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Qurious Crafting is the newest weapon and armor augment mechanic introduced in the first Free Title Update for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn how to augment your weapons and armor, find out the fastest way to get crafting materials, how to reroll your armor augments, and more!

Qurious Crafting Guides
Weapon Augmentation Armor Augmentation

Anomaly Research
Anomaly Investigations IconAnomaly Investigations Anomaly Research Lab IconAnomaly Research Lab Anomaly Research Level IconAnomaly Research Level

New Features in Title Update 2

New updates will be available for Sunbreak's augmenting mechanic in Title Update 2!

New Weapon Augmention Upgrade

With the Title Update 2, new items mean new weapon augments in Qurious Crafting! The level 3 upgrade requires you to have 10000z, Afflicted Dire Claw+, Afflicted Shard, and Afflicted Hardfang!

Currently, there are no updates to armor upgrades for Free Title Update 2.
List of Weapon Qurious Crafting Augments

How to Augment Weapons

Step by Step Guide

# Description
1 Go to your local blacksmith and choose Qurious Weapon Crafting.
2 Enable Augmentation for the weapon you augment.
3 Collect Materials for your chosen augmentation.
4 Add Anomaly Slots to improve your augmentation capabilities.
5 Equip or Unequip Augments to customize your weapon freely.

Go To The Blacksmith

Qurious crafting is done with your local blacksmiths in Elgado or Kamura. Talk to them and choose Qurious Weapon Crafting to start. They will then show you all the weapons capable of Qurious Crafting.

Only Rarity 10 Weapons are Augmentable

if you're not seeing any weapons, check if you have Rarity 10 weapons in your inventory. Only Rarity 10 weapons are augmentable so keep that in mind.

Enable Weapon Augmentation

Before getting the capability to augment weapons thru Qurious Crafting, you have to enable augmentation for that specific weapon. Enabled weapons would have the qurio symbol (bat-like symbol) on the upper left of the weapon preview screen.

Enabling augmentation requires afflicted materials which can be obtained from Anomaly Quests and Anomaly Investigations!

Required Materials to Enable Augmentation

Cost: 20,000z

Choose an Augment and Collect Materials

Choose an Augment and Collect Materials

Each weapon would have a different set of augments available to them. Since Qurious Crafting aims to improve the weapon's capabilities, the augments available are beneficial for the said weapons.

Each Augment improves weapons a certain way, and you have the freedom to choose what to equip to your weapon depending on your playstyle.

List of Available Augments

Click on an augment to see upgrade materials and slots required!

Augment Levels and Effects
MH Rise Sunbreak - Attack Boost Qurious CraftingAttack Boost Lv. 1: Attack +5
Lv. 2: Attack +10
MH Rise Sunbreak - Affinity Boost Qurious CraftingAffinity Boost Lv. 1: Affinity +5%
MH Rise Sunbreak - Element Boost Qurious CraftingElemental Boost Lv. 1: Element +3
Lv. 2: Element +6
Lv. 3: Element +9
MH Rise Sunbreak - Status Effect Boost Qurious CraftingStatus Effect Boost Lv. 1: Status +3
MH Rise Sunbreak - Sharpness Boost Qurious CraftingSharpness Boost Lv. 1: Sharpness +10
MH Rise Sunbreak - Rampage Slot Upgrade Qurious CraftingRampage Slot Upgrade Lv. 1: Ramp. Slot Level +1

List of Weapon Qurious Crafting Augments

Not All Augments are Available Per Weapon

As mentioned earlier, Qurious Crafting increases the innate strengths of weapons so there is no weapon that has all augment choices in them. For example, status weapons would only have Status Effect Boost as a choice while elemental weapons would have Elemental Boost instead!

Add Anomaly Slots

After activating weapon augmentation, only 3 Anomaly slots are unlocked. You can increase the slots by adding Anomaly Slots - up to two (2) levels can be added.

Considering augments would take up a lot of slots, this would be something that players should aim for.

Add Anomaly Slot (+1 Slot)

Cost Materials Requirement
Effect Anomaly Slot +1

Add Anomaly Slot (+2 Slots)

Cost Materials Requirement
Effect Anomaly Slot +2

Equip or Unequip Augments

MH Rise Sunbreak - Augments Can Be Equipped or Unequipped.gif

Considering weapons only have a limited number of slots, augments can be equipped and unequipped easily via your local blacksmith in Kamura or Elgado. This gives you the freedom to customize your weapon as you please depending on what you're hunting.

Need more sharpness against hard-shelled monsters? Equip Sharpness Boost. Need more element cause the monster is elementally weak? Equip Elemental Boost!

Augments are Exclusive to That Weapon

Though they can be equipped / unequipped, augments are exclusive to a weapon and can't be transferred to another. You have to craft new augments for every weapon you want to customize.

