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Gunlance Gameplay and New Moves

This is a guide and gameplay preview of the Gunlance weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Learn about the new changes and moves available for the Gunlance, with details on its new Silkbind Attacks.

Gunlance Controls

Button Action
Buttons X.png Lateral Thrust
Buttons A.png Shelling
(Hold)Buttons A.png Charged Shelling
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Rising Slash
Button zR.png + Buttons X.png
Guard Thrust
Button zR.png + Buttons A.png
Button zR.png + Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Wyvern's Fire
Button zR.png Guard
Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png
Haill Cutter
Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png
Guard Edge

Useful Combos

Basic Combo

Left Analog.png + Buttons X.png to Buttons X.png to Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png

Burst Fire Combo

Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png to Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png

Strong Combo

Buttons X.png + Buttons A.pngtoButtons X.pngtoButtons X.pngtoButton zR.png+Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png

Gunlance New Moves

Official Gunlance Preview Video

Unload Burst

Gunlance Unload Burst.gif

You unload all your shells, concentrating its immense firepower in front of your barrel and firing. This move leaves you exposed for a short while so make sure to use this when a monster is incapacitated.

We recommend combining this move with the Silkbind Attack Hail Cutter. With Hail Cutter, you can perform this attack while in mid-air which negates your lack of mobility while firing.

Buttons X.png+Buttons A.png+Slash up+Buttons X.png

Charged Shelling

Charged Shelling.png

You charge your gunlance and unload a single burst of fire onto a monster. Unlike the Unload Burst, charged shelling only consumes 1 ammo at the cost of dealing less damage.

(Hold)Buttons A.png

Wyrmstake Cannon

Wyrmstake Cannon.png

The Wyrmstake Cannon uses a large metallic stake or harpoon-like ammo which deals a massive amount of damage when fired. Accompanied by this cannon is two attacks which in turn makes the combo a devastating blow to any enemy monster. There are multiple ways to achieve this combo so practice what feels comfortable the most to you.

(hold twice)Buttons A.png+(hold once)Buttons A.png

Buttons X.png+Buttons A.png+Slash up+Buttons X.png+Buttons A.png+Slash up

Full Burst + Buttons X.png + Buttons X.png

Remember to reload your Wrymstake Cannon

With Ammo.jpgEnlarge With Ammo Without Ammo.jpgEnlarge Without Ammo

Reloading your Wrymstake Cannon is different from reloading the ammo in your Gunlance. Always keep in mind that you cannot successfully perform a Wyrmstake Cannon combo if your gunlance is empty.

Buttons zR.pngButtons A.png

Hail Cutter

Hail Cutter.jpg

Hail Cutter is a Silkbind Attack that launches the hunter airborne while reloading the Gunlance. The move finishes with a downward slam where you may opt to use 'full burst' or Wyvern Fire with a shortened charge time!

Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png

Guard Edge

Guard Edge.jpg

Guard Edge is a Silkbind Attack that acts like a counter-guard but restores sharpness. Considering how Gunlance shelling eats up sharpness at a rapid rate, this is a great addition to the Gunlance's arsenal!

Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png

Guard When Using Wyvern Fire

Guarding While Wyvern Fire

While the Wyvern Fire isn't a new move to the Gunlance, it was observed that when using Wyvern Fire, the hunter is capable of guarding against attacks! Definitely a new and handy feature!

Gunlance Returning Moves

Burst Fire

Burst Fire
The Burst Fire is a returning move in Monster Hunter Rise! Burst Fire is a move that quickly fires all the current shell you have and is a great move to use for Gunlances with normal ammo types due to its massive amount of ammunation.

After Using Overhead Smash, Buttons A.png

Charged Shelling

charged shelling
The Charged Shelling is an old gunlance feature that allows you to increase a shell's damage by charging your shots. It's extremely effective for long type gunlance ammo due to its inherently high damage output.

holdButtons A.png

Wyrmstake Cannon

The Wyrmstake Cannon is a new mechanic in Monster Hunter World and will make a triumphant return in Monster Hunter Rise! It allows you to lodge a huge contraption into a monster and it explodes everytime you hit the same area with a shelling. It is one of the most devastating attacks of the Gunlance.

