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Weapon Tier List

This is an article about the best and strongest weapons in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). If you want to know the best weapons to use as well as why they are the best, read on!

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Weapon Tier List

S Tier Weapons
"Strong, And Easy to Use"
Great SwordGreat Sword Long SwordLong Sword Hunting HornHunting Horn
A Tier Weapons
"Strong, But Needs Proper Mastery"
Sword and ShieldSword and Shield Dual BladesDual Blades HammerHammer
Switch AxeSwitch Axe Light BowgunLight Bowgun Heavy BowgunHeavy Bowgun
B Tier Weapons
"Neutral Strength, Still Hard to Evaluate"
LanceLance GunlanceGunlance Charge BladeCharge Blade
C Tier Weapons
"Weapons That Got Nerfed"
Insect GlaiveInsect Glaive BowBow ---

Please keep in mind that this tier list is extremely subjective based on our knowledge of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and the Monster Hunter Rise demo. There will be other changes that can lead to tier list shifts in the future!

NOTE: C Rank Weapons are not necessarily weak weapons. All 14 weapons are good in the hands of a great hunter. We put them last because we think they are at the short end of the stick with all the awesome new changes in MHRise.

S Tier Weapons

Tier List Directory
S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier
Full Tier List

Great Sword

Great Sword tier list Ranking

Check IconEasy-to-understand and has powerful single-hit damage using Charged Slashes.

Check IconSimple gameplay and easy to remember combos

Check IconAccess to aerial charge attacks.

Check IconThe silkbind move Power Sheathe is good for offense and defense.

Easy-to-Use, Difficult to Master

The Great Sword is very powerful and easy to use, even for beginners. You only have to memorize simple combos and practice a little bit of timing. Mastering it, however, is a different story. You have to know how to time your attacks to land all your powerful hits efficiently!

Access to Aerial Charge Attack

With the introduction of the Wirebug, Great Sword users now have easy access to aerial charge attacks. This is faster than the conventional ground charge attack and can be used when given the proper timing!

Power Sheathe is Your Friend

Power Sheathe is a silkbind move that benefits the Great Sword both offensively and defensively. You can increase your next unsheathe attack while at the same time automatically sheathing your weapon faster. This is a great balance of utility and offense.

Great Sword Gameplay and New Moves

Long Sword

Long Sword tier list Ranking

Check IconEasy to understand Spirit Gauge mechanic

Check IconDodge attacks using Foresight Slash

Check IconSpecial Sheathe can also counter attacks

Check IconHelmsplitter still exists in the game but requires wirebugs

Check IconSerene Pose is another counter-attack move for the Long Sword

Easy-to-Understand Combos and Mechanics

The fairly simple combo and easy-to-understand Spirit Gauge mechanic makes the Long Sword a weapon for beginners but do not think that this weapon is weak! The Long Sword is one of the most versatile weapons when in good hands.

Helmsplitter is Back For More!

The most beloved powerful Helmsplitter attack from Monster Hunter World is back but is a combe behind Soaring Kick.

Multiple Counterattack Opportunities

The Long Sword has three counterattack opportunities: Foresight Slash, Special Sheathe to Iai Slash, and the recently added Serene Pose. This gives the Long Sword one of the most powerful kits in the game!

Long Sword Gameplay and New Moves

Hunting Horn

Hunting Horn tier list Ranking

Check IconS-Tier because of the changes in MHRise

Check IconNotes are automatically played

Check IconMagnificent Trio gives all melody effects while attacking.

Now Easy to Use

The Hunting Horn is now very to use and is now one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The combos are now very simple so a beginner can excel with this weapon!

Notes Play Automatically

Yes, you heard that right - notes now play automatically when using a Hunting Horn. You just have to input the same note twice in succession to activate its effect. Gone are the days when you have to find the timing to play your Attack Up XL notes!

