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This is a guide on how to farm Talismans in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on for the best methonds on effective Talisman farming, best melding choices, and guides on the best quests for farming.

Talisman Guides
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When Do You Unlock Melding?

Starting at ★5 Village or ★3 Gathering Hub

Monster Hunter Rise -  Minoto Hub Quest Maiden

Once you reach ★5 Village or ★3 Gathering Hub, completing another quest will unlock the Melding Pot. As you continue through High Rank, you will unlock other types of Melding as well.

For specifics on when you unlock each type of Talisman melding method, check out our guide on how to unlock Talismans!

How to Unlock Talismans

Recommended Melding Methods

Always Go With Wisp of Mystery

Monster Hunter Rise - Melding Wisp of Mystery.png

The skills from Wisp of Mystery are entirely random, but you have a higher chance of getting better overall Talismans. If you want a specific skill, you can go with any melding up to Moonbow, and if you're looking for stronger Talismans stick to Wisp of Mystery.

We go into more detail about the success rates of each melding method in our How to Use the Melding Pot guide!

How to Use the Melding Pot

Use Rebirth for Unwanted Talismans

Instead of using Monster materials, Rebirth melds have you recycle 20 Talismans to get 3 new ones. If you have too many Talismans or you're low on Monster materials, give Rebirth melding a shot.

Recommended Talisman Skills

Melding Skill
Reflecting Pool.pngReflecting Pool
Wirebug Whisperer
Horn Maestro
Quick Sheath
Elemental Attacks
(Fire Attack, Water Attack, Ice Attack, Thunder Attack, Dragon Attack)
Weakness Exploit
Critical Eye
Razor Sharp
Wisp of Mystery.pngWisp of Mystery
Weakness Exploit
Attack Boost
Critical Boost
Weakness Exploit
Attack Boost

The skills you want to focus on are ones likes Weakness Exploit or Critical Boost that are harder to find on armor sets. These skills are incredibly versatile and can be useful in most setups.

Skill Tier List: Best Skills in MH Rise

How to Farm Talismans

Farm Thunder Serpent Narwa Materials

Monster Hunter Rise (Narwa) - Furious Fist Pumps.gif

As of Update 3.0, fighting Thunder Serpent Narwa in the quest Serpent Goddess of Thunder is still the most efficient way to farm for melding materials. Though Narwa materials are not the highest in terms of value, each run can be completed in roughly 5-10 minutes! You can even achieve a sub-5 minute run if you know all her patterns and nuances!

For an informative guide on how to beat Thunder Serpent Narwa, click on the link below:

How to Beat Thunder Serpent Narwa

Farm for Shiny Drop Materials

Monster Hunter Rise - Shiny Drop Material Farming.gif

When Wyvern Riding monsters, an opposing monster can make it drop up to three Shiny Drop Materials by attacking it three times. This is the maximum for every monster so we can use this mechanic to farm materials quickly without having to actually hunt the monster.

Though not as efficient as farming Thunder Serpent Narwa, this method is way easier especially if you cannot finish Narwa's hunt below 10 minutes. We suggest doing this if you want to relax or farm passively while watching a movie or TV show!

Steps in Farming Shiny Drop Materials

1 Find a suitable monster and quest to farm Shiny Drops!
We suggest the following quests:
★7 A Quartet of Horns
→ Target: Diablos
★7 The Emperor of Flame (Need HR40+)
→ Target: Teostra
★7 The Evil Star from Beyond (Need HR100+)
→ Target: Crimson Glow Valstrax
2 Mount the other non-target monster in the area because they are easier to mount with high damage Silkbind Attacks. If you want, you may also look for Puppet Spiders in the locale but this will slow you down and affect your efficiency.
Weapons with high damage Silkbind Attacks like the Hunting Horn's Earthshaker or the Great Sword's Adamant Charge Slash is recommended!
3 Look for the target monster and attack it thrice to make it drop three shinies.
4 Launch your ridden monster to the other monster to make the target monster mountable. Mount that monster next!
5 Attack your previously ridden monster thrice to make it drop three shinies. At this stage, you should have six (6) shiny drops on the ground.
6 Launch the target monster to the other monster to make it leave! This will make picking up the drops easier and more peaceful.
7 Pick up the shiny drops and then Return from Quest Take note of the shiny drops that you pick up so you know which materials to use for Melding later.
Do not choose Abandon Quest because this will reset your quest along with all your shiny drop pickups.

Other Non-Apex Rampage Quests Are Good Too

Monster Hunter Rise (Rampage) - Using Dragonators.gif

Defender Tickets dropped from Rampage Quests are also great options for melding with their high value and drop rate. Clearing a single quest can get you many of these tickets, so if you find yourself struggling with Narwa, try farming Defender Tickets instead.

Rampage Quests where Apex monsters appear will take more time, so we recommend farming ★6 and up quests with normal monsters only. Each run will take roughly 10-15 minutes with minimal difficulty.

We also suggest reaching an S rank or above to maximize all rewards! To know more on how do so with our guide:
Rampage Guide: How to Get S-Rank

Receive Friend Vouchers in Multiplayer

When playing online, alongside the typical rewards, you will also receive Friend Vouchers as a bonus. A single Friend Voucher is similar in value to Defender Tickets, so playing online to farm these is also recommended.

How to Get Friend Vouchers

As you complete your quest online, on the results screen you will see a bar for Friend Points that when accumulated will offer bonus rewards, sometimes resulting in a set of 12 Friend Vouchers.

You and your friends will both receive points, and exchanging Guild Cards will increase the number of points you both receive.

Multiplayer Recruitment Board

Talisman Table Bug Fixed in Update 2.0

According to an official notice, the Melding Pot bug which can cause the same Talisman to be produced repeatedly when using the Wisp of Mystery melding method is fixed with the 2.0 Update.

Players who are having trouble with this issue should be all good by now. To know more about the update fixes, read our article linked below!

Update 2.0 Guide: Patch Notes and New Monsters

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