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Sunbreak | Best Palico Support Type and Equipped Moves

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Optimize your hunting squad! These are the best Palico Support Types and moves in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), including the new Secret Support Moves added for the Sunbreak DLC.

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Secret Support Moves

The Sunbreak DLC adds five new Secret Support Moves to each Palico's roster, giving a huge buff to Palicoes. If you're wondering why you're seeing more players wirebug hopping across the map than you used to, the Secret Support Moves are probably the reason.

List of Secret Support Moves

Although each Secret Support Move is associated with a Support Type, they can all be assigned to Palicoes of any Support Type. This allows for Palicoes which are strong in multiple aspects, like a Gathering Palico which also has a killer ultimate move for tough battles.

Move Effect How to Unlock
Healing Clover Bat IconHealing Clover Bat A bat that scatters an auto-healing powder after you've inflicted enough damage to the monster. Complete the Healer Upgrade Campaign! Request by completing 3 MR quests with a Healer Palico.
Ameowzing Mist IconAmeowzing Mist Sets a mine that does elemental damage to large monsters when detonated. Complete the Assist Upgrade Campaign! Request by completing 3 MR quests with an Assist Palico.
Felyne Powered-Up IconFelyne Powered-Up Upgrades Buddy Support Moves and Palamute Gear by means of a special performance. Complete the Fighter Upgrade Campaign! Request by completing 3 MR quests with a Fighter Palico.
Felyne FireworksFelyne Fireworks Sets up a massive firework that goes off after a fixed period of time. Usable from the Action Bar. Complete the Bombardier Upgrade Campaign! Request by completing 3 MR quests with a Bombardier Palico.
Lottery Box IconLottery Box A lottery box containing scrolls. When a scroll is drawn, a random support move will be performed. Complete the Gatherer Upgrade Campaign! Request by completing 3 MR quests with a Gathering Palico.

How to Unlock Secret Support Moves

You'll be able to receive Requests for unlocking Palico Secret Support Moves during MR1 by talking to the Palicos around Elgado Outpost. Each time you complete an Urgent Quest, new speech bubbles will appear, so be sure to talk to everyone in town to get the Requests as soon as possible.

You can complete each of the Requests by bringing a Palico of the matching Support Type on 3 Master Rank Quests and submitting the Request.

How to Use Secret Support Moves

You can set the Secret Support Move for each Palico via the Buddy Piazza in the Market area of Elgado Outpost. Note that this is the only location where you can set Secret Support Moves, and they can't be changed in mid-hunt, so be sure to set them up in advance.

1 Talk to Nagi the Buddy Agent to access the Buddy Piazza. Select Buddy Dojo from the menu.
2 Select Secret Support Moves and choose which Secret Support Move to equip to each Palico.

Best Secret Support Move to Unlock

Unlock Lottery Box First

MH Rise Sunbreak Kittenator

Although all of the Secret Support Moves are far stronger than any other Support Moves, the Lottery Box is a solid first choice to unlock because it has the chance to use Kittenator, which deals 300 damage to a monster and knocks it down. Even having this effect proc once a battle is enough to make it worth your while.

Palico Support Types

Five Support Types Available

MH Rise - Palico Support Types

Type Effect
MH Rise - Healer Support Type Palico IconHealer Provides healing assistance to hunters
MH Rise - Assist Support Type Palico IconAssist Prepares traps to ensnare monsters
MH Rise - Fight Support Type Palico IconFight Supports the hunter by fighting alongside them
MH Rise - Bombardier Support Type Palico IconBombardier Uses bombs to attack monsters
MH Rise - Gathering Support Type Palico IconGathering Gathers rare items when exploring the map

The Palico can use one of five Support Types. You can choose to scout for Palicoes which have the Support Type of your choice, so be sure to pick the one which best suits your playstyle.

Best Palico Support Type

Checkmark Healer is the best choice for new players

Checkmark Assist is the best choice for confident hunters

Checkmark Switch to Gathering when farming materials

Best Choice for New Players: Healer

If you're new to Monster Hunter and not sure which type will suit you, you can't go wrong with the Healer Support Type. Palicoes with Healer moves will create healing items which can mean the difference between life and cart.

If you run out of healing items or are suddenly inflicted with a status ailment, you'll want to have a Healing Palico on your side. As Palamutes already serve as attackers, and are unable to use healing techniques, specializing your Palico to be a healer will ensure a great contribution.

