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Sunbreak Talisman Farming and Best Melding Pot Methods

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MH Rise Sunbreak - Talisman Farming

This is a guide on how to farm Talismans in Master Rank and High Rank in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Learn how to exploit the Melding Pot to reroll Talismans, and how to farm Melding Items and Materials.

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Sunbreak Talisman Farming Guide

Method Description
Argosy Backroom Deals ・Earn Melding Pudding and MP Accelerants
・Passive way of getting Melding Materials
Diablos ・Ideal for Anomaly Investigations
・Earn lots of Materials each time
Velkhana ・Materials have very high Melding Pot point values
・Easily falls to Fire element weapons
Gaismagorm ・Materials have high Melding Pot point values
・Requires some memorization but can be done quickly on multiplayer
Seething Bazelgeuse ・Materials have high Melding Pot point values
・Also ideal for Anomaly Level grinding
・Earn lots of Materials each time
Multiplayer ・Earn Friend Vouchers as a bonus
・Faster to complete Quests than Solo

Each of the Quests above will yield a high number of Materials, each with high Melding Pot point yields. They also all share the advantage of being easy to clear after getting used to their patterns.

Use Argosy Backroom Deals for Melding Items

Melding Item Points How to Get
200 Backroom Deals at the Argosy
Quest Reward from MR6+ Quests
100 Quest Reward from MR3+ Quests
50 Quest Reward from MR1-2 Quests

In the Sunbreak DLC, players can collect Melding Pudding from the Argosy using Backroom Deals or as a reward from MR6+ quests. These can be used in place of Monster Materials and are quite valuable. A single Melding Pudding is enough to produce 1 Talisman.

MH Rise Sunbreak - Backroom Deals

To get as much Melding Pudding as possible, use the Argosy as you play through Master Rank and keep Backroom Deals on for all three Buddies. You might even get MP Accelerant, which can instantly create talismans when used! Save up your Melding Items and don't spend them until you've unlocked the Anima Method for best results!

Diablos is the Go-To for Farming Talismans and Anomaly Level Together

MH Rise Sunbreak - Diablos Anomaly Investigation

Diablos is an ideal target for Talisman farming since it's also a common target for grinding Anomaly Investigations. It is very weak to Ice and provides a decent amount of materials for the time needed to hunt it. When hunted with a Seething Bazelgeuse, both monsters can drop plenty of materials for melding while also providing more Investigation Coins and Anomaly Reseach Points.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Monju Mashup Diablos Quest

Outside of Anomaly Investigations, the MR4 Quest Monju Mashup! remains a decent option. Like with Investigations, using Piercing Ice Ammo can clear the quest in a clean three minutes or less.

Diablos Weakness and Drops

Video Guide

Weapon Slots Attack Affinity
Valia Cannon
340 20
Head Head Archfiend Armor Cerato ④②ー
Resentment Lv. 2
Torso Torso Archfiend Armor Baulo ③②ー
Resentment Lv. 1
Burst Lv. 1
Arms Arms Archfiend Armor Epine ④ーー
Resentment Lv. 1
Dereliction Lv. 2
Waist Waist Archfiend Armor Ura ④ーー
Burst Lv. 2
Legs Legs Archfiend Armor Sceros ③②②
Resentment Lv. 1
Dereliction Lv. 1
Talisman IconTalisman
-①①ーSpare Shot 2
Attack Jewel 2 x6Thrift Jewel 2 x1Quickload Jewel 1 x2Jumping Jewel+ 4 x1
Total Skills
Attack Boost Lv6Resentment Lv5/Dereliction Lv3Weakness Exploit Lv3/Chain Crit Lv3Spare Shot Lv3Reload Speed Lv2Evade Extender Lv2

Farm Velkhana Parts

MH Rise Sunbreak - Farm Velkhana Parts

Velkhana's parts provide some of the highest points for the Melding Pot, with the lowest being 140 from Crystal Shards. This already makes up for the fact that it can only be carved 4 times instead of 6. Its quest also has a slightly better chance at giving Melding Pudding.

Velkhana is very vulnerable to Fire, making it an easy target for Piercing Fire Ammo or other Fire Element weapons. Compared to Gaismargorm, its lower HP and lack of additional phases makes it possible to beat in less than 5 minutes solo. On average, it will drop around 1,800 points worth of parts, before accounting for part breaks.

