Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Dragonite Ore Mining Location: Where to Find and Uses

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Dragonite Ore Banner

Dragonite Ore can be mined from white and blue outcrops in Lava Caverns in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn where to find Dragonite Ore outcrops in the game and its uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Dragonite Ore - Basic Information

Name Dragonite Ore ImageDragonite Ore
Description An ore that yields metal superior to that of machalite--rare and valuable.
Rarity 4 Type Ore
Sell Price 480 Hold Limit 99

Best Farming Route for Dragonite Ore

Farm Dragonite Ore in High Rank Lava Caverns

Best Farming Route Video

You can find Dragonite Ore from either white or blue mining outcrops in the Lava Caverns.

Best Farming Route Guide

Lava Caverns
Upper Level Lower Level

Don't forget to eat to maximize your stamina, which will be useful for running around a lot. Palamutes are also useful when you go on expeditions to farm certain items as you can use their Sniff 'em Out! ability to help you look for farming nodes!

Dragonite Ore - Mining Locations

Gathering Spots: Low Rank

Map Gathering Spot
Lava Caverns Mining Outcrop (White, Blue)

Gathering Spots: High Rank

Map Gathering Spot
Shrine Ruins Mining Outcrop (White, Blue)
Flooded Forest Mining Outcrop (Blue)
Frost Islands Mining Outcrop (Blue)
Sandy Plains Mining Outcrop (White, Blue)
Lava Caverns Mining Outcrop (Blue)

Meowcenaries: Low Rank

Map Node Type
Lava Caverns Ore Node (Sparkling)

Meowcenaries: High Rank

Map Node Type
Shrine Ruins Ore Node

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Qty (#)
Hub Quest ★3 Disastrously Beautiful
Urgent Hub Quest ★3 Hellfire
Hub Quest ★3 A Few Bumps Along the Way
Hub Quest ★3 A Friend in Need
Hub Quest ★3 Wavering Moon and Thunder
Hub Quest ★3 Champion of the Caverns
Hub Quest ★3 My Muse the Mizutsune
Hub Quest ★3 Twilit Twin Stars
Hub Quest ★3 Bully of the Caverns
Hub Quest ★3 Down 'n' Dirty
Hub Quest ★3 Beckoning Slumber
Village Quest ★4 THE BEST Quest ½
Village Quest ★4 So Hot, It Melts Iron ½
Village Quest ★4 Getting Back the Groceries ½
Hub Quest ★4 Dango Duty -
Hub Quest ★4 Night of the Khezu -
Village Quest ★5 Nosey Nuisances
Urgent Village Quest ★5 Comeuppance
Village Quest ★5 Rathalos Alert!
Village Quest ★5 Waltzing by Moonlight ½
Village Quest ★5 Nocturnal Tracker
Village Quest ★5 Electrifying Ephiphany
Village Quest ★5 Wind Speed Wyvern
Hub Quest ★5 Learn the Lance -
Hub Quest ★5 Go Away, Pukei! -
Hub Quest ★5 Rise Above the Mud -
Hub Quest ★5 Foul Play in the Forest -
Urgent Hub Quest ★5 The Restless Swamp -
Event Quest ★5 Dastardly Vile Aknosom Trio -
Village Quest ★6 King of the Sky, Bane of the Land
Village Quest ★6 Like a Flash of Lightning
Village Quest ★6 A Test of Courage
Village Quest ★6 Twisted Desire
Village Quest ★6 Thundering Voice
Urgent Village Quest ★6 Hermit of the Swamp
Event Quest ★6 Out of Sight, Out of Mind's Eye -

Item drop quantity marked as ''-'' have unknown / unconfirmed quantities.

As a Delivery Quest Target Reward

HR Quest Name Drop Rate (#)
★4 So Hot, It Melts Iron ★★★

Delivery Quests each have a special set of Target Rewards to replace those earned by hunting Monsters.

Dragonite Ore - Crafting Uses

Effect Summary
Used for forging and upgrading.

Used to Craft Weapons

Heavy Bowgun Image Cirrus Blaster I (×2) Great Sword Image Hanayako Yohino I (×5)
Dual Blades Image Morning Dawn I (×3) Hunting Horn Image Poetic Bell I (×3)
Switch Axe Image Almudron Axe I (×3) Light Bowgun Image Almudron Bowgun I (×3)
Gunlance Image Almudron Gunlance I (×3) Hammer Image Almudron Hammer I (×1)
Lance Image Babel Spear I (×5) Gunlance Image Canyne Cannon I (×4)
Great Sword Image Chrome Razor I (×10) Hammer Image Cyclo-Hammer I (×4)
Bow Image Dawn Ray Bow I (×4) Sword & Shield Image Exorcising Sword I (×3)
Lance Image Fragrance I (×3) Lance Image Growling Wyvern I (×5)
Heavy Bowgun Image Highpriest Bowgun I (×2) Heavy Bowgun Image Journey Jelly I (×2)
Light Bowgun Image Lotus Bowgun I (×3) Dual Blades Image Mud Ripper I (×3)
Dual Blades Image Qornu Waga I (×2) Dual Blades Image Rainy Jelly I (×2)
Charge Blade Image Ricebane I (×2) Dual Blades Image Sworn Rapiers I (×3)
Switch Axe Image Wheel Axe I (×2) Hunting Horn Image Bull Grunt I (×3)
Dual Blades Image Rex Slicers I (×3)

