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In this article is a list of items that provide status buffs on Hunters for Monster Hunter Rise. Know what these items are, their effects, and effect durations below!

Item Buff and Duration

List of Items and Effect Duration

Item Effect Duration
Demondrug.pngDemondrug Increases attack by 5 points. Does not stack with Mega Demondrug. Whole Hunt
Mega Demondrug.pngMega Demondrug Increases attack by 7 points. Does not stack with Demondrug. Whole Hunt
Armorskin.pngArmorskin Adds 15 points to total defense. Does not stack with Mega Armorskin. Whole Hunt
Mega Armorskin.pngMega Armorskin Adds 25 points total defense. Does not stack with Armorskin. Whole Hunt
Might Seed.pngMight Seed Increases attack by 10 points. 3 Minutes
Demon Powder.pngDemon Powder Increases attack by 10 points. Nearby allies are affected by this buff. 3 Minutes
Adamant Seed.pngAdamant Seed Increases defense by 20 points. 3 Minutes
Hardshell Powder.pngHardshell Powder Increases defense by 10 points. Nearby allies are affected by this buff. 3 Minutes
Dash Juice.pngDash Juice Reduces stamina depletion. 3 Minutes
Immunizer.pngImmunizer Increases the speed of recovering health that are in red from your health bar. 5 Minutes

Our team tested out the duration of the effects of the items listed above. The duration specified above are raw values with no duration boosting effect from the Item Prolonger skill.

Tips and Tricks

Some Item Effect Stacks

MH Rise - Using Item Buffs.png

Most of the items on the list can stack but you can't stack Demondrug with Mega Demondrug, and Armorskin with Mega Armorskin. The mega counterparts of these items would only be the one in effect.

However, using a Mega Demondrug, a Might Seed, then a Demon Powder will yield a 27-point increase on your attack value. Same goes with using a Mega Armorskin, plus Adamant seed, then a Hardshell Powder. Stacking these three items should provide a 65-point increase on your total defense.

Use Item Prolonger Skill

The Enduring Jewel 2 or the Item Prolonger skill at level 3 increases the duration of the item's effect by 50%.

For example, having the Item Prolonger at lv. 3 while using Immunizer should prolong its duration from 5 minutes to 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

The same principle applies to other items except for those effective already for the whole duration of the quest, such the Demondrug, Armorskin, and their mega counterparts.

Buffs Are Removed After Fainting

MH Rise - Fainting and Quest Failed

When your character carts or faints during a quest the buffs applied to it are removed immediately as you reach the main camp. Be sure to bring enough buff items so that you could immediately reapply those buffs to your stats.

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