Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

15 Things To Do Before Sunbreak

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Trying to catch up so your Hunter is capable of taking on all the challenges in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? Here are 15 things that we think all Hunters should do before taking on the Sunbreak expansion!

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Top Things To Do Before Sunbreak

Complete Serpent Goddess of Thunder

MH Rise - Complete Serpent Goddess of Thunder

To start Sunbreak's story, Hunters must complete the quest Serpent Goddess of Thunder. This quest pits you against Thunder Serpent Narwa and is unlocked after finishing ★7 Key Quests.

Serpent Goddess of Thunder
Quest and Rewards

Have One (1) Strong Endgame Build

MH Rise Sunbreak - Have One (1) Strong Endgame Build

MH Rise Sunbreak introduces Master Rank and with it, new armor sets and armor skills. We suggest having a single, powerful build for one weapon that can bridge you from High Rank to Master Rank.

Remember, Master Rank monsters hit like a truck so the armor must be fully upgraded!

Builds and Best Equipment for Each Weapon
(Update 3.0)

Invest in Weapons

MH Rise Sunbreak - Invest in Weapons

In Master Rank, most weapons have new upgrade paths to choose from. This is in contrast to armors where you have to craft all of them from scratch!

We suggest getting all the weapons you want in High Rank, instead of collecting armors. This way, you can efficiently allocate your precious zenny and materials for upgrades.

Weapons List: All Weapon Guides

Stock Up on Armor Spheres

MH Rise Sunbreak - Stock Up on Armor Spheres

Master Rank adds stronger types of Armor Spheres, but you won't be able to acquire them until you reach at least MR 5. Because of this, we still recommend collecting as much as you can in the base game.

This helps in upgrading the first few armors you're gonna craft in Master Rank - making your Sunbreak early game grind relatively easy.

List of Base Game Armor Spheres
Armor Sphere.pngArmor Sphere Armor Sphere+.pngArmor Sphere+ Advanced Armor Sphere.pngAdvanced Armor Sphere
Hard Armor Sphere.pngHard Armor Sphere Heavy Armor Sphere.pngHeavy Armor Sphere

Roll for a Few Good Talismans

MH Rise Sunbreak - Roll for a Few Good Talismans

Sunbreak comes with new melding methods, but all of them only unlock after beating the Final Boss. For this reason, we recommend getting a few good talismans with Wisp of Mystery or Rebirth to use in early Master Rank builds to carry you through the story.

Talisman Farming: How to Meld the Best Talismans

Have A Gathering Armor Set Ready

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Have A Gathering Armor Set Ready

If there is one thing that will remain unchanged in Sunbreak, it's the Gathering Armor Set.

The skills required to increase your bounty whenever you gather will stay the same so you can invest and make your gathering set as comfortable as possible in the base game!

Sample Gathering Armor Set

Armor Slots Skills
Leather Headgear SLeather Headgear S ①①ー
Kamura Garb SKamura Garb S ①ーー
Leather Gloves SLeather Gloves S ①①ー
Leather Belt S Leather Belt S ①ーー
Leather Pants SLeather Pants S ②ーー
Geologist Lv. 1
Geologist Lv. 3 | Hunger Resistance Lv. 3
Wirebug Whisperer Lv. 2 | Recovery Up Lv. 1
Wall Runner Lv. 1 | Special Ammo Boost Lv. 1
Critical Eye Lv. 1
Monster Hunter Rise - Cohoot IconTips from Game8 This is an example of a High Rank equipment that focuses on gathering. Its main skill Geologist makes sure that you get extra amounts whenever you gather from any node. You can even gem in Botanist when you can.
In addition, a maxed-out Hunger Resistance negates stamina depletion completely so you can explore to your heart's content.
Of course, this is just a baseline build that uses Kamura and Leather sets to get you started as soon as you hit High Rank. Once you have unlocked more armor sets from later monsters, you can tweak this build to include some more quality of life skills like Constitution and Evade Extender!

Save A LOT of Money (Zenny)

MH Rise Sunbreak - Save A LOT of Money (Zenny)

High Rank armors and weapons are already siphoning all our money with their insane upgrade prices, but it's about to get crazier when we need to craft Master Rank armors and weapons in Sunbreak. We suggest stocking up at least 1,000,000z before going to Sunbreak, which should be plenty for a new armor set and early upgrades. Feel free to stock more money to avoid worrying about it later!

