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This is a guide on how to use the Camera in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)! Read on to learn more about the Camera and its Features!

What is the Camera?

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The Camera has a similar function as the Surveyor Set in Monster Hunter World. Using the Camera, you can take pictures of flora and fauna, as well as anything your heart desires within the different locales in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Use the Camera and Take Pictures

Finding the Camera

The Camera can be accessed by either your custom radial menu shortcuts or the action menu. It can be found within the same menu as the other actions you can take while perusing Kamura VIllage.

Taking a Picture

Photo mode.png

Within the HUD, you can see the buttons on the lower right side which indicate Controls while in Photo Mode. Above the controls is the total amount of space you have left in your Gallery as well the total amount of pictures you can still take!

The hollow square by the center is the Capture Field which will be the only thing included if you take your picture. Below the capture, the field is the Zoom Function which you can slide through with the ZR and ZL buttons. In the top right is to know the Current POV you are in.

Changing Camera View

First-person POV Cohoot View POV

You can switch between the Character View which is a first-person POV or the Cohoot View for selfies by pressing the Left Stick.

Camera Controls

Function Button
Cohoot View (Press)Left Analog.png
Exit Buttons B.png
To Album Buttons X.png
Adjust Angle R Analog.png
Adjust Position Keypad
Take Picture
Buttons UD Arrows.pngButtons LR Arrows.png
Zoom In Button zR.png
Zoom Out Buttons zL.png

Taking a Selfie

Cohoot Buddy Taking a Pic.png

You can take a selfie or group selfie with the help of your Cohoot buddy! Just change from Character View to Cohoot View in the Camera Controls. While in Cohoot View, you can do various gestures and poses before taking a picture.

What is a Cohoot?

Viewing Images


You can access your album of images either in-game or within your Switch Console's gallery.

New Sunbreak Camera Features

Features for Switch and PC

New camera features are coming with the Sunbreak DLC for both the Switch and the PC! Check the table below to see the controls.

New Sunbreak Camera Features Controls
PC / Switch
Hide UI Feature

MH Rise - Hide UI
Switch: (Press) R Analog.png
PC Controller: Press R Analog
Buddies Face Camera
MH Rise - Buddies Face Camera
Switch: Button L.png
PC Controller: Press LB
Face Camera
MH Rise - Face Camera GIF
Switch: Minus Button.png
PC Controller: Left Arrow D-Pad

PC Exclusive Camera Features

There are even more camera features only for the PC! Add snazzy filters to make your photos look unique. Check the table below to see the controls.

PC Exclusive Camera Features Controls
Depth of Field
MH Rise - Depth of Field.gif
PC Controller: Press RB
MH Rise - Focus Camera Feature.gif
PC Controller:
LB and RB to increase and decrease
Blur Range
MH Rise - Blur Range.gifPC Controller:
PC Controller: Press Y to increase and decrease the range.
Switch Filter
MH Rise - Switch Filter Black & White.gifMH Rise - Sepia Filter Black & White.gifMH Rise - Japanese-Style And Warring Lands style Filter.gif
Filters Used:
・Black & White
・Black & White (Cinema-style)
・Sepia (Cinema-style)
・Japanese style
・Warring Lands-style
PC Controller: Press X

Why Take Pictures?

Used to Accomplish Requests

Rock Lizard the Camera.png

For certain Request Side Quests, such as Endemic Life: Rock Lizard, the hunter is tasked to use the Camera to take pictures, in this case of the Rock Lizard Endemic Life.

Certain in-game rewards require the completion of Requests, so be sure to register the Camera to your Radial Menu to be ready to take a picture when you need it!

Requests Guide and List of Requests

Spice Up Your Guild Card

Taking aesthetic images can greatly enhance the look of your Guild Card!

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