Velkhana: Weakness and Drops

Players will typically get 4 Materials from Carves and 8 Materials as rewards after the fight. Velkhana has fewer breaks and only a single tail carve, but it's offset by the more valuable target rewards.

Reward Type Melding Pot Points
Target Rewards 1251.2 points
Carves 618.4 points
No Part Total 1869.6 points
Tail 167.8 points
Horn 167.8 points
Wing 192 points
All Part Total 2397.2 points

We calculated these values by taking the averages of each drop's Melding Pot point values and drop rate, multiplied by the amount of drops from that part.

Farm Gaismagorm Parts

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - The Devil

Like Narwa before it, Gaismagorm is one of the most reliable monsters to farm for Materials to use for Talismans. Although the time required for the battle can have some variation depending on player skill, once you are used to the pattern it can be completed in 3-5 minutes on multiplayer or 5-10 minutes on solo.

  • The battle is essentially the same every time, making it easy to memorize and run on repeat.
  • Its Materials have some of the highest ranges for Melding Pot point values, ranging from 80 up to 160.
  • Gaismagorm allows for 6 Carves at the end of the fight, a far cry for the 3-4 allowed for most Monsters.

Based on our calculations for each of Gaismagorm's Material drop rates, players can expect to yield 1300 points with no broken or cut parts, and 1900 points with all parts broken and cut. That's enough to make 6 to 9 Talismans in one go with the Anima method!

Gaismagorm Weakness and Drops

Players will typically get 6 Materials from Carves and 8 Materials as rewards after the fight. Gaismagorm also has four breakable parts – Head, Horn, and both Wingarms – as well as a cuttable Tail which can be carved twice, for a total of 20 Materials if all parts are broken and the tail is cut.

Reward Type Melding Pot Points
Target Rewards 772 points
Carves 561.6 points
No Part Total 1333.6 points
Tail 212.8 points
Right Wingarm 98 points
Left Wingarm 98 points
Head 92.1 points
Horn 100 points
All Part Total 1,934.5 points

We calculated these values by taking the averages of each drop's Melding Pot point values and drop rate, multiplied by the amount of drops from that part.

Seething Bazelgeuse Yields High Points but Takes Longer

MH Rise Sunbreak - Dual Threat Go Out with a Bang

Seething Bazelgeuse has an exploitable Ice weakness just like Diablos, so it's no coincidence that it's a common target for Anomaly Investigations too.

A Dual Threat event quest featuring two of them is available, but it also takes more time as they're tougher than usual. Like regular Bazelgeuse in the base game, Seething Bazelgeuse also gives parts that have a decent conversion rate for melding. To maximize drops in this quest, use Wyvern Riding on both Seething Bazelgeuse with a Gold Wirebug active.

Seething Bazelgeuse: Weakness and Drops

Get Friend Vouchers from Multiplayer

When playing online, you can receive a variety of items as bonuses from Quests. Once of these items are Friend Vouchers, which are equivalent to 40 Melding Pot points and have no usage outside of the Melding Pot. If you're running Quests to farm Talisman Materials, you're better off going multiplayer to get these as a bonus with as many Quests as possible.

How to Get Friend Vouchers

At the end of each multiplayer hunt, you'll see a column for Friend Points below Kamura Points – when this column fills up, you'll receive a set of items as shown. One of the available sets is a pack of 12 Friend Vouchers.

Friend Points are gained by sending each other likes after the hunt and exchanging Guild Cards. Be sure to do these as much as possible on every hunt to maximize your Friend Points.

How to Farm Friend Vouchers

Best Melding Methods for Talisman Farming

Regularly Go With Anima / Wisp of Mystery

MH Rise - Melding Wisp of Mystery

The skills from Anima (Master Rank) and Wisp of Mystery (High Rank) are entirely random, but you have a higher chance of getting better overall Talismans. If you want a specific skill for a build to help you finish the story, you can go with any melding method up to Moonbow, but any serious endgame grinding should use Anima (or Wisp of Mystery for Base Game players).

We go into more detail about the success rates of each melding method in our How to Use the Melding Pot guide!

