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Sunbreak Anomaly Investigations Guide: All New Features

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Here you can find information about Anomaly Investigations in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Anomaly Investigations are a new quest category added in the Free Title Update 1 which features new afflicted monsters, new drops, gear upgrades, and quest levels.

Anomaly Research
Anomaly Investigations IconAnomaly Investigations Anomaly Research Lab IconAnomaly Research Lab Anomaly Research Level IconAnomaly Research Level

Additions in Title Update 5 (TU5)

A9★ Risen Elder Dragons

A9★ Risen Elder Dragons
Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax IconRisen Crimson Glow Valstrax Risen Shagaru Magala IconRisen Shagaru Magala

The last two Risen Elder Dragons can be fought in investigations starting at Lv. 131 and come with more afflicted materials. Their respective A9★ Anomaly Quests will unlock at Lv. 241.

Free Title Update 5 (TU5)
Release Date and Monsters

Level Cap Raised to Lv 300

MH Rise Sunbreak - Anomaly Investigations Level 300 Cap

Title Update 5 raises the investigation cap all the way to the max of Lv 300. Once this cap is reached, new challenges known as Special Investigations will become available.

Anomaly Research Level:
How to Get Max Level Fast

Special Investigations

MH Rise Sunbreak - Special Investigations

Special Investigations are endgame challenges meant for hunters who have conquered Lv 300 Anomaly Investigations. There are no special rewards, but a Badge of Heroes awaits those who arise victorious!

Special Investigations: How to Unlock

New Qurious Crafting Materials

MH Rise Sunbreak - Unlock New Items with Qurious Crafting

New TU5 Afflicted Materials
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Risen SlogboneRisen Slogbone Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Risen Dragon BloodRisen Dragon Blood
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Risen Dragon PurebloodRisen Dragon Pureblood Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Risen Dragon ThickbloodRisen Dragon Thickblood
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Pure Amber EssencePure Amber Essence --

A new set of afflicted materials has arrived with Title Update 5. These materials are used for endgame Qurious Crafting and decorations or for Qurious Melding. Pure Amber Essence also appears as a reward for higher level investigations to make rolling for armor augments faster.

Qurious Crafting Guide:
How to Get Gear Augments

More Items in Anomaly Research Lab

MH Rise Sunbreak - New Items in Anomaly Research Lab

New items such as the Velkhana Crystal, Pure Amber Essence, and Melding Blood have been added to the the lab. Additional afflicted materials like the Risen Dragonbone and Risen Dragon Blood are also available for purchase starting at research levels 221 and 241, respectively.

Anomaly Research Lab Guide:
All New Features

Additions in Version 14 (TU4)

A8★ Afflicted Monsters

A8★ Afflicted Monsters
Risen Chameleos IconRisen Chameleos Chaotic Gore Magala IconChaotic Gore Magala **
Risen Kushala Daora IconRisen Kushala Daora Flaming Espinas IconFlaming Espinas
Risen Teostra IconRisen Teostra Seething Bazelgeuse IconSeething Bazelgeuse

**Chaotic Gore Magala shares the drops of A7★ monsters like Seething Bazelgeus and Flaming Espinas, but only Chaotic Gore Magala is considered an A8★ monster.

Only Afflicted Chaotic Gore Magala was added to A8★ Anomaly Quests and Investigations. However, Risen Elder Dragons previously only huntable in their own quest, will also join Chaotic Gore Magala in A8★ Anomaly quests!

Free Title Update 4 (TU4):
Release Date and New Features

Level Cap Raised to Lv 220

MH Rise Sunbreak - Anomaly Investigation Lv 220
As was the case in a previous update, the Anomaly Investigation level cap for TU4 has been increased by 20, going from Lv 200 to Lv 220.

Anomaly Research Level:
How to Get Max Level Fast

New Qurious Crafting Materials

MH Rise Sunbreak - Unlock New Items with Qurious Crafting

New TU4 Afflicted Materials
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Afflicted Dire DarkbloodAfflicted Dire Darkblood Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Risen DragonboneRisen Dragonbone
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Risen DragonboneRisen Dragonbone+ Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Afflicted Dire FellwingAfflicted Dire Fellwing
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Afflicted Dire HardfangAfflicted Dire Hardfang --

With this new update comes more monsters, more qurious crafting materials are added to the game! You can craft new more powerful weapons to help you in your Anomaly Research for TU4.

Qurious Crafting Guide:
How to Get Gear Augments

New Items in Anomaly Research Lab

MH Rise Sunbreak - New Items in Anomaly Research Lab
More items can be exchanged for Investigation Coins at the lab including the Contrary Scale, Afflicted Dire Wing, and Afflicted Dire Fang with this update.
Anomaly Research Lab Guide:
All New Features

Additions in Version 13 (TU3)

A7★ Afflicted Monsters

A7★ Afflicted Monsters
Gold Rathian IconGold Rathian Flaming Espinas IconFlaming Espinas Furious Rajang IconFurious Rajang
Silver Rathalos IconSilver Rathalos Seething Bazelgeuse IconSeething Bazelgeuse Scorned Magnamalo IconScorned Magnamalo
Chaotic Gore Magala IconChaotic Gore Magala **

**Chaotic Gore Magala shares the drops of A7★ monsters like Seething Bazelgeus and Flaming Espinas, but it is considered an A8★ monster.

A stronger set of afflicted monsters is added to the game for Title Update 3, this time including variants and monsters introduced in previous Title Updates!

