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Sunbreak Long Sword Tree: List of All Long Swords

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List of Long Swords.png
This is a list of all Long Swords in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to know all about the Long Swords, their damage, sharpness, elements, status effects, affinities, and available slots.

All Long Sword Guides
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All Long Sword Trees

Defender Tree

   ┗Champion Long Sword III Attack Icon210
    ┗Guardian Long Sword Attack Icon230

Kamura Tree

  ┣Kamura Blade III Attack Icon90
  ┃┣Kamura Blade IV Attack Icon140
  ┃┃┗Kamura Blade V Attack Icon150
  ┃┃ ┗Kamura Ninja Blade Attack Icon190
  ┃┃  ┗Kamura Warrior Rapier Attack Icon240
  ┃┃   ┣Kamura Warrior Rapier+ Attack Icon280
  ┃┃   ┃ ┗Fine Kamura Rapier Attack Icon320
  ┃┃   ┗Duke's Sinclair Attack Icon310 Dragon Icon (240x)28
  ┃┃    ┗Fissureforce Attack Icon320 Dragon Icon (240x)30
  ┃┗Usurper Boltslicer I Attack Icon120 Thunder Icon (240x)16
  ┃ ┗Usurper Boltslicer II Attack Icon180 Thunder Icon (240x)31
  ┃  ┗Despot Boltbreaker Attack Icon200 Thunder Icon (240x)34
  ┃   ┗Despot Boltbreaker+ Attack Icon300 Thunder Icon (240x)47
  ┃    ┗Oppressor's Abyss Attack Icon320 Thunder Icon (240x)55
  ┣Aknosom Sabre I Attack Icon100 Fire Icon (240x)13
  ┃┗Aknosom Sabre II Attack Icon160 Fire Icon (240x)19
  ┃ ┗Daybreak Blade Attack Icon170 Fire Icon (240x)26
  ┃  ┗Dayspring Blade Attack Icon230 Fire Icon (240x)37
  ┃   ┗Dayspring Blade+ Attack Icon250 Fire Icon (240x)41
  ┃    ┗Dawnlight Blade Attack Icon320 Fire Icon (240x)48
  ┣Ivory Rabbit I Attack Icon100 Affinity Icon-10% Ice Icon (240x)10
  ┃┗Ivory Rabbit II Attack Icon110 Affinity Icon-10% Ice Icon (240x)12
  ┃ ┗Iced Rabbit Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon-10% Ice Icon (240x)15
  ┃  ┗Iced Rabbit+ Attack Icon260 Affinity Icon-10% Ice Icon (240x)22
  ┃   ┗Inaba's Thorns Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-10% Ice Icon (240x)27
  ┗Guardian Sword I Attack Icon90 Affinity Icon5%
   ┣Guardian Sword II Attack Icon100 Affinity Icon5%
   ┃┗Imperial Sword Attack Icon140 Affinity Icon10%
   ┃ ┗Imperial Sword II Attack Icon250 Affinity Icon10%
   ┃  ┗Imperial Sword III Attack Icon290 Affinity Icon10%
   ┃   ┗Adamantine Lodestar Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon15%
   ┗Castello Saif I Attack Icon120 Affinity Icon-20%
    ┣Castello Saif II Attack Icon150 Affinity Icon-20%
    ┃┗Castellum Long Sword Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-20%
    ┃ ┗Barroth Castillo Attack Icon250 Affinity Icon-20%
    ┃  ┗Barroth Castillo+ Attack Icon260 Affinity Icon-20%
    ┃   ┗Barroth Velberg Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-20%
    ┗Gigant Makra I Attack Icon110 Fire Icon (240x)12
     ┣Gigant Makra II Attack Icon150 Fire Icon (240x)18
     ┃┗Titanic Makra Attack Icon180 Fire Icon (240x)22
     ┃ ┗Titanic Makra+ Attack Icon260 Fire Icon (240x)32
     ┃  ┗Makra's Basalt Attack Icon330 Fire Icon (240x)40
     ┗Almudron Blade I Attack Icon120 Water Icon (240x)33
      ┗Almudron Blade II Attack Icon160 Water Icon (240x)41
       ┗Doom Bringer Blade Attack Icon180 Water Icon (240x)48
        ┣Death Bringer Blade Attack Icon260 Water Icon (240x)59
        ┃ ┗Death Bringer Blade+ Attack Icon300 Water Icon (240x)63
        ┃  ┗Abyss Bringer Blade Attack Icon310 Water Icon (240x)72
        ┗Magma Disaster Attack Icon280 Fire Icon (240x)63
         ┗Magma Disaster+ Attack Icon300 Fire Icon (240x)65
          ┗Volcanic Apocalypse Attack Icon310 Fire Icon (240x)75

