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Buddy Plaza Guide

This is an article about the Buddy Plaza in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). If you want to know more about the Buddy Plaza, how the Buddy Plaza works, and things to do in the Bussy Plaza!

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What is the Buddy Plaza?

Buddy Plaza Overview

The Buddy Plaza is a newly introduced area in Monster Hunter Rise. As announced, it is a place for interacting and managing Buddies as well as where the Argosy will dock.

1 Area for Buddy Interaction
2 Place to deploy Meowcenaries
3 Trade with the Argosy
4 Train Buddies in the Buddy Dojo

The Buddy Board

Monster Hunter Rise - Buddy Board.jpg

There are multiple buddy boards, one in Kamura Village and two in the Guild Hall, so of course, there will also be a Buddy Board in the Buddy Plaza. From here you can manage your buddies' equipment, behavior, and appearance.

Equip Buddy Skills

Monster Hunter Rise - Buddy Skill Equipping.jpg

Buddies have equipable skills that increase their stats, strengthen their resistances, or give their attacks better traits. You can choose which skills they have equipped via the Buddy Board!

Palico and Palamute Buddy Skills Guide

Select Buddy Equipment

Palicos and Palamutes can get equipment that raises their attack and defense made from scraps from monsters. You can choose what they have equipped through the Buddy Board.

List of Buddy Equipment: All Palico/Palamute Weapons and Armor

Select Palamute Gear

Palamutes have unique equipment called Gear that affects how they fight. You can equip them with two gear pieces out of the variety that you'd unlock through the Buddy Board.

Palamute Gear Tier List

The Buddy Scout Facility

Buddy Handler Iori

Iori is in charge of the Buddy Scout Facility. He is a unique Kamura resident that has a great relationship with both Palicos and Palamutes.

List of Characters and Voice Actors

You Can Scout Buddies

You can scout or dismiss Buddies (Palicos and Palamutes) in the Buddy Scout facility! This is the main way of searching for specific Buddies you want for your team!

Change Buddy Search Preferences

You can set criteria when searching for Buddies. You can change aspects like Coat, Eyes, Ears, and others! For Palicos, you can also choose their support types!

Best Palico Support Type and Equipped Moves

Hire Buddies From a List

You can hire Buddies from a list where you can view all of their skills and support moves for Palicos. This will allow you to find Buddies that suit the build you want, though it is random so make sure to check back often if you can't find the perfect Buddies for you!

What are PalicoesWhat are Palicoes? What are PalamutesWhat are Palamutes?

Rename Your Buddies

Monster Hunter Rise - Renaming a Buddy.png

You can rename your existing buddies by talking to Iori! Just choose the Rename Buddy option, pick which Buddy you will rename, then you can proceed to rename them!

The Meowcenaries

Allows You To Send Out Your Buddies in Missions!

Monster Hunter Rise - Tailrider Safari

The Meowcenaries functions like the Tailrider Safari in Monster Hunter World. You will be able to dispatch several buddies to areas and they would return with materials after some time.

Meowcenaries Guide

Felyne Chief Kogarashi

Monster Hunter Rise - Felyne Chief  Kogarashi

Felyne Chief Kogarashi is a Palico character in charge of the Meowcenaries. He has a huge fan that he uses to boost Meowcenaries while riding kites! It looks very adorable!

List of Characters and Voice Actors

The Argosy

Trade Items From Faraway Lands

Monster Hunter Rise - Rondine Trading

The Argosy has not changed its purpose since its conception and it did not change in Monster Hunter's rise. Trading with faraway lands for materials is a very useful feature in Monster Hunter that must remain unchanged. If it isn't broken, don't fix it!

The Argosy allows you to send Buddies on submarines to do trading expeditions in far-off places. They can return specific items you request, as well as bonus items depending on where they get sent!

Argosy and Trading Guide

Rondine the Trader

Monster Hunter Rise - Rondine the Trader

The Argosy is led by Rondine, a very beautiful lass that reminds us so much of Guildmarm Sophia. She will be in charge of all your trading needs as the representative of the Argosy!

You can also buy special items in exchange for Points from her!

List of Characters and Voice Actors

The Buddy Dojo

Monster Hunter Rise - Buddy Expert Shirubei.jpg

The Buddy Expert Shirubei can also be found in the Buddy plaza. He'll be handling the training for your buddies so make sure that all your vacant buddies are toughening themselves out!

Buddy Dojo Guide

Buddy Plaza Location

Accessed In Kamura Village

The Buddy Plaza is accessed to the right of Kamura Village, past the bridge leading into the wooded area!

Kamura Village

Fast Travelling to the Buddy Plaza

You can also access the Buddy Plaza by fast-traveling to it via the map in Kamura Village.

How to Fast Travel

Available After the Tutorial

The Buddy Plaza is available to be accessed once you have complete the training quest Back to Basics.

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