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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Wind Serpent Ibushi Guide

This is a hunting guide for Wind Serpent Ibushi, a Large Monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn Wind Serpent Ibushi's weaknesses, forgeable weapons, forgeable armor, drops, and more!

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Wind Serpent Ibushi Hunter Notes

Wind Serpent Ibushi
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Wind Serpent Ibushi New Monster
Type Elder Dragon
Threat Level 9/10 Rampage Type MH Rise - Major Threat Rampage TypeMajor Threat
Major Weakness Other Weakness
Blight / Elemental Damage Abnormal Status
A male elder dragon that exhibits inexplicable behaviors such as floating upside down midair. Research indicates that the emission of a special gas from all over its body, and the modulation of this gas, is what allows it to move freely. It shoots air from gills on its arms and tail to fly, creating its own turbulence and soaring to great heights.

Wind Serpent Ibushi Weakness and Resistance

MH Rise - Slash Damage MH Rise - Blunt Damage MH Rise - Bullet Damage MH Rise - Fire Damage
48 45 36 15
MH Rise - Water Damage MH Rise - Thunder Damage MH Rise - Ice Damage MH Rise - Dragon Damage
9 5 8 19

Bold are the recommended Weapon Type and Elemental Damage.

Wind Serpent Ibushi Weapon Damage Breakdown

Part Sever Symbol (MH Rise).png Blunt Symbol (MH Rise).png Ammo Symbol (MH Rise).png
Head 65 70 45
Neck 35 30 25
Torso 30 30 25
Chest (Windsac) 80 80 75
Wingarm 35 30 35
Wingarm (Windsac) 65 60 40
Back (Windsac) 60 55 45
Leg Fin 25 25 15
Tail 30 25 10
Tail Tip (Windsac) 50 45 40
Overall 48 45 36

Wind Serpent Ibushi Elemental Weakness Breakdown

Part Fire Symbol (MH Rise).png Water Symbol (MH Rise).png Thunder Element (MH Rise).png Ice Element (MH Rise).png Dragon Element (MH Rise).png
Head 20 10 5 10 25
Neck 15 5 5 5 20
Torso 10 5 5 5 10
Chest (Windsac) 15 15 5 15 25
Wingarm 5 5 0 5 5
Wingarm (Windsac) 25 10 5 5 25
Back (Windsac) 20 10 5 5 25
Leg Fin 10 5 5 5 10
Tail 5 5 5 5 10
Tail Tip (Windsac) 25 15 5 15 35
Overall 15 9 5 8 19

Higher numbers indicate higher potential damage to the monster.

Wind Serpent Ibushi Hunting Tips

MH Rise - Wind Serpent Ibushi Hunting Tips

It possesses special organs called windsacs that store the gas it uses to float, and can be seen on its back, and tail. They are very delicate, and injuring them could open up a prime opportunity to attack.

Status Effect Vulnerabilities

Poison Stun Paralysis Sleep
Blast Exhaust Fireblight Waterblight
★★ -- ★★
Thunderblight Iceblight

If an ailment has more stars it means that it has better effectiveness.

Item Vulnerabilities

Pitfall Trap Shock Trap Flash Bomb
Sonic Bomb Meat Effects Dung Bomb

◯ = Vulnerable; ✕ = Fully Resistant; ▲ = Situational

Kinsect Extracts

Monster Part Extract
Head Red Extract
Neck Red Extract
Torso White Extract
Chest (Windsac) Orange Extract
Wingarm White Extract
Wingarm (Windsac) White Extract
Back (Windsac) Orange Extract
Leg Fin White Extract
Tail Orange Extract
Tail Tip (Windsac) Orange Extract

Red = Attack Increase, White = Movement Boost, Orange = Anti-knockback When Attacking

