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This is a guide and gameplay preview of the Sword and Shield weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Learn about the new changes and moves available for the Sword and Shield, with details on its new Silkbind Attacks.

Sword and Shield Tier List Ranking

Tier List Ranking S Rank Icon

The Sword and Shield is still very good in Monster Hunter Rise with it keeping its place at the top of the tier list. Perfect Rush has returned and is still as powerful as ever. A new guard point opportunity has been added as well as a silkbind move that has a huge invulnerability frame! If you were a Sword and Shield main in the past games, just continue being one!

Weapon Tier List

Sword and Shield Controls

Button Action
Buttons X.png Chop
Buttons A.png Lateral Slash
Left Analog.pngButtons A.png
Shield Attack
Buttons X.pngButtons A.png
Advancing Slash
Button zR.png Guard
Button zR.png+Buttons A.png
Guard Slash
During a combo, Left Analog.pngButtons A.png
During a backstep, hold
Buttons A.png
Charged Slash
After a backstep
Buttons X.png
Leaping Slash
After a Leaping Slash or Guard Slash
Buttons X.png
Perfect Rush
Button zR.pngButtons Y.png
Use Item
Buttons zL.pngButtons X.png
Falling Shadow
Buttons zL.pngButtons A.png

Useful Combos
Basic Combo
Buttons X.png
Side Slash
Buttons X.png
Lateral Slash
Buttons A.png
Return Stroke
Buttons A.png
Powerful Combo
Lateral Slash
Buttons A.png
Return Stroke
Buttons A.png
Spinning Rising Slash
Buttons A.png
Spinning Reaper
Buttons X.png+Buttons A.png
Monster-Stunning Combo
Shield Attack
Left Analog.png+Buttons A.png
Shield Bash
Buttons A.png
Hard Bash
Buttons A.png
Charged Slash Combo
Buttons X.png
Charged Slash
Left Analog.png+Buttons A.png
( ↓ Analog and Hold A)
Hit Monster Jump Slash
Buttons X.png
Falling Bash
Buttons A.png

Sword and Shield New Moves

Official Sword and Shield Preview Video

Falling Shadow

falling shadow silkbind attack.png
Falling Shadow is a Silkbind Attack that makes you jump up into the air. When you land the attack, you can combo it to fly into the air again and land another hit with an attack like Charged Slash.

Buttons zL.pngButtons X.png


windmill silkbind attack.png
Windmill is a Silkbind Attack that attaches your sword to the end of the Silk and whips it around. This attack grants invincibility frames, so using it with good timing will allow you to avoid Monsters' fierce attacks.

Buttons zL.pngButtons A.png

Guard Slash

Sword and Shield Cross Counter
A guard point opportunity is now added to the Guard Slash! Whenever you have successfully triggered the guard point, you can execute the Perfect Rush!

Buttons zR.pngButtons A.png

Sword and Shield Returning Moves

Perfect Rush

The strongest potential combo for the Sword and Shield is the Perfect Rush. It's a specific move that can only be comboed from a Backstep -> Leaping Slash or a Guard Slash, making it tricky to pull off but worth your while.

If you time your inputs currently, you'll be able to execute this attack to deal significantly more damage – you'll know when it has been done correctly when the hunter glows red after the attack.

Charged Slash (Falling Bash)

falling bash
The Charged Slash also makes a triumphant return together with the Perfect Rush move. It's a charge slash attack that allows the Sword and Shield to leap high and unleash combos. It's damage is less than the Perfect Rush in Monster Hunter World and seemingly, in Monster Hunter Rise too.

After Backstep, Hold and ReleaseButtons A.png

Can Use Items

The Sword and Shield is the only weapon which allows for Items to be used without sheathing. This makes it easy to lay traps or handle emergencies fast, and makes it suitable for support players in a multiplayer setting.

Button zR.pngButtons Y.png

Recommended Sword and Shield Combos

High Damage Perfect Rush Combo

Perfect Rush Combo

Button Inputs
Button zR.pngLeft Analog.png↓+Buttons A.pngButtons X.pngButtons X.pngButtons X.pngButtons X.pngButtons A.png

This combo utilizes the Sword and Shield's most powerful move: Perfect Rush. Always remember to time the Perfect Rush hits properly for maximum damage (Clue: When red, hit X). This combo is great whenever there is an opening to attack the monster so you can time perfect rush properly!

Falling Shadow Combo

Fallling Shadow Combo

Button Inputs
Buttons zL.png+Buttons X.pngButtons A.png

This combo utilizes the silkbind attack Falling Shadow. After the Shield Bash, you may go directly to Backstep then proceed to Perfect Rush!

Bread-and-Butter Combo

Bread and Butter Combo

Button Inputs
Buttons X.pngButtons A.pngButtons A.pngButtons X.png+Buttons A.png

This is the bread-and-butter combo for Sword and Shield. Use this when there is not enough opening for Perfect Rush. It is not as powerful but it is better than waiting. You can also tuirn the Left Analog to any direction and hit X + A to change the direction your hunter is facing!

Sword and Shield Strengths and Weaknesses


Check IconHigh Elemental damage and Status Ailment

Check IconPerfect Rush is powerful

Check IconStun with Shield

Check IconNo need to sheathe to use items

Check IconGuarding with Shield

High Elemental Damage and Number of Hits

high elemental damage.png
Sword and Shield weapons often have high Elemental damage. Sword and Shield also has a high rate of hits, allowing it to deal elemental damage faster.

Perfect Rush is Powerful

perfect rush 1.png
Perfect Rush, while difficult to execute, has one of the highest DPS outputs of any move in the game. Players must execute it with proper timing, and it can take a long time to get used to. However, in Monster Hunter Rise, players are now able to execute Perfect Rush from a Guard Slash, increasing the potential to combo into a Perfect Rush.

Stun with Shield

falling bash.png
Attacks with the Shield, including Charged Slash, count as stun damage.

No Need to Sheathe to Use Items

The Sword and Shield is the only weapon that can use items without having to sheathe the weapons.

Guarding with Shield

While it is far from being the best shield in the game, being able to guard against attacks on the fly is incredibly valuable.


Check IconEasy to flinch

Check IconShort reach

Easy to Flinch

If you get hit by an ally's attack, you can easily get flinched out of your combos. But in Monster Hunter World (MHW), there is a skill called Flinch Free that a lot of hunters utilize as a countermeasure to this problem.

Short Reach

The Sword and Shield has a shorter reach than most weapons, making it difficult to attack at parts that are high up (often the head or the tail).

How to Use the Sword and Shield

Utilize the Windmill Silkbind Attack

windmill silkbind attack 2.png
Windmill has invincibility frames and wide range. It will be perfect for small monsters, and can easily compensate for the Sword and Shield's short reach.

Maximize Wirebug Usage

sns wirebug.png
Wirebugs can easily close the gap between you and a monster, again making up for the Sword and Shield's short reach.

Execute Perfect Rush

perfect rush 2.png
As mentioned earlier, Perfect Rush can dish out a ton of damage when done correctly. While we don't yet know if the damage is going to be the same in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), if it is anything like the damage in Monster Hunter World (MHW), Sword and Shield will be a strong weapon.

Guard in Emergencies

sns guard.png
Sword and Shield's guarding ability is not the best, so do not be overly reliant on guarding. Guard only in emergencies.

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