How to Unlock All Melding Methods

Use Reincarnation / Rebirth for Unwanted Talismans

Instead of using Monster Materials or Melding Items, Reincarnation (Master Rank) and Rebirth (High Rank) melds have you recycle 10 (20 for Rebirth) Talismans to get 3 new ones. If you have too many Talismans or you're low on Monster Materials, give Rebirth melding a shot.

Use Aurora for Targeting Talisman Skills

Using the Aurora (Master Rank) melding method ensures that the talismans you create have one (1) secured skill you specify. Use this melding method if you're aiming for a desired combination of skills and stats in a Talisman while having a 100% guaranteed skill of your choice (note that the guaranteed skill's level is still random.) This is a good choice if you already have a planned build in mind and do not want to invest too much time and resources into randomized talismans.

Best Talisman Skills

Melding Skill
MH Rise - Reflecting PoolReflecting Pool
Wirebug Whisperer
Horn Maestro
MH Rise - HazeHaze
Quick Sheathe
Elemental Attacks
(Fire Attack, Water Attack, Ice Attack, Thunder Attack, Dragon Attack)
MH Rise - MoonbowMoonbow
Weakness Exploit
Critical Eye
Razor Sharp
MH Rise - Wisp of MysteryWisp of Mystery
Weakness Exploit
Attack Boost
Critical Boost
MH Rise - RebirthRebirth
Weakness Exploit
Attack Boost

The skills you want to focus on are ones like Weakness Exploit or Critical Boost that are harder to find on armor sets. These skills are incredibly versatile and can be useful in most setups.

Skill Tier List: Best Skills in MH Rise

High Rank Talisman Farming Guide

Although you're best off waiting for Master Rank to really start grinding Talismans, the MR6 unlock barrier to entry can be daunting for some. Having a good Talisman can help push through Master Rank, so try the methods below if you want to farm some High Rank Talismans.

Method Description
Thunder Serpent Narwa ・Materials have a high Melding Pot point value
・Requires some memorization but can be done quickly on multiplayer
Farm Shiny Drops ・Does not require hunting or slaying monsters
・Rewards fewer materials but requires less effort
Farm Rampage Quests ・Defender Tickets have a high Melding Pot point value
・S Rank rewards several tickets
Multiplayer ・Earn Friend Vouchers as a bonus
・Faster to complete Quests than Solo

Farm Thunder Serpent Narwa Materials

MH Rise - Narwa Furious Fist Pumps

As of Update 3.0, fighting Thunder Serpent Narwa in the quest Serpent Goddess of Thunder is still the most efficient way to farm for melding materials. Though Narwa materials are not the highest in terms of value, each run can be completed in roughly 5-10 minutes! You can even achieve a sub-5 minute run if you know all her patterns and nuances!

For an informative guide on how to beat Thunder Serpent Narwa, click on the link below:

How to Beat Thunder Serpent Narwa

Farm for Shiny Drop Materials

MH Rise - Shiny Drop Material Farming

When Wyvern Riding monsters, an opposing monster can make it drop up to three Shiny Drop Materials by attacking it three times. This is the maximum for every monster so we can use this mechanic to farm materials quickly without having to actually hunt the monster.

Though not as efficient as farming Thunder Serpent Narwa, this method is way easier especially if you cannot finish Narwa's hunt below 10 minutes. We suggest doing this if you want to relax or farm passively while watching a movie or TV show!

Steps in Farming Shiny Drop Materials

1 Find a suitable monster and quest to farm Shiny Drops!
We suggest the following quests:
★7 A Quartet of Horns
→ Target: Diablos
★7 The Emperor of Flame (Need HR40+)
→ Target: Teostra
★7 The Evil Star from Beyond (Need HR100+)
→ Target: Crimson Glow Valstrax
2 Mount the other non-target monster in the area because they are easier to mount with high damage Silkbind Attacks. If you want, you may also look for Puppet Spiders in the locale but this will slow you down and affect your efficiency.
Weapons with high damage Silkbind Attacks like the Hunting Horn's Earthshaker or the Great Sword's Adamant Charge Slash is recommended!
3 Look for the target monster and attack it thrice to make it drop three shinies.
4 Launch your ridden monster to the other monster to make the target monster mountable. Mount that monster next!
5 Attack your previously ridden monster thrice to make it drop three shinies. At this stage, you should have six (6) shiny drops on the ground.
6 Launch the target monster to the other monster to make it leave! This will make picking up the drops easier and more peaceful.
7 Pick up the shiny drops and then Return from Quest Take note of the shiny drops that you pick up so you know which materials to use for Melding later.
Do not choose Abandon Quest because this will reset your quest along with all your shiny drop pickups.

