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Sunbreak Buff Duration: How Long Do Buffs Last?

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There are several sources for status buffs that Hunters can use in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Know what items and buffs you can use, their effects on stats, and durations, as well as which buffs can stack below!

Item Buffs and Duration

List of Items and Effect Duration

Item Effect Duration
Powercharm.pngPowercharm Adds 6 attack. Stacks with Powertalon. While in pouch
Powertalon.pngPowertalon Adds 9 attack. Stacks with Powercharm. While in pouch
Armorcharm.pngArmorcharm Adds 12 defense. Stacks with Armortalon. While in pouch
Armortalon.pngArmortalon Adds 18 defense. Stacks with Armorcharm. While in pouch
Demondrug.pngDemondrug Increases attack by 5 points. Does not stack with Mega Demondrug. Lasts until cart/faint
Mega Demondrug.pngMega Demondrug Increases attack by 7 points. Does not stack with Demondrug. Lasts until cart/faint
Armorskin.pngArmorskin Adds 15 points to total defense. Does not stack with Mega Armorskin. Lasts until cart/faint
Mega Armorskin.pngMega Armorskin Adds 25 points total defense. Does not stack with Armorskin. Lasts until cart/faint
Gourmet Fish.pngGourmet Fish Recovers red health and increases natural recovery. 1.5 Minutes
Might Seed.pngMight Seed Increases attack by 10 points. Does not stack with Butterflame. 3 Minutes
Demon Powder.pngDemon Powder Increases attack by 10 points. Nearby allies are affected by this buff. 3 Minutes
Adamant Seed.pngAdamant Seed Increases defense by 20 points. 3 Minutes
Hardshell Powder.pngHardshell Powder Increases defense by 10 points. Nearby allies are affected by this buff. 3 Minutes
Dash Juice.pngDash Juice Reduces stamina depletion. 3 Minutes
Immunizer.pngImmunizer Increases the speed of recovering health that are in red from your health bar. 5 Minutes

Our team tested out the duration of the effects of the items listed above. The duration specified above are raw values with no duration boosting effect from the Item Prolonger skill.

Palico Buffs and Duration

List of Palico Buff Effects and Duration

Buff Effect Duration
Power Drum Increases attack by 10 points and also boosts defense. 2 Minutes
Rousing Roar Increases affinity by 30%. 2.5 Minutes

Both of these Palico skills can be found on Fight Palicoes, so be sure to train one up if you want to use these buffs.

Best Palico Support Type and Equipped Moves

Weapon Buffs and Duration

Hunting Horn Buffs

Buff Effect Duration
MH Rise - Sonic Barrier IconSonic Barrier Temporarily creates a barrier of sound that nullifies reactions once. 4 Seconds
MH Rise - Infernal Melody IconInfernal Melody Boosts attack considerably for a period of time. (Limited to filling up the Hunting Horn gauge.) 20 Seconds
MH Rise - Health Regeneration IconHealth Regeneration Gradually restores health for a period of time. 30 Seconds
MH Rise - Divine Protection IconDivine Protection Has a chance of temporarily decreasing damage received. 40 Seconds
MH Rise - Blight Negated IconBlight Negated Temporarily nullifies all elemental blights. 40 Seconds
MH Rise - Knockbacks Negated IconKnockbacks Negated Temporarily prevents knockback from enemy attacks. 40 Seconds
MH Rise - Sharpness Loss Reduced IconSharpness Loss Reduced Temporarily reduces loss of weapon sharpness. 40 Seconds
MH Rise - Earplugs (L) IconEarplugs (L) Nullifies weak and strong monster roars. 40 Seconds
MH Rise Sunbreak - Sharpness ExtensionSharpness Extension Temporarily extends the weapon sharpness gauge. However, it cannot increase the gauge past its maximum. 40 Seconds
MH Rise - Attack Up IconAttack Up Temporarily boosts attack. 1 Minute
MH Rise - Defense Up IconDefense Up Temporarily boosts defense. 1 Minute
MH Rise - Affinity Up IconAffinity Up Temporarily boosts critical hit rate. 1 Minute
MH Rise - Elemental Attack Boost IconElemental Attack Boost Temporarily boosts the weapon's element. 1 Minute
MH Rise - Environment Damage Negated IconEnvironment Damage Negated Temporarily nullifies certain forms of terrain-based damage. 1 Minute
MH Rise - Stamina Use Reduced IconStamina Use Reduced Temporarily reduces stamina depletion. 1 Minute
MH Rise - Stamina Recovery Up IconStamina Recovery Up Temporarily increases stamina regeneration. 1 Minute
MH Rise - Stun Negated IconStun Negated Temporarily grants protection against being stunned. 1 Minute
MH Rise - Tremors Negated IconTremors Negated Temporarily grants protection against ground tremors. 1 Minute
MH Rise - Wind Pressure Negated IconWind Pressure Negated Temporarily grants protection against wind pressure. 1 Minute
MH Rise Sunbreak - Sharpness RegenerationSharpness Regeneration Restores sharpness over time. 1 Minute
MH Rise - Self-Improvement IconSelf-Improvement Temporarily boosts the Hunting Horn user's movement speed and prevents their own attacks from being deflected. 3 Minutes

While there is no way to extend the melody buff durations, playing the songs again will reset their cooldown. Similar songs (Attack Up, Attack/Defense Up, Infernal Melody) do not have their effects stacked.

