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This is a list of all known Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn all we know about them!

About Endemic Life

Creatures That Inhabit the Area

Endemic Life are wildlife that you can interact with during missions to gain certain benefits and/or effects.

In Monster Hunter World (MHW), they are collectibles that can be added to your room as decorations. Aside from providing research points and fulfilling quests, they offer no other benefits. In MHRise, they offer certain effects that can be used in your hunts.

No Tools Needed to Catch Them

In MHW where they were first introduced, Endemic Life needed to be caught using the Capture Net. In MHRise however, there seems to be no need to use specialized tools to catch these creatures.

Endemic Life Are Classified Into Six Categories

Type Effects
Permabuffer Buffs the hunter for the entire duration of the hunt.
Temp Buffer Buffs the hunter for a limited amount of time.
Hunting Helper Can be deployed in the field for assorted effects depending on the Hunting Helper, like luring monsters or healing the party. Can be collected and stored in the Helper Cage, for a maximum of five.
Ensnaring Life When triggered, damages, stuns, and/or traps the monster.
Crafty Creatures Gives you valuable items that you can craft with or sell.
Other Endemic lifeforms that don't fall into any of the categories.

List of Endemic Life


Name Description
Green Spiribird.pngGreen Spiribird
A tiny, softly glowing bird. The aroma of the pollen on its body grants a boon to health.
Orange Spiribird.pngOrange Spiribird
A tiny, softly glowing bird. The aroma of the pollen on its body grants a boon to defense.
Red Spiribird.pngRed Spiribird
A tiny, softly glowing bird. The aroma of the pollen on its body grants a boon to attack.
Yellow Spiribird.pngYellow Spiribird
A tiny, softly glowing bird. The aroma of the pollen on its body grants a boon to stamina.

Temp Buffers

Name Description
Temp Buffer
A butterfly that, if struck, will release a powder that briefly boosts attack.
Temp Buffer
A butterfly that, if struck, will release a powder that briefly boosts defense.
Temp Buffer
A dragonfly that releases a cloud of pheromones that temporarily boosts affinity.
Temp Buffer
A butterfly that, if struck, will release a powder that briefly curbs stamina loss.
Temp Buffer
An insect that releases a cloud of restorative nectar when struck.
Temp Buffer
A wild Wirebug. When caught, your Wirebug gauge will temporarily increase by 1.

Hunting Helpers

Name Description
Hunting Helper
A snake that shoots a poison antidote. Can be used to cure and prevent poison.
Hunting Helper
A frog that discharges a combustible gas guaranteed to be a blast!
Hunting Helper
A moss-covered rabbit. Can be used to improve the effects of some items.
Hunting Helper
A large green snail. Sprays a restorative mist when used.
Hunting Helper
A beetle that rolls up lava rocks into balls. Throw the ball to engulf a target in flames.
Hunting Helper
A beetle that rolls up mud into a ball. When thrown, the ball is imbued with water element.
Hunting Helper
A frog that discharges a poisonous gas.
Puppet Spider.pngPuppet Spider
Hunting Helper
A spider that spits a sticky web, which can be used like reins for Wyvern Riding.
Hunting Helper
A beetle that rolls up snow into ice balls. Not recommended for a friendly snowball fight.
Hunting Helper
A weasel that sprays special pheromones that attract monsters.
Hunting Helper
A beetle that rolls up mud containing thunder-infused monster hair into balls. ZAP!
Hunting Helper
Insects with sharp horns. A monster that tramples them will flee temporarily.
Currently UnavailableTricktoad
Hunting Helper
The Tricktoad is a bodacious Endemic Life that will daringly challenge bigger monsters by flaring its fins and releasing strong pheromones. They make for great decoys!
Hunting Helper
A pheasant with a unique red sac. Its call draws in large monsters.

Ensnaring Life

Name Description
Ensnaring Life
An insect that releases a blinding flash of light when struck.
Currently UnavailableGiganha
Ensnaring Life
A species of carnivorous fish that goes absolutely wild when you give them raw meat. Any monster or hunter nearby is bound to get swept up in their ferociously voracious behavior, taking damage in the process.

Crafty Creatures

Name Description
Boulder Lizard.pngBoulder Lizard
Crafty Creature
A relative of the Rock Lizard, these lizards can also be found in a number of locales. And like the Rock Lizard, it also attaches a variety of minerals to its body to protect itself. However, these minerals are typically harder than those found on Rock Lizzards and are more sought after by hunters.
Rock Lizard.pngRock Lizard
Crafty Creature
A small lizard that lives in various locales. To protect itself from predators, Rock Lizards will attack minerals to their body in order to blend in with their surroundings. If attacked, they will shed these minerals and escape. They are popular among hunters as the minerals have many uses.
Scale Lizard.pngScale Lizard
Crafty Creature
Relatives of the Rock Lizard, these lizards can also be found in a number of locales. Unlike the Rock Lizard, they don't attach minerals to their bodies—instead, they tend to use monster scales and claws. Scale Lizards are extremely rare as they inhabit areas seldom traveled. They are prized by hunters as the materials they drop fetch a high price.

Other Endemic Life

Name Description
Golden Spiribug.pngGolden Spiribug
A golden insect. Restores some stamina when picked up and can be stored.
Great Wirebug.pngGreat Wirebug
A large Wirebug. Uses Jewel Lilies to send you soaring in a specified direction.

Endemic Life Details



Spiribirds give you buffs to your health, defense, and stamina, depending on their color. The pollen that comes from the Spiribird attaches to the hunter's Petalace.

Temp Buffers



Clothflies buff your defense temporarily.


hyakume madara.pngEnlarge

Peepersects boost stamina recovery. Make sure to pick these up if your weapon is stamina-heavy!



Wirebugs found in the wild will add another Wirebug to the two you already have, for a total of three Wirebugs.

How to Use Wirebugs

Great Wirebug

great wirebug.png
Great Wirebugs, found in plants, will allow you to travel greater distances than what the normal Wirebugs offer. However, it is only for a one-time use.

Hunting Helpers


stinkmink 2.png
Stinkminks will coat you in its pheremones, allowing you to lure monsters anywhere you like.


When deployed, Escuregots will release a healing mist that will heal the party over time.

Ensnaring Life


When you feed Giganha raw meat, they will go into a frenzy and damage any monster that comes into its vicinity.

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