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This is an article about the monster Lunagaron, a New Monster in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (MH Rise: Sunbreak). Read on to see the Lunagaron Armor and learn some of Lunagaron's species and type so you know what to expect of this monster on Sunbreak!

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Lunagaron Weaknesses and Hunter Notes

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Lunagaron New Monster
Type Fanged Wyvern
Threat Level 7/10 Rampage Type
Major Weakness Other Weakness
Blight / Elemental Damage Abnormal Status
Lunagaron have an organ that chills the air they inhale, circulating it through their body in a unique form of thermoregulation. They can travel long distances and endure environmental changes, allowing them to occupy a wide range of habitats. They usually walk on all fours, but can stand on two legs by shutting down their cooling mechanism, spiking their body temp to expand their muscles.

Lunagaron Weakness and Resistance

Lunagaron Weapon Damage Breakdown

Part Sever Symbol (MH Rise).png Blunt Symbol (MH Rise).png Ammo Symbol (MH Rise).png
Head 45 50 45
Torso 30 30 10
Abdomen 35 35 15
Back 25 30 15
Foreleg 35 35 15
Hind Leg 30 30 20
Tail 30 30 25

Lunagaron Elemental Weakness Breakdown

Part Fire Symbol (MH Rise).png Water Symbol (MH Rise).png Thunder Element (MH Rise).png Ice Element (MH Rise).png Dragon Element (MH Rise).png
Head 10 0 10 0 10
Torso 10 0 5 0 5
Abdomen 20 0 10 0 5
Back 15 0 10 0 5
Foreleg 15 0 10 0 5
Hind Leg 10 0 5 0 5
Tail 10 0 10 0 5

Higher numbers indicate higher potential damage to the monster.

Bleed is Coming Back

MH Rise - Lunagaron

Odogarons, which we assume are related to Lunagarons, are known for their swift movement and vicious attacks that inflict Bleed. Bleed is a status ailment that drains your health over time. We have reason to believe that this status ailment is making a comeback as suggested by the appearance of Lunagaron and its bloodied fangs, plus its relation with Odogaron.

The Ice Wolf

MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron Breath Attack

Ice is Lunagaron's main element, as suggested by the teaser and showcased by its breath attack. Its werewolf-like appearance could be an indication of the overarching theme among the monsters presented so far in the Sunbreak Expansion.

We would likely see more monsters inspired by European mythology or folklore such as Dracula or vampires (where we see similarities with Malzeno's design) or the monsters from the books of H.P. Lovecraft. A monster that looks like the Cthulhu would be freaky, wouldn't it?

Lunagaron Can Change Forms

MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron - Changing Forms

Much like a werewolf, Lunagaron can change its form. This was confirmed by the Director of Sunbreak, Yoshitake Suzuki, in a recent tweet from the official twitter page of MH Rise. In the teaser we can see Lunagaron's frozen spikes open up as it shakes and make a sound, and apparently this signals Lunagaron's transformation.

Also according to the tweet, Suzuki described Lunagaron as a Fanged Wyvern with ferocious agility, prone to playing with its prey.

Can Stand Up Like a Werewolf

MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron Standing on Hind Legs

Lunagaron can also stand up with its hind legs, much like a werewolf.

Once it is bipedal, it can have access to more moves, which can also incorporate its icy abilities!

Lunagaron in Sunbreak Teaser:
The Game Awards 2021

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Lunagaron Attacks and Moves

Name Description
Pounce Lunagaron jumps at hunters.
Body Slam A quick attack where Lunagaron slams its weight onto a target.
Ice Attacks Capable of using ice attacks, Lunagaron can easily freeze its foes.
Bipedal Attacks Lunagaron stands up with its hind legs, giving it more access to several moves.


Pounce Attack Information
MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron Pounce
Pounce: Lunagaron leaps onto its target. It may pounce multiple times before stopping.

Body Slam

Body Slam Attack Information
MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron Body Slam
Body Slam: Lunagaron leaps into the air and slams its body towards its target.

Ice Attacks

Lunagaron is capable of producing icy mist from its body to freeze its foes. It can use this ability to attack from far away or as a means to damage hunters near it.

Ice Attack Variations
MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron Icy Breath
Icy Breath: A long-range attack wherein Lunagaron blows frigid air from its mouth.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron Icy Mist
Icy Mist: A short-range attack where Lunagaron covers itself in icy mist.

Bipedal Attacks

Taking inspiration from werewolves, Lunagaron is capable of standing up with its hind legs, assuming a bipedal stance. This allows it to use more moves!

Bipedal Attacks
MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron Furious Swipes
Furious Swipes: Lunagaron repeatedly swipes it claws at hunters, knocking them off their butts.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron Tail Swipe
Tail Swipe: Lunagaron flips and swipes its tail at the ground.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron Kick Attack
Kick: A slow kick which Lunagaron can perform while standing.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron Ground Swipe
Ground Swipe: Lunagaron swipes its claws onto the earth, launching rocks onto the air in a straight line.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron Cross Slash
Cross Slash: Lunagaron lunges and swipes both of its icy claws at its target.

Lunagaron Armor

The devs have revealed what the Lunagaron armor will look like in MH Rise Sunbreak on their official Twitter account!

Male Hunter Female Hunter
Palamute Palico

Lunagaron Materials and Drops

Master Rank Lunagaron Materials

Broken Parts
Material Drop Rate
Lunagaron Shard 37% (Body)
Lunagaron Cortex 26% (Body)
Frostborn Hardfang 23% (Body)
Lunagaron Bluecore 12% (Body)
Lunagaron Frost Jewel 2% (Body)
Material Drop Rate
Lunagaron Lash Shell 80% (Tail)
Frostborn Hardfang 70% (Head)
Luna Vermilion Hardclaw 50% (Foreleg x1), 30% (Foreleg x2)
Lunagaron Shard 27% (Tail), 17% (Head)
Lunagaron Cortex 20% (Foreleg)
Lunagaron Frost Jewel 3% (Head), 3% (Tail)

Lunagaron Dropped Materials

Master Rank

Material Drop Rate
Lunagaron Shard 50%
Large Wyvern Tear 50%
Lunagaron Cortex 35%
Lunagaron Bluecore 20%
Frostborn Hardfang 15%
Lunagaron Frost Jewel 1%

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