Primordial Tree

Silver Severer Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon0% Dragon Icon49

Ore Tree

 ┗Iron Katana II Attack Icon100
  ┣Iron Gospel Attack Icon120
  ┃┣Keen Edge I Attack Icon140
  ┃┃┣Keen Edge II Attack Icon170
  ┃┃┃┗Julienne Blade Attack Icon180
  ┃┃┃ ┗Wyvern Blade "Peridot" Attack Icon290 Affinity Icon20% Thunder Icon (240x)23
  ┃┃┃  ┗Wyvern Blade "Peridot"+ Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon20% Thunder Icon (240x)27
  ┃┃┃   ┗Wyvern Blade "Alexa" Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon20% Thunder Icon (240x)30
  ┃┃┗Tigrine Edge I Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon-20%
  ┃┃ ┗Tigrine Edge II Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-20%
  ┃┃  ┗Tigrine Need Attack Icon230 Affinity Icon-20%
  ┃┃   ┗Tigrine Need+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon-20%
  ┃┃    ┗Desperate Roar Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon-20%
  ┃┃     ┗Desperate Roar+ Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-15%
  ┃┣Kakaru Kumo Naki I Attack Icon120 Affinity Icon10%Water Icon (240x)16
  ┃┃┗Kakaru Kumo Naki II Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon10%Water Icon (240x)19
  ┃┃ ┗Tamonowo Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon15%Water Icon (240x).22
  ┃┃  ┗Tamonowo+ Attack Icon290 Affinity Icon15%Water Icon (240x).30
  ┃┃   ┣Tamonowo Zekkarei Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon15%Water Icon (240x).33
  ┃┃   ┃ ┗Tamonowo Zekkarei+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon15%Water Icon (240x).36
  ┃┃   ┗Pure Sword Ichimonji Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon10%Water Icon (240x).24
  ┃┗Hidden Saber I Attack Icon120 Affinity Icon30%
  ┃ ┗Hidden Saber II Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon35%
  ┃  ┗Deepest Night Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon40%
  ┃   ┗Darkest Night Attack Icon240 Affinity Icon40%
  ┃    ┗Darkest Night+ Attack Icon270 Affinity Icon40%
  ┃     ┣Avidya Saber Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon40%
  ┃     ┗Megrez's Asterism Attack Icon330 Poison Icon14
  ┣Eager Cleaver I Attack Icon80 Thunder Icon (240x)18
  ┃┗Eager Cleaver II Attack Icon160 Thunder Icon (240x)24
  ┃ ┗Devil Slicer Attack Icon180 Thunder Icon (240x)27
