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Sunbreak Endemic Life

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - List of Endemic Life

This is a list of all known Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on to learn all about the List of Endemic Life, types of Endemic Life, and more!

List of Sunbreak Endemic Life

Sunbreak Endemic Life
Endemic Life Description
Gargolda.pngGargolda A seldom seen bird wyvern that dwells in the Citadel highlands.
Gold Wirebug.pngGold Wirebug Golden Wirebugs that increase monster drops from Wyvern Riding Attacks temporarily.
Marionette Spider.pngMarionette Spider A spider covered in blue hair. Use its thread to force a monster in a desired direction.
Regalfin.pngRegalfin A rare dolphin that lives in the waters near the Jungle.
Ruby Wirebug.pngRuby Wirebug Crimson Wirebugs that increase Mounted Punisher damage temporarily.
Slicercrab.pngSlicercrab A crab found in the Jungle. Fires sharp spikes at large monsters that get too close.
Spearsquid.pngSpearsquid Sharp migratory cuttlefish of the Jungle that will stab any monster in their path.
Starburst Bug.pngStarburst Bug Wall insects that move in droves. Changed by external factors to explode when struck.
Thornytoad.pngThornytoad Small amphibians with elastic tongues that can cling to and flinch larger monsters.

List of Endemic Life

Classified Into Eight Categories

Type Effects
Permabuffer Buffs the hunter for the entire duration of the hunt.
Temp Buffer Buffs the hunter for a limited amount of time.
Hunting Helper Can be deployed in the field for assorted effects depending on the Hunting Helper, like luring monsters or healing the party. Can be collected and stored in the Helper Cage, for a maximum of five.
Ensnaring Life When triggered, damages, stuns, and/or traps the monster.
Crafty Creatures Gives you valuable items that you can craft with or sell.
Lucky Life Doubles your currency rewards at the end of a quest.
Rare Creature Only registered in the Hunter's Notes when photographed.
Other Endemic lifeforms that don't fall into any of the categories.


Green Spiribird.pngGreen Spiribird Orange Spiribird.pngOrange Spiribird Prism Spiribird.pngPrism Spiribird
Red Spiribird.pngRed Spiribird Yellow Spiribird.pngYellow Spiribird

Temp Buffers

Butterflame.pngButterflame Clothfly.pngClothfly Cutterfly.pngCutterfly
Gold Wirebug.pngGold Wirebug Golden Lampsquid.pngGolden Lampsquid Green Lampsquid.pngGreen Lampsquid
Peepersects.pngPeepersects Red Lampsquid.pngRed Lampsquid Ruby Wirebug.pngRuby Wirebug
Vigorwasp.pngVigorwasp Wirebug.pngWirebug Yellow Lampsquid.pngYellow Lampsquid

Hunting Helpers

Antidobra.pngAntidobra Aurorturtle.pngAurorturtle Blastoad.pngBlastoad
Brewhare.pngBrewhare Escuregot.pngEscuregot Firebeetle.pngFirebeetle
Gustcrab.pngGustcrab Lanternbug.pngLanternbug Marionette Spider.pngMarionette Spider
Mudbeetle.pngMudbeetle Paratoad.pngParatoad Poisontoad.pngPoisontoad
Puppet Spider.pngPuppet Spider Sleeptoad.pngSleeptoad Snowbeetle.pngSnowbeetle
Stinkmink.pngStinkmink Thunderbeetle.pngThunderbeetle Trapbugs.pngTrapbugs
Tricktoad.pngTricktoad Wailnard.pngWailnard

Ensnaring Life

Echobat.pngEchobat Flashfly.pngFlashfly Giganha.pngGiganha
Pincercrab.pngPincercrab Slicercrab.pngSlicercrab Spearsquid.pngSpearsquid
Starburst Bug.pngStarburst Bug Thornytoad.pngThornytoad

Crafty Creatures

Boulder Lizard.pngBoulder Lizard Rock Lizard.pngRock Lizard Scale Lizard.pngScale Lizard

Lucky Life

Felicicrow.pngFelicicrow Fortune Owl.pngFortune Owl

Rare Creatures

Gargolda.pngGargolda Hellbill.pngHellbill Monksnail.pngMonksnail
Quetzalcobra.pngQuetzalcobra Regalfin.pngRegalfin Regitrice.pngRegitrice
Snow-faced Fox.pngSnow-faced Fox

Other Endemic Life

Golden Spiribug.pngGolden Spiribug Great Wirebug.pngGreat Wirebug

About Endemic Life

Creatures That Inhabit the Area

MH Rise - Spiribird

Endemic Life are wildlife that you can interact with during missions to gain certain benefits and/or effects.

In Monster Hunter World (MHW), they are collectibles that can be added to your room as decorations. Aside from providing research points and fulfilling quests, they offer no other benefits. In MH Rise, they offer certain effects that can be used in your hunts.

No Tools Needed to Catch Them

In MHW where they were first introduced, Endemic Life needed to be caught using the Capture Net. In MH Rise however, there is no need to use specialized tools to catch these creatures.

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are endemic life going to still be Collectibles for your room in Monster Hunter rise


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