Hunting Horn Songs and Effects

Insect Glaive and Kinsect Buffs

Buff Effect Duration
Red Extract Alters moves and combos. Increases attack with white extract. 1 Minute
White Extract Increases movement speed and vaulting height. 1.5 Minutes
Orange Extract Grants knockback protection. Also gives Earplugs with white extract. 2 Minutes
Triple-Up Boost Further boosts attack and resets all durations to 90 seconds. 1.5 Minutes

Assist Kinsects reduce individual extract times by 20 seconds. Triple-Up time is the same for nearly all Kinsects, but can be extended with Power Prolonger.

Insect Glaive Guide
Combos, Controls, and Moveset

Bowgun Ammo Buffs

Ammo Effect Duration
Demon Ammo.pngDemon Ammo Boosts attack by 10. 3 Minutes
Armor Ammo.pngArmor Ammo Boosts defense by 30. 3 Minutes

Endemic Life Buffs and Duration

List of Permabuffer and Temp Buffer Effects and Duration

Buff Effect Duration
Green Spiribird.pngGreen Spiribird Increases maximum health. Whole Hunt
Yellow Spiribird.pngYellow Spiribird Increases maximum stamina. Whole Hunt
Red Spiribird.pngRed Spiribird Boosts attack. Whole Hunt
Orange Spiribird.pngOrange Spiribird Boosts defense. Whole Hunt
Prism Spiribird.pngPrism Spiribird Maximizes all Spiribird buffs. Whole Hunt
Cutterfly.pngCutterfly Increases affinity by 50%. 1 Minute
Butterflame.pngButterflame Increases attack by 15. Does not stack with Might Seed. 1 Minute
Clothfly.pngClothfly Boosts defense. 1 Minute
Wirebug.pngWirebug Gives an extra Wirebug gauge. 1.5 Minutes
Peepersects.pngPeepersects Temporarily boosts stamina. 1.5 Minutes
Red Lampsquid.pngRed Lampsquid Temporarily boosts affinity up to 50%. 1.5 Minutes
Yellow Lampsquid.pngYellow Lampsquid Temporarily grants Divine Blessing. 1.5 Minutes
Golden Lampsquid.pngGolden Lampsquid Temporarily grants all Lampsquid buffs. 1.5 Minutes
Ruby Wirebug.pngRuby Wirebug Improves Wirebug recovery speed. Increases mounted punisher damage by 80%. 3 Minutes
Gold Wirebug.pngGold Wirebug Improves Wirebug recovery speed. Increases number of drops when Wyvern Riding. 3 Minutes

Temp buffers only have a limited duration, but they can be extended with Enhanced Dango Fighter. Permabuffers like the Spiribirds last the whole hunt and their cap is determined by your equipped Petalace.

List of All Endemic Life

Buff Stacking

Most Buff Effects Stack

MH Rise - Using Item Buffs.png

Nearly all of the items and buffs listed can stack with each other, but you can't stack Demondrug with Mega Demondrug, and Armorskin with Mega Armorskin. The mega counterparts of these items would only be the one in effect. The effects of the Butterflame and the Might Seed also don't stack, instead following the Might Seed's effect.

Use as Many Buffs as Possible

Using a Mega Demondrug, a Might Seed, then a Demon Powder will yield a 27-point increase on your attack value. Same goes with using a Mega Armorskin, plus Adamant seed, then a Hardshell Powder, where these three items should provide a 65-point increase to defense. Holding their respective charms and talons will boost it further to 42 attack and 95 defense!

Using The Same Buffs Resets Duration

When using a buff such as a Might Seed, taking in another one while it's active will not increase the effect. However, the duration will reset, letting you take advantage of the same buff for longer!

Use Item Prolonger Skill

The Item Prolonger skill at level 3 increases the duration of item effects by 50%.

For example, having the Item Prolonger at lv. 3 while using Immunizer should prolong its duration from 5 minutes to 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

The same principle applies to other items except for those effective already for the whole duration of the quest, such the Demondrug, Armorskin, and their mega counterparts.

Item Prolonger Skill Effects

Buffs Are Removed After Fainting

MH Rise - Fainting and Quest Failed

When your character carts or faints during a quest the buffs applied are removed immediately as you reach the main camp. Be sure to bring enough buff items so that you could immediately reapply those buffs to your stats.

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