  ┃  ┗Devil Slicer+ Attack Icon250 Thunder Icon (240x)35
  ┃   ┗True Devil Slicer Attack Icon270 Thunder Icon (240x)38
  ┃    ┗True Devil Slicer+ Attack Icon320 Thunder Icon (240x)50
  ┗Kulu Katana I Attack Icon100 Affinity Icon10%
   ┣Kulu Katana II Attack Icon130 Affinity Icon15%
   ┃┣Kulu Slicer Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon20%
   ┃┃ ┗Kulu Slicer+ Attack Icon230 Affinity Icon20%
   ┃┃  ┗Kulu Katolos Seif Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon20%
   ┃┗Chillblade I Attack Icon160 Ice Icon (240x)18
   ┃ ┗Chillblade II Attack Icon180 Ice Icon (240x)20
   ┃  ┗Rimeblossom Attack Icon210 Ice Icon (240x)27
   ┃   ┗Icebloom Attack Icon250 Ice Icon (240x)35
   ┃    ┣Icebloom+ Attack Icon300 Ice Icon (240x)40
   ┃    ┃ ┗Frostveldt Attack Icon320 Ice Icon (240x)48
   ┃    ┗Frostmoon Paleblade Attack Icon290 Ice Icon (240x)24
   ┃     ┗Frostmoon Paleblade+ Attack Icon300 Ice Icon (240x)28
   ┃      ┗Moonbrand "Lua Cheia" Attack Icon320 Ice Icon (240x)31
   ┗Wyvern Blade Verde I Attack Icon90 Poison Icon (110x)18
    ┗Wyvern Blade Verde II Attack Icon170 Poison Icon (110x)20
    ┃┗Wyvern Blade Holly Attack Icon200 Poison Icon (110x)22
    ┃ ┗Wyvern Blade Holly+ Attack Icon250 Poison Icon (110x)36
    ┃  ┃┗Wyvern Blade "Luna" Attack Icon330 Poison Icon (110x)39
    ┃  ┣Wyvern Blade "Jade" Attack Icon300 Poison Icon (110x)43
    ┃  ┃ ┗Wyvern Blade "Jade"+ Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon10%Poison Icon (110x)48
    ┃  ┗Rosenfader Attack Icon290 Affinity Icon20% Poison Icon (110x)15
    ┃   ┣Rosenfader+ Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon20% Poison Icon (110x)19
    ┃   ┃ ┗Rosenhimmel Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon20% Poison Icon (110x)23
    ┃   ┗Kaktus Himmel Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon20% Poison Icon (110x)43
    ┗Wyvern Blade Blood I Attack Icon190Fire Icon (240x)25
     ┗Wyvern Blade Blood II Attack Icon200Fire Icon (240x)32
      ┗Wyvern Blade Maple Attack Icon210Fire Icon (240x)36
       ┗Wyvern Blade "Maple"+ Attack Icon290Fire Icon (240x)45
        ┣Wyvern Blade "Scarlet" Attack Icon320Fire Icon (240x)55
        ┗Wyvern Blade "Pale" Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon30% Fire Icon (240x)65

