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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Palico and Palamute Buddy Skills Guide

This is a guide to the Buddy Skills of Palicos and Palamutes in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on more to learn more about Buddy Skills, a list of all Buddy Skills, and what the best buddy skills are!

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What Are Buddy Skills?

Set of Equippable Skills

Buddy Skills are equippable skills that increase certain stats or traits of your buddy. They have a variety of effects, from increasing their own attack and defense, to making them more resistant against certain status effects, to giving their attacks more knockdown capabilities.

All buddies start with a set of eight skills that can be seen right away, but some will only be equippable after the buddy reaches a certain level. To equip a skill, it takes up a certain number of Skill Memory points from the buddy.

In the base game, there is no way to alter this set of skills and you'll have to get new Buddies if you want other skills. If you have the Sunbreak DLC, you can freely change most of your Buddies' equipped skills as long as one of your other Buddies knows the skill.

How to Get More Skill Memory Points

Level Up Your Buddies

Your Buddies starts with three skill memory slots at first. The fourth skill memory slot unlocks at Level 10, and the fifth skill memory slot at level 25.

Use Eurekacorn in Sunbreak

If you have the Sunbreak expansion, you'll be able to use Eurekacorn to increase this up to eight skill memory slots. To do so, access the Buddy Expert or the Buddy Dojo then select Increase Skill Memory.

How to Equip Buddy Skills

Go to the Buddy Board and Select Buddy Skills

Interact with a Buddy Board found in the Village, Guild Hall, or the Buddy Plaza, and then select Buddy Skills, the second option in the menu.

Select Between Palicos and Palamutes

You can select which type of buddies whose skills you want to edit. This isn't too important, as when you're at the menu, you can switch between Palicos and Palamutes using the R and L shoulder buttons.

Select Skills with Slots Equal to Skill Memory

You can activate which skills your buddy will have for the mission. Select a skill and notice the Skill Memory squares get filled up the number of diamonds next to the skill you select. Continue until you fill up all Skill Memory slots.

Buddy Skill Lesson

Teach Skills to Your Buddies

A new feature in the Sunbreak DLC is the option to change the equipped skills your Buddies have. No longer do you have to reroll and hope for a Buddy with the exact skillset you want! To get access to this, you'll need to complete the request Buddy Commitment.

You'll be able to teach new skills to your Buddies by selecting Buddy Skill Lesson from the Buddy Expert or the Buddy Dojo menu. From here, you can choose a skill to replace with another one from the pool of all your other Buddies' skills. Do note that the replaced skill will be forgotten, so make sure you don't lose anything important.

List of Buddy Skills

Skill Name Type Level Slots Description
Critical Up (S) Attack 5 1 Increases affinity. (Will stack)
Attack Up (S) Attack 5 1 Increases attack. (Will stack)
Health Up (S) Defense 5 1 Increases maximum health. (WIll stack)
Defense Up Defense 5 1 Greatly increases defense. Also negates the effects of Defense Down.
Negate Paralysis Defense 5 1 Prevents paralysis.
Negate Poison Defense 5 1 Weakens the effect of poison. Also prevents poison and lethal poison.
Knockout King Attack 10 1 Increases likelihood of stunning and tiring monsters.
Negate Sleep Defense 10 1 Prevents sleep.
Negate Tremor Defense 10 1 Prevents staggering from tremors created by large monsters.
Omniresistance Defense 10 1 Boosts all resistances. Also negates the effects of Resistance Down.
Webproof Defense 10 1 Prevents webbed status.
Health Up (L) Defense 10 2 Increases maximum health. (WIll stack)
Negate Stun Defense 10 2 Prevents stun.
Artful Dodger Defense 10 2 Increases the likelihood of blocking and deflecting attacks.
Earplugs Defense 10 2 Prevents flinching from most monster roars.
Negate Wind Pressure Defense 10 2 Negates wind pressure from almost all monsters.
Deflagration Relief Defense 15 1 Prevents blast and hellfire.
Element Attack Up Attack 15 2 Increases the power of elemental attacks.
Critical Up (L) Attack 15 2 Greatly increases affinity. (Will stack)
Attack Up (L) Attack 15 2 Greatly increases attack. (Will stack)
Ranged Attack Up Attack 20 2 Increases ranged attack.
Status Attack Up Attack 20 3 Increases the potency of abnormal status attacks.
Medic's Touch Defense 20 3 Increases amount of health recovered when healing.
Ranged-Centric Attack 35 1 Prioritizes ranged attacks, making them slightly more powerful. (Doesn't stack with Melee-Centric.)
Melee-Centric Attack 35 1 Prioritizes melee attacks, making them slightly more powerful. (Doesn't stack with Ranged-Centric)
Ailment Artistry Defense 35 1 Recovers health after taking an ailment-inducing attack if a skill to nullify that ailment is equipped.
Piercing Attack Up Attack 35 2 Makes piercing attacks more powerful.
Recovery Boost Support 35 2 Increases recovery of Palamute Gear when a support move with recovery effects is used.
Counter Attack 40 2 Causes a counter when a block or deflection succeeds.
Buddy Friendship Defense 40 2 Makes hunter's health recover as well when a self-healing move is used.
Support-Centric Support 40 2 Makes it easier to trigger Support Moves and Palamute Gear, but attack and defense are reduced.
Buddy Partbreaker Attack 45 1 Makes body parts easier to break the more Attack Buddy Skills are equipped.
Nine Lives Attack 45 2 Increases Attack and Defense upon revival. Effective up to eight times.
Pro Parry Defense 45 2 Increases chance of blocking for a set period after taking damage. Lasts longer the more Defense Buddy Skills are equipped.
Buddy Breather Defense 45 2 Will perform healing actions even when not in battle.

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