Stock up money (zenny) as early as the base game by following our guide below. Once you're in Sunbreak, you can opt to do the event quest Daimyo and Pearls which will reward you with eggs that you can sell.

Zenny Farming Guide:
How to Farm Money Fast

Stock Up on Useful Items

MH Rise Sunbreak - Stock Up On Useful Items

We suggest stocking up on essential items to get you ready for the Sunbreak expansion. Master Rank monsters hit hard so expect to blow through most of these while building your very first Master Rank armor set.

Healing Items like Mega Potions, Max Potions, and Herbal Medicines should be prioritized for all Hunters. For stamina-heavy weapon users like Dual Blades and Bow, stock up on Dash Juices from Rondine.

List of Items and Materials

Stock Up on Ammo!

MH Rise Sunbreak - Stock Up on Ammo!

If you use either the Light Bowgun or the Heavy Bowgun, we also suggest crafting a lot of ammo to use for Master Rank! As these are crafted using materials heavily sourced from the Argosy, try crafting as much as possible in the base game.

List of All Ammo and Phials

Craft Essential Decorations

MH Rise Sunbreak - Craft Essential Decorations.png

Essential decorations like Tenderizer Jewel 2, Attack Jewel 2, and Expert Jewel 2 should be your highest priority. If possible, craft an equal number of decorations to their maximum level, making sure you have the flexibility to build Master Rank armor sets early on.

For other decorations, we suggest checking the recommended skills for your weapon and checking their corresponding decorations in the list below:

Decoration List: How to Unlock Decorations

Raise Strong Palicos and Palamutes

MH Rise Sunbreak - Raise Strong Palicoes and Palamutes

Palicos and Palamutes will always be a great addition to your team so we recommend getting them to max level (Level 50) and finding the best skills to go with each type. You can also give them the strongest Buddy armor and weapon available from Crimson Glow Valstrax.

We suggest having atleast one (1) healing-type Palico, one (1) gathering-type Palico, and one (1) Palamute!

Palico and Palamute Buddy Skills Guide

Optional Things To Do

Unlock All Switch Skills

MHRise Sunbreak - Unlock All Switch Skills

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will introduce a lot of new Silkbind Attacks and Moves on release so unlock all Switch Skills if possible!

What's more, the new feature in Sunbreak called Switch Skill Swap will enable Hunters to seamlessly switch between Switch Skill loadouts! This ensures that even skills earned in base Rise are useable and won't be powercrept in Master Rank!

Switch Skills Guide:
How to Unlock All Switch Skills

Unlock All Dangos

MH Rise Sunbreak - Unlock All Dangos

A Tea Shop acts as your Canteen in the Elgado Outpost. We suggest unlocking all the Dangos in base Rise, so you can have a complete menu and tailor your food buffs before every hunt!

Dango List: Effects and How to Unlock

Complete All Villager Requests

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Complete All Villager Requests

Villager Requests usually reward Hunters with utilities that will make their hunting lives easier.

These quests reward hunters with, but are not limited to:
• New Subcamps
• Extra Argosy submarines
• Palamute Equipment
• and more!

Requests Guide and List of Requests

Unlock All Subcamps

MH Rise Sunbreak - Unlock All Subcamps

On that note, we highly suggest unlocking all the Subcamps for every locale in the game. This will help you greatly in navigating the huge open map when hunting monsters.

You can opt to not do this at all though, but you have to run from Base Camp using Palamutes or ride Great Wirebugs to your destination.

Sub-Camp Locations Guide:
How to Unlock All Sub-Camps

Practice, Practice, and Practice!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Practice, Practice, and Practice!

The Sunbreak Expansion introduces Master Rank, an entirely new level of difficulty for all monsters in the game. The difficulty spike is sometimes so huge that Hunters tend to get carted a lot of times early on, especially if they still don't have their starting Master Rank gear.

On that note, we suggest sharpening not just your weapons but your skills as a Hunter as well! Take on all Advanced quests as they tend to mimic the difficulty close to that of Master Rank. You can also take on the Apex Emergency Event Quests as those are fairly difficult as well!

Good luck out there Hunters, and see you in Sunbreak!

Hub Quest Guide and List of Hub Quests

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