Augmenting Armor

Step by Step Guide

# Description
1 Go to your local blacksmith and choose Qurious Armor Crafting.
2 Enable Augmentation for the armor you want to augment.
3 Collect Amber Essences from Anomaly Investigations.
4 Roll for random armor changes.
5 Keep the augmented state of the armor or keep the old state. You may do this infinitely.
6 (Optional) Reset the augmentation for your armor if you accidentally mess up anything.

Go To the Blacksmith

MH Rise Sunbreak - Go to the Blacksmith

Qurious crafting is done with your local blacksmiths in Elgado or Kamura. Talk to them and choose Qurious Armor Crafting to start. They will then show you all the armor pieces you have capable of Qurious Crafting.

Only Rarity 8 to Rarity 10 armors are capable of Qurious Crafting.

List of Armor Sets

Enable Augmentation for the Armor Piece

MH Rise Sunbreak - Enable Augmentation for the Armor Piece

You must also enable augmentation for the armor piece you want to augment. For this, you need Amber Essences, Afflicted Materials, and Zenny. Required materials for enabling augmentation also ramp up depending on the rarity of the armor piece so take note!

Rarity Requirements
Cost: 3,000z
Cost: 6,000z
Cost: 10,000z

Collect Amber Essences

The next step would be to collect Amber Essences, only present in Anomaly Investigations. They're present in certain levels of investigations so if you're farming for them, take note of these levels:

Essence Type Investigation Levels
Amber Essence.pngAmber Essence Level 30 and below
Anomaly Investigations
Amber Essence+.pngAmber Essence+ Level 31 and above
Anomaly Investigations
Prime Amber Essence.pngPrime Amber Essence Level 51 and above
Anomaly Investigations

Sunbreak Anomaly Investigations Guide

Roll for Random Armor Changes

MH Rise Sunbreak - Roll for Random Armor Changes

After obtaining the Amber Essences, it's time to roll for armor augmentations! You roll for armor piece changes using the Amber Essences you collected from Anomaly Investigations and require different point values per Armor Rarity.

Amber Essence Material Values

Here are the values for each Amber Essence that you'll use — it's essentially similar to melding talismans:

Essence Type Points
Amber Essence.pngAmber Essence 10 points
Amber Essence+.pngAmber Essence+ 20 points
Prime Amber Essence.pngPrime Amber Essence 40 points

Armor Piece Augment Requirements

Armor Piece Rarity Point Requirements
MH Rise Sunbreak - Amber Essence Amber Essence Material x20pts
Cost: 2000z
MH Rise Sunbreak - Amber Essence Amber Essence Material x40pts
Cost: 4000z
MH Rise Sunbreak - Amber Essence Amber Essence Material x80pts
Cost: 6000z

Use Prime Amber Essence on Higher Rarity Armors

MH Rise Sunbreak - Use Prime Amber Essence on Higher Rarity Armors

We recommend using only Prime Amber Essences whenever you augment Rarity 9 and 10 armors. This makes sure you have enough Amber Essence and Amber Essence+ when you need to augment Rarity 8 armors.

A Prime Amber Essence provide 40 points when augmenting, so it's not economical to use with Rarity 8 armors that only need 20 points to augment.

Keep The Augment? Your Choice

Considering Qurious Crafting is a purely random gacha mechanic, Capcom made it so that you can opt to keep the augmented status of your armor or revert it to its previous state.

We recommend only keeping additive Armor Skills so your builds won't break. Additive slot number or slot level are also great to keep!

Augmentation Effects

We listed down all the effects you can get whenever you augment armors using Qurious Crafting.

Possible Armor Rolls
Increase or Decrease Defense Stat
Increase or Decrease the piece's number of Slots
Increase or Decrease a slot level
Increase or Decrease a certain Elemental Resistance
Adds or Removes one or more random Armor Skill

Only Aim for Additional Skills or Slots

MH Rise Sunbreak - Only Aim for Additional Skills or Slots

Though this method adds additional skills or slots to your armor pieces, it is not recommended to build around the augmentations you made.

Even a single level 1 slot is useful as you can slot in awesome comfort skills like Defiance (Cornerstone Jewel 1) that can cheaply mitigate roars & tremors to increase your overall DPS!

We still recommend making builds from the available default armor pieces in the game, then only roll for improvements using Qurious Crafting!

Builds and Best Armor for Each Weapon

(Optional) Reset Augmentation

MH Rise Sunbreak - Reset Augmentation

If you accidentally confirmed an augmentation that is detrimental to your current build, you may opt to Reset Augmentation in the same menu. This effectively clears out all augments on your armor piece.

Resetting augmentations would not refund materials used and zenny spent.

How to Reroll Armor Augments

As of August 26, 2022, this exploit has been patched out in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Version 11.0.2.
REROLLING WITH QURIOUS WEAPON CRAFTING DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. This guide has been edited to remove any mention of them.

Step by Step Guide

# Description
1 Turn off Autosave.
2 Save and use Qurious Armor Crafting on your chosen armor.
3 Reload your save and reroll using Armor Augments on a different piece.
4 Use Qurious Armor Crafting until you notice a repeating sequence.
5 Continue rerolling if you notice the same rolls.
6 Apply the augment to your armor then save.

