Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sunbreak Endgame Guide: What to Do After Beating the Game

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MH Rise Sunbreak - Endgame Content Guide

This is a guide to the post-game in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Learn everything there is to do after finishing the game, including all new features and quests unlocked after defeating the final boss, as well as additional endgame content.

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Sunbreak Post-Game Features

The features listed below are all unlocked after reaching MR6 and defeating the final boss of Sunbreak.

Final Boss Guide: Weakness and Drops

Master Rank Melding Pot Unlocked

MH Rise Sunbreak - MR Melding Pot

The Master Rank version of the Melding Pot is unlocked in the post-game. Anima, a new version of “Wisp of Mystery” uses only MR materials, and Reincarnation, a new version of “Rebirth” is restricted to Materials of Rarity 8 and above. Each of these works the same way as the HR version, but can potentially yield stronger Talismans.

Clearing Chaotic Gore Magala's urgent quest also unlocks Aurora melding which lets you choose a guaranteed skill for your talisman!

How to Use the Melding Pot: Melding Pot Guide

Anomaly Research Quests

MH Rise Sunbreak - Anomaly Quests

A new level beyond the standard MR Quests, Anomaly Research Quests are first encountered as the Urgent Quest for MR 10. These quests feature Afflicted Monsters, which are more powerful versions of their standard forms. Completing them rewards players with Afflicted Materials, which can be used to craft the final version of most weapons, create new decorations, and to augment gear.

Anomaly Research Quests are split between Anomaly Quests and Anomaly Investigations.

Anomaly Quest Features

  • Obtain Outfit Voucher+, the MR version of the Outfit Voucher for crafting Layered Armor
  • Craft each Weapon up to Rarity 10 using Afflicted Materials
  • Monsters have more HP

Anomaly Quests are similar to standard quests and more are added as the player's MR or Research Level increases. To find out how to unlock the higher level quests, check out our guide on Anomaly Quests.

All Anomaly Quests and Rewards

Anomaly Investigation Features

  • Obtain Investigation Coins to exchange for rare items at the Anomaly Research Lab
  • Augment armor and weapons with Qurious Crafting
  • Different quest conditions (multi-monster hunts, reduced time limit and possible faints)

Added with Version 11 of Sunbreak, Anomaly Investigations are an expansion of Anomaly Quests. This system is also tied to the Anomaly Research Level, which determines the level of investigations you can take on. These quests reward new Afflicted Materials as well as Amber Essences that you can use for augmentation.

Anomaly Investigations Guide: All New Features

Qurious Crafting

Qurious Crafting is the augmentation system introduced in Version 11 of Sunbreak. Using Afflicted Materials and Amber Essences, you can enhance your weapons' stats and even add slots and skills to your armor pieces!

Qurious Crafting Guide

MR Limit Cap Unlocked

MH Rise Sunbreak - Master Rank Cap Unlocked

In the same way that Update 2.0 unlocked the HR cap break, the cap for MR is unlocked in the postgame, starting off at 10. Urgent Quests appear at the end of each rank cap, each allowing you to fight a new Monster previously unseen in Master Rank.

Beyond MR 100, you'll be given the opportunity to face Risen Elder Dragons, which are powered-up versions of their regular counterparts!

How to Get from MR 6 to MR 100 Fast

Master Rank Layered Armor Unlocked

MH Rise Sunbreak - Outfit Voucher+

Anomaly Research Quests can provide Outfit Voucher+ as a reward, which can be used to craft Layered Armor sets for Master Rank gear for the Hunter, Palicos, and Palamutes. Quests that feature monsters introduced in Title Updates such as Lucent Nargacuga or Velkhana also reward Outfit Voucher+.

List of Master Rank Layered Armor

Meowcenaries Materials Expanded

MH Rise Sunbreak - Qurio Hunt.png

The new Qurio Probes feature works similarly to the Rampage Meowcenaries location in the Base Game. Qurio Probes will appear randomly, but when they do, it's an opportunity for the Meowcenaries to focus on getting Monster Materials without any Plants, Bones, or Ores. Be sure to confirm which Monsters you're missing important Materials for before you choose your route!