Free Title Update 3 (TU3) Release Date and Monsters

Level Cap Raised to Lv 200

Sunbreak - Anomaly Investigations to Level 200

The previous version only raised the cap by 20, but this time, the level cap now goes all the way to Lv 200! If you're aiming to hit this cap quickly, make sure to check our guide on how to raise your Anomaly Research Level quickly.

Anomaly Research Level:
How to Get Max Level Fast

Adjust Investigation Level

With such a high level cap, a new feature to adjust the level of your held investigations will also be included. This will let you lower the quest level to make it easier to get lower tier afflicted materials.

Additions in Version 12 (TU2)

A6★ Afflicted Monsters Added

A6★ Afflicted Monsters
Espinas IconEspinas Rajang IconRajang
Gore Magala IconGore Magala Pyre Rakna-Kadaki IconPyre Rakna-Kadaki
Bazelgeuse IconBazelgeuse

A6★ afflicted monsters were added in Title Update 2 of Sunbreak alongside new afflicted materials.
Afflicted Monsters

Level Cap Raised to Lv 120

MH Rise Sunbreak - Raised Level Cap to Lv 120 for Anomaly Investigations

The level cap for Anomaly Investigations were from Lv 100 to Lv 120, further expanding the system with even more challenging hunts and higher level afflicted materials.

Free Title Update 2
Release Date and Monsters

Anomaly Investigations

Anomaly Investigations were added in Update 11 of Sunbreak. This new system also brought along the additional features below:

Features in Anomaly Investigations
  1. Afflicted Monsters Added
  2. Anomaly Investigations Quest System
  3. Qurious Crafting
  4. Anomaly Research Lab

Afflicted Monsters Added

MH Rise Sunbreak - A5 Quests

Afflicted monsters only appear in Anomaly Investigations or Anomaly Quests. In general, investigations are the best way to encounter these monsters as soon as possible.

You can unlock more higher leveled afflicted monsters by harvesting afflicted gathering points, breaking monster parts, and hunting large monsters during Anomaly Investigations.

A★ Level Anomaly Investigations Unlock Anomaly Quests
A1★ Lv 1+ Reach MR 10
A2★ Lv 11+ Reach MR 20
A3★ Lv 21+ Reach MR 30
A4★ Lv 31+ Reach MR 50
A5★ Lv 51+ Reach Anomaly Research Lv 81
A6★ Lv 71+ Reach Anomaly Research Lv 111
A7★ Lv 91+ Reach Anomaly Research Lv 181
A8★ Lv 111+ Reach Anomaly Research Lv 211
A9★ Lv 131+ Reach Anomaly Research Lv 241

Anomaly Quest Guide

Hazard-Level Risen Elder Dragons

Higher investigation levels also have stronger Risen Elder Dragons, which have additional moves. These monsters have a distinct orange aura around their icon. This is their default state in Anomaly Quests and start appearing in investigations at Lv. 251 for A8★ monsters and Lv. 271 for A9★ monsters.

Anomaly Investigations Quest System

MH Rise Sunbreak - Anomaly Investigations
Anomaly Investigations have a set level per quest which determines the difficulty and strength of the monsters encountered. It also affects the rewards you earn, which improve at higher levels. To increase the level, you have to clear the investigation.

How to Get More Anomaly Investigations

MH Rise Sunbreak - How to Get More Anomaly Investigations

During Anomaly Investigations, you may also unlock more quests by gathering from afflicted points, breaking monster parts, and hunting other large monsters. Quest conditions like target monsters, possible faints, time limit, and the number of players are all random and can also affect the amount of Anomaly Research Points earned per quest. You can also get one for a desired monster by finishing its Anomaly Quest.

The level and rank of the additional investigations you get tend to be close to the current investigation you're on. For example, going on a Lv 100 A5★ investigation has a chance to give a similar level quest with a target monster that can be between A4★ to A6★.

Anomaly Research Points

MH Rise Sunbreak - Anomaly Research Points
You'll earn Anomaly Research Points when completing Anomaly Investigations. Increasing your Anomaly Research Level unlocks new features and raises the level cap for investigations you receive. It's also used to determine the maximum level you can search using Join Requests and to check if you can join quests that are higher than your current level.

Hunting and Gathering Bonuses

Anomaly Investigations sometimes have special conditions that affect the final number of points you receive after the quest. In general, if a modification to the quest makes it easier, you'll receive fewer points, while stricter conditions reward bonus points. These adjustments or multipliers stack with the Research Request and each other.

Try to avoid taking on quests with a less than 100% adjustment to avoid getting fewer points and finish investigations within 20 levels of your current level.

If you're farming for Afflicted Materials, try to go on Anomaly Investigations with bigger multipliers to maximize your gains.

Anomaly Research Level: How to Get Max Level Fast

Qurious Crafting

Anomaly Investigations yield higher level afflicted materials and Amber Essences, which can be used for Qurious Crafting. Weapons can be augmented by picking a specific stat to upgrade like attack power or affinity, or a combination of these. Armor can be augmented with random improvements to stats or even additional skills or slots.

Qurious Crafting:
Weapon and Armor Augments

Anomaly Research Lab

In the Anomaly Research Lab, you can check out Research Requests. Doing these requests will give you Research Points which will get you rewards like Investigation Coins. Since you only get a few coins per Anomaly Investigation, it is important to do Research Requests if you want to get more.

You can look at the Request Completion Reward at the bottom of Research Requests to see how many requests you've completed and what rewards you can get.

You can exchange the Investigation Coins you gained from Anomaly Investigations for rare monster materials like mantles, Qurious Crafting Materials, and other items like MP Accelerants and Outfit Vouchers.

Anomaly Research Lab Guide

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