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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Lance Builds and Best Equipment Guide

This is a guide to the best builds and equipment for Lances in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn about the best Lances for Sunbreak and the best builds and Armor pieces to use with the Lance for Low, High, and Master Rank.

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Latest Sunbreak MR Build

Guard Bash TU5 Lance

Weapon ATK DEF Affinity
DevilDevil's Deliverance
330 0 0%
/ Status
Slots Rampage Slots
Blast Image 35
Armor Slots Skills
Risen Kaiser HornsRisen Kaiser Horns ③②ー
Tempest RobeTempest Robe ④④①
Tempest SleevesTempest Sleeves ④④①
Onmyo Ateobi Onmyo Ateobi ②②①
Agitator Lv. 3
Embolden Lv. 1
Tempest HakamaTempest Hakama ④④ー
Talisman Attack Boost 3 with ②① slot or better
Rampage Decoration
Rampage Skill Guard Bash to deal stun damage while guarding.

Build Merits and Augments

Weapon Augments
Armor Augments Armor Augments for this build are not necessary. However, feel free to add as you please once you get comfortable with your build! Generally, you'd want to get better skills and more slots for your armor.
Replaceable skills already on the armor:
Latent Power
Adrenaline Rush
For damage, aim for any of the following:
Powder Mantle
Offensive Guard
Build Merits and Notes
This build offers the best of both worlds in both offense and defense by utilizing TU5's new Lance-exclusive skill, Guard Bash. Guard Bash deals stun damage to monsters infront of the hunter when using the Guard Switch Skill, but this skill only procs if the attack that was blocked doesn't deal too much Impact Damage, hence, we have opted to include 4 points in Guard, and 2 points in Guard Up. These two skills combined with an active Embolden buff ensure most attacks in the game can be blocked and Guard Bashed. Additionally, we've included a full set of TU5's Heaven-Sent skill to nullify stamina loss and sharpness loss whenever you don't take damage. Assuming you Guard all the attacks thrown at you, you can keep the Heaven-Sent buff active indefinitely. Also included in this build are 5 points in Attack Boost and 2 points in Offensive Guard, as Guard Bash scales off of Attack, while the Guard Switch Skill can proc Offensive Guard if timed well.

Full points in Weakness Exploit and Agitator allow hunters to reach high levels of affinity when combined with Latent Power's buffs and Critical Eye.

And finally, Intrepid Heart acts as a failsafe that protects our Heaven-Sent buff whenever we take damage.
Our weapon deals blast damage, so we've supplemented it with 2 points in Teostra Blessing for better blast build-up. Since Heaven-Sent solves our issues with sharpness and stamina, we are free to spam Guard Dash into Leaping Thrust, which also makes building Powder Mantle stacks easier. When monsters attack, Guard Bash them. If they have an opening, spam Leaping Thrust and proc Powder Mantle.

Master Rank Lance Builds

High Rank Builds

MH Rise - High Rank Lance Builds

Gathering Hub HR 4 - HR 100+

Whether you're just breaking in the High Rank at HR 4 or are just looking for some new strategies at HR 100, we've got the best High Rank Lance builds to spice up your hunts.

►High Rank Lance Builds

Latest Builds Rank
Dragonheart Lance Build HR 100+
All Rounder Build HR 100+

Low Rank Builds

MH Rise - Low Rank Lance Builds

Village Quests - Low Rank Hub

Check out the best Lance builds for Monster Hunter beginners or for speeding through Village Quests or Low Rank Gathering hub.

►Low Rank Lance Builds

Latest Builds Rank
Guard Build Village Quest ★4 to ★6

Best Skills for Lance

Best Damage Skills

These skills make it possible to deal extra damage! Aim for these skills for maximum DPS to defeat those monsters easier and finish those quests faster!

Best Skills Explanation
Attack Boost
Increasing the Lance's base attack is one of the most efficient ways to increase its DPS.
Weakness Exploit
A staple skill for any meta build. Increases your affinity when hitting weak spots by 50% at max rank, increasing your DPS significantly.
Offensive Guard
Grants percentage attack boost when successfully using a perfectly timed guard against an enemy attack, which a Lance player can do, especially with Insta-block.
Critical Boost
Amplified critical strike damage. Works well with Weakness Exploit and the Lance's ability to hit weakspots with ease.
Critical Eye
Increasing Affinity is an efficient way to increase DPS for Lances due to their effectiveness at hitting weak spots.
Element Attack
Sunbreak featured buffs for elemental damage, making elemental builds viable. Max out this skill to increase damage against monsters.
Fire | Water | Ice | Thunder | Dragon
Powder Mantle
This skill from the Risen Teostra Armor provides the Lance with additional blast damage every time it activates, contributing greatly to DPS.
Available in Sunbreak Free Title Update 3
Using the Red Scroll increases the Lance's elemental values while using the Blue Scroll increases both attack and stun potency, improving overall damage. Just be wary of your health! Best paired with the Strife skill from the Chaotic Gore Magala Armor Set.
Available in Sunbreak Base Game
Overcome the Frenzy Virus to power up with this skill; best paired with Coalescence.
Available in Sunbreak Base Game
Dragon Conversion
When activated, this skill from the Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax Armor will benefit elemental builds, increasing DPS even further!
Available in Sunbreak Free Title Update 4
Element Exploit
Amplify your elemental damage against monsters weak to a specific element with this skill. A single point of it is enough to deal significant damage.
Available in Sunbreak Free Title Update 1
Only consider this skill if your playstyle revolves around the Guard Dash + Leaping Thrust combo.
Available in Sunbreak Base Game
Works well with the Lance's shield moves that deals blunt damage.

Best Comfort Skills

These are skills that make managing weapon mechanics a lot easier. Damage is only part of the equation - taking time to slot in comfort skills that increase consistency & comfort will also increase overall DPS!

Best Skills Explanation
Master's Touch
Every time a critical strike hits, this skill prevents your weapon from losing sharpness. This is an ideal skill for most high affinity builds and for weapons with manageable sharpness.
Improves the Lance's guarding capability. Getting at least 3 ranks to this skill is recommended.
If a monster focuses on you, this skill will buff you up defensively and impact from incoming attacks are lowered. If you can't max this skill out, it is best paired with the Guard skill, since both skills stack.
Guard Up
For enemies that use otherwise unblockable moves. A single point of this skill is enough for most fights.
Three levels of this skill prevent most roars, tremors, and winds from interrupting attacks. The Cornerstone Jewel is a level 1 decoration, so slot it in whenever possible!
Available in Sunbreak Free Title Update 1
Speed Sharpening
Reduces a cycle for sharpening with each level.
Flinch Free
Useful especially in multiplayer where minor attacks can interrupt your attacks!
Intrepid Heart
Whenever the gauge above your health bar is full, this skill can be useful in preventing monster attacks from interrupting your combos, making it possible to pull off an extra charged attack before you can regroup.
Available in Sunbreak Free Title Update 2
Mind's Eye
Two points in Mind's Eye completely prevents your weapon from bouncing off of tough monster parts, allowing Lances to thrust without fear! Only slot this skill in when you can!
Evade Extender
Increases the evade distance of Lance's unsheathed hops. Only slot this in if you want more mobility with the weapon.

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All Builds and Best Equipment

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