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Update 3.0: Patch Notes and New Monsters | Monster Hunter Rise

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Free Title Update Version 3.0 Banner

This is a guide to Free Title Update 3.0 (Version 3.0.0) of Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Check here for the patch notes for Update 3.0, the new ending, new monsters and elder dragon hunts, new weapons and armors, new skills, new DLC, and more!

Update 3.0 Release Date and Release Time

Available on May 27, 2021 (May 27 at 12 am UTC)

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Free Title Update 3.0

MH Rise Title Updates & Roadmap

MH Rise Update Roadmap
Release Date Update Information
June 8
Update 16.0 Bonus Update
・Variant monster
Apr. 20
Update 15.0 Title Update 5
・Returning Elder Dragon
・Powered-up Monster
Feb. 7
Update 14.0 Title Update 4
・Returning Elder Dragon
・Powered-up monster
Nov. 24
Update 13.0 Title Update 3
・Variant monsters
・Powered-up monsters
Sept. 29
Update 12.0 Title Update 2
・Rare species monsters
・Subspecies monsters
・Powered-up monsters
Aug. 10
Update 11.0 Title Update 1
・Several new monsters
・Several new features
Jun. 30
Update 10.0 ・Access to Sunbreak content for those who purchased it
・Free Weapon balance changes for all players and other bug fixes
Feb. 24 2022 Update 3.9
(Switch & PC)
・Free New DLC
・Weekly event quests
・Content previously only on Switch made available on PC
Jan. 27 2022 Update 3.8
・Available for download
・Weekly event quests incoming
・Paid DLCs
Jan. 21 2022 USJ Collab
・MH Rise x Universal Studios Japan (USJ) Collab
Jan. 12, 2022 PC Release ・PC release on Steam
Dec. 20, 2021 Update 3.7 ・Available for download
・Weekly event quests incoming
・Special Buddies
・Paid DLCs
Nov. 25, 2021 Update 3.6 ・Weekly event quests
・Sega: Sonic 30th Anniversary Collab Event
Oct. 29, 2021 CAPCOM Collab 5 ・CAPCOM Collab 5: Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection Collab Event
Oct. 28, 2021 Update 3.5 ・Weekly Event Quests
Guild Cross Armor Set (Oct. 29)
・Legacy Talisman (Oct. 29)
Oct. 1, 2021 Update 3.4 ・Weekly Event Quests
Sept. 24, 2021 CAPCOM Collab 4
Sunbreak Announced
・CAPCOM Collab 4: Megaman 11
Aug. 26, 2021 Update 3.3 ・CAPCOM Collab 3: Street Fighter
・Weekly Event Quests
Jul. 29, 2021 Update 3.2 ・CAPCOM Collab 2: Okami
・Weekly Event Quests
Jun. 24, 2021 Update 3.1 ・CAPCOM Collab 1: MH Stories 2
・Weekly Event Quests
May 27, 2021 Update 3.0 ・Several new monsters
・New ending
Apr. 28, 2021 Update 2.0 ・Several new monsters
・HR cap updated

The Monster Hunter Rise Free Title Update 3.0 is available to all players as of May 27, 2021!

Update Roadmap and Schedule: Free Title Updates

Update Overview

New Monsters Crimson Glow Valstrax
Narwa the Allmother
Apex Zinogre
Quests New Advanced Quests
New Map Infernal Springs
New Skills Dragonheart
Valstrax Soul
New Weapons
& Armor
Updated Weapons
Crimson Valstrax Armor
Story Update New Story Content and Ending
Downloadable Content DLC Pack 3: Paid Downloadable Content
Patch Notes Patch: Ver. 3.0.0 Patch Notes
Main Additions / Changes
Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous

Update 3.0 New Monsters

Crimson Glow Valstrax

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Crimson Glow Valstrax

A new Valstrax variant, Crimson Glow Valstrax has been confirmed for release in update 3.0! The flagship Elder Dragon from MH Generations XX returns with new moves!

Check out our Crimson Glow Valstrax Hunt Guide below for tips on how beat it with ease, or take a look at the amazing new armor!

