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This is a guide on capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on to learn how to capture monsters and take on capture quests, how to use items like Tranq Bombs, and whether to capture or kill, and capture rewards.

How To Capture Monsters

How To Capture Monsters: Step-by-Step

Monster Hunter Rise - Capturing an Anjanath

Capturing Monsters allows you to hunt monsters and finish quests without actually slaying them.

1 Bring items needed to capture monsters: one Shock Trap and/or one Pitfall Trap, and two Tranq Bombs.
2 Fight the monster until it's weak and limping. A blue icon should appear under the monster icon on the top right.
3 Set down a trap and lure the monster into it. Once the monster is trapped, use Tranq Bombs twice on it to finally capture the monster.

Bring Items Required for Capturing Monsters

Materials Needed For Capturing Monsters
1x Thunderbug
1x Trap Tool
1x Net
1x Trap Tool
1x Parashroom
1x Sleep Herb
1x Tranq Bomb
1x Normal Ammo 1

If you want to capture monsters, you have to get these tools required for capturing monsters. It is safe to have one of each type of trap in case the monster fails to be lured into your traps but in essence, you only need a minimum of one trap and two Tranq Bombs.

Fight and Weaken Monsters

Kill vs Capture Weaken Mosnter Limping.gif

Weaken the Monster to the point you see it limping away. Capturing monsters is possible only when the monster is weak enough. You can weaken monsters by fighting them until they start limping or when your Palico has told you that the monster is weak.

Blue Icon Means Monster is Weakened

If the monster is weak enough for capture, a blue icon will show at the bottom of the monster icon. When this icon appears, set a trap for capture!

It is also possible to capture before the blue icon shows up! If you're bringing a Palico out on hunts, it will inform you if the monster is weak and ready for capture! You will see this as a text prompt on the right side of the screen.

Set Trap and Use Tranq Bombs

Monster Hunter Rise - Capturing an Anjanath.gif

If a monster is primed for capture, set a trap (either a Shock Trap or a Pitfall Trap) underneath the monster. Once it is caught, quickly use two (2) Tranq Bombs near the monster to effectively capture it!

Also, it does not matter if you hit to use the Tranq Bomb first or set the trap first - the monster will still be captured as long as the entirety of the process is completed.

Elder Dragons and Apex Monsters Cannot be Captured

Teostra Supernova Horn Unbroken

Elder Dragons and Apex Monsters are not capturable in any way because traps are ineffective, and will only have slay quests.

In the Sunbreak update Afflicted Monsters, which can be found in Anomaly Quests and Anomaly Investigations after finishing the expansion's main story. also cannot be captured and must be slain to finish the quest.

Capture Quests and Other Quest Types

Condition for Clearing Some Quests

Most quests in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) are Hunting Quests but some are also Capture Quests. Check the type of quest at all times because if you accidentally kill a monster during a capture quest, the quest will fail.

Difference Between Quest Types

Type Description
Hunting Icon.pngHunting Either kill or capture. Most of the quests in MH Rise are classified as Hunting Quests.
Slaying Icon.pngSlaying Requires you to kill the monster and capturing is not allowed. Elder Dragons and Apex Monsters are Slay only.
Capture Icon.pngCapture Requires you to capture the monster and if you accidentally kill it, the quest will fail. Always be aware of the quest type at all times.

Practice Capturing With Training Quests

Similar to Wyvern Riding, there is also a training quest that focuses on capturing monsters. If you are still not sure about how to capture monsters, we suggest doing The Basics of Capturing Monsters first as it has lesser penalties when you capture incorrectly.

Advantages of Capturing Monsters

Capture for Faster Hunts

Kill Completion Time Capture Completion Time
04' 32" 16 03' 36" 82

Since hunters only need to weaken their target, capturing monsters is faster than slaying in both hunt completion time as well as time spent in the quest completion menu.

Get Rare Drops from Capture Rewards

By capturing monsters, you get capture rewards instead of carve rewards. If you're looking for rare drops, they are more likely to drop from captures than carves.

We suggest checking the Materials Section of the Hunter's Notes before going in hunts, as some rare materials drop rates vary based on capture or carve.

Advantages of Killing Monsters

Carve Exclusive Materials

▲ Easier to get Magnamalo Blade+ by killing and carving than capturing.

Some monster materials are carve exclusive, or have a higher drop chance than in capture rewards so check your Hunter's Notes before every hunt!

Carve Chances Vary

Kill vs Capture Carving.gif
By default, normal and Apex monsters grant three carves while Elder Dragons grant four. The number of carves can be further increased with the Carving Master skill.

Easier to Break Parts and Sever Tails

Monster Hunter Rise (Apex Rathian) - Sever the Tail.gif

Since you're aiming for killing the monster, you essentially have a lot more time to break parts and cut tails. When capturing, there is a chance that the monster will weaken before you can break parts and sever the tail so when you really need to break these parts, we suggest killing instead of capturing.

Examples of Materials that are Easier to Get by Carving

Monster Material (Carve % vs Capture %)
MH Rise - Nargacuga Large Monster IconNargacuga Narga Medulla (12% vs. 3%)
Narga Razor (10% vs. 0%)
Nargacuga's Razor is not available in the capture rewards and the Medulla has a higher percentage to drop with carves. If you are aiming for these, aim for carving!
MH Rise - Anjanath Large Monster IconAnjanath Anjanath Nosebone+ (17% vs. 0%)
Anjanath's Nosebone is not available as a capture reward. You can also get these from Broken Part rewards but even that has higher probability when killing. However, if you need rarer parts like gems and plates, we suggest capturing Anjanath.
MH Rise - Magnamalo Large Monster IconMagnamalo Magnamalo Blade+ (16% vs. 0%)
Magnamalo's Blade is not available as a capture reward. You can also get these from Broken Part rewards but even that has higher probability when killing. However, if you need rarer parts like gems and plates, we suggest capturing Magnamalo.
MH Rise - Almudron Large Monster IconAlmudron Almudron Fin+ (22% vs. 0%)
Almudron Whisker+ (12% vs. 0%)
Neither of the two is a capture reward. You can capture it if you have broken both the face and the back but if not, we suggest going for the kill!

The materials above are just examples and we still suggest checking out your Hunter's Notes for the material table. You should balance between capturing and killing depending on the monster part you are aiming for.

Play Solo When You Are Particular With the Hunting Methods

When playing in Multiplayer, you will be paired with a bunch of randoms who may not have the same hunting objective as you. If you need a specific material that is more likely to drop in either capture or slay, we suggest playing solo.

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