Input 1
Buttons A.png after firing two shelling attacks
Input 2
Buttons X.png+Buttons A.png > Buttons X.png+Buttons A.png > Buttons A.png
Input 3
Buttons X.png+Buttons A.png > Buttons X.png > Buttons X.png > Buttons X.png or Buttons A.png

Reloading the Wyrmstake Cannon

While it used to cost a slinger ammo to load, it now automatically has it and it can be reloaded by reloading the gunlance shelling. Take note that the quick reload does not reload the Wyrmstake Cannon!

Button zR.png + Button A.png

Gunlance Strengths and Weaknesses

Gunlance Strengths

Gunlance Strengths

Check IconShelling neglects monster armor

Check IconPhysical attacks are strong too

Check IconLong reach and can aim high places

Check IconOne of the best with guarding

Shelling Neglects Monster Armor

Shelling attacks ignore monster armor so Gunlance players revolve their playstyle around it. This is mostly where the Gunlance shows its full potential!

Physical Attacks Are Equally Strong!

Though shelling is where the power lies, Gunlance's physical attacks are not too shabby either! Depending on the situation, you can build your Gunlance for poking only!

Long Reach and High Aim

Like the Lance, the Gunlance also has a long reach and can aim high. This enables the hunter to reach the high heads of Deviljho or hit airborne enemies like Rathalos!

Gunlances Can Guard!

The Gunlance is also top tier when it comes to guarding! It is possible to bombard enemies with shelling while guarding to keep this in mind!

Gunlance Weaknesses

Gunlance Weaknesses

Check IconShelling consumes sharpness

Check IconVery poor mobility

Shelling Consumes Sharpness

Unfortunately, shelling rapidly consumes sharpness. Remember to use Guard Edge or sharpen during the fight!

Very Poor Mobility

When unsheathed, the Gunlance reduces the hunter to a crawl. Sheath your weapon or build your Gunlance for Evade Extend to reposition effectively!

How to Use the Gunlance

Deal a Lot of Damage With Wyvern Fire!

Wyvern Fire Big Damage

Wyvern Fire is the most powerful attack the Gunlance can deliver. Make sure it hits the monster so it would not be wasted!

Shelling Bypass Monster Armor

Shelling Bypass Armor

Shelling bypasses monster armor so you may bombard any part of the body regardless of the toughness!

Use Guard Edge to Recover Sharpness

Guard Edge Restore Sharpness

Guard Edge is a great addition to the Gunlance's arsenal. This is very useful considering that shelling rapidly decreases Gunlance sharpness!

Gunlance Tips

Always Lodge a Wyrmstake Cannon Into Monsters

The Wyrmstake Cannon is the Gunlance's main DPS improving skill. It literally almost doubles your damage so always make sure that the monster has a Wyrmstake cannon in it and keep firing on it with shells!

The Wyrmstake Cannon Gets Triggered By Wyvern's Fire

The Wyvern's Fire used to be the Gunlance's strongest move but is replaced by the less flashier Wyrmstake Cannon. The Wyvern's Fire is a burst attack and using it on a monster that has a Wyrmstake Cannon will make the Cannon proc extra explosions from the Wyvern's Fire. The deadliest artillery combo.

Don't Hesitate To Use Traps

Traps is a valuable item in Monster Hunter games. It allows you to esnare a monster and potentially capture it when their HP is low. With the Gunlance's bursty nature, a single opening can prove fatal to monsters and using traps is a surefire way to get that opening.

Know Your Shelling

The Gunlance's playstle, while fixed into the DPS tank role, will vary greatly depending on their weapon's shelling type.

Ammo Best Movesets and Playstyles
Normal Most Ammo capacity, gets high damage from Burst Fire due to ammo quantity.
Spread Least ammo capacity, benefits greatly from a poke, fire, quick reload style of play.
Long Medium ammo capacity, has the highest shelling damage and can benefit the most from Wyrmstake Cannon and Shelling only playstlyle.

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