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Monster Hunter Rise - Teostra Banner.png
This is a hunt guide for Teostra, a Returning monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to beat Teostra, how to unlock its quest, its weaknesses, attack patterns, drops, and more!

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Teostra Hunter Notes

Teostra Returning Monster.png
Type Elder Dragon Previous Games MH 2, MHF2, MHFU, MH 4, MH 4 U, MHG, MHGU, MHW, MHW:I, MH Rise
Threat Level 8/10 Rampage Type
Major Weakness Blast, Water Other Weakness(es) Poison, Stun, Fire, Thunder, ice
Blight / Elemental Damage Fire Abnormal Status Fireblight
Brutal elder dragons wreathed in flames that spew blazing fire. Teostra are such a fierce and deadly nature that the Guild closely monitors their movements.

Known Habitat

Map Starting Area Visited Areas Rest Area
Lava Caverns.pngLava Caverns 14 12 / 5 / 13 / 9 / 10 11

Update 2.0


Teostra is one of the many new Elder Dragons added to Monster Hunter Rise in the first Free Title update released last April 28, 2021. Don't forget to update your copy of Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) to be able to fight Teostra!

Update 2.0 Patch Notes

Unlocked at HR40

The Emperor of Flame.png

Teostra is unlocked by reaching HR40 in the Hub. When you reach HR40, the Urgent Quest The Emperor of Flame will unlock giving you the ability to take on Teostra in the Lava Caverns!

Hunter Rank Guide: How to Unlock and Increase Hunter Rank (HR)

Teostra Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities

Monster Physiology

Damage Type Weaknesses

Part Sever Symbol (MH Rise).png Blunt Symbol (MH Rise).png Ammo Symbol (MH Rise).png
Head 50 55 45
Neck 33 38 5
Foreleg 38 38 15
Abdomen 24 24 5
Back 24 24 5
Wing 40 35 15
Hind Leg 30 25 20
Tail 43 33 38
Overall 35 34 19

Elemental Weaknesses

Part Fire Symbol (MH Rise).png Water Symbol (MH Rise).png Thunder Element (MH Rise).png Ice Element (MH Rise).png Dragon Element (MH Rise).png
Head 0 20 10 15 10
Neck 0 10 5 10 5
Foreleg 0 25 10 20 10
Abdomen 0 5 0 5 0
Back 0 5 0 5 0
Wing 0 10 0 5 0
Hind Leg 0 15 5 10 5
Tail 0 20 5 15 5
Overall 0 14 4 11 4

Higher numbers indicate higher potential damage to the monster.

Hunting Tips

・The black scale dust a Teostra scatters will spread over a wide area until it finally explodes; however reports claim that damaging the elder dragon's head can prevent the larger explosions. Push on the attack when it's fully enveloped in flames or scale dust to stun it, suppressing whichever it was accumulating.


Status Effect Vulnerabilities

Poison Stun Paralysis Sleep Blast
1★ 1★ 0 0 2★
Exhaust Fireblight Waterblight Thunderblight Iceblight
0 1★ 2★ 1★ 1★

The more stars, the more advantageous it will be for the player.

Item Vulnerabilities

Pitfall Trap Shock Trap Flash Bomb
Sonic Bomb Meat Effects Dung Bomb

◯ = Vulnerable; ✕ = Fully Resistant; ▲ = Situational

Kinsect Extracts

Monster Part Extract
Head Red Extract
Neck White Extract
Foreleg Orange Extract
Abdomen Orange Extract
Back Orange Extract
Wing White Extract
Hind Leg Orange Extract
Tail Orange Extract

Teostra Attack Patterns

Name Description
Claw Blast A claw attack that scatters blast orbs. Teostra can ignite the orbs and hit anything nearby.
Leaping Attack Teostra quickly leaps towards unsuspecting hunters. If Teostra have a flame armor, the leap has an explosion effect.
Divebomb Teostra scatters blast orbs on the ground then flies toward a direction. Afterward, it will turn back and divebomb towards all the blast orbs, igniting them as Teostra lands.
Line Explosion Teostra scatters blast orbs in a straight line then igniting them after a short while.
Ring Explosion Teostra scatters blast orbs around him in a circle then igniting them after a short while.
Grounded Sweeping Flamethrower Teostra will sweep a flamethrower while stationary.
Aerial Sweeping Flamethrower Teostra will hover above ground and sweep a flamethrower from left to right while moving forward.
Hi-Pressure Flamethrower
Teostra will execute a hi-pressure flamethrower in front of him that can catch anyone in front of him.
Teostra does this while in the Super Flame Armor state.
Circular Ground Explosion
Teostra ignites a circular area in front of him, dealing massive damage to anyone inside the radius.
Teostra does this while in the Super Flame Armor state.
The Supernova
Considered as Teostra's ultimate move, The Supernova causes a huge explosion in a huge sphere originating from Teostra. Anything caught in the radius has a chance to be one-hit KO'd.
Teostra does this while in the Super Flame Armor state and will remove all kinds of flame armor afterwards.

Claw Blast

Teostra Claw Blast.gif

Teostra scatters blast orbs by swinging his claw then igniting them after a short while. Evade backward or in any direction away from the blast orbs!

Leaping Attack

Teostra Leaping Attack.gif

A quick leaping attack towards a hunter. If Teostra has a flame armor on, this move deals fireblight as Teostra lands.


Teostra Divebomb.gif

Teostra scatters blast orbs on the ground then flies in a certain direction. It will then turn around and dive towards the orbs, igniting them as he drags his mane on the ground! Keep distance whenever you see him fly away!

Line Explosion

Teostra Line Explosion.gif

Teostra lines up blast orbs in a line then igniting them aster a very short while. Evade sideways whenever you see Teostra them up!