Other Non-Apex Rampage Quests Are Good Too

MH Rise - Using Dragonators during Rampages

Defender Tickets dropped from Rampage Quests are also great options for melding with their high value and drop rate. Clearing a single quest can get you many of these tickets, so if you find yourself struggling with Narwa, try farming Defender Tickets instead.

Rampage Quests where Apex monsters appear will take more time, so we recommend farming ★6 and up quests with normal monsters only. Each run will take roughly 10-15 minutes with minimal difficulty.

We also suggest reaching an S rank or above to maximize all rewards! To know more on how do so with our guide:
Rampage Guide: How to Get S-Rank

Receive Friend Vouchers in Multiplayer

When playing online, alongside the typical rewards, you will also receive Friend Vouchers as a bonus. A single Friend Voucher is similar in value to Defender Tickets, so playing online to farm these is also recommended.

How to Get Friend Vouchers

As you complete your quest online, on the results screen you will see a bar for Friend Points that when accumulated will offer bonus rewards, sometimes resulting in a set of 12 Friend Vouchers.

You and your friends will both receive points, and exchanging Guild Cards will increase the number of points you both receive.

Multiplayer Recruitment Board

Sunbreak Talisman Reroll Exploit

As of August 10, 2022, this exploit has been patched out in the First Title Update of MHRise Sunbreak (Version 11.0).

Reroll Talismans Endlessly

This trick will allow you to reroll any number of Talismans up to 50 as many times as you want, while only spending the Materials and Kamura Points needed for 1 Talisman for each reroll. You can continue to reroll Talismans this way until you find the perfect fit for your build!

Things to Prepare in Advance
  • Defeat the Final Boss of Sunbreak to reach MR6
  • Enough Materials and Melding Items for the number of Talismans you want to make (max 50 + 1 for each reroll)
  • Up to 10 MP Accelerants (1 for each batch of 5 Talismans)
How to Reroll Talismans
From the menu, select Options > Save Data and turn Autosave Settings to Off.
At the Melding Pot, select Melding–Anima. Make 5 Talismans in each batch, and use MP Accelerant on each of them.
If you're prepared to spend the resources once you roll a good Talisman, making the maximum 10 batches for a total of 50 Talismans is most time-efficient.
Take the crafted talismans and look through them. If you found a talisman you want to keep, stop here. Otherwise, quit the game without saving.
If you select Quit Game from the menu and select Yes to save and quit, you will keep the Talismans you crafted and won't get your Materials back, so watch out!
On restarting the game, go back to the Market and on Melding–Anima, make just one Talisman. Do not use MP Accelerant this time.
The resources you use on this single Talisman will be used permanently, so don't choose something you might want.
Go to Training Master Arlow and select Arena Quests -> Low/High Rank -> Arena 05. Proceed to get bodied by Rajang. Afterwards, you will be prompted to save, but either choice is fine.
This is the fastest way available to complete a Quest, but completing or failing any Quest will do. Remember, if it's on purpose it doesn't hurt your dignity (maybe a little)
Go back to the Market and claim the single Talisman. Save and quit your game.
Repeat Steps 2 and 3. This time, you should get a totally different batch of Talismans without spending any new Materials! If you still didn't get a Talisman you wanted, continue on to Step 4 and repeat the process until you find a good Talisman.

Monster Hunter Rise generates lists of Talismans which are hidden to the player each time they craft at the Melding Pot. The lists only reset under certain conditions, so even if the player resets the game and crafts Talismans again, they'll just draw from the same list. If you notice, this is why the Talisman obtained in Step 6 is the same as the first Talisman of the list in Step 3.

It's possible to reset the list by crafting at least one Talisman and restarting the game. This exploit takes advantage of this fact by doing exactly that, and resetting the list repeatedly to check as many possible Talismans as you like!

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Somethings odd about the loadout.In the video against Diablos,that firing speed is pretty fast.Mine is super slow despite having the same Armor and Decorations.Any idea what perk increases the firing speed?It takes me 9 minutes minimum to do that mission.


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