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Sunbreak Primordial Malzeno: Weakness and Drops

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Primordial Malzeno Guide

This is a hunting guide for Primordial Malzeno, a variant Elder Dragon and the final monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) Sunbreak DLC. Read on to learn Primordial Malzeno's weaknesses, forgeable weapons, forgeable armor, drops, and attack patterns for Master Rank!

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Primordial Malzeno Weakness and Notes

Primordial Malzeno
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Primordial Malzeno New Monster
Type Elder Dragon
Threat Level 10/10 Rampage Type
Major Weakness Other Weakness
Blight / Elemental Damage Abnormal Status
Malzeno's original form before it was tainted by the Qurio. Ordinarily, it uses its wings and tail with the elegance of a knight, but under the Qurio's influence, it uses underhanded means of cornering its prey, and in its "Bloodlust" state it wields tremendous power. Because of the explosive energy corrupting its body, it sometimes shows behavior as if its struggling against an overwhelming force.

How to Unlock Primordial Malzeno

Reach MR 10

Sunbreak - Harbinger of Destruction Urgent Quest

Hunters will be able to repel Primordial Malzeno via the M6★ Urgent Quest Harbinger of Destruction. This urgent quest will unlock as soon as the Hunter reaches MR10.

After finishing the urgent quest, Primordial Malzeno can be fought again in the M6★ Hub Quest Legend Resurrected.

MR Grinding Guide:
How to Get from MR 6 to MR 100 Fast

A Malzeno Variant Monster

MH Rise Sunbreak - Primordial Malzeno

Primordial Malzeno is the pre-qurio Elder Dragon variant of Malzeno, the flagship Elder Dragon of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

It is available to challenge in the Bonus Update, which dropped in June 8, 2023.

Malzeno: Weakness and Drops

Primordial Malzeno Weaknesses

Primordial Malzeno Weapon Damage Breakdown

Part Sever Symbol (MH Rise).png Blunt Symbol (MH Rise).png Ammo Symbol (MH Rise).png
Head 46 48 45
Torso 32 30 15
Foreleg 45 40 30
Hind Leg 30 28 5
Wing 22 22 5
Tail 35 32 10
Tail Tip 26 22 10
Overall 34 32 17

Primordial Malzeno Elemental Weakness Breakdown

Part Fire Symbol (MH Rise).png Water Symbol (MH Rise).png Thunder Element (MH Rise).png Ice Element (MH Rise).png Dragon Element (MH Rise).png
Head 15 0 0 15 25
Torso 10 0 0 5 15
Foreleg 10 0 0 5 20
Hind Leg 10 0 0 5 15
Wing 10 0 0 5 15
Tail 10 0 0 5 15
Tail Tip 10 0 0 5 15
Overall 11 0 0 6 17

Higher numbers indicate higher potential damage to the monster.

Primordial Malzeno Hunting Tips

Sunbreak - Primordial Malzeno Hunting Tips

Once overwhelmed by the Qurio, it transitions into its Bloodening state, which culminates in Bloodrage as it is corrupted. Dealing damage is the only way to mitigate this state. When this Malzeno gets low on health, it enters its Bloodlust state. Attacks won't calm it down in this state, so extreme caution is advised.

Status Effect Vulnerabilities

Poison Stun Paralysis Sleep
-- -- -- --
Blast Exhaust Fireblight Waterblight
★★ -- ★★
Thunderblight Iceblight

If an ailment has more stars it means that it has better effectiveness.

Item Vulnerabilities

Pitfall Trap Shock Trap Flash Bomb
Sonic Bomb Meat Effects Dung Bomb

◯ = Vulnerable; ✕ = Fully Resistant; ▲ = Situational

Primordial Malzeno Locations and Quests

Primordial Malzeno Habitat

Map Starting Area Visited Areas Rest Area
Citadel.pngCitadel 2 / 8 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 10 / 14 7
Lava Caverns.pngLava Caverns Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Shrine Ruins.pngShrine Ruins Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Forlorn Arena.pngForlorn Arena - - -

Primordial Malzeno Quest Appearances

Master Rank
High Rank
Low Rank
Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Event Quest M★6 Dual Threat: Banquet of Beauty
Event Quest M★6 Daily Practice
Hub Quest M★6 Legend Resurrected
Hub Quest M★6 Hazard: Primordial Pest
Urgent Hub Quest M★6 Harbinger of Destruction
No Quest in This Rank
No Quest in This Rank

How to Beat Primordial Malzeno

Use Wirebug Dashes and Counters

Primordial Malzeno is extremely fast and hits hard, guaranteeing a cart in a few combos. It is recommended that you make use of any available Wirebug dashes or Silkbind counters to dodge its attacks. It's basically a fight that tests your mastery of these Risebreak skills.