Bone Tree

 ┣Serrated Jaw II Attack Icon110
 ┃┣Serrated Maw Attack Icon130
 ┃┃┣Canine Katana I Attack Icon180
 ┃┃┃┗Canine Katana II Attack Icon200
 ┃┃┃ ┗Gnash Katana Attack Icon230
 ┃┃┃  ┣Gnash Katana+ Attack Icon250
 ┃┃┃  ┃ ┣Sunderer Attack Icon310
 ┃┃┃  ┃ ┃ ┗Sunderer+ Attack Icon340
 ┃┃┃  ┃ ┗Khanga Edge Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃┃  ┃  ┗Khanga Edge+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃┃  ┃   ┗Khanga Rebellion Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon10%
 ┃┃┃  ┗Black Katana Mk.I Attack Icon230 Affinity Icon5%
 ┃┃┃   ┗Black Katana Mk.I+ Attack Icon270 Affinity Icon5%
 ┃┃┃    ┗Final Black Katana Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon5%
 ┃┃┗Flammenschwert I Attack Icon140 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon (240x)11
 ┃┃ ┗Flammenschwert II Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon (240x)20
 ┃┃  ┗Fervid Flammenschwert Attack Icon230 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon (240x)24
 ┃┃   ┗Fervid Flammenschwert+ Attack Icon270 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon (240x)26
 ┃┃    ┗Lohenschwert Attack Icon320 Affinity Icon-20% Fire Icon (240x)28
 ┃┃     ┗Lohenschwert+ Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-15% Fire Icon (240x)30
 ┃┣Bastine Edge I Attack Icon90 Affinity Icon30% Ice Icon (240x)15
 ┃┃┗Bastine Edge II Attack Icon120 Affinity Icon30% Ice Icon (240x)19
 ┃┃ ┗Bastizan Edge Attack Icon160 Affinity Icon35% Ice Icon (240x)27
 ┃┃  ┗Bastiana Saber Attack Icon250 Affinity Icon35% Ice Icon (240x)32
 ┃┃   ┗Bastiana Saber+ Attack Icon270 Affinity Icon35% Ice Icon (240x)35
 ┃┃    ┗Amberfang Gelfidall Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon35% Ice Icon (240x)39
 ┃┗Wroggi Sword I Attack Icon80 Poison Icon (110x)19
 ┃ ┗Wroggi Sword II Attack Icon110 Poison Icon (110x)23
 ┃  ┗Poison Barb Attack Icon150 Poison Icon (110x)28
 ┃   ┗Poison Barb+ Attack Icon230 Poison Icon (110x)43
 ┃    ┗Belladonna's Bite Attack Icon330 Poison Icon (110x)60
 ┗Ananta Blade I Attack Icon80 Thunder Icon (240x)9
  ┗Ananta Blade II Attack Icon90 Thunder Icon (240x)12
   ┗Shadow Slasher Attack Icon150Thunder Icon (240x)17
    ┗Shadow Slasher+ Attack Icon220Thunder Icon (240x)22
     ┗Spiritbinder Attack Icon320Thunder Icon (240x)26

