Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

What is the Rampage?

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The Rampage

This is an article about the Rampage in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). If you want to know more about Rampage Quests, Weapons, Game Mode, Skills, and more!

What is the Rampage?

A New Quest Type


The Rampage is a new quest type that you will encounter while going through the main story. You can choose to play this quest solo or with four friends as you repel waves of Monsters from the Stronghold.

We highly suggest playing Multiplayer to have other players use more Mountable Hunting Installations as well as use other facilities like the Dragonators.

Rampage Guide: How to Get S-Rank

Ring the Counter Signal!

Counter Signal.png

The Counter Signal rings automatically but can be manually triggered. The Counter Signal acts as a buff that temporarily boosts Hunter damage exponentially higher, seemingly having a high cap. When a Counter Signal is up, ignore your Hunting Installations and go down the field and lay some pain on the pesky monsters!

Level Up the Stronghold

The Stronghold.png

The Stronghold is the location where a Rampage Quest takes place. As the Rampage progresses, the Stronghold levels up which unlocks new Hunting Installations! The leveled-up stronghold can only be achieved per game and is not permanent. That means, if you jump into another Rampage quest, the level of the Stronghold will go back to 1.

There isn't any trick at all to quickly level up your Stronghold, just keep on repelling waves and your Stronghold should level up automatically by itself.

Complete Sidequests!

On the Left Side of your HUD, you can see a handful of sidequests that you can accomplish. Accomplishing these sidequests can help level up your Stronghold faster. Accomplishing quests affects your final rank rewards which determine the rewards you obtain at the end of the rampage.

Try to play around with the sidequests available at your disposal but not at the cost of weakening your defenses!

Using Hunting Installations!

Upgrading Strongholds.png

During the Rampage, you gain access to multiple hunting installations like the cannons, ballistae, splitting wyvernshot, machine cannons, and dragonator! You will be given a set timeframe to prepare the installations that you want.

Once these installations are either destroyed or used up, they take a long time to load back up. To lessen the time needed for installations to recharge, you can use the Charcoal Kiln located above the Dragonator! This will speed up the recovery of installations.

Manned Type Hunting Installations

It requires a mounted Hunter to use so the typical ones like cannons, ballistae, etc.

Auto Type Hunting Installations

Automatically fires when monsters come near it. The Defender Ballistae is one of them.

Limited Supply Type Hunting Installations

As said in the name, these cannot be reused as only a certain amount of these can be set up. Limited Supply types are mostly composed of the Kamura Villagers and they all have great effects but is only usable for a limited count (as the type name implies)

Hunting Installation Guides

There are several hunting installations available and each one serves a different purpose than the next, specializing in different fields.

Rampage Guide: Hunting Installations

Defend the Gate!

One of the paramount tasks in the Rampage is ensuring the gate is not destroyed! The gate is what stands between the Rampage and kamura village, defend the gate at all costs!

A Full-Blown Monster Invasion

The Rampage is a full-blown monster invasion where monsters go crazy and attack settlements. According to the story, Kamura Village has suffered numerous times already. Fifty years ago, the attack of Magnamalo almost put the village on the brink of ruin hence the village decided to build defenses on its walls.

Kamura Village

Related to the Main Story

The Rampage is an event that can destroy the village if not handled properly and is thus, a vital role in the game's story. Progressing the game naturally pits you against Urgent Rampage quests.

Village Quest Guide

Monsters in the Rampage

Icons Signify Monster Behavior

Each monster you fight in the rampage has icons on top of their heads. These show the behavior monsters will manifest throughout the siege.

Icon Description
Stalkers Rampage MonstersStalkers Monsters that will focus on attacking Hunters.
Gate Crashers Type Rampage MonstersGate Crasher Monsters that will focus on attacking and breaking gates.
Targeters Type Rampage MonstersTargeters Monsters that will keep their distance from Hunters and attack from far away.

Countering Stalkers

Stalkers will approach Hunting Installations in melee combat and try to destroy them. Hunters that don't guard against their attacks will take massive damage and be knocked off the Hunting Installation. To prevent this, guard against the monster's attacks using the R button on the switch.

Countering Targeters (Flyers)

Knocking Down Flyers

Flyers are annoying because they can attack hunters that are using installations from afar. This makes guarding against their attacks harder since you can't focus your attention on them at all times. By using the Ballista's retreat shot, you can knock flyers down and it'll render them helpless for a long while.

They can also be stunned using the Crag Shot but make sure to aim for the head!

Countering Gate Crashers

Gate Crashers is the greatest threat among the Monsters that appear in the rampage. You can literally ignore Stalkers and Strikers and the rampage quest will still not fail but leaving Gate Crashers alone can cause the quest to fail. Make sure to prioritize defeating them first!

Countering Gate Crashers
  • Use the Crag Shot to stun them. Make sure to aim for the head!
  • Use the Retreating Shot to knock them back for a little bit. Can be timed when they are about to attack the gate for maximum effectiveness. (cancels their attack animation which usually takes a long while to be used)
  • Use the Machine Cannon's silkbind to tie them to your Hunting Installation. They won't retaliate and will simply try to head back to the gate (which will fail).

To counter Gate Crashers, you can use the Ballista's Retreating shot to knock them back for a short while. This can be used for maximum effect when they are about to attack the gate to cancel their attack animation! You can

The Major Threat

The Major Threat is the one leading the charge of the Rampage. This monster is the most noticeable in the group since they are larger than the other monsters and are tougher to take down.

Taking Down the Major Threat Stops Hordes From Coming

Major Threat.png

The Major Threat, while active on the field, will keep on calling more monster hordes to attack the Stronghold. Prioritize defeating the Major Threat when he appears to complete the current wave!

Apex Monsters

Apex Arzuros Red Eyes

Apex Monsters are at the peak of the monster hierarchy. Crowned as an Apex due to its eternal bloodlust and wrathful terror, they boast multiple battle scars throughout its body. Apex Monsters are the pinnacle of their pack and will pose a great threat and challenge for any experienced hunter.

What are Apex Monsters?

Rampage Weapons

They revealed in the New Gameplay, Tutorials, and Director Q&A (09/03/2021) video that there will be weapons and gear that you can craft from harvesting raw materials of slain Apex monsters. These weapons are called the Rampage Weapons, they act as normal weapons but they have 3 rampage slots! Perfect gear to use if you want a customizable weapon!

How to Unlock Rampage Weapons

List of Apex Monsters

Apex Monsters
Apex Arzuros with Border.pngApex Arzuros Apex Rathian Border.pngApex Rathian Monster Hunter Rise - Apex Mizutsune with Border.pngApex Mizutsune
Apex Rathalos with Border.pngApex Rathalos Apex Diablos with Border.pngApex Diablos Monster Hunter Rise - Apex Zinogre.pngApex Zinogre

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