Kinsect Extract Guide

Wind Serpent Ibushi Locations

Wind Serpent Ibushi Known Habitat

Map Starting Area Visited Areas Rest Area
Coral Palace.pngCoral Palace - - -

Wind Serpent Ibushi Quest Appearances

High Rank
Low Rank
Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Urgent Hub Quest ★6 Serpent God of Wind
Event Quest ★7 Gales of Ibushi Blow Again
Event Quest ★7 Rampage: Kamura Night Hunt
Event Quest ★7 Advanced: Born of Paradise
Urgent Hub Quest ★7 The Allmother
No Quest in This Rank

How to Beat Wind Serpent Ibushi

Check IconTake Advantage of the Counter Signal

Check IconUse the Splitting Wyvernshot and Dragonator

Check IconUse Artillery During Boulder Smash

Check IconTake Advantage of Ibushi's Updrafts

Check IconUse the Power Kiln to Reduce Installation Cooldowns

Take Advantage of the Counter Signal

MH Rise - Counter Signal
Ibushi isn't as directly aggressive compared to Apex Arzuros or Apex Rathian and due to its size its weak points are easily hit. This makes dealing tons of damage with the Counter Signal boost quite easy and should be taken advantage of as much as possible.

Use the Splitting Wyvernshot and Dragonator

Dragonator Spliting Wyvernshot
MH Rise - Dragonator against Ibushi MH Rise - Splitting Wyvernshot against Ibushi

As with all Rampage Quests, using the Dragonators and Splitting Wyvernshot will deal massive damage to all monsters caught in their range. Always use them to your advantage!

Use Artillery During Boulder Smash

MH Rise - Artillery During Ibushi’s Boulder Phase
Ibushi's Boulder Smash is a devastating attack towards the gate that can cause your hunt to fail if left unchecked. Hop on a machine cannon, ballista, or cannon and blast the boulders away to mitigate its damage.

Alternatively, it is possible to knock Ibushi down to the ground by straight-up shooting it with the installations — This mostly works with a full squad though.

The Splitting Wyvernshot (and Dragonator depending on the area layout) can be used during this time in solo play to knock Ibushi down as well, but only if enough damage was dealt prior to the start of the attack.

Take Advantage of Ibushi's Updrafts

MH Rise - Taking Advantage of Ibushi’s Updrafts
Ibushi's Updrafts offer much needed mobility during the hunt when used correctly. Use them to land your heavy-hitting aerial attacks or when you need to get to somewhere else quicker!

Use the Power Kiln to Reduce Installation Cooldowns

MH Rise - Cooldown
It’s easy to get two multiple uses of the Splitting Wyvernshot and Dragonator, especially in multiplayer.

Be sure to use the Power Kilns at the second area to start reducing the cooldown while your other teammates keep Ibushi busy.

Wind Serpent Ibushi General Attack Patterns

Wind Serpent Ibushi uses the following attacks in Low and High Rank quests.

Name Description
Tail Attacks Ibushi takes advantage of its tail's long reach to attack the hunter in different ways.
Charged Dragon Cannon
Ibushi will fire a beam of dragon energy from its maw that can knockdown hunters caught in the crossfire!
Dragon's Maw A quick bite attack that can catch hunters comfortably positioned near Ibushi's face.
Updraft Ibushi uses dragon energy to create updrafts that can fling hunters upward. Use this to your advantage by executing an aerial attack!
Dragon Burst
A quickfire dragon breath attack that can fling hunters upward. This inflicts dragonblight so ready your Nulberries!
Wind Burst Wave
A strong, multi-hit attack in a wide area that can KO an unaware hunter!
Dragon's Corkscrew Ibushi performs a corkscrew, damaging and launching anyone caught in the attack!
Boulder Smash
Ibushi curls up into a ball, gathering large boulders before flinging it onto its target! In Rampages, this deals massive damage to the gate!

Tail Attacks

Ibushi can use its long tail to attack hunters in a variety of ways.