Turn Off Autosave

This step is important to avoid wasting your hard-earned Amber Essences and to allow us to find a 'good' augment. To turn off autosave, open the menu then select Options > Save Data and turn Autosave Settings to Off.

Use Qurious Armor Crafting

Save now so you can return to this point if you end up with bad rolls. Keep rolling until you run out of essences, find a good roll, or just decide to stop. Whatever the reason, try to recall the sequence of augments that come up. You may use a recording tool or note them. It's not mandatory, but it can help you determine when to 'reroll'.

Reload and Reroll With Augments

Return to the title screen without saving. Once you've loaded back in the game, augment a different armor piece. You should only be augmenting different rarity armor to shift the results slightly. This method doesn't truly change the RNG, but it may still change the results of your next few rolls.

Use Qurious Armor Crafting Again

After 'rerolling', you should notice that the augments shown will be different. If they're still the same, repeat the previous step again. Keep augmenting until you start to notice a similar sequence as the first time you rolled in step 2.

Reroll If Pattern Repeats

Redo step 3 by using augmenting a different rarity armor piece to change the results again. At this point, you can choose not to reload your save and just keep rerolling as long as you don't mind using up your Amber Essences, or reload from the beginning but try different ways of rerolling such as augmenting other armors a different number of times.

Apply Armor Augment

Continue rolling again until you find an augment you are satisfied with. If you haven't found one, repeat step 3 again.

Passing Armor Skills

5th Roll after the same 4 Storge Helm Rolls
Storge Helm (Rare 9) Ingot Greaves (Rare 8)

If you're aware of the sequence or pattern of your rolls, you may be able to give one of the skills you've rolled to another armor piece. For example, if you know your next roll will have a specific skill like Evade Window, there's a good chance that your next augment on a different armor piece will have Evade Window too. This can be useful if you know a good skill is coming up but would rather have it on a different piece.

How To Unlock Qurious Crafting

Available in Title Update 1

MH Rise Sunbreak - Free Title Update 1 Banner

The most important thing to check is if your game is updated to the First Free Title Update of MH Rise Sunbreak. Double check if your game's version is Version 11.0!

Version 11.0:
Sunbreak First Title Update Patch Notes

Do Any Anomaly Investigation

Monster Hunter Rise (Sunbreak) - Anomaly Investigations

To unlock Qurious Crafting, you have to participate in your very first Anomaly Investigation, automatically unlocked after updating to the First Title Update (Version 11). Afterwards, talk to your local blacksmith to unlock Qurious Crafting.

Sunbreak Anomaly Investigations Guide

Fastest Way to Get Crafting Materials

Click to Jump
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3

Best Monsters to Farm Afflicted Materials

The table below lists the best monsters to hunt for specific Afflicted Materials and the best weapons and builds to use during hunts. Those hunts will guarantee you the fastest way to get afflicted materials.

It is recommended to use Light Bowguns when hunting Afflicted Monsters to create some distance between you and a monster which lessens the risk of being hit with a powerful move while dealing damage from far away.

Tier 1

Material Monster

Lv 11-100 / A★1
MH Rise - Arzuros Large Monster IconArzuros

Lv 11-100 / A★1
MH Rise - Great Izuchi Large Monster IconGreat Izuchi

Lv 11-100 / A★2
MH Rise - Tetranadon Large Monster IconTetranadon

Lv 11-100 / A★2
MH Rise - Royal Ludroth Large Monster IconRoyal Ludroth

Lv 11-100 / A★3
MH Rise - Somnacanth Large Monster IconSomnacanth

Lv 11-100 / A★3
MH Rise - Anjanath Large Monster IconAnjanath

Lv 11-100 / A★4
MH Rise - Almudron Large Monster IconAlmudron

Lv 11-100 / A★4
MH Rise - Nargacuga Large Monster IconNargacuga

Tier 2

Material Monster

Lv 31-100 / A★1
MH Rise - Great Izuchi Large Monster IconGreat Izuchi

Lv 31-100 / A★1
MH Rise - Arzuros Large Monster IconArzuros

Lv 31-100 / A★4
MH Rise - Almudron Large Monster IconAlmudron

Lv 31-100 / A★3
MH Rise - Anjanath Large Monster IconAnjanath

Lv 31-100 / A★4
MH Rise - Nargacuga Large Monster IconNargacuga

Lv 31-100 / A★2
MH Rise - Royal Ludroth Large Monster IconRoyal Ludroth

Lv 31-100 / A★3
MH Rise - Somnacanth Large Monster IconSomnacanth

Lv 31-100 / A★2
MH Rise - Tetranadon Large Monster IconTetranadon

Tier 3

Material Monster

Lv 51-100 / A★5
MH Rise - Magma Almudron Large Monster IconMagma Almudron

Lv 51-100 / A★5
MH Rise - Mizutsune Large Monster IconMizutsune

Lv 51-100 / A★5
MH Rise - Diablos Large Monster IconDiablos

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