Magnificent Trio is Very Powerful

This move enables the hunter to play all three Hunting Horn effects while at the same time attacking the monster! This move is too good as this allows the Hunting Horn user to be viable support and a force to be reckoned with.

Hunter Horn Gameplay and New Moves

A Tier Weapons

Tier List Directory
S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier
Full Tier List

Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield tier list Ranking

Check IconSword and Shield applies elemental blights to monsters effectively

Check IconItems can be used while unsheathed

Check IconPerfect Rush is back and is just as powerful

Check IconThe silkbind attack Windmill has a long invicibility frame at the start as well as a wide attack range.

Check IconA new Guard Point with Guard Slash!

The Good Old Sword and Shield We Know And Love

The Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter Rise is still the same old beast we know and love. It is still good in applying elemental blights to monsters as well as deploy items while the weapon is unsheathed and with the introduction of Hunting Helpers, this is even more useful.

Perfect Rush is also back for more so use it whenever possible.

Windmill is a Great Addition

A new silkbind attack called Windmill gives the Sword and Shield an attack that both damages a monster and gives the hunter a long invulnerability frame. Treat this as an emergency button for when you cannot evade an oncoming attack!

Sword and Shield Now Has a Guard Point!

Guard Slash now has a Guard Point that goes straight into a Perfect Rush when timed properly! Use this whenever you are in a pinch and counterattack like a boss!

Sword and Shield Gameplay and New Moves

Dual Blades

Dual Blades tier list Ranking

Check IconBest weapon to combo with in the game

Check IconThe DPS is increased in Demon and Archdemon Mode

Check IconCounter-attack with Shrouded Vault

Check IconThe silkbind attack Piercing Bind deals a lot of damage!

The Best Combo Kit

Dual Blades still have the most versatile combo in the game hence, making it the best elemental weapon in the game. It applies status and elements more efficiently than other weapons and with the application of monster blights, Dual Blades just got better!

Increased DPS in Demon and Archdemon Mode

Dual Blades also dishes tons of damage with its demon and archdemon modes. Take note, being in Demon Mode drains stamina so take that in mind!

Full Offense Silkbind Attacks

The two silkbind attacks introduced for the Dual Blades made an offensive powerhouse to watch out for.

Shrouded Vault allows the hunter to evade all monster attacks while at the same time dishing a spinning attack.

Piercing Bind adds extra hits to your attacks as long as you are 'bound' to the monster via a wirebug thread. Use this one when the monster is down or when you have a huge opening!

Dual Blades Gameplay and New Moves


Hammer tier list Ranking

Check IconHas easy combos to execute like the Great Sword

Check IconCan stun monsters with its blunt damage

Check IconCan close-out monsters with Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon

Check IconCan execute a huge one-hit damage attack with impact Crater

Easy to Remember Combo Like the Great Sword

The Hammer has very easy to remember combos like that of Great Sword - hold to charge, release at the right time for maximum damage. The Hammer is even safer than the Great Sword because it has good mobility even when the weapon is unsheathed.

Blunt Damage To Stun (KO) Monsters

The Hammer is also very effective in KO'ing monsters! It has full blunt damage so it is imperative that you hit the head. This is one of the drawbacks, however, as sometimes the monster's head is too high and the Hammer's short reach is not helping.

High Damage Using Silkbind Attacks

The Hammer's silkbind attacks help it immensely regarding its lack of reach. Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon launches you in the air giving you access to heads that are too high! This attack makes the Hammer viable in the game even when its cousin, the Hunting Horn, has taken the spotlight.

Hammer Gameplay and New Moves

Switch Axe

Switch Axe tier list Ranking

Check IconPowerful elemental discharges

Check IconMorphing is possible from different combos

Check IconSturdy while using Invincible Gambit

Check IconCharge the gauge and disallow decrease with Switch Charger

Morph Anytime!

The Switch Axe is still the same old weapon we know and love. You can morph between Axe and Sword between combos easily which adds flexibility to your attacks.