Meowcenaries Guide

Is There an Endgame Loop?

Anomaly Investigations

MH Rise Sunbreak - Diablos Anomaly Investigation

Anomaly Investigations are Sunbreak's main endgame loop where monsters get progressively stronger as you raise your research level. To keep up with their increasing strength, hunters are encouraged to grind for afflicted materials on these quests to use in Qurious Crafting for enhanced damage or to create stronger decorations for different builds.

Anomaly Investigations Guide: All New Features

Qurious Armor Crafting and Talisman Rolling

MH Rise Sunbreak - Qurious Armor Crafting

Even after reaching the level cap for Anomaly Investigations, the grind continues as many hunters will continue farming Royal Amber Essences for armor augmentation. Due to the random nature of Qurious Armor Crafting, it's possible to burn through several essences before getting your desired augments.

You can also use your extra monster materials earned from grinding to roll for your perfect endgame Talisman at the new Melding Pot.

Best Armor Augments and Armor Recommendations

Additional Endgame Content

Free Title Updates

MH Rise Sunbreak - Roadmap for TU5 April 2023

Sunbreak has received several free Title Updates throughout 2022 and 2023. These updates feature new monsters, which let you craft new weapons and armor to incorporate in your endgame builds!

Sunbreak Free Title Updates & Roadmap

Weekly Event Quests

MH Rise Sunbreak - Dual Threat A Song of Silver and Gold

Sunbreak also has Weekly Event Quests, which get released every Thursday, 12AM UTC+0. Clearing these Event Quests can net you new Layered Armor, buddy equipment, gestures and poses, and more!

Event Quests List

Complete Guild Card Awards

MH Rise Sunbreak - Guild Card Awards

Sunbreak adds 50 new achievements for you to complete. Some of these can get grindy, so you'll definitely spend a lot of time completing these!

A few notable awards include hunting 1,000 MR monsters, getting all the new miniature and gold crown-sized monsters, and exchanging thousands of coins at the Anomaly Research Lab.

Sunbreak Awards and Achievements

Crown Hunting

MH Rise Sunbreak - Crown Hunting

Hunting monsters of both small and large sizes can be fun, especially if you want to collect some crowns! There are different ways to crown hunt like going on hub quests to look for a particular monster, or going on expeditions to hunt multiple monsters.

Quests featuring two of the same monster are a good bet for getting crowns easily. Best examples can be the Operation Double Garangolm and Dual Threat: Revelry of Destruction (Double Furious Rajang) quests, both of which guarantee double crowns.

Fashion Hunter

MH Rise Sunbreak - Fashion Hunter - Hunters wearing the DLC Pack 6 Summer Skins
With all the Outfit Vouchers+ you've likely earned from Anomaly Investigations, why not use them to make fashionable layered armor sets? Sunbreak added tons of armor designs for hunters to wear. Not only that, you're free to mix and match them with layered armor pieces from the base game! Don't forget to dress up your buddies too!

Try Out Other Weapons

MH Rise Sunbreak - Try Out Other Weapons

If you haven't picked up a weapon besides your main, now's a good time to start! With the introduction of new moves and Switch Skills, you can try out different styles that suit your preference. Once you hone your skills, challenge Sunbreak's tougher monsters with your newfound knowledge. You might find yourself switching to a new main weapon!

Sunbreak Weapon Tier List

Clear All Quests

MH Rise Sunbreak - Clear All Quests

In addition to the regular Hub Quests, Sunbreak adds several new types of quests including Follower Quests, Support Surveys, and Anomaly Quests. Complete each type of quest to help fill up your Guild Card. Some quest types even award new armor pieces once they're all done, so try to finish them all!

Quest Types and List of Quests

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Sunbreak Monsters

Large Monsters
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Small Monsters
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MH Rise Sunbreak - Vespoid Partial BannerVespoid MH Rise Sunbreak - Velociprey Partial BannerVelociprey

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Sunbreak Locations

MH Rise Sunbreak - Forlorn ArenaForlorn Arena MH Rise Sunbreak - CitadelThe Citadel
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