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What are Apex Monsters?

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Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) - What are Apex Monsters?
This is an article about all Apex Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) and the Sunbreak DLC. If you want to know about what Apex Monsters are as well as the special mechanic that surrounds them, read on!

List of Apex Monsters


MH Rise - Apex Arzuros Large Monster IconApex Arzuros MH Rise - Apex Rathian Large Monster IconApex Rathian MH Rise - Apex Mizutsune Large Monster IconApex Mizutsune
MH Rise - Apex Rathalos Large Monster IconApex Rathalos MH Rise - Apex Diablos Large Monster IconApex Diablos MH Rise - Apex Zinogre Large Monster IconApex Zinogre

Apex Arzuros

MH Rise - Apex Arzuros
Apex Arzuros is the first Apex Monster hunters will encounter in the Rampage. Sporting red eyes and black fur, Apex Arzuros is more ferocious than its regular counterpart.

Most of its slam attacks produce a shockwaves that travel a considerable amount of distance, damaging anything they come into contact with.

How to Beat Apex Arzuros

Apex Rathian

MH Rise - Apex Rathian
Apex Rathian is the second confirmed Apex Monster for Monster Hunter Rise. This particular Apex Monster boasts new attacks and the ability to inflict Noxious Poison, making it a deadly foe for anyone who is unprepared!

How to Beat Apex Rathian

Apex Mizutsune

MH Rise - Apex Mizutsune
Apex Mizutsune is arguably one of the most aggressive Apex Monster currently in Monster Hunter Rise due to its deadly ranged attacks and ability to close the distance between it and hunters.

Aside from producing regular bubbles like any Mizutsune, Apex Mizutsune has the ability to produce Apex Bubbles which explode on contact and inflict Hellfireblight.

How to Beat Apex Mizutsune

Apex Rathalos

MH Rise - Apex Rathalos

With the release of Update 2.0, Apex Rathalos joins the roster of Apex Monsters appearing in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

Apex Rathalos brings fiery vengeance on all Hunters who have wronged it. It boasts stronger and hotter fire breath attacks that can incinerate foes and structures alike.

How to Beat Apex Rathalos

Apex Diablos

MH Rise - Apex Diablos

Together with Apex Rathalos, Apex Diablos also joins the roster of Apex Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) Update 2.0!

Apex Diablos brings sheer brutality and will never stop for anything in its path while charging. It boasts a stronger physique and more refined horn.

How to Beat Apex Diablos

Apex Zinogre

MH Rise - Apex Zinogre

Apex Zinogre is the lone Apex Monster that arrived in Update 3.0 of Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)!

Apex Zinogre stomps its legs that summons lightning from above and its yellow sheen is a testament of how much control it has over lightning. Be careful out there!

How to Beat Apex Zinogre

What are Apex Monsters?

Stronger, More Powerful Versions of Monsters

MH Rise - Stronger Apex Monsters
Apex monsters are a special type of monster that are stronger than their normal monster counterparts. They have a predominantly darker coloration with red eyes and streaks all over their bodies. This reminds us of the Apex monsters in MH4U that served as the endgame monsters!

Cannot Be Captured & Ridden

Apex Monsters can't be captured with Pitfall Traps or Shock Traps, much like Elder Dragons. But unlike Elder Dragons, Apex Monsters have an added restriction of you not being able to Wyvern Ride them.

Can Break Installation Platforms and Walls

MH Rise - Apex Monsters Can Break Walls
As soon as they arrive on the battlefield, Apex Monsters wreck havoc to anyone or anything in their way! They are so powerful that they can break installation platforms and walls completely! They also hurt a lot so use Wirebugs to evade effectively!

How to Use Wirebugs

Appears in The Rampage

MH Rise - Apex Arzuros in Rampage
Apex Monsters appear in specific Rampage Quests in which they are the Major Threat. This means that you have to defend the stronghold against two waves of regular monsters before their arrival.

Read more about the Rampage and its mechanics below:
What is the Rampage?

Can Also Appear in their Own Apex Hunt Quests

MH Rise - Apex Rathian The Graceful Apex Rathian

Aside from hunting them in Rampages, Apex Monsters also appear in their own solo hunt quest. Be careful, these are difficult quests considering you don't have the help of installations in Rampages. The Emergency quests are especially difficult ones, so be extra careful!

Gathering Hub Quests

Quest Name Monster/Unlock
The Avaricious Apex Arzuros
Unlock Conditions:
Reach HR 8 after hunting Apex Arzuros in a Rampage Quest
The Harlequin Apex Mizutsune
Unlock Conditions:
Complete Apex Mizutsune Rampage Quest and Reach HR 45
The Graceful Apex Rathian
Unlock Conditions:
Complete Apex Rathian Rampage Quest and Reach HR 41
The Voltaic Apex Zinogre
Unlock Conditions:
Complete an Apex Zinogre Rampage Quest, Reach HR 100 and Finish the Urgent Quest "The Crimson Glow"
The Devastating Apex Diablos
Unlock Conditions:
Complete an Apex Diablos Rampage Quest, Reach HR 100 and Finish the Urgent Quest "The Crimson Glow"
The Fearsome Apex Rathalos
Unlock Conditions:
Complete an Apex Rathalos Rampage Quest and Reach HR 90

Emergency Quests (Event Quests)

Quest Name Monster/Unlock
Apex Arzuros Emergency IconApex Arzuros Emergency
Unlock Conditions:
Talk to the Courier and select Add-On Content starting November 5th
Apex Rathian Emergency IconApex Rathian Emergency
Unlock Conditions:
Talk to the Courier and select Add-On Content starting November 26th
Apex Mizutsune Emergency IconApex Mizutsune Emergency
Unlock Conditions:
Talk to the Courier and select Add-On Content starting December 17th
Apex Rathalos Emergency IconApex Rathalos Emergency
Unlock Conditions:
Talk to the Courier and select Add-On Content starting December 31st
Apex Diablos Emergency IconApex Diablos Emergency
Unlock Conditions:
Talk to the Courier and select Add-On Content starting January 21st
Apex Zinogre Emergency IconApex Zinogre Emergency
Unlock Conditions:
Talk to the Courier and select Add-On Content starting February 18th

Get Apex Materials for Rampage Weapons

Rampage weapons are special weapons that require specific Apex Materials. Each Apex Monster drops one specific Apex Material.

Apex Monster Apex Material
Apex Beastclaw
Apex Venom Spike
Apex Bubblefoam
Apex Blaze Sac
Apex Curlhorn
Apex Shockshell

These particular weapons have six rampage skill slots, making them some of the most versatile weapons in the game.

How to Unlock Rampage Weapons

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