 ┣Bone Scythe II Attack Icon110
 ┃┣Bone Reaper Attack Icon120
 ┃┃┣Spark Slicer I Attack Icon100 Affinity Icon10% Thunder Icon (240x)19
 ┃┃┃┣Spark Slicer II Attack Icon140 Affinity Icon10% Thunder Icon (240x)21
 ┃┃┃┃┗Shocking Slicer Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon15% Thunder Icon (240x)24
 ┃┃┃┃ ┗Shocking Slicer+ Attack Icon240 Affinity Icon15% Thunder Icon (240x)31
 ┃┃┃┃  ┗Shockstrike Attack Icon270 Affinity Icon15% Thunder Icon (240x)35
 ┃┃┃┃   ┗Shockstrike+ Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon15% Thunder Icon (240x)42
 ┃┃┃┣Jyura Saber I Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon-10% Water Icon (240x)14
 ┃┃┃┃┗Jyura Saber II Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-10% Water Icon (240x)15
 ┃┃┃┃ ┗Jyura Reaver Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-10% Water Icon (240x)16
 ┃┃┃┃  ┗Jyura Reaver+ Attack Icon270 Affinity Icon-10% Water Icon (240x)21
 ┃┃┃┃   ┗Valtos Slough Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon-10% Water Icon (240x)25
 ┃┃┃┃   ┗Valtos Slough+ Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-10% Water Icon (240x)29
 ┃┃┃┗Anteka Blade I Attack Icon170
 ┃┃┃ ┗Anteka Blade II Attack Icon190
 ┃┃┃  ┗Anteka Rack Attack Icon200
 ┃┃┃   ┗Great Anteka Blade Attack Icon240
 ┃┃┃    ┗Great Anteka Blade+ Attack Icon300
 ┃┃┃     ┗King Anteka Blade Attack Icon330
 ┃┃┗Frilled Slash I Attack Icon100 Sleep Icon (110x)12
 ┃┃ ┗Frilled Slash II Attack Icon120 Sleep Icon (110x)15
 ┃┃  ┗Illusory Frilled Slash Attack Icon190 Sleep Icon (110x)19
 ┃┃   ┣Illusory Frilled Slash+ Attack Icon260 Sleep Icon (110x)22
 ┃┃   ┃ ┗Nightmare Frilled Slash Attack Icon280 Sleep Icon (110x)25
 ┃┃   ┃  ┗Nightmare Frilled Slash+ Attack Icon320 Sleep Icon (110x)28
 ┃┃   ┗Bloom Snow Slash Attack Icon260 Ice Icon (240x)62
 ┃┃    ┗Bloom Snow Slash+ Attack Icon300 Ice Icon (240x)65
 ┃┃     ┗Flicker Blizzard Slash Attack Icon310 Ice Icon (240x)69
 ┃┗Drowning Shaft I Attack Icon90 Water Icon (240x)20
 ┃ ┗Drowning Shaft II Attack Icon100 Water Icon (240x)23
 ┃  ┗Douser Bardiche Attack Icon160 Water Icon (240x)28
 ┃   ┗Douser Bardiche+ Attack Icon230 Water Icon (240x)37
 ┃    ┣Wasserfallis Attack Icon280 Water Icon (240x)42
 ┃    ┃ ┗Wasserfallis+ Attack Icon320 Water Icon (240x)46
 ┃    ┗Golm Cutter Attack Icon300
 ┃     ┗Golm Cutter+ Attack Icon320
 ┃      ┗Titanfeller Attack Icon350
 ┃┗Arzuros Naginata II Attack Icon110
 ┃ ┗Arzuros Strikequill Attack Icon170
 ┃  ┗Arzuros Strikequill+ Attack Icon230
 ┃   ┗Arzuros Telltail Attack Icon330
  ┣Wind Thief Scimitar II Attack Icon100 Affinity Icon15%
  ┃┗Gale Scimitar Attack Icon140 Affinity Icon15%
  ┃ ┗Gale Scimitar+ Attack Icon230 Affinity Icon15%
  ┃  ┗Reaper Blade Boldus Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon25%
  ┗Dark Scythe I Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon-15%
   ┣Tormentor Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-10%
   ┃ ┣Tormentor+ Attack Icon250 Affinity Icon-10%
   ┃ ┃ ┗Darkness Within Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon-10%
   ┃ ┃  ┗Darkness Within+ Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-10%
   ┃ ┗Crab Cutter Attack Icon240 Water Icon (240x)21
   ┃  ┣Crab Cutter+ Attack Icon290 Water Icon (240x)25
   ┃  ┃ ┗Daimyo Cutter Attack Icon330 Water Icon (240x)28
   ┃  ┗Ceanataur Cutter Attack Icon280 Water Icon (240x)15
   ┃   ┗Ceanataur Cutter+ Attack Icon300 Water Icon (240x)17
   ┃    ┗Killer's Sickle Attack Icon320 Water Icon (240x)18
   ┗Scythe of Menace I Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon-10% Poison Icon (110x)25
    ┗Scythe of Menace II Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon-10% Poison Icon (110x)29
     ┗Big Menacing Scythe Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-10% Poison Icon (110x)34
      ┗Jinxmonger Attack Icon260 Affinity Icon-10% Poison Icon (110x)40
       ┗Jinxmonger+ Attack Icon290 Affinity Icon-10% Poison Icon (110x)44
        ┗Malicemonger Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon-10% Poison Icon (110x)52

