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Sunbreak Best Items to Sell and Items Not to Sell

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Best Items to Sell and Items Not to Sell

This is a guide to items and the best items to sell and not sell in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on to know the best items to sell, which items can be considered selling, and which items to not sell at all.

Best Items to Sell


Ores are some of the most valuable items you can easily get in Rise. They can be sold at a higher price than bones and is easier to get. Simply go to an Expedition with a Mining Upsurge then mine and mine and mine to get these items!

Best Ores to Sell

Item Selling Price How to Obtain
3,600z Mining Outcrops in the Flooded Forest
2,700z Mining Outcrops in the Lava Caverns
2,440z Mining Outcrops in the Flooded Forest
2,100z Mining Outcrops in the Shrine Ruins
1,720z Mining Outcrops in the Lava Caverns
1,020z Mining Outcrops in the Lava Caverns
860z Mining Outcrops in the Lava Caverns
680z Mining Outcrops in the Lava Caverns
480z Mining Outcrops in the Lava Caverns

All the ores listed here are the main ores you will get from our Zenny Farming Guide. Check out the full guide here:

Zenny Farming Guide: How to Get Money Fast

Trade-In Items

There are items in Monster Hunter Rise that have no other purpose besides being sold. Often called Trade-in Items, they have a description that says can be sold for a high price. Always sell these for a huge sum of money!

List of Trade-in Items

Item Selling Price How to Obtain
20,000z Argosy (Rare Finds)
HR8+ required
10,000z Argosy (Rare Finds)
High Rank required
1,000z Argosy (Rare Finds)
100,000z Quest Rewards
Cheering Ra Ra Rajang Event Quest
Rare Drop
20,000z Cohoot's Nest
Quest Rewards
Cheering Ra Ra Rajang Event Quest
10,000z Cohoot's Nest
Quest Rewards
Cheering Ra Ra Rajang Event Quest
1,000z Cohoot's Nest
Quest Rewards

Items to Consider Selling

Excess Amber Essences

Amber Essences are rewards for completing Anomaly Investigation quests. They are used to augment armor, making it stronger and, in turn, your hunts easier.

Grinding your Anomaly Research levels will allow you to passively gain these essences. Any excess can just be sold.

Item Selling Price How to Obtain
8,000z Anomaly Investigation Quest Reward
4,000z Anomaly Investigation Quest Reward
2,000z Anomaly Investigation Quest Reward
1,000z Anomaly Investigation Quest Reward

Sunbreak Anomaly Quest Guide

Monster Materials Not Used for Melding

Later in the game, you will be eligible to meld monster materials in the Melding Pot for Talismans. This makes all monster materials valuable - except some.

Items listed below are not eligible for melding so sell them if you have no use for them:

Item Selling Price How to Obtain
2,100z High Rank Quest Reward
(Elder Dragons)
2,100z High Rank Quest Reward
(Elder Dragons)
1,400z High Rank Quest Reward
850z High Rank Quest Reward

List of Items and Materials

Excess Afflicted Materials

MH Rise Sunbreak Afflicted Materials Item Box

Afflicted Materials are obtained from hunting afflicted monsters in Anomaly Quests. They are primarily used in crafting many rarity 10 weapons and valuable augments in Qurious Weapon Crafting.

If you have all of that settled and are just grinding far up the higher ranks of Anomaly Investigations, you may consider selling some of these since higher rarity afflicted materials have a selling price as high of up to 9,500z.

However, do take note that Title Update 5 will introduce Qurious Melding. Be sure to still keep some and not spend all!

Sunbreak Afflicted Materials

Items That Shouldn't Be Sold


Tickets are valuable items that shouldn't be sold under normal circumstances. They are used in very important things like Rampage Weapons, Melding, and crafting special armor. Hence, they should never be sold at all cost.

List of All Tickets


Arena Coins

Arena Coins are items you can obtain in the Arena Quests. The quests' difficulty is locked due to the sub-standard equipment available for use on these missions. Save up these coins for unique weapons and armor, like the Mighty Bow Feather, that you'll unlock late in the game.

List of All Coins

Investigation Coins

MH Rise Sunbreak Investigation Coin Item Box

Investigation Coins are earned from completing Anomaly Investigations. They are worth 0z and is mainly used as currency to spend at Bahari's Anomaly Research Lab.

Save and exchange them for essences, spheres, and other rare monster materials such as mantles at the lab!

Plates and Gems

Plates and Gems obtained from Monsters are needed for crafting weapons, armors, and decorations. If you have plenty of them, do not sell them! Even if they fetch a heavy price, selling them is not worth the trouble, considering what hunters go through to get them!


MH Rise Sunbreak Scraps Item Box

Scraps are better kept for crafting rather than being sold since their selling price is not that high (sold around 10z-100z).

Use/Support Items

MH Rise Sunbreak Support Items Item Box

Support items are items such as Food and Medicine, and Traps and Bombs. You will regularly bring these to a hunt.

You will find yourself using them often every hunt and will find yourself buying and stocking up on them every now and then. So don't sell them! Even if you do, you will not earn much profit from doing so.

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Listing specific items of each category would be more helpful than just generalizing each category and things to sell and not sell. Which ores aren't used for anything besides selling? Examples of monster parts you might have a lot of, such as scales and high rate dropped materials. It's like this guide didn't even try being helpful, made only to point out the obvious and call it a day.


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