Switch Charger has a Huge Invincibility Frame!

Switch Charger launches you to the monster while providing a huge invincibility frame at the start. More so, this charges the gauge and disallows it to decrease for a short time!

Invincible Gambit Makes You Sturdy

Invincible Gambit gives you the ability to charge onto the monster with powerful attacks while not being knocked out or flinched by any monster attack. Take note that this does not make you immune to damage, just knockbacks and flinches. It is composed of two powerful swing attacks where you can change the direction of the second swing using the Left Analog Stick.

Switch Axe Gameplay and New Moves

Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun tier list Ranking

Check IconWyvernblast is easier to use

Check IconOne of the best support weapons

Check IconCan execute aerial moves using Fanning Vault

Check IconFurther mobility increase with Silkbind Glide

Best Support Weapon

With access to a large roster of ammo types, the Light Bowgun is still a top-notch support weapon. With the addition of elemental blights now affecting monsters and the Hunting Horn now being classified as a DPS weapon, Light Bowgun users are now the main support in the game!

Wyvernblast is Easier to Execute

Do not worry, the Light Bowgun is not all support - it packs a punch too! Wyvernblast can now be shot while airborne, not just on the ground. Just remember to aim properly.

Silkbind Attacks are Great!

The two silkbind attacks introduced for the Light Bowgun gives you easy access to Wyvernblast with Fanning Vault as well as improve Light Bowgun's mobility with Silkbind Glide. And here we thought Light Bowgunners can't be more agile!

Light Bowgun Gameplay and New Moves

Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun tier list Ranking

Check IconHigh Versatility because of Piercing Shots

Check IconCan use elemental bullets depending on the monster's weakness

Check IconBetter mobility because of Free Silkbind Glide

Check Iconintroduces a new counter-attack opportunity with Counter Shot

Piercing Shots Are So Good!

Heavy Bowgun's access to pierce shots is still a blessing for this weapon. It allows the Heavy Bowgun to dish huge, consistent damage in a single shot!

Can Also Use Elemental Ammo

With Elemental Blights now affecting monsters, elemental ammos are now an important part of the Heavy Bowgun's arsenal (next to piercing shots of course!). More so, Piercing versions of elemental ammos are now craftable in the game so go ham!

Better Mobility and Couterattack With Silkbind Attacks!

Counter Shot is a great counterattack move for the Heavy Bowgun. When you find yourself stuck in a position with a monster flying towards you, hit this silkbind attack as your trump card! Also, Free Silkbind Glide gives the Heavy Bowgun a much-needed mobility boost so use this often!

Heavy Bowgun Gameplay and New Moves

B Tier Weapons

Tier List Directory
S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier
Full Tier List


Lance Ranking

Check IconEasy to understand attack and guarding combos

Check IconCan counter effectively

Check IconCan overcome weak DPS with Anchor Rage

Check IconTwin Vine is compatible with the usual Lance gameplay

Easy to Understand Moves

The Lance has a fairly simple gameplay loop to understand - poke when open, guard when not. This makes the Lance a very versatile weapon to fight a monster head-on. It also has counterattack capabilities with Guard Counter which gives the hunter a very big opening!

Silkbind Attacks Helps Overcome Its Shortcomings

Though easy to understand, the Lance has very low DPS. You have to consistently poke a monster to dish out decent damage. Anchor Rage is a guard move that when hit by a monster attack, increases your damage proportional to that attack. Twin Vine also connects the hunter to a monster for a short while, making it easy for the hunter to dash to the monster and close out the gap quickly.

Minimal Improvements in the Demo

Though new silkbind attacks are introduced, there are not many changes with Lance's core gameplay. We shall see if the Lance will receive any more updates in the future!