Best Choice for Experienced Players: Assist

Unlike healing items, the number of trap items usable by a hunter is limited, and these items take time and preparation to set up. Having a partner who can create opportunities to disable Monsters in the middle of battle and make them vulnerable to attacks is the most a hunter could possibly ask for.

Upon reaching level 20, an Assist Palico will learn Poison Purr-ison, which can be used together with items like the Large Barrel Bomb to deal heavy damage.

To provide some balance in the style of support, it can be helpful to have an Assist-type Palico with one or two Healer Equipped Moves, granting some defensive coverage as well.

Best Choice for Material Farming: Gathering

When you're out in the field to gather items for your next hunt, a Gathering Support Type will be the perfect fit for you. Gathering Support Type Palicos have a much higher rate of items collected at the end of the hunt. When the Gathering Palico reaches level 20, they can also start getting materials from large monsters with the Gathering Equipped Move, Pilfer.

However, you will need to be careful when fighting monsters with a Gathering Palico, as they may be vulnerable to monster attacks and end up not collecting anything.

Can You Change Support Type?

Support Type Cannot Be Changed

At the current time, it seems that the Support Type for a Palico cannot be changed. If you're hoping to make a strong bond with your initially selected Palico, be sure to select the Support Type which will best suit your playing style.

If you are unhappy with your selected Support Type, it's easy to train a new Palico, so try recruiting one with your ideal Support Type and Equipped Moves at the Buddy Scout in Buddy Plaza.

Palico Equipped Moves

Similar to the Palico Gadgets in previous games, each Palico will use Equipped Moves which allow them to perform specific actions in battle.

Each of the five Support Types has five moves associated with it, and each Palico has a total of five Equipped Moves which cannot be changed until you complete the necessary requests in Sunbreak. The first and last of the five Equipped Moves will always match the Palico's Support Type, but the middle three Moves may be from a different Support Type, allowing for Palicoes who are capable of multiple roles.

Palicoes will only have one of their five Equipped Moves available at level 1, gaining access to an additional Equipped Move at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20.

Swap Support Moves

In Sunbreak, you'll be able to swap among all the Support Moves for Lv. 5, Lv. 10, and Lv. 15 after completing certain requests. This gives you more flexibility with what your Palicoes can do! This still doesn't let you change their Support Type though, so their Lv. 1 and Lv. 20 skills will remain fixed.

You can use this feature by speaking to the Buddy Expert or accessing the Buddy Dojo menu then selecting Swap Support Move. Note that you can't swap the moves of another person's Palico.

Healer Palico Equipped Moves

Move Lv. Effect
MH Rise - Herbaceous Healing IconHerbaceous Healing 1 Places a plant with restorative powers that continuously heals any nearby allies.
MH Rise - Healing Bubble IconHealing Bubble 5 Creates bubbles that pop and provide healing when touched. Bigger bubbles heal more.
MH Rise - Vase of Vitality IconVase of Vitality 10 Places a vase that heals various status ailments. Stand in the smoke to receive its effects.
MH Rise - Furbidden Acorn IconFurbidden Acorn 15 Heals a Buddy and temporarily prevents loss of its health.
MH Rise - Health Horn IconHealth Horn 20 Greatly recovers Buddy and player health.

Assist Palico Equipped Moves

Move Lv. Effect
MH Rise - Felyne Silkbind IconFelyne Silkbind 1 Fires movement-hindering Ironsilk at large monsters, using a Palico-sized ballista.
MH Rise - Go, Fight, Win IconGo, Fight, Win 5 Reduces hunters' stamina loss while your Palico is dancing.
MH Rise - Summeown Endemic Life IconSummeown Endemic Life 10 Places a fragrant pouch that entices nearby endemic life to approach.
MH Rise - Shock Purr-ison IconShock Purr-ison 15 Sets up a shock trap that stops large monsters from moving.
MH Rise - Poison Purr-ison IconPoison Purr-ison 20 Sets a trap that immobilizes large monsters and inflicts them with poison.