Even in its two phase changes, it still has a lot of counter-safe moves. However, its combo attacks increase with every phase, making it much harder to find a window for dodging.

Study its moveset and use your Wirebugs wisely. We recommend Wirebug-boosting skills such as Wind Mantle and Frienzied Bloodlust for this.

Know Each of Primordial Malzeno's Phases

Primordial Malzeno has three phases: Normal, Afflicted, and Bloodlust phases. Dealing enough damage during its normal phase will cause it to transform into the Afflicted phase and dealing more damage will push it to become Bloodlust.

Primordial Malzeno Phases

Normal Phase

Normal Phase: In this phase, Primordial Malzeno does not have access to any Qurio-based attack. It will mostly attack using its wings and tail.
Afflicted Phase

Afflicted Phase: Primordial Malzeno gains Qurio spots on its neck, forearms, and tail tip. This gives it access to Qurio-based attacks.
Bloostlust Phase

Bloodlust Phase: Primordial Malzeno becomes a black dragon with red streaks around its body similar to Risen Elder Dragons.

At this state, Primordial Malzeno is extremely aggressive, will blink around the battlefield to confuse hunters, and have access to its one-hit KO supernova move.

Each transformation will make it stronger and enable it to combo its moves. Its first phase change will enable it to use Dragon projectiles, and it turning into its Bloodlust state will enable it even further to become more aggressive with its attacks.

Attack When It Struggles with Qurio

Even though Malzeno goes crazy with combos in its Bloodlust phase, it doesn't come without repercussions.

After performing combos and blinks throughout the fight, Malzeno will become 'exhausted' and struggle with the symbiosis of the Qurio. While it resists Qurio, it is neither able to move nor attack. It is held down in a "stunned' state.

While it cannot act, take this opportunity to use heal up using items or Silkbind Attacks for massive damage before it gets back up!

Deal Enough Damage to Remove Affliction

Dealing enough damage on Qurio-spots will knock the Affliction out of Primordial Malzeno. This also causes P. Malzeno to fall down, opening it up for follow up attacks!

Be Aggressive with Bloodblight

When Primordial Malzeno's Qurio projectiles hit you, it will cause Bloodblight.

It is best to play aggressively when under this effect, since health recovery items will significantly have less effect when used.

Bloodblight will wear off over time, so make sure to be cautious while affected by it!

Be Careful of its Supernova

Primordial Malzeno has a devastating OHKO nova attack that will guarantee a cart. Malzeno first rains down qurio energy around itself, then blinks to a hunter (a random hunter in multiplayer) and explodes. The explosion has a very wide area of effect, even wider than the visual effect on the screen so do not be fooled.

To survive, it is recommended to iframe it with an emergency evade or by being a good distance away when the nova explosion occurs. Thankfully, Primordial Malzeno takes around one and a half second for it to explode after the initial qurio rain so hunters can telegraph this move. It's a pretty easy move to evade if you know what to do.

If you manage to survive the explosion, Primordial Malzeno will not move for a few seconds to recharge giving Hunters a huge opening to attack.

Upgrade Defense with Skills and Spiribirds

MH Rise Sunbreak Malzeno Prismatic Spiribird

This Elder Dragon is capable of carting you in two-to-three hits when you are not careful!

To maximize your survival, it is recommended to always gather Spiribirds before battle. If you are doing its Hazard quest in an arena, always take the Prism Spiribird.

Having fully upgraded armor, taking Dangos, and using defensive skills like Defense Boost, Divine Blessing and Intrepid Heart will help a lot.

Bring Nulberries for Dragonblight

MH Rise Sunbreak Nulberry Description Box

Like its Qurio-infested counterpart, Primordial Malzeno is capable of inflicting Dragonblight through its breath attacks and projectiles.

Make sure to stock up on Nulberries or increase your Dragon Resistance to negate this blight.

