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Sunbreak Hunter Connect and Like Function

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This is a developing guide on the Hunter Connect and Like Function featured in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)! Read on to learn more about the Hunter Connect, Like Function, and Mutual Likes which adds depth to multiplayer!

What is Hunter Connect?

Connect with Hunters

MH Rise - Choosing Hunter Connect Settings.png

Hunter Connect is a unique feature in Monster Hunter Rise's matchmaking system, which is also available in the Sunbreak expansion.

This allows you to set optional tags that allow other hunters to connect with you on your games! Up to ten (10) Hunter Connect Cards can be available any time and deleted when necessary.

You can set your Hunter Connect name, description, and active hours (meaning the time of the day that you play), and the type of hunters that you're looking for (beginners, veterans, etc.).

Multiplayer and Co-op Guide

How to Use Hunter Connect

How to Setup Hunter Connect

Open the Main Menu and select Hunter Connect from the Multiplayer Tab.
Choose the Add Connect > Create New Connect buttons on the next window. Input your desired Hunter Tags and choose the Create Connect once you're done.
Take note that the tags of Hunter Connect Cards cannot be changed once you've created them.

Setting up a Hunter Connect will allow you to find other hunters who also use the same Hunter Connect tags!

Joining and leaving Hunter Connects can also be made through this menu.

Accessible at the Courier

Talk to the Courier for Hunter Connect.png

You can also access the Hunter Connect by speaking to the Courier found in Kamura (and also in Elgado if you have the Sunbreak expansion).

The courier will help you choose the specific settings that you want for your Hunter Connect.

Create Hunter Connect Lobbies

Hunter connect with others

You can use Create a Lobby with your current Hunter Connect settings, which will only be made available to hunters with the same Hunter Connect details as you!

They can choose to automatically join your lobby whenever you are online and vice versa.

Join Hunter Connect Lobbies

Hunter connect confirmed

You also have the option of joining existing Hunter Connects so that the next time your Hunter Connect is online, you can join their lobby, hassle-free!

Choose a Hunter Connect from the Connect List and wait for your game to look for a lobby. If a lobby is not found, you will be asked if you want to create a lobby.

What is the Like Function?

Commend Hunters

The Like Function is a new feature that comes with Hunter Connect. With the Like Function, you can commend another player. If they like you back, you will both become Mutual Likes.

At the end of the quest, simply use your directional buttons or D-pad to mark a hunter for liking. This can be only done once. Make sure not to miss marking a hunter you wish to like!

Connect with Mutual Likes

MH Rise - Mutual Like List

Using Mutual Likes allows you to find each other's lobbies much easier, similar to a friend function.

To show up as a Mutual Like, you and another player must have given a like to each other at the end of a quest. You will both appear in each others' Mutual Like list upon doing so.

Manage Your Mutual Likes

MH Rise - Mutual List Management

Up to one hundred (100) Mutual Likes can be registered on your list, and each newly registered Mutual Like will replace the oldest record if your list is full.

You can pick a Mutual Like and use Add to Favorites to ensure that the record is not erased when a new one is registered. Favorites can be identified by a gold star. If you wish remove a record, simply choose Delete from List.

Online profiles can be viewed simply by selecting a record and choosing View Profile. Depending on your platform, this feature will take you to the player's online profile (for example, their Steam profile if you are on playing on Steam). This does not take you to their Guild Card.

Why Use Hunter Connect?

Further Filter Matchmaking

Monster Hunter Rise - Online Multiplayer

This feature will allow you to further find your preferred hunting party members by knowing what they are looking for and when they are available.

This is also helpful if you wish to connect with your friends or a regular play group without having to go through a lobby list!

Hunter Connect cards are persistent (they will not go away unless deleted), and will help you keep in touch with others using this feature.

Get Friend Points for Unique Rewards

MH Rise - Friend Voucher

Completing hunts with other players will grant you Friend Points, which rewards you extra items when accumulated!

Friend Vouchers are valuable items rewarded from accumulating Friend Points after every multiplayer match.

Look out for these Friend Vouchers, since as they can serve as great substitutes in melding talismans.

How to Get Friend Vouchers

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