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Story Walkthrough.png

This is is a complete walkthrough to the story of Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Learn the best order to complete each Village Quest in order to continue through the story and all Quests required to reach the end of the game.

Complete Story Walkthrough


Complete Master Utsushi's Training

Back to Basics.jpeg

Once you've been introduced to all of the various village NPCs, you'll be required to complete Master Utsuhi's Training Quest, Back to Basics. Once you finish this tutorial-esque quest, you'll unlock ★1 Village Quests.

★1 Village Quests

With your training out of the way, you will be required to clear Key Quests to proceed.

Clear 2 Key Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★1 Unpious Peons (Key)
★1 Fungal Frustrations (Key)
★1 Roly-poly Lanterns (Key)

Hunt a Great Izuchi

HR Quest Name Monster
★2 Great Izuchi, Great Pain

★2 Village Quests

After slaying the Great Izuchi, you will unlock ★2 quests and be allowed to move on.

Clear 4 Key Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★2 Rabid Rabbit (Key)
★2 Out Cold (Key)
★2 A Frosty Paradise (Key)
★2 Plump and Juicy (Key)
★2 Grizzly Glutton (Key)

Hunt an Aknosom

HR Quest Name Monster
★3 Feathered Frenzy

★3 Village Quests

While your objective is to complete 4 ★3 Key Quests, you will be interrupted after you finish 2 as the Rampage is approaching. Once you finish your first Rampage Quest, complete the remaining 2 Key Quests to unlock the Urgent Quest.

Clear 4 Key Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★3 Spongy Oasis (Key)
★3 Obnoxious Lord, Noxious Monster (Key)
★3 Fightin' Dirty (Key)
★3 Walking on Eggshells (Key)
★3 Can't Stomach the Thought (Key)

Clear the Rampage Quest

HR Quest Name Monster
★3 The Rampage Approaches

Hunt a Bishaten

HR Quest Name Monster
★4 Monkey Wrench in Your Plans

★4 Village Quests

After the Bishaten goes down you will be tasked with clearing more Key Quests. For ★4 you will finally go up against Magnamalo, so prepare yourself.

Complete Special License Tests

While progressing through ★4 Village Quests, new Special License Tests will become available. Special License Tests are multi-monster challenge hunts that will Increase your Hunter Rank allowing you to skip Low Rank Gathering Hub quests upon completion. Be sure to complete these when you receive them to jump directly into High Rank later on.

Clear 5 Key Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★4 Off Your Rocker (Key)
★4 A Song of Red and Fire (Key)
★4 Streaking Shadow (Key)
★4 The Queen's Procession (Key)
★4 Raging White-out (Key)
★4 Infernal Lacrimosa (Key)

Hunt Magnamalo

HR Quest Name Monster
★5 Comeuppance

★5 Village Quests

Even though you took down Magnamalo, there are still threats to Kamura Village! Continue taking down monsters in Key Quests to proceed.

Clear 5 Key Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★5 Rathalos Alert! (Key)
★5 Waltzing by Moonlight (Key)
★5 Nocturnal Tracker (Key)
★5 Electrifying Ephiphany (Key)
★5 Wind Speed Wyvern (Key)

Hunt an Almudron

HR Quest Name Monster
★6 Hermit of the Swamp

★6 Village Quests

There are no Key ★6 Village Quests. All ★6 Village Quests are optional challenges to test your skill and farm more materials.

Moving On to High Rank

Option One: Complete ★1 to ★3 Hub Quests

There are two methods of moving into High Rank, the first of which is by simply completing Key and Urgent Quests in the Gathering Hub to increase your HR, similar to clearing the Key and Urgent Quests in the Village. Upon reaching ★4 in the Hub Quests, you will reach High Rank.

Option Two: Complete License Quests 1-3

The other method involves clearing Special License Tests that are unlocked starting in ★4 Village Quests. These will increase your HR instead by pitting you against 3 Large Monsters in a single hunt. Clear these quests and the next level of Hub Quests will unlock, leading up to ★4 Hub Quests, aka High Rank. Whichever you choose, the real challenge begins then.