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Crimson Glow Valstrax.pngCrimson Glow Valstrax Guide Weapons.pngCrimson Glow Valstrax Weapons Armor Icon.pngCrimson Glow Valstrax Armor

Narwa the Allmother

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Narwa the Allmother Image

Once the update dropped, hunters that were HR50 and above were presented with a new quest that requires them slay Narwa the Allmother once and for all!
How to Beat Narwa the Allmother

Apex Zinogre Confirmed

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Apex Zinogre

Both Rampage and Solo Hunts for Apex Zinogre will be available once the 3.0 Update goes live on May 27th. Hunter's get ready!
How to Beat Apex Zinogre

Update 3.0 Advance Quests

After slaying Valstrax, Hunters will be able to take on the new Advanced Series Quests from the Gathering Hub. These Multi-monster quests will put your best gear and best skills to the test!

Hub Quest Guide and List of Hub Quests

Hidden Map: Infernal Springs

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Infernal Springs Place Near the Coral Palace

Once All of the High Rank Quests have been completed the final set of Advanced Quests will unlock and take place on the new Infernal Springs Map. Hunter's beware, these quests are the hardest yet!

Infernal Springs: Quests and Map Information

Update 3.0 Skills

Both Crimson Glow Valstrax and Narwa the Allmother introduced new skills to Monster Hunter Rise.

New Skills Effect
Dragonheart Inflicts the hunter with Dragonblight before boosting all elemental defenses.
Valstrax Soul
(Rampage Skill)
Increases Dragon Element damage when afflicted with Dragonblight
Stormsoul Increases Thunder and Dragon attack, and maxes the lvl.1 skills on Narwa and Ibushi armor

Update 3.0 Weapons & Armor

Updated Weapon Trees

A few select weapon trees received a final Rarity level 6 or 7 Weapon in update 3.0 along with the addition of Crimson Glow Valstrax Weapons.

Below is a list of weapon trees updated in Free Title Update 3.0.

Updated Weapons
Mizutsune Weapons Rajang Weapons Tigrex Weapons Teostra Weapons
Kushala Weapons Chameleos Weapons Ibushi Weapons Narwa Weapons
Rampage Weapons Crimson Glow Valstrax Weapons

Crimson Glow Valstrax Armor

Type 1 (M) Type 2 (F)
Crimson Valstrax Set Image Crimson Valstrax Set Image

Valstrax Layered Armor for Hunter

All Crimson Glow Valstrax Related Articles
Crimson Glow Valstrax.pngCrimson Glow Valstrax Guide Weapons.pngCrimson Glow Valstrax Weapons Armor Icon.pngCrimson Glow Valstrax Armor

New Story Content and Ending

Possible Story Spoilers Ahead

Narwa and Ibushi's Return

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Wyverian
As promised, Update 3.0 brings a new ending and conclusion to the Kamura Village Story.

To finally save Kamura Village from the Rampage, Hunters will have to take on both Narwa and Ibushi at the Coral Palace before facing off against the Allmother, Narwa's new and final form!

How to Beat Narwa the Allmother

New Nintendo eShop DLC

DLC Pack 3: Paid Downloadable Content (DLC)

Hunter Voices ・ Iori
・ Yomogi
Hairstyles ・ Noble Short
・ Delicate Beauty
Pose Set ・ Hide Pose Set
・ Using the Wall Pose Set
Face Paints ・ Cheek Tusk
・ Stitches
Background Music ・ Monster Hunter Series Bases
・ Monster Music: Dance Version
Sticker Set ・ Special Stickers 2
Hunter Layered Armor ・ Felyne Ears
・ Felyne Tail
・ Canyne Mask
・ Canyne Tail
Palamute Layered Armor ・ Felyne Mask
Palico Layered Armor ・ Canyne Mask
Cohoot Outfits ・ Out on the Hunt
・ Li'l Wingdrake

List of All Paid DLC and Prices

Patch: Ver. 3.0.0 Patch Notes

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Update 3.0 Partial Banner

Main Additions / Changes

Added story elements

  • New monsters will appear in Hub quests.
  • New monsters will appear in the Rampage.
  • New quests will be available.
  • A new combat locale will be available.
  • New weapon trees, armor, and layered armor will be available.
  • New skills and Rampage Skills will be available.
  • You can change the appearance of Rampage weapons using certain materials.
  • Note: The above items will be unlocked when certain conditions are met.

Added system elements

  • New Guild Card awards will be available.
  • New DLC can be purchased from Nintendo eShop.

Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous


  • Fixed a bug causing an explosion when removing a Hunting Installation during Rampage Quests in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the player from obtaining Talismans from the Melding Pot under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause submarines to become transparent during the cutscene where the Argosy leaves port from the Buddy Plaza, when other players are in specific locations in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause decorations to be unequipped when changing to a different loadout that contains the same decorations.
  • If the player has a Daily Special dango registered to a set, Dango Carver (Hi) would sometimes activate even when it's not the Daily Special. This has been addressed.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the gunlance's Wyrmstake Cannon and Wyvern's Fire from being counted towards the "Repel using a weapon" sub-assignment during Rampage Quests.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze when pressing the accept button after the cursor goes off-screen if the player performs certain actions when accepting items from the Meowcenaries.
  • Fixed a bug causing Novice Hunter Taishi to appear as Rice Ball Artist Seihaku if the player looks at where he's sitting from the Hub Prep Area.
  • Fixed a bug causing an error when performing certain actions in the village after taking on a quest with Send Join Request active while not participating in a Lobby.


  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent monster parts from being electrically charged, thus taking less damage during the Serpent Goddess of Thunder quest.
  • Fixed a bug causing the wind effect to remain on screen if the monster is slain while creating an air stream during the Serpent God of Wind quest.
  • Fixed a bug that would very occasionally prevent the player from advancing when Bishaten clings onto a wall.


  • When a player faints during a quest, other players that joined the quest mid-way would sometimes get a message on the loading screen telling them that they had fainted. This has been addressed.
  • If the player is riding a Palamute when Almudron dives under and creates a mud maze, there would sometimes be paths between the mud walls too narrow to pass through, and some walls would warp the player somewhere else when touching them. This has been addressed.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Buddies from helping the player if they are inflicted with a status ailment while in a state where knockback is negated.
  • Fixed a bug where the dual blades' Demon Mode attacks and the heavy bowgun's melee attack were not included in the conditions for the Latent Power skill.
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to get stuck in the environment when using Wyvern Riding actions on Tobi-Kadachi in the Flooded Forest.
  • Fixed a bug causing the cutscene to go dark and become unskippable when the player's HP hits 0 at the same time as the monster is slain during the Serpent God of Wind quest.
  • Fixed a bug causing the charge blade's Axe Hopper to only gain the "Silkbind Boost" effect during the upward attack.
  • Fixed a bug preventing blast damage from increasing when a guest player uses Teostra Soul at the Training Area.
  • Fixed a bug preventing any additional hits from occurring when succesfully landing a Midair Spinning Blade Dance or Midair Roundslash if the wirebug's silk is connected.
  • Fixed a bug causing a continued state of low stamina and reduced movement speed.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Sticky Ammo from benefiting from the effects of the Dango Bombardier dango skill.
  • Fixed a bug causing the effects of Gourmet Fish to last longer for other players than for the user when using the Wide-Range skill.
  • Fixed a bug causing a hunter's stamina to be reduced if they are guarding and get hit by the bowgun's Shrapnel Ammo from another player.
  • Fixed a bug causing an application error to occur when the player opens their own status screen from the member list before leaving on a quest with Send Join Request active while not participating in a Lobby.


  • Fixed a bug preventing players from advancing if the host leaves a Multiplayer session of 3 or more players with specific timing and under specific conditions.
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing the wrong amiibo sound effect to be played when reading one.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the player from advancing when repeatedly opening and closing the HOME screen after activating the software keyboard.
  • Fixed a bug sometimes preventing Escuregots from being recognized as a camera subject, resulting in the picture not being usable on the Endemic Life list.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Palamute's voice pitch to be switched between low and normal, causing the actual voice to be different from the sample voice.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the "Negate Stun" Buddy Skill from negating stun caused by a flash of light.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Guild Card picture from being displayed properly after accepting a Guild Card while it is still being transferred.
  • Fixed various text bugs.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.

Source: Monster Hunter Rise Official Site

All Patch Notes and Patch Notes History

How to Download Update 3.0

Hover over Monster Hunter Rise in your main menu, then press the + button on your controller.
Go to Software Update, then press "Via the Internet." You will also need to close the game if it's currently running. It should be downloading now!

Alternatively, you can also restart your Switch by pressing the power button long enough for power options to appear. When your Switch has restarted, a notification for an update should appear.

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