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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Lance Builds and Best Equipment Guide

This is a guide to the best builds and equipment for Lances in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn about the best Lances for Sunbreak and the best builds and Armor pieces to use with the Lance for Low, High, and Master Rank.

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Latest Sunbreak MR Build

Aggressive Powder Mantle Build

Weapon ATK DEF Affinity
Fine Kamura SpearFine Kamura Spear
Fine Kamura Spear Lance Sharpness
330 0 0%
/ Status
Slots Rampage Slots
Armor Slots Skills
Flaming Espinas BrainFlaming Espinas Brain ③②ー
Attack Boost Lv. 2
Razor Sharp Lv. 1
Spare Shot Lv. 1
Risen Kaiser MailRisen Kaiser Mail ②②ー
Onmyo TekkouOnmyo Tekkou ②②②
Agitator Lv. 2
Embolden Lv. 1
Risen Kaiser Coil Risen Kaiser Coil ④③ー
Onmyo SashikoOnmyo Sashiko ④ーー
Talisman Attack Boost Lv.3; ② slot or better
Rampage Decoration
Build Merits This build incorporates the new Powder Mantle skill from the Risen Teostra armor. It provides additional explosive damage when your aura turns blue. Max the Attack Boost skill, as the damage from this explosion scales with your raw attack value.
This build makes use of the heavy counter damage from Insta-blocking, as it maximizes the boost you get when Offensive Guard activates. We put two points in the Guard Up skill to insta-block some of the unblockable monster attacks in the game.
The Guard skill stacks with the Embolden skill, so two points in the former and the single point in the latter is enough to withstand the impact of most monster attacks.
For Weapon Augmentations, we highly suggest going for Attack Boost Lv. 4. It will provide an additional +20 attack which can maximize your damage output.
This build assumes that no Armor Augmentations have been made.

Master Rank Lance Builds

High Rank Builds

MH Rise - High Rank Lance Builds

Gathering Hub HR 4 - HR 100+

Whether you're just breaking in the High Rank at HR 4 or are just looking for some new strategies at HR 100, we've got the best High Rank Lance builds to spice up your hunts.

►High Rank Lance Builds

Latest Builds Rank
Dragonheart Lance Build HR 100+
All Rounder Build HR 100+

Low Rank Builds

MH Rise - Low Rank Lance Builds

Village Quests - Low Rank Hub

Check out the best Lance builds for Monster Hunter beginners or for speeding through Village Quests or Low Rank Gathering hub.

►Low Rank Lance Builds

Latest Builds Rank
Guard Build Village Quest ★4 to ★6

Best Skills for Lance

Best Lance Skills
Improves the Lance's guarding capability. Getting at least 3 ranks to this skill is recommended.
Offensive Guard
Grants percentage attack boost when successfully using a perfectly timed guard against an enemy attack.
Critical Boost
Amplified critical strike damage. Works well with Weakness Exploit and the Lance's ability to hit weakspots with ease.
Critical Eye
Increasing affinity is an efficient way to increase DPS for Lances due to their effectiveness at hitting weak spots.
Weakness Exploit
Increased affinity when hitting an enemy weakspot. An easy task for Lance users!
Evade Extender
Increases the evade distance of Lance's unsheathed hops. This is an incredible skill to have if you want to improve mobility.
Attack Boost
Better attack rating leads to more dps regardless of the weapon.
Mind's Eye
Two points in Mind's Eye completely prevents bounces off tough monster parts, allowing Lances to thrust without fear!
Razor Sharp
Reduces sharpness reduction rate. A vital skill for the lance that needs to always be in the center of fights.
Guard Up
For enemies that use otherwise, unblockable moves.
Works well with the Lance's new shield moves that deals blunt damage.

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