But if you do not want to worry too much about not dealing elemental damage, using Dragon weapons are the way to go since they are unaffected by this elemental blight.

Status Effects and Elemental Blight

Exploit its Dragon Weakness

Sunbreak - Use Dragon Element

Primordial Malzeno is primarily weak to Dragon, and its second next weakness is Fire. Because of this, bringing Dragon or Fire weapons are recommended.

Dragon weapons are the best pick since they are unaffected by Dragonblight.

Primordial Malzeno Attack and Moves

Primordial Malzeno is a variant monster, so it would have a mix of moves from the normal Malzeno and entirely new moves that makes it unique. We have listed down some moves that Hunter should be aware of when fighting Primordial Malzeno!

Name Description
Tail Swipe Primordial Malzeno slams its tail on the ground then swipes it sideways.
Crosswing Chop Primordial Malzeno flies up then swipes its wings on the ground.
Lance Wingarm Primordial Malzeno uses its wingarm as a long range lance - poking enemies in front of it.
Wingshield Lance Primordial Malzeno uses its strong wing as a shield to charge on Hunters, then follows up with a tail stab.
Blood Orb Projectile Attacks Primordial Malzeno shows its mastery of the qurio by creating orbs of energy.
Primordial Breath Attack The Elder Dragon uses its strong breath to crack the ground. This attack propagates
Primordial Ascension Slam Primordial Malzeno creates a circular area of effect that explodes as soon as Malzeno drops to the ground.
Ground Swipes The Elder Dragon swipes the ground and tears it down with strong air pressure.
Triple Blood Lasers
Primordial Malzeno charges up and shoots out three beams of qurio energy.
Primordial Wing Combo
Primordial Malzeno's most common 3-hit attack. This can straight up cart any hunter hit by the combo.
Primordial Supernova
This is Primordial Malzeno's one hit KO move. Learn to avoid this at all costs.

Tail Swipe

Tail Swipe Attack Information

Tail Swipe: Primordial Malzeno slams its tail on the ground, then swipes it sideways to the back.

A lot of Hunters can be caught off-guard with this move considering they can telegraph it to be a front tail stab and stay at Malzeno's back. Be careful as Malzeno can switch it up by sweeping it backwards instead!

Crosswing Chop

Crosswing Chop Attack Information

Crosswing Chop: One of Primordial Malzeno's new attacks. Malzeno hovers backwards and slices both of its wing on the ground in a crescent area of effect.

This move's hitbox is the crescent alone so evading backwards or forwards would do the trick. Evading forward would allow you to get some hits in.

Lance Wingarm Attacks

Primordial Malzeno uses its sharp wingarms like a Lance, then stabs enemies in front of it. It usually follows it up with a sideways sweep.

Lance Wingarm Attack Variations

Wingarm Combo: Primordial Malzeno stabs any enemies infront of it, then sweeps its wings sideways. The sweeping attack has an extremely long reach and can hit enemies from far away.

The wing stab is easy to evade - it can be done simply be evading sideways. The sweep however, is what can catch Hunters off guard. Always remember that the sweep attack has a long reach so the hitbox can hit you even if you think you're far away. If possible, try performing an emergency evade or counter.

Double Wingarm Combo: A variation of the Wingarm combo that Primordial Malzeno does when it is in its Bloodlust phase. Hunters can be caught off guard thinking it's just one combo and its done.

Wingshield Lance

Wingshield Lance Attack Information

Wingshield Lance: Primordial Malzeno uses its wings as a shield then charges on a Hunter. It will then follow it up with a tail stab!

The wing charge attack has a huge hitbox so if you're close to Malzeno, you have no choice but to counter. Also, don't forget that there is a follow up tail stab attack so don't get too complacent.

Blood Orb Projectile Attacks

Primordial Malzeno harnesses the power of Qurio to send out Blood-energy orbs that can hit Hunters from far away. These inflict Bloodblight so be extra careful!

Blood Orb Projectile Attack Variations

Homing Projectiles: Primordial Malzeno summons four (4) orbs around its wings. These orbs will then fly & home in on a Hunter!

The projectiles are easy to evade - simply move / evade sideways. The problem lies with Malzeno following it up with attacks. Be sure to evade properly and not panic!

