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This is a guide to the Palamute, a new Companion in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about the Palamute, what it can do, how to ride it effectively, its roles in battle, and its equipment.

Palamute Controls and Moves

Button Action
Buttons A.png
- Ride
While Riding
Left Analog.png
- Move
Butto R.png
- Dash
Buttons X.png
- Attack
Buttons zL.png + Left Analog.png
while dashing
- Drift
Button zR.png
- Jump
Buttons B.png
- Dismount
Buttons B.png
while dashing
- Jumping Dismount

How to Drift on a Palamute

Drift Speed Boost
Palamute Drift 1.pngEnlarge Palamute Drift 2.pngEnlarge

By holding the ZL button while the Palamute is dashing, you'll enter the Drifting state. Tilt the control stick until a cloud of dust appears on the ground, then let go of ZL to unleash a speed boost that will help cover ground faster than ever.

The direction you point the control stick isn't important, and it's not necessary to wait for a sharp corner to get a boost – simply tilting the control stick forward and using the drift to boost ahead on a straight path works just fine.

What is a Palamute?

Your New Trusty Companion

palamute mount
The Palamute is your new Canine companion in Monster Hunter Rise. They can be used as a mount which greatly speeds up exploring the new ecosystems of Rise. They also aid you in battle making them an indispensable ally.

A Completely Offensive Comrade

aggressive palamute
Unlike the Palico which gives several supportive Buffs, the Palamute is focused on offense. Aside from being used as a mount to navigate the field, they offer no other support to the hunter aside from attacking the target.

Palamute Abilities and Characteristics


palamute png 2.png
The most highlighted feature of the Palamute is the hunter's ability to ride it. It's highly similar to the Tailraiders in MHW but the game shows that the Palamute can be controlled. It even has a saddle ready for you to sit on, unlike the Tailriders!

Benefits of Riding the Palamute

Move Around With Ease

palamute map mount

  • Higher mobility
  • Jump without spending stamina
  • Easily climb vertical walls
  • Use items while moving

Fight Monsters

palamute attack
Similar to the Palicoes, the Palamute will aid you in battle in a much more straightforward way. It attacks the monster but provides no support to you.

Can Be Commanded

Similar to the Palico Gadgets in Monster Hunter World, you can command the Palamute to perform its special move. It is currently unknown what moves are available to the Palamute so stay tuned!

Can I Pet the Dog (Palamute)?

Yes You Can Pet the Dog!

Palamute Petting
The Palamute can be pet, it ranges from headpats into a back rub. It's still unknown whether a belly rub is available so stay tuned for more info!

The Palamute Can Do a Handshake

palamute pet
You can make the Palamute do a Handshake! This is the second of the three known gestures you can do with the palamute.

The Palamute Can Balance Items On Its Nose

Palamute Balancing
The Palamute can balance items in its nose. It is still unknown whether the items it can balance can be changed but our talented boy can definitely balance small things on its nose.

Currently Known Palamute Gestures Options

Palamute Customization Options

Palamute Creation

palamute character creator.pngEnlarge

Like the Hunters, you can customize your new comrade. Their tattoo, color, and more can be edited!
Character Creation Guide

Palamute Armor

Palamute Gear
The Palamute can also equip armor to strengthen them in battle. Gearing them up can make you have a trusty partner that can aid you in battle so don't neglect their equipment!

Layered Armor is Also Available

palamute layer
The layered armor system, a neat feature in MHW, seems to be back and not just for the hunters—it's also available for your Palico and Palamute!

Palamute Merchandise

Palamute Amiibo

palamute amiibo and burning armor sealing gull series layered armor.png
If you want a cute Palamute on your desk, or if you just want your Palamute to look cool in-game right off the bat, then getting the Palamute amiibo would be your best bet.

Palamute Stuffed Toy

palamute stuffed toy.png
Good news: there is a Palamute stuffed toy that you can hug and cry into every time you get carted by Mizutsune. Bad news: it's only available in Japan. So if you live in Japan, it might just be your lucky day!

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