How to Unlock High Rank

Gathering Hub Quests

After completing ★5 Village Quests the Gathering Hub will become the primary source of hunts and story progression. If you've completed all Special License Tests, you can immediately jump into the ★4 Urgent Quest to unlock High Rank Quests.

Gathering Hub Quests are separated into two Categories: Low Rank, and High Rank.

Low Rank ★1 - ★3
High Rank ★4 and up

★1 Gathering Hub Quests

Clear 4 Key Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★1 Wroggi Place, Wroggi Time (Key)
★1 A Snowball's Chance... (Key)
★1 No Cure for the Common Baggi (Key)
★1 Jumped in the Frost Islands (Key)
★1 Tired and Feathered (Key)
★1 Shady Monster (Key)

★2 Gathering Hub Quests

Clear 5 Key Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★2 The Path to Royalty (Key)
★2 Blasted Basarios! (Key)
★2 Reinventing the Wheel (Key)
★2 A Pale Shadow (Key)
★2 So Muddy Hardheaded! (Key)
★2 The Flooding Flooded Forest (Key)
★2 Way of the Pukei (Key)
★2 I Want Off This Ride (Key)

★3 Gathering Hub Quests

Clear 6 Key Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★3 A Few Bumps Along the Way (Key)
★3 A Friend in Need (Key)
★3 White Knight vs. Hunter (Key)
★3 Wavering Moon and Thunder (Key)
★3 Champion of the Caverns (Key)
★3 My Muse the Mizutsune (Key)
★3 Twilit Twin Stars (Key)
★3 Bully of the Caverns (Key)
★3 Down 'n' Dirty (Key)
★3 Zigzagging Zapper (Key)
★3 The Blizzard Blender (Key)
★3 Beckoning Slumber (Key)

Clear the Apex Arzuros Rampage

HR Quest Name Monster
★4 The Blue Apex

★4 Gathering Hub Quests

Clear 5 Key Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★4 Didn't Get the Memo (Key)
★4 Divine Comedy (Key)
★4 The Swirling Gale (Key)
★4 Night of the Khezu (Key)
★4 Even Cute Things Have Fangs (Key)
★4 The Frost Islands Arena (Key)
★4 Dancing A-purr-ition (Key)

Hunt a Jyuratodus

HR Quest Name Monster
★5 The Restless Swamp

★5 Gathering Hub Quests

Clear 5 Key Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★5 Shadows Over the Frost (Key)
★5 Hone Your Heavy Bowgun (Key)
★5 Charge Blade Coalescing (Key)
★5 Learn the Lance (Key)
★5 Honing Your Hammer (Key)
★5 Grasp the Great Sword (Key)
★5 Charmed by a Queen (Key)
★5 Miner Problem (Key)
★5 Go Away, Pukei! (Key)
★5 Rotten Fruit (Key)
★5 Bowled Over (Key)
★5 Rise Above the Mud (Key)
★5 Foul Play in the Forest (Key)

Hunt a Mizutsune

HR Quest Name Monster
★6 A Bewitching Chance

★6 Gathering Hub Quests

Clear 5 Key Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★6 Red Skies at Night (Key)
★6 The Abyss Stares Back (Key)
★6 Closer Than it Appears (Key)
★6 Skies are Gray (Key)
★6 Sharpening Amber Fangs (Key)
★6 A Somniferous Elegy (Key)
★6 Skies Flash, Clouds Boom (Key)

Clear the Ibushi Rampage Quest

HR Quest Name Monster
★6 Serpent God of Wind

Hunt a Rakna-Kadaki

HR Quest Name Monster
★7 Can't Kill It with Fire

★7 Gathering Hub Quests

Clear 5 Key Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★7 Seared Situation (Key)
★7 Evil Afoot (Key)
★7 A Resounding Roar (Key)
★7 Subterranean Disturbances (Key)
★7 A Muddy Invitation (Key)
★7 Clad in Hellfire (Key)
★7 It's Gonna Get You! (Key)

