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This is a guide for the Gathering Hub in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). If you want to know more about what to do and how to use the Gathering Hub, read on!

*The information here is based on past games, the demo, and the official Monster Hunter social media accounts. We will update this article as soon as new information comes to light!

What is the Gathering Hub?

Multiplayer Gathering Place

Gathering With Friends

This is a place where friends gather in online/local multiplayer to take quests and socialize in Monster Hunter Rise. You can bring your Buddies as well to interact with them!

Available Offline

Like in past Monster Hunter games, we expect the Gathering Hub to be available offline as well. Though the hub-specific quests are tough, some players challenge themselves and take these on!

Gathering Hub Features

Hub Quest Counter

Hub Counter

This is the place where you would take Hub Quests. Beware though because these types of quests are made for multiplayer so they are inherently tougher! Veterans take these on solo as a challenge so maybe you can do that as well!

Minoto, the Hub Maiden

Hub Quests are managed by Minoto, the twin sister of Hinoa that handles the Village Quests. Talk with her to check the available quests in the Gathering Hub.

Hub Quest Difficulty Now Scales

Arena Quest Counter

Arena Counter

The Arena Quests Counter is basically where you take Arena Quests. These can be taken by a maximum of two hunters and will test your mettle using specified equipment and items!

Arena Quest Guide

Master Utsushi

Arena Quests are managed by Master Utsushi, the teacher of the village that mentors young hunters. If you have played the demo, you may have encountered him in the Basic Training Quest teaching you the ropes!

A Canteen and Market

Canteen and Market

Like most hubs, the canteen and market are both present in the area for easy access. Use these to eat before a quest or buy things that will help you in hunts!

The Hub Prep Area

Connected to the Gathering Hub

Hub Prep Area

A special area called Hub Prep Area is connected to the Gathering Hub to specifically cater to hunt-related needs. This could be the area where hunters will prepare all their loadouts and equipment before deploying on quests!

Smithy and Housekeeper

Smithy in Hub Prep

Inside the Prep Area is a Smithy that forges and upgrades equipment on the fly and a Housekeeper that grants access to the Meowcenaries and Argosy. The main facilities for these services are usually found in the village but they built these satellite facilities in the Prep Area for convenience! Sweet!

Gathering Hub Player Limit and Difficulty

Up to 4 Players

Up to 4 Players

It is confirmed that the Gathering Hub will be limited to 4 players per gathering hub. This makes for a more intimate hunting party which can promote more friendly hunts!

Hub Quest Difficulty Scaling

MHRise Difficulty Scaling

It is also confirmed that the difficulty of Hub Quests will depend on the number of players. This will also adjust on the fly so you won't have to worry about dealing with 4-player difficulty when 2 of your hunting mates quit mid-hunt!

Gathering Hub Location

Probably Has Access in Kamura Village

kamura (1).jpg

Like most services, the Gathering Hub might be accessible via Kamura Village. We will update this article for a detailed explanation on how to access this area as soon as more news are announced!

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