Tail Attack Variations
MH Rise - Ibushi’s Spinning Tail Slam
Spinning Tail Slam: Ibushi spins and quickly slams its tail towards the front. This particular pattern can target both the hunter and the gate and may produce an Updraft or Dragon Burst.
MH Rise - Ibushi’s Tail Uppercut
Tail Uppercut: Ibushi performs a sommersault in the air, flinging its tail straight-up in the process. This pattern can send a Dragon Burst flying towards the target.
MH Rise - Ibushi’s Diagonal Tail Swipe
Diagonal Tail Flip: Ibushi diagonally sweeps its tail on one of its sides, launching anyone caught in the attack. This pattern is usually a follow-up whenever it creates multiple Updrafts at once.

Charged Dragon Cannon

Charged Dragon Cannon Attack Information
MH Rise - Ibushi’s Charged Dragon Cannon
Charged Dragon Cannon: Ibushi will fire a beam of energy from its maw and rotate in a circle pattern. If you're are on a platform and are not using artillery it will knock you off.

Dragon's Maw

Ibushi uses its massive maw to bite hunters within range. See the possible patterns below:

Dragon's Maw Variations
MH Rise - Ibushi’s Single Bite
Single Bite: Ibushi floats back before quickly lunging forward to do a quickly bite its target. Always be mindful of this pattern whenever Ibushi suddenly repositions in the air.
MH Rise - Ibushi’s Double Bite
Double Bite: Ibushi does two quick bites towards the target. This pattern is usually performed whenever you are on an installation platform.


Updraft Attack Information
MH Rise - Ibushi’s Updraft
Updraft: Ibushi sends its energy into the ground itself, unleashing multiple Updrafts that fling hunters up high as soon as they set foot in them. Keep in mind that this particular attack is usually followed by a Diagonal Tail Flip.

Dragon Burst

Dragon Burst Attack Information
MH Rise - Ibushi’s Dragon Burst
Dragon Burst: Ibushi gathers a portion of its energy in one of its arms before unleashing them towards the target in a quick and sudden burst.

It is possible to get afflicted with Dragonblight from this attack. Keep your Nulberries on hand whenever you use elemental weapons against Ibushi!

Wind Burst Wave

Wind Burst Wave Attack Information
MH Rise - Ibushi’s Wind Burst Wave
Wind Burst Wave: Ibushi plants both arms into the ground and fires a cascade of wind that deals high damage and knocks anyone caught in the attack. This attack can easily KO an unaware hunter as it has a long range and will destroy any installations.

Keep in mind that this attack is usually followed by a Spinning Tail Slam.

Dragon's Corkscrew

Dragon's Corkscrew Attack Information
MH Rise - Ibushi’s Dragon
Dragon's Corkscrew: Ibushi corkscrews through the air, damaging and launching anyone caught in the attack.

It is important to note that those hit while manning an installation can get knocked off of them as well.

Boulder Smash

Boulder Smash Attack Information
MH Rise - Ibushi’s Boulder Smash
Boulder Smash: Ibushi curls up into a ball, gathering large boulders around it before flinging them towards the gate. This deals massive damage to the gate so knock Ibushi down or break the boulders at all costs!

Wind Serpent Ibushi Materials and Drops

High Rank Wind Serpent Ibushi Materials

Broken Parts
Material Drop Rate
Ibushi Windsac 80% (Tail)
Ibushi Carapace 37% (Body), 17% (Tail)
Ibushi Hide+ 29% (Body)
Ibushi Claw+ 21% (Body)
Ibushi Bluespike 12% (Body)
Wind Serpent Orb 3% (Tail), 1% (Body)
Material Drop Rate
Ibushi Horn+ 80% (Horn)
Ibushi Claw+ 80% (Wingarm)
Ibushi Windsac 60% (Back), 20% (Wingarm)
Ibushi Bluespike 40% (Back)
Ibushi Hide+ 17% (Horn)
Wind Serpent Orb 3% (Horn)

Wind Serpent Ibushi Dropped Materials

Material Drop Rate
Ibushi Carapace 50%
Ibushi Hide+ 35%
Ibushi Windsac 30%
Dragon Treasure 29%
Ibushi Bluespike 20%
Ibushi Claw+ 15%, 20%
Wind Serpent Orb 1%

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