Magnamalo Tree

  ┗Sinister Shade Sword Attack Icon200 Blast Icon (110x)23
   ┗Sinister Shade Sword+ Attack Icon280 Blast Icon (110x)28
    ┗Tormented Shade Sword Attack Icon310 Blast Icon (110x)33
     ┗Devil's Deal Attack Icon320 Blast Icon (110x)38

Gore Magala Tree

Stahlfakt Attack Icon290 Affinity Icon20% Dragon Icon22
 ┣Stahlfakt+ Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon20% Dragon Icon26
 ┃┗Stahlurteil Attack Icon310 Affinity Icon20% Dragon Icon28
 ┗La Justicière Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon35% Dragon Icon38
 ┃┗La Décalogue Attack Icon290 Affinity Icon35% Dragon Icon45
 ┗Chaos/Loi Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon-30% / 15% Dragon Icon42

Rajang Tree

Demon Halberd I Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon-10% Thunder Icon (240x)10
 ┗Demon Halberd II Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-10% Thunder Icon (240x)12
  ┗Great Demon Halberd Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-10% Thunder Icon (240x)15
   ┗Great Demon Halberd+ Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon-10% Thunder Icon (240x)20
    ┗Evil Demon Halberd Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-10% Thunder Icon (240x)25

Furious Rajang Tree

Ibushi Tree

  ┗Abyssal Gale Sword Attack Icon200 Dragon Icon (240x)13
   ┗Pandemonium Attack Icon330 Dragon Icon (240x)22

Narwa Tree

 ┗Abyssal Storm Sword Attack Icon190 Thunder Icon42
  ┗Torrential Hail Attack Icon310 Thunder Icon63

Bazelgeuse Tree

Rookslayer Saber I Attack Icon200 Affinity Icon-10% Blast Icon13
 ┗Rookslayer Saber II Attack Icon210 Affinity Icon-10% Blast Icon15
  ┗Bazel Varga Rookslayer Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon-10% Blast Icon17
   ┗Bazel Jarre Blazer Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon-10% Blast Icon23
    ┗Bazel Prozio Rooksearer Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-10% Blast Icon28

Kushala Daora Tree

Icesteel Blade I Attack Icon180 Ice Icon43
 ┗Daora's Raid Attack Icon190 Ice Icon45
  ┗Daora's Raid+ Attack Icon300 Ice Icon52
   ┗Daora's Storm Attack Icon320 Ice Icon56

Teostra Tree

 ┗Imperial Shimmer Attack Icon200 Blast Icon41
  ┗Imperial Shimmer+ Attack Icon310 Blast Icon54
   ┗Imperial Flickerflame Attack Icon330 Blast Icon60

Chameleos Tree

 ┗Phantom Mirage Attack Icon220 Affinity Icon15%
  ┗Phantom Mirage+ Attack Icon290 Affinity Icon15%
   ┗Skulduggery Attack Icon300 Affinity Icon15%

Valstrax Tree

 ┗Reddnaught Blade Attack Icon180 Dragon Icon39
  ┗Red Flash Attack Icon320 Dragon Icon53

Gaismagorm Tree

Abyssal Flicker Attack Icon340 Affinity Icon-25% Dragon Icon19

Velkhana Tree

Reverent Elusarca Attack Icon330 Affinity Icon0% Ice Icon25

Amatsu Tree

Ominous Spring Attack Icon350 Affinity Icon-25% Water Icon43

Death Stench Tree

Cawscythe I Attack Icon100 Dragon Icon20
 ┗Cawscythe II Attack Icon140 Dragon Icon21
  ┗Cawscythe III Attack Icon160 Dragon Icon25
   ┗Squawkscythe Attack Icon180 Dragon Icon27
    ┗Squawkscythe+ Attack Icon250 Dragon Icon34
     ┗Screakscythe Attack Icon320 Dragon Icon48

Hand-Me-Down Tree

 ┗Hand-Me-Down Sword II Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon10% Fire Icon10
  ┗Kamura's Inheritance Attack Icon190 Affinity Icon40% Fire Icon15
   ┗Kamura's Inheritance+ Attack Icon280 Affinity Icon40% Fire Icon25
    ┗Kamura's Legacy Attack Icon290 Affinity Icon40% Fire Icon32

Azure Star Tree

Azure Star Blade I Attack Icon170 Affinity Icon20% Water Icon20
 ┗Azure Star "Dragon Dance" Attack Icon180 Affinity Icon30% Water Icon37

Royal Order Tree

Antique Machina Tree

Rampage Tree

 ┗Rampage Blade II Attack Icon170
  ┗Rampage Blade III Attack Icon180
   ┗Rampage Blade IV Attack Icon190
    ┗Rampage Blade V Attack Icon200
     ┗Rampage Blade S Attack Icon210

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Correction: The Longswords that inflict Paralysis are Ananta Blade I, Ananta Blade II, Shadow Slasher, Shadow Slasher+, and Spiritbinder. Not as shown as Thunderblight.

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