Fight Palico Equipped Moves

Move Lv. Effect
MH Rise - Rousing Roar IconRousing Roar 1 Lets loose a fearsome roar, empowering Buddies and hunters.
MH Rise - Whirlwind Assault IconWhirlwind Assault 5 Spins around using their weapon to create a whirlwind, then rams into monsters.
MH Rise - Power Drum IconPower Drum 10 Sounds a drum that raises attack and defense for both hunters and Buddies.
MH Rise - Fleet-foot Feat IconFleet-foot Feat 15 Draws a monster's attention, skillfully evades their attack, then mounts a counterattack.
MH Rise - Furr-ious IconFurr-ious 20 Your Palico becomes fur-ious. In this state, their attack power increases drastically.

Bombardier Palico Equipped Moves

Move Lv. Effect
MH Rise - Felyne Wyvernblast IconFelyne Wyvernblast 1 Fires Palico-sized Wyvernblast shells at monsters, triggering explosions when they strike.
MH Rise - Zap Blast Spinner IconZap Blast Spinner 5 Unleashes a horde of top-shaped bombs that track monsters.
MH Rise - Anti-Monster Mine IconAnti-Monster Mine 10 Places a mine that explodes when tripped by a large monster, sometimes also staggering them.
MH Rise - Flash Bombay IconFlash Bombay 15 Sets a bomb that flies into the air and emits a bright flash.
MH Rise - Giga Barrel Bombay IconGiga Barrel Bombay 20 Rushes at a foe with a Giga Barrel Bomb.

Gathering Palico Equipped Moves

Move Lv. Effect
MH Rise - Endemic Life Barrage IconEndemic Life Barrage 1 Fires endemic life at monsters from a ballista. Results vary according to launched creatures.
MH Rise - Mega Boomerang IconMega Boomerang 5 Hurls a gargantuan boomerang based on weapon attack type at foes.
MH Rise - Camouflage IconCamouflage 10 Your Palico conceals themselves temporarily, preventing them from being targeted by monsters.
MH Rise - Shock Tripper IconShock Tripper 15 Drops a lingering electric field that inflicts thunderblight on monsters within it.
MH Rise - Pilfer IconPilfer 20 A boomerang attack that steals materials from monsters.

Best Palico Equipped Moves Per Level

Because Palicoes can have moves from varying support types, we've made a tier list of the best skills of each level so that you can find a Palico with the ideal combination!

Level 1

Level 1 Moves
Top Tier
MH Rise - Felyne Silkbind Icon Felyne Silkbind
High Tier
MH Rise - Herbaceous Healing Icon Herbaceous Healing
Mid Tier
MH Rise - Rousing Roar Icon Rousing Roar
Low Tier
MH Rise - Felyne Wyvernblast Icon Felyne Wyvernblast
Bottom Tier
MH Rise - Endemic Life Barrage Icon Endemic Life Barrage

Level 5

Level 5 Moves
Top Tier
MH Rise - Healing Bubble Icon Healing Bubble
High Tier
MH Rise - Go, Fight, Win Icon Go, Fight, Win
Mid Tier
MH Rise - Whirlwind Assault Icon Whirlwind Assault
Low Tier
MH Rise - Mega Boomerang Icon Mega Boomerang
Bottom Tier
MH Rise - Zap Blast Spinnner Icon Zap Blast Spinnner

Level 10

Level 10 Moves
Top Tier
MH Rise - Power Drum Icon Power Drum
High Tier
MH Rise - Anti-Monster Mine Icon Anti-Monster Mine
Mid Tier
MH Rise - Vase of Vitality Icon Vase of Vitality
Low Tier
MH Rise - Summeown Endemic Life Icon Summeown Endemic Life
Bottom Tier
MH Rise - Camouflage Icon Camouflage

Level 15

Level 15 Moves
Top Tier
MH Rise - Shock Purr-ison Icon Shock Purr-ison
High Tier
MH Rise - Flash Bombay Icon Flash Bombay
Mid Tier
MH Rise - Shock Tripper Icon Shock Tripper
Low Tier
MH Rise - Fleet-foot Feat Icon Fleet-foot Feat
Bottom Tier
MH Rise - Furbidden Acorn Icon Furbidden Acorn

Level 20

Level 20 Moves
Top Tier
MH Rise - Poison Purr-ison Icon Poison Purr-ison
High Tier
MH Rise - Health Horn Icon Health Horn
Mid Tier
MH Rise - Pilfer Icon Pilfer
Low Tier
MH Rise - Giga Barrel Bombay Icon Giga Barrel Bombay
Bottom Tier
MH Rise - Furr-ious Icon Furr-ious

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