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This is a guide on capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Find out how to capture monsters and if it is better to capture or to kill monsters!

How to Capture Monsters

Weaken and Trap Them

Similar to Monster Hunter World, the first thing you'll need to do is deal enough damage to the monster that it becomes susceptible to capture. Luckily, after you've hurt it enough, your palico will inform you that the monster is weak enough to slay or capture (there will also be a blue icon over it on the map). This is your queue to get a trap set. Either trap is fine, so long as the monster gets caught in it. Once you've put the trap down, simply guide the monster into it and swap to your Tranq Bombs. Lobbing 2 of these will knock the monster right out, completing the capture!

Materials Needed For Capturing Monsters
Shock Trap 1x Thunderbug
1x Trap Tool
Pitfall Trap 1x Net
1x Trap Tool
Tranq Bomb 1x Parashroom
1x Sleep Herb

Capture or Slaying: Which is Better?

Capture for More Loot

Generally, loot obtained after a quest are way better than slaying a monster. This is to compensate for the carves that wasn't taken when slaying a monster. Some drops are also easier to get by capturing so make sure to refer to the Physiology section in the Hunter Notes!

Capture to Save Time

A dying monster won't necessarily fall from a single hit, capturing a dying monster will save your party some time both from the hunt and the victory screen. It might not be much but the time saved from all the hunts combined will slowly add up.

Slay to Conserve Traps

Slaying monsters will allow you to conserve traps. What this means is not necessarily about using traps for quests but rather using it in the middle of the hunt. Monster is enraged? Trap it to stop it from moving for a little while!

Check Physiology

While the two above are the most general rule whethere to capture or slay monsters, the Physiology section in the hunter notes will be enough for you to check if slaying or capturing is the better option. Some loots have a higher chance to be obtained from capturing and some from carving, know what you need to obtain and choose accordingly!

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