on the ground and synergize well with our Kinsect. Make sure you direct these combinations towards weak spots like the head as much as possible for maximum damage.

S Rank Guide: Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun Tips

Compensate for Deviation

Comet Bolt's shots deviate heavily to the left. Compensate for this by always aiming to the right of your intended target — The farther you are from the target, the more you should compensate.

Proper Ammo Usage is Crucial

Using the right ammo against the right monster is absolutely important to achieve S Rank clears. Click the button below for recommended ammo types and their proper usage.

Recommended Ammo Types
Ammo Type How to Use
Poison Ammo 2.pngPoison Ammo 2 Poison Ammo 2 allows us to apply Poison the first time within 2-3 shots (depending on the target). This must always be used to start fights, along with Sleep Ammo 2. Take note that poison ticks do not wake monsters up.
Sleep Ammo 2.pngSleep Ammo 2 Sleep Ammo 2 is strong enough to put targets to sleep within 1-2 shots (depending on the target). This is a solid way to start fights because we can set our Wyvernblasts and Barrel Bombs safely and ignite them with waking damage.
Sticky Ammo 3.pngSticky Ammo 3 This ammo type must only be used against Volvidon to pin it down and keep it in place. One shot is enough to knock Volvidon out if combined with Sticky Ammo 2 and a few melee bashes with the Light Bowgun itself.
Sticky Ammo 2.pngSticky Ammo 2 Similar to Sticky Ammo 3, this should only be used on Volvidon to knock it out and keep it grounded. It also has one shot in the clip and a very long reload time so don't bother using more than one on Volvidon.
Pierce Ammo 1.pngPierce Ammo 1 Pierce Ammo 1 works best against Bazelgeuse due to its length and rather large head.
Water Ammo.pngWater Ammo Water Ammo has two rapid fire rounds and is extremely effective against Volvidon and Basarios. Make sure you aim for the head as much as possible for optimal damage.

Eliminate Bazelgeuse First

Just like the other guides above, taking Bazelgeuse out first is always the optimal start for Arena Quest 06 because its starting position is directly beside a Water Vent. Fast travel to Sub-Camp 2 and jump into the hole to the north. Make sure you also grab the Blastoad at the undeground ledge overlooking Bazelgeuse's position.

How to Quickly Slay Bazelgeuse
1 Start by using Poison and Sleep Ammo 2 on Bazelgeuse from afar. Make sure Bazelgeuse is positioned directly in front of the Water Vent before putting it to sleep!
2 Plant your Mega Barrel Bombs beside Bazelgeuse's head, towards the Water Vent. Ignite the bombs with the Blastoad you picked up earlier.
Let the Water Vent hit Bazelgeuse first before rushing into melee range to avoid getting launched.
3 Plant at least two Wyvernblasts beside Bazelgeuse's head while its down. Blow them up using a full clip of Pierce Ammo 1.
Finish your explosive assault with Silkbind Glide's melee attack on Bazelgeuse's head. The damage, combined with the final explosion of your Wyvernblasts should be enough to Wyvern Ride Bazelgeuse afterward.
5 Ram Bazelgeuse into walls and pillars then finish it off with Pierce Ammo 1 and Silkbind Glide's melee attack.

Fast travel to Sub-Camp 1 once you've dealt with Bazelgeuse. You'll have the opportunity to fight Volvidon alone if you clear Bazelgeuse within 2 minutes of the run.

Use Large Barrel Bombs against Basarios

Large Barrel Bombs are instrumental against Basarios in two situations:

  • Use the bombs at the start of the fight after putting Basarios to sleep. Place two bombs beside its head and wake Basarios up by dropping the third bomb from mid-air via Wirebug.
  • Interrupt Basarios' burrow attack by planting a bomb in its path. The damage is enough to incapacitate Basarios for a few seconds.

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