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Sunbreak | How to Find All Jungle Relic Records

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This is a guide to finding all the Relic Records and Old Messages in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak in the Jungle map, and rewards for collecting them all!

Base Game Relic Records
Shrine Ruins Frost Islands Sandy Plains
Flooded Forest Lava Caverns Rampage
Sunbreak Relic Records
Jungle Citadel

Jungle Relic Record Locations

Location Map

Jungle Relic Records Locations
Upper Level (2 to 10) Lower Level (1)

※The red numbers correlate to their order in the Notebook.

Jungle Map and Sub-Camp Location

Relic Records Detailed Walkthrough

Jungle Relic Records (Click to jump!)
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

1: Underground Tunnel in Area 5

From the Main Camp, you have to head left until you see a tunnel to your right. Head inside that tunnel and slide down until you reach a small underground pool. The Relic Record will be in the middle, you can't miss it!

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2: Inside Hollow Tree Stump in Area 7

From the Main Camp, head for the highest ground in Area 7. When you reach the top, look for a hollowed-out tree with two Godbugs in it. It will also be right beside one of the Buddy Recon points in the Jungle, which, if you haven't found yet, is marked with floating dandelions.

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3: On a Rock On Top of Vines in Area 7

From the previous Relic Record, head north until you see massive branches that you can climb on. In the middle of two of these branches is a rock that is held up by a bunch of vines. A Relic Record will be sitting on top of it, beside a Might Seed plant.

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4: Behind the Collapsed Building in Area 10

For this one, you will need to head to the topmost area of the map where you will see some ruins. Climb the building, go past the hole, and head to the backside of the ruins. You should easily spot the Relic Record there!

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5: Hole in the Wall at Area 4

This Relic Record is located inside a hole in the wall in the top left side of Area 4. Go north until the end of the beach, turn right, then turn left at the first opening you see, then turn left again past the bonepile.

There will be two other holes on the wall (and they're connected) before the one with the Relic Record. Just remember the Relic Record will be in the third one, and that you will need to wallrun up to it!

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6: In the Spiribird Bushes at Area 2

In between Area 2 and Area 10, you can see that there's a tiny portion with a small path that juts out at the top right. This Relic Record is located in that area, on the high ground. When you reach the top, find the bushes that Spiribirds commonly hide in. The Relic Record should be in that bush!

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7: Hole in the Wall at Area 7

Remember heading to Relic Record 3 from Relic Record 2? Right before the big, fallen log, there's a bunch of vines on the left. Fall down to the area below, but be careful not to fall down the big hole in the middle.

On the wall beside the Escuregot, there's a hole that you can Wirebug and wallrun up to. The Relic Record will be right there as you climb the platform.

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8: Inside a Hole in Another Hole in Between Areas 3 and 8

In the high ground area located under Area 3 and above Area 8, you will want to find the Thunderbeetle. Then, you will want to fall down from the cliff beside the Thunderbeetle. Go left, then you should find a small crawlspace that leads into a long drop.

When you drop down, you should be able to see a fishing spot. Face the cliff you fell from; you should spot a hole in the wall. The Relic Record is in there!

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9: On Top of the Huge Tree in Area 7 and 8

For Jungle Relic Record 9, you will need your best Wirebug skills to be able to climb the big tree! It might be a bit difficult if you're not good at using your Wirebugs for platforming. Use the mushroom platforms to your advantage!

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10: Secret Island Outside Map Boundaries

For more information on how to head to the secret island, check out our guide on the Jungle map page!

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List of Rewards

Daimyo Hermitaur and Astalos Statues

5 Records 10 Records
Daimyo Hermitaur Statue Astalos Statue

Collecting Jungle Relic Records will award you with two statues which you'll need to complete the Solid Padlock award. Finding all the relics here and in the Citadel also gives the Immaculate Bookmark award!

Sunbreak Awards and Achievements

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