Slay the Thunder Serpent Narwa

HR Quest Name Monster
★7 Serpent Goddess of Thunder

Getting Started With the Story

CheckmarkClear Key Quests to Progress the Story

CheckmarkPrioritize Uncovering an Area's Map

CheckmarkIncrease the Argosy's Stock

CheckmarkAlways Accept Optional Subquests

Clear Key Quests to Progress the Story

Key Quests.jpeg

Once you've cleared a certain amount of select quests known as Key Quests, you will unlock an Urgent Quest that opens up the next level of quests upon completion. If you ever find yourself wondering what to do next, head on over to Hinoa to keep moving forward!

Prioritize Uncovering an Area's Map

Uncover Map.jpeg

When you first enter a map, it will be completely covered in fog, preventing you from seeing the full landscape or the location of materials, Endemic Life, and more. Before heading out on a quest, go on an Expedition Tour and explore the area so you don't waste any time when trying to hunt a monster.

Unlock the Sub-Camps

While you start at the Main Camp, there are actually Sub-Camps that can be found in each area. Once you've discovered one, you will receive a Request that will unlock it for fast travel upon completion. With more camps to jump between from the start you'll have an easier time hunting monsters going forward!

Increase the Argosy's Stock

The Argosy.jpeg

At the beginning of the game you'll be lacking materials so there's a high chance you'll run out of the few items you have fairly quickly. To help out with this, head to the Argosy in the Buddy Plaza where you can increase the number of items for sale so you don't have to spend as much time farming. You'll be needing a lot of Honey or Red Mushrooms so stocking up on those is highly recommended. The Argosy is unlocked once you unlock ★2 Village Quests.

Keep in mind, when utilzing the Argosy you'll need to send at least one of your buddies away, so be sure to recruit one from Iori you can send off without worry.

Always Accept Optional Subquests

Optional Subquests.jpg

Optional Subquests are basic requests that can be accepted from either Quest Counter. You can accept up to 5 at a time to receive various small rewards upon completion. The rewards are typically Kamura Points, Armor Spheres (necessary for upgrading your armor), and other useful materials so make sure to have 5 on you at all times!

Recommended Starting Equipment

Choose the Weapon You Prefer

Which weapon you decide on really comes down to your own preference. Especially in the beginning where you won't see a major difference based on your weapon, it's best to go with what you like or what you're already used to from past Monster Hunter entries. However, there are quite a few to choose from, so for those who are still unsure take a look at the articles linked below for our thoughts!

Best Beginner Weapon Banner.pngBest Beginner Weapons Weapon Tier List Banner.pngWeapon Tier List

Forge Melee Weapons From the Ore Tree

If you choose a melee weapon, we recommend going with the Ore Tree. Compared to the Kamura Tree it has higher attack, and it has better balanced Sharpness compared to the Bone Tree, so mine up some ore and get to upgrading!

Start With the Easy to Farm Izuichi Set

Izuichi Set Skills
Critical Eye Lv 3 Affinity +15%
Recovery Speed Lv 2 Triples the speed at which you heal recoverable damage.
Constitution Lv 1 Reduces fixed stamina depletion by 10%.

For armor, we recommended going for the Izuichi Set which has materials obtainable from Small Monsters. It gives you a 15% boost to Affinity as well as decreasing your stamina usage, making it great for starting the game.

Use the Starting Gear As Long As You Can

While the stats aren't anything to write home about, you can feasibly get by using the gear you start the game with for a bit. Forging new equipment and upgrading it takes money and Armor Spheres so you'll need to finish a few hunts before you'll be able to make anything new. You can go ahead and wait until you run into a monster you're struggling with before getting started on new gear.

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