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This is a guide to the Berserk Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn what the Berserk Skill does at each level, which Armor and Decorations have this skill, and our builds that use Berserk.

Berserk Skill Effects

Skill Effect
Switch to the Blue Swap Scroll and all vitality will change to red gauge and start decreasing. As long as you have red, you cannot faint.
Level Effect by Level
1 Activate effect.
2 Slows the speed at which your red gauge depletes when using the Blue Swap Scroll.

Carting is Still Possible

When Berserk is active, switching to the Blue Scroll will turn all your green health to red and will naturally decrease. Switching back to the Red Scroll will convert half of your red health to green and stop its decrease.

Unlike Dereliction and Bloodlust though, when your red HP reaches zero with Berserk, your Hunter will faint! Keep this in mind when Berserk is in your builds.

Invincible As Long as You Have Red Health

Invincible is the keyword here. As long as the red health has not reached zero, all incoming attacks would not damage your Hunter. This doesn't mean you can't be thrown off though, those effects get retained.

Gauge Depletes Faster When Hit

Yes, you won't take damage when hit under the effects of Berserk but getting hit will increase the depletion rate of your red health gauge. We recommend to still try evading moves whenever you are under the effects of Berserk.

Eat a Gourmet Fish

Gourmet Fish Page Banner

Eating Gourmet Fish increases the recovery of red health and natural recovery. Since all your health turns red under Berserk, eating this fish dramatically slows down the depletion rate!

Gourmet Fish Location: How to Get and Effects

Use Kushala Blessing with Recovery Speed

Having level 3 Kushala Blessing with level 3 Recovery Speed skill can help mitigate the loss of red health.

Through testing, we've determined that the combination of the two skills with Gourmet Fish give the best results in mitigating red health loss.

Using this combination can be helpful in recovering from the Frenzy damage left by Bloodlust, a skill present in the same armor set of Berserk (Chaotic Gore Magala).

Equipment with Berserk Skill


Master Rank

Armor Base Defense Skills
Legs IconChaotic Greaves / Nephilim Greaves 118
Coalescence Lv. 3
Bloodlust Lv. 1
Berserk Lv. 1
Arms IconChaotic Vambraces / Nephilim Vambraces 118
Resentment Lv. 3
Bloodlust Lv. 1
Berserk Lv. 1

Builds with Berserk

Master Rank Builds

Available Builds
Insect Glaive Image Asterism Bloodlust Raw
Bow Image Infinite Stamina Berserk Bow Build
Dual Blades Image Berserk Thunder Elemental Dual Blade Build
Dual Blades Image General Berserk Elemental Build

Builds and Best Armor for Each Weapon

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List of Skills

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All Skills and Effects

Adrenaline Rush Affinity Sliding Agitator
Ammo Up Artillery Attack Boost
Ballistics Berserk Bladescale Hone
Blast Attack Blast Resistance Blight Resistance
Blood Rite Bloodlust Bludgeoner
Bombardier Botanist Bow Charge Plus
Bubbly Dance Buildup Boost Burst
Capture Master Carving Master Carving Pro
Chameleos Blessing Charge Master Coalescence
Constitution Counterstrike Critical Boost
Critical Draw Critical Element Critical Eye
Defense Boost Defiance Dereliction
Diversion Divine Blessing Dragon Attack
Dragon Resistance Dragonheart Earplugs
Element Exploit Embolden Evade Extender
Evade Window Fire Attack Fire Resistance
Flinch Free Focus Foray
Fortify Free Meal Furious
Geologist Good Luck Grinder (S)
Guard Guard Up Guts
Handicraft Hellfire Cloak Heroics
Horn Maestro Hunger Resistance Ice Attack
Ice Resistance Intrepid Heart Item Prolonger
Jump Master Kushala Blessing Latent Power
Leap of Faith Load Shells Mail of Hellfire
Marathon Runner Master Mounter Master's Touch
Maximum Might Mind's Eye Muck Resistance
Mushroomancer Normal/Rapid Up Offensive Guard
Paralysis Attack Paralysis Resistance Partbreaker
Peak Performance Pierce Up Poison Attack
Poison Resistance Powder Mantle Power Prolonger
Protective Polish Punishing Draw Quick Breath
Quick Sheathe Rapid Fire Up Rapid Morph
Razor Sharp Recoil Down Recovery Speed
Recovery Up Redirection Reload Speed
Resentment Resuscitate Sleep Attack
Sleep Resistance Slugger Sneak Attack
Spare Shot Special Ammo Boost Speed Eating
Speed Sharpening Spiribird's Call Spread Up
Stamina Surge Stamina Thief Status Trigger
Steadiness Stormsoul Strife
Stun Resistance Teostra Blessing Thunder Alignment
Thunder Attack Thunder Resistance Tremor Resistance
Tune-Up Wall Runner Wall-Runner (Boost)
Water Attack Water Resistance Weakness Exploit
Wide-Range Wind Alignment Wind Mantle
Windproof Wirebug Whisperer

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