Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Where to Find Hellbill

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Hellbill Banner

Hellbill is a Rare Endemic Life found in Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak DLC. Keep reading to learn all we know about the Hellbill and where to find it!

Hellbill Basic Information

endemic life Hellbill icon.png
Type Rare Creature
Official Description
A rare bird found near the crater of the Lava Caverns. Its vibrant red feathers grant it immunity to the dangers of magma. It bathes in lava to burn off germs and metabolic waste. This spectacle has resulted in it becoming a symbol of rebirth among mankind.

Where to Find Hellbill

Found in the Lava Caverns

MH Rise - Area around Hellbill
Hellbill appears in the crater in the Lava Caverns. Our team tested when the Hellbill spawns, and it seems it spawns at morning, right after nighttime. So if you want to not waste your waiting time, go to the Lava Caverns at nighttime and wait for dawn.

1 To get to the crater, you will need to head to Area 11. Along the wall, there should be a small opening that you can crawl under, marked with a green Spiribird.
2 Once you're inside, you should look up and look for another opening.
3 You will have to wallrun up to the opening. You can also just blindly wallrun up if you can't see it from below, just make sure you have a lot of stamina!
4 When you reach the opening, walk out of the tunnel.
5 Hellbill should be positioned on a rock jutting out of the wall on your left. You'll need to use your Wirebugs up to get to it.
It can also be bathing itself in the magma stream left of the rock, so look out for it flying back and forth.

Exact Location on Map

To get there the fastest, fast travel to Sub-camp 1, then fall into the hole on the east side. It should be a quick trip to Area 11 from there.
Lava Caverns

Fast Travel to a Camp and Head Back

If you don't find Hellbill there, try fast travelling to a camp and head back. Though its appearance is random, it should appear in one specific place only, like all Rare Endemic Life. You can also try waiting for a few minutes until it appears.

Camp Guide | How to Unlock Sub-Camps

How to Use Hellbill

Take a Picture

MH Rise - Hellbill
Like all Rare Endemic Life, Hellbill should be photographed in game in order to get its entry in the Hunter's Notes. Try using the Greeting in the Action Bar in front of it and see how it reacts!

How to Take Pictures with the Camera: Photo Mode

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2 Pukkidyrabout 2 years

A shriek can be heard when the Hellbill spawns in even if you are not in the area when it spawn

1 Anonymousover 2 years

He arrives just as dawn rolls round. I recommend going on the expedition and setting it to nighttime, and eating the dango that reduces the respawn of gathering nodes then just mining in that area until you hear the bird shriek, signalling it's arrival. You don't need to mine but you may as well do something while you're waiting.


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