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This is a review for the demo of Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) on PC (Steam). Read on to find out both our positive and negative thoughts about the gameplay and new optimizations that come with porting MH Rise to PC!

Community Demo Thoughts

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Our Rating of the Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) PC Demo

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆
"Amazing graphics and performance, but bugs hold it back."
Check IconGraphics improved from Switch version

Check IconText and voice chat for multiplayer

Check IconCompletely the same hunts from the Switch demo

Check IconFirst and second Switch demo all-in-one

Check IconUnlimited demo access
Cross IconSome players experienced crashes and bugs

Cross IconAttack command display is not present

Cross IconNo access to the training area

PC and Switch Demo Guides and Features

Things that We Liked

Graphics Improved from Switch Version

Monster Hunter Rise on Switch

Monster Hunter Rise on PC

There is no denying that for a portable game, Monster Hunter Rise on Switch gave us great performance and graphics. But the PC version elevated the game's graphics even more! If you have a high-end PC, you will no doubt love the smoothness of the unlimited FPS (frames per second) and 4K resolution!

Available Platforms

Text and Voice Chat for Multiplayer

We no longer have to resort to using stickers or third-party apps in order to communicate with other hunters in-game. The PC version of MH Rise offers both voice chat and text chat! Hunts will definitely go smoother if you can communicate your attacks and traps properly.

Completely the Same Hunts from the Switch Demo

Those that weren't able to experience the Switch demo of Monster Hunter Rise need not worry! You are going to get the same exact experience Switch players had with the PC demo. The hunts are all completely the same, no more, no less.

First and Second Switch Demo All-in-One

MH Rise - Magnamalo
Switch players that played the Switch demo will remember that there was a first demo and a second one. The first demo was time-limited and only had Great Izuchi, Mizutsune, Wyvern Riding Training, and Basic Training. The second demo included all of those hunts, but added the flagship monster, Magnamalo.

Fortunately, Capcom didn't see the need to replicate that experience on PC and just gave us access to every hunt!

Unlimited Demo Access

MH Rise - Switch Demo Time Limit
Compared to the three-week access the first Switch demo had, we are glad that the PC demo straight up gets the unlimited demo access that the second Switch demo had. So no need to worry about when the demo is going to end!

Areas that Need Improvement

Some Players Experienced Crashes and Bugs

A glaring flaw of the PC demo is the crashes and bugs that some players have experienced. The developers have only acknowledged one specific bug so far related to AMD Graphics Cards wherein the player character flickers on the weapon select screen. However, other players have had their games crash or not boot up at all. But considering there are little to no bugs in the Switch demo, it's quite disappointing that this is happening in the PC version.

Thankfully, they put up a troubleshooting guide for players who have been having problems.

MH Rise Troubleshooting Guide by Capcom
1 Check the game's system requirements.
2 Add the game's folder and files to your anti-virus program's exception / exclusion list.
3 Give administrator privileges to Steam and the game.
4 Update your Video/Graphics Drivers and Windows Operating System.
5 Check your graphics driver settings & computer power settings.
6 Update DirectX.
7 Update your Windows Media Player codecs.
8 Verify the game’s cache in Steam.

No Equipment Stats and Details Section

MH Rise - No Equipment Info on Demo
As is in the Switch version, we still cannot access specific info about our equipment in the PC demo. For a game that's usually transparent about the stats of your weapon and your armor, this is unfortunate.

No Training Area Access

MH Rise - Training Area
It's unfortunate that even in the PC demo, they are not offering access to the training area. It would have been great for those new to the franchise or to MH Rise to properly test weapons and get a handle of the controls, especially considering the Training Area in-game displays attack command controls while you do it.

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