Lance Gameplay and New Moves


Gunlance tier list Ranking

Check IconCan cause damage regardless of monster armor

Check IconNow easier to maintain sharpness

Check IconMakes it easier to execute a Full Burst with Hail Cutter

Check IconCan sharpen weapon with Guard Edge when used properly

Damage Regardless of Monster Armor

The Gunlance still keeps its forte - dishing damage regardless of monster armor. This makes it capable of damaging parts where normal weapons would bounce-off using its shelling attacks. This is why always incorporate shelling into your attacks because if you are not, then you are better off just using the Lance.

Silkbing Attacks Maintain Sharpness

Guard Edge provides help when it comes to maintaining sharpness for the Gunlance. This also acts as a counter guard and at the same time sharpens your weapon so this solves the problem of shelling depleting sharpness quickly.

Same Old Gunlance

The Gunlance shares the same woes with the Lance, it is essentially still the same. Yes, it has minimal quality of life changes with Hail Cutter and Guard Edge but we do not think it is enough to be warranted a tier list increase. But like all weapons in the B Tier, we do not have enough information for the weapon at the moment and all of the things we know are from the demo so this might change in the full game!

Gunlance Gameplay and New Moves

Charge Blade

Charge Blade tier list Ranking

Check IconElemental Discharge is very powerful

Check IconCharging the sword gives Mind's Eye

Check IconGuard Points are still present

Check IconCounter Peak Performance fills up the gauge when executed properly!

Same Old Charge Blade - With Some Changes

The Charge Blade is back with the same arsenal in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. It still has the familiar Guard Point mechanic and charging your sword for Mind's Eye. Elemental Discharges are still very powerful. One thing that is missing is the Savage Axe Slash which is a staple in Iceborne.

Counter Peak Performance is Very Good!

Counter Peak Performance is a counter move that charges your phials instantly and chained into an Elemental Discharge. This effectively simplifies Charge Blade's core gameplay loop!

Charge Blade Gameplay and New Moves

C Tier Weapons

Tier List Directory
S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier
Full Tier List

Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive tier list Ranking

Check IconMounting is removed

Check IconTop tier with aerial combat

Check IconSilkbind Vault gives you plenty of attack opportunities

Top Tier Aerial Combat

The Insect Glaive is still top tier when it comes to aerial combat. You can still go full ham against a monster while airborne! It is also the only weapon that can latch on walls freely so you can reposition properly!

Indirect Nerf Because Mounting is Gone

The greatest nerf for the Insect Glaive is the removal of mounting, one of its core strengths. With the introduction of Wyvern Riding, it is now easier for all weapons to ride monsters. This decreases Insect Glaive's value significantly hence the tier list drop. Remember that we are still judging the weapons using the demo so its ranking may improve in the future!

Insect Glaive Gameplay and New Moves


Bow tier list Ranking

Check IconEasier to manage stamina, but not enough

Check IconHerculean Draw Increases its firepower

Check IconFocus Shot promotes rapid stamina recovery

Silkbind Attack Arsenal is Okay

The Bow in Monster Hunter Rise just eats up stamina while playing. Focus Shot is incredibly useful in this regard because it promotes rapid stamina recovery. More so, it has an invincibility frame at the start so always incorporate this silkbind attack to your Bow gameplay from now on!

Also, Herculean Draw gives the Bow a power boost but we think 2 wirebug cost is just too much.

Normal Gameplay Just Eats Up Stamina

Without wirebugs, stamina management for the Bow is extremely hard in this game. Unless they fix this somehow, we do not see the Bow crawling up the tier list.

Bow Gameplay and New Moves

Our Tier List Criteria

Balance Between Ease of Use and Power

Please do note that no weapon is weak - when given enough practice and love, all fourteen weapons can shine. However, some weapons are just very easy to get into while maintaining high damage output. For starters, the weapons in the S Tier are very easy to learn plus can dish out tons of damage!

Improvements in Monster Hunter Rise

One more criterion we considered is the weapon's improvements from the previous games. Some weapons received significant buff like the Hunting Horn while others received little to no improvements at all.

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Weapon Tier List


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