Triple Forward Projectiles: Primordial Malzeno covers its body with its wings, then sends out three lines of blood projectiles that runs through the ground. Any Hunter hit is thrown upwards.

Try to avoid these blood projectiles by going between them or evading their lines completely!

Omnidirectional Orb Projectiles: Primordial Malzeno charges up then sends out blood orbs that travel in all directions.

These orbs, while travelling in all directions, still have gaps in between the orbs. Evade this attack by going through those gaps and let the orbs pass by.

Primordial Breath Attack

Primordial Breath Attack Information

Primordial Breath Attack: Primordial Malzeno uses its strong breath to crack even the ground. This breath also explodes four (4) times and travels forward in a triangular area.

This move is pretty easy to avoid considering the breath attack takes time to charge. Simple roll to the side as the breath attack propagates forward.

Primordial Ascension Slam

Primordial Ascension Slam Information

Primordial Ascension Slam: Primordial Malzeno flies up then summons a circular ring of qurio energy. It will then slam its wings, causing the ring to explode and sending out qurio energy in all directions.

Be sure to roll away from the circle when Malzeno does this. Then, beware of the follow-up qurio energy pillars that travels in random direction - this can hit you too.

Ground Swipes

Ground Swipes Attack Information

Ground Swipes: Primordial Malzeno uses its strong wings to swipe the ground and create a line of air that can reach hunters from far away.

Simply evade this move by rolling sideways. However, this move usually comes in a pair so don't get too complacent and wait for the second one to finish before going aggressive.

Triple Blood Lasers

Triple Blood Lasers Attack Information

Triple Blood Lasers: Primordial Malzeno expands its wings then sends out three blood-powered lasers parallel with each other. These lasers starts from Malzeno's chest & wings, and can only happen in the Afflicted and Bloodlust phases.

This move usually have a half-second charge time where it shows the line of lasers. Be sure to go in between the lasers to evade them completely. If you're farther to the side, just evade towards the side even more.

Primordial Wing Combo

Primordial Wing Combo Attack Information

Primordial Wing Combo: A fast-paced and devastating combination of attacks that can definitely cart a Hunter caught in the crossfire. This is one of the most common combos done by Primordial Malzeno when it enters the Bloodlust phase.

This move is quite hard to telegraph as Malzeno usually blinks in the middle of each attack. Be sure to sheathe your weapon and not try to attack Malzeno during its attack! Play safe and bide your time.

Primordial Supernova

Primordial Supernova Attack Information

Primordial Supernova: Primordial Malzeno's one-hit KO supernova attack. Malzeno first rains down qurio energy around itself, then blinks to a hunter (a random hunter in multiplayer) and explodes. The explosion has a very wide area of effect, even wider than the visual effect on the screen so do not be fooled.

The rain of energy is quite easy to evade - simply run away from Malzeno and evade all projectiles. The explosion is your problem. Be sure to sheathe your weapon and stay ready to execute an emergency evade if Malzeno chooses you as its victim. Do not try to roll evade this move, the explosion has a really huge hitbox.

If you manage to survive the explosion, Primordial Malzeno will not move for a few seconds which is a big opening for Hunters to attack.

Primordial Malzeno Materials and Drops

Master Rank Primordial Malzeno Materials

Broken Parts
You cannot capture this monster!
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Shining Shieldwing IconShining Shieldwing [85% (Wing)]
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno Silverhorn IconMalzeno Silverhorn [80% (Horn)]
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Madness Parasite IconMadness Parasite [30% (x2, Foreleg)]
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno Beautifang IconMalzeno Beautifang [17% (x2, Horn)]
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno Pureplate IconMalzeno Pureplate [15% (Wing), 70% (Foreleg)]
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Primordial Tail IconPrimordial Tail [80% (Tail)]
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno Pureplate IconMalzeno Pureplate [37% (Body), 17% (Tail)]
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Primordial Scale IconPrimordial Scale [28% (Body)]
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno Beautifang IconMalzeno Beautifang [21% (Body)]
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Shining Shieldwing IconShining Shieldwing [13% (Body)]
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Primordial Bloodstone IconPrimordial Bloodstone [1% (Body), 3% (Tail)]

Primordial Malzeno Dropped Materials

Master Rank

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno Pureplate IconMalzeno Pureplate [27%, 50%]
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Madness Parasite IconMadness Parasite [20%, 20% (x2)]

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