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This is a guide to the Palamute, a new Companion in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn about the Palamute, how to ride and drift with the Palamute, its roles in battle, and its equipment.

Palamute Controls and Moves

Switch PC Action
Buttons A
Hold F
- Ride
While Riding
Left Analog
Left Stick
MH Rise - W ButtonMH Rise - A ButtonMH Rise - S ButtonMH Rise - D Button
WASD Button
- Move
Button R
MH Rise - Shift Button Shift
- Dash
Buttons X
MH Rise - Left Click
Left Click
- Attack
While dashing
Buttons zL + Left Analog
zL + L
While dashing
MH Rise - Right Click
Right Click
- Drift
Button zR
- Jump
Buttons B
MH Rise - Space Button
- Dismount
While dashing
Buttons B
While dashing
MH Rise - Space Button
- Jumping Dismount

How to Drift on a Palamute

Drift Speed Boost

By holding the ZL button (Shift button on PC) while the Palamute is dashing, you'll enter the Drifting state. Tilt the control stick until a cloud of dust appears on the ground, then let go of ZL (or Shift) to unleash a speed boost that will help cover the ground faster than ever.

The direction you point the control stick isn't important, and it's not necessary to wait for a sharp corner to get a boost – simply tilting the control stick forward and using the drift to boost ahead on a straight path works just fine.

What is a Palamute?

Your New Trusty Companion

The Palamute is your new Canyne companion in Monster Hunter Rise. They can be used as a mount that greatly speeds up exploring the new Locales of Monster Hunter Rise. Palamutes can also provide aid in combat since they can heal you, attack Large Monsters, and distract Large Monsters.

Complements Your Playstyle

Similar to the Palico, the Palamutes playstyle can be changed at the Buddy Board. You can choose the tactic of your Palamute as well as their equipment and skills!

Palico and Palamute Buddy Skills Guide

How to Recruit Palamutes

Use the Buddy Scout at Buddy Plaza

The Buddy Scout allows players to recruit new Palicoes and Palamutes according to a host of specifications. It's possible to specify a Palamute of the appearance of your taste, and they can be freely renamed when they are recruited. This is a great tool for finding a Palamute with your ideal set of Skills!

Available Palamutes Change Every Quest

Each time you depart on a Quest, the recruited Palamutes at the Buddy Scout will be refreshed. Even if you choose to return from or abandon the Quest without completing it, the Palicoes will refresh for a new set with different Skills, so rerolling for your ideal Palamutes is not overly difficult.

Buddy Plaza Guide

How to Level Up Palamutes

Leave Buddies at the Buddy Dojo

Monster Hunter Rise - Buddy Dojo.png

In addition to leveling up Palamutes and Palicoes by taking them on Quests with you, it's possible to passively level up Buddies by having them train at the Buddy Dojo.

While you're away on Quests, the training here will continue automatically, for a cost of 100 Points per training round or a single Lagniapple for a full 10 rounds.

Multiple Buddies can level up here at once, so be sure to keep your backup Palamutes and Palicoes training to keep them up to par for when you need them!

Buddy Dojo Guide

Palamute Abilities and Characteristics


Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Riding.png

The most highlighted feature of the Palamute is the hunter's ability to ride it. It's highly similar to the Tailraiders in MHW but the game shows that the Palamute can be controlled. It even has a saddle ready for you to sit on, unlike the Tailriders!

Benefits of Riding the Palamute

Move Around With Ease

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Map Mount

  • Higher mobility
  • Jump without spending stamina
  • Easily climb vertical walls
  • Use items while moving

Bumps up Survivability

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Attack

Similar to the Palicoes, the Palamute will aid you in battle with its weapons and scrolls. With the Palamute providing distraction or healing added with the Palico's healing, your survivability in combat will increase.

Can Be Commanded

Palamutes can be commanded to ride by accessing your quick menu! Similarly, you can press and hold the A Button to call your Palamute to ride, as long as neither of you is in combat.

How to Play with the Palamute

Monster Hunter Rise - Pet Palamute

Yes, you can pet the dog in Monster Hunter Rise!
It's not just your Palamute though, you can also interact with your Palico! Actions range from handshakes to belly rubs!

You can pet them by selecting the Wait! command from the Action Bar using the directional buttons. From there you can approach your Buddy and select the action you want!

Buddy Commands

Monster Hunter Rise - Press Button to Interact

You can press either the Y, X, or A buttons (F, R, or G on PC) to interact with your Buddies. Palicos and Palamutes have different interactions so we suggest playing with both!

Switch PC Action
Palamute Y F Give Treat
X R Shake
A G Pet
Palico Y F Play
X R High Five
A G Pet

Palamute Customization Options

Palamute Behavior

Palamute behavior is a way to adjust how your buddy attacks. There are 3 tactics that your Palamute can do, all of which have a different function.

Basic Pincer Follow
The basic Palamute hunting style: stay within a hairsbreadth of danger and attacks at close range. Palamutes work with the hunter to attack the monster in a pincer formation. Palamutes attack while remaining in close proximity to their hunter.

Palamute Creation

Like the Hunters, you can customize your new comrade. Their tattoo, color, and more can be edited!

Character Creation Guide

Palamute Armor

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Gear

The Palamute can also equip armor to strengthen them in battle. Gearing them up can make you have a trusty partner that can aid you in battle so don't neglect their equipment!

List of Buddy Equipment: All Palico/Palamute Weapons and Armor

Layered Armor is Also Available

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Layered Armor

The layered armor system, a neat feature in MHW, seems to be back and not just for the hunters—it's also available for your Palico and Palamute!

Palamute Merchandise

Palamute Amiibo

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Amiibo and Burning Armor Sealing Gull Series Layered Armor.png

If you want a cute Palamute on your desk or just want your Palamute to look cool in-game right off the bat, then getting the Palamute amiibo would be your best bet.

All Amiibos and How to Use Amiibos

Palamute Stuffed Toy

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Stuffed Toy.png

Good news: there is a Palamute stuffed toy that you can hug and cry into every time you get carted by Mizutsune. Bad news: it's only available in Japan. So if you live in Japan, it might just be your lucky day!

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