Used to Upgrade Weapons

Hammer Image Calamitous Portent I (×2) Long Sword Image Guardian Sword II (×3)
Lance Image Naag Serpentblade I (×1) Insect Glaive Image Hidden Scythe I (×3)
Bow Image Kulu's Flight II (×3) Long Sword Image Kulu Katana II (×4)
Dual Blades Image Kulu's Peck II (×2) Bow Image Arko Nulo Yellow I (×3)
Insect Glaive Image Kadachi Glaive I (×3) Dual Blades Image Khezu Daggers II (×3)
Sword & Shield Image Khezu Razor II (×3) Hammer Image Kulu Bludgeon II (×4)
Heavy Bowgun Image Usurper's Tremor I (×2) Bow Image Arzuros Bow II (×3)
Great Sword Image Axeblade I (×3) Light Bowgun Image Barro Barrel II (×2)
Great Sword Image Buster Blade (×3) Gunlance Image Delex Harpoon II (×3)
Switch Axe Image Delex Sail II (×4) Dual Blades Image Dual Daggers (×3)
Dual Blades Image Dual Hatchets II (×2) Charge Blade Image Elite Blade II (×4)
Switch Axe Image Elite Switch Axe II (×5) Dual Blades Image Gelid Mind I (×3)
Switch Axe Image General's Strongaxe I (×3) Hunting Horn Image Great Bagpipe (×3)
Switch Axe Image Improved Steel Axe (×3) Sword & Shield Image Iron Beater I (×4)
Long Sword Image Iron Gospel (×4) Long Sword Image Kamura Blade V (×4)
Charge Blade Image Kamura C. Blade V (×4) Hunting Horn Image Kamura Chorus V (×4)
Great Sword Image Kamura Cleaver V (×4) Insect Glaive Image Kamura Glaive V (×4)
Dual Blades Image Kamura Glintblades V (×4) Gunlance Image Kamura Gunlance V (×4)
Heavy Bowgun Image Kamura H. Bowgun V (×4) Hammer Image Kamura Hammer V (×4)
Switch Axe Image Kamura Iron Axe V (×4) Bow Image Kamura Iron Bow V (×4)
Light Bowgun Image Kamura L. Bowgun V (×4) Lance Image Kamura Spear V (×4)
Sword & Shield Image Kamura Sword V (×4) Bow Image Khezu Bow II (×3)
Light Bowgun Image Khezu Syringe II (×3) Gunlance Image Lagomberator II (×3)
Heavy Bowgun Image Meteor Bazooka II (×10) Lance Image Millennial Lance (×5)
Hunting Horn Image Pukei Bagpipe I (×2) Great Sword Image Pukei Edge II (×2)
Sword & Shield Image Pukei Sword I (×3) Bow Image Queen Blaster I (×2)
Light Bowgun Image Rathling Gun I (×3) Charge Blade Image Regas Hyper (×3)
Insect Glaive Image Rielle Nulo II (×2) Light Bowgun Image Scale Tornado I (×3)
Light Bowgun Image Sniper Shot (×4) Heavy Bowgun Image Steel Assault (×2)
Insect Glaive Image Steel Blade (×3) Bow Image Steel Bow (×4)
Gunlance Image Striker's Gunlance I (×3) Switch Axe Image The Shredder I (×3)
Hunting Horn Image Valkyrie Chordmaker I (×3) Switch Axe Image Venom Hatchet I (×3)
Hunting Horn Image Vicello Unu (×3) Lance Image Volvi Stroke I (×2)
Bow Image Wroggi Revolver II (×2) Great Sword Image Carapace Sword II (×2)
Hammer Image Flaming Fury I (×2) Hunting Horn Image Striped Dragonga I (×4)
Dual Blades Image Flammenschild I (×3) Heavy Bowgun Image Tigrex Howl I (×2)

Used to Craft Armor and Buddy Equipment

Legs Image Alloy Greaves X (×2) Head Image Alloy Helm X (×2)
Torso Image Vaik Mail S (×3) Head Image Ingot Helm S (×3)
Waist Image Alloy Coil X (×2) Torso Image Alloy Mail X (×2)
Waist Image Makluva Coil S (×2) Head Image Makluva Hood S (×2)
Arms Image Alloy Vambraces X (×2) Torso Image Ingot Mail S (×3)
Waist Image Pukei-Pukei Coil S (×2) Head Image Chainmail Headgear S (×1)
Waist Image Ingot Coil S (×3) Torso Image Kulu-Ya-Ku Mail S (×2)
Arms Image Chainmail Gloves S (×1) Legs Image Chainmail Pants S (×1)
Waist Image Khezu Coil S (×2) Head Image Leather Headgear S (×3)
Legs Image Wroggi Greaves S (×2) Arms Image Alloy Vambraces S (×3)
Torso Image Hunter's Mail S (×2) Legs Image Ingot Greaves S (×3)
Arms Image Ingot Vambraces S (×3) Head Image Khezu Helm S (×2)
Head Image Gargwa Mask (×2) Waist Image Ingot Coil (×2)
Legs Image Ingot Greaves (×2) Head Image Ingot Helm (×2)
Torso Image Ingot Mail (×2) Arms Image Ingot Vambraces (×2)
Legs Image Jelly Boots (×2) Arms Image Jelly Gloves (×2)
Torso Image Makluva Cover (×1) Legs Image Makluva Pants (×2)
Arms Image Makluva Sleeves (×1) Waist Image Pukei-Pukei Coil (×2)
Head Image Pukei-Pukei Helm (×2) Arms Image Rathian Braces (×2)
Legs Image Remobra Feet (×2) Arms Image Remobra Gloves (×2)
Arms Image Tigrex Braces (×2) Waist Image Uroktor Coil (×2)
Arms Image Vaik Braces (×2) Waist Image Vaik Coil (×2)
Legs Image Volvidon Greaves (×2) Head Image Volvidon Helm (×2)
Torso Image Volvidon Mail (×2)

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