Ring Explosion

Teostra Ring Explosion.gif

Teostra scatters blast orbs around his body then igniting them after a very short while. Evade backward whenever you see Teostra priming the orbs!

Flamethrower Attacks

Teostra Grounded Sweeping Flamethrower.gif

Teostra executes flamethrower attacks that proc fireblight against hunters. It has three variations detailed below:

Flamethrower Variations

Grounded Sweeping Flamethrower

Teostra Grounded Sweeping Flamethrower.gif

Teostra will sweep a flame breath attack from side to side while stationary. Evade this attack at all costs by rolling sideways continuously!

Aerial Sweeping Flamethrower

Teostra Aerial Sweeping Flamethrower.gif

Another flamethrower variation where Teostra flies above and sweeps a flame breath attack while moving forward. Evade to the side when you see him do this!

Hi-Pressure Flamethrower

Teostra Hi Pressure Flamethrower.gif

A very short range but powerful flame breath attack that sees any hunter in front of Teostra receive significant damage. Evade sideways when you are near Teostra's head!

Circular Ground Explosion

Teostra Circular Ground Explosion.gif

A mini-Supernova that Teostra ignites in front of him. Anything caught in the radius will get fireblight and receive significant damage. Emergency Evade or counterattack at the moment of the explosion!

The Supernova

Teostra Supernova.gif

A very dangerous and powerful move where Teostra releases all his energy in a huge, wide explosion. Anyone in the radius can be carted. Roll as far as possible from Teostra or execute an Emergency Evade when you see Teostra charging this up!

How to Beat Teostra

Check IconGet as far away as possible during a Supernova

Check IconSupernova weakens by breaking Teostra's horn

Check IconAvoid the blast orbs

Check IconKnow the different armor states of Teostra

Check IconRanged attacks don't work when in Super Flame Armor state

Check IconBeware of the passive heat damage when you're near Teostra

Check IconRemove flame armor from Teostra by knocking it down

Check IconUse armor pieces with Kushala Blessing

Check IconIncrease your fire resistance

Get as Far Away as Possible from Teostra During The Supernova

Teostra Get as Far Away as Possible from Teostra During a Supernova.gif

Teostra's Supernova can cart any hunter caught in the radius so we suggest rolling or Wiredashing until you are away from Teostra. You may also opt to execute an emergency evade if you think that it is too late to getaway!

Supernova Weakens By Breaking Teostra's Horn

Supernova with the Horns Broken Supernova with the Horns Not Broken
Teostra The Supernova.gifEnlarge Teostra Supernova Horn Unbroken.gifEnlarge

The radius of the Supernova decreases when you break Teostra's horn. This gives you an easier time trying to get away from Teostra once it explodes in a Supernova!

Avoid the Blast Orbs

Avoid The Blast Orbs.pngEnlarge

The blast orbs scattered by Teostra are where all explosions happen. Avoid these areas because Teostra can ignite them anytime!

Know the Different Armor States of Teostra

Teostra has different armor states in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) and can give Teostra different characteristics. He can enter both armor stages at any point in the hunt - Teostra can even enter the Super Flame Armor State from the start!

Teostra Flame Armor States

Flame Dust Armor State

Teostra Flame Dust Armor.pngEnlarge

Characterized by dust forming on the body of Teostra, this is the second-level armor state where most of Teostra's move can cause an explosion. Be extra careful because Teostra is very aggressive and volatile in this state!

Super Flame Armor State

Teostra Super Flame Armor.pngEnlarge

This highest Teostra armor state is characterized by flames hovering all over Teostra's body. While in this state, ranged attacks on its body and wings will be nullified - save for the head. It is in this state that Teostra can use the Supernova at any time so get ready!

Ranged Attacks Don't Work When in Super Flame Armor State

Teostra Super Armor.gif

When in Super Flame Armor State, ranged attacks from Bows, Heavy Bowguns, and Light Bowguns has no effect on Teostra's body. If you're a ranged hunter, aim for the head while in this state!

Beware of the Passive Heat Damage When You're Near Teostra

Heat Damage Teostra.pngEnlarge

When Teostra is in the Super Flame Armor State, any hunter near it will experience passive heat damage denoted by a decreasing green health bar and increasing red. Keep an eye out on your health bar when you fight near Teostra all the time or invest on the armor skill Recovery Speed!

Remove Flame Armor From Teostra by Knocking It Down

Tesotra Remove Flame Armor By Knocking Down Teostra.gif

By knocking down Teostra, you can remove any armor that is applied to its body. There is a higher chance to execute this by focusing on Teostra's head at all times.

Use Armor Pieces with Kushala Blessing

Kushala Blessing Use Against Teostra.pngEnlarge

Each of the new Elder Dragon armors is designed to combat other Elder Dragons.

Kushala Blessing is a new armor skill obtained by equipping Kushala Armor from Kushala Daora that can increase the power of ice and water attacks as well as nullify heat damage. This is a very hard counter against Teostra so consider using this if you're having a hard time!

Kushala Armor Set Skills and Forging Materials

Increase Your Fire Resistance

Teostra Increase Your Fire Resistance.png

Teostra can deal fireblight so we recommend armors that has Fire Resistance or use Fire Res Jewels decorations. This helps in defending yourself from the pesky fireblight that Teostra gives all the time.

Teostra Materials and Drops

High Rank

Target Rewards

Material Drop Rate
Fire Dragon Scale+ 26%
Teostra Mane 19%
Teostra Claw+ 16%
Teostra Carapace 14%
Teostra Tail 12%
Teostra Powder 10%
Teostra Gem 3%

Broken Part Rewards

Material Drop Rate
Teostra Horn+ 72% (Head)
Teostra Webbing 70% (Wingclaw)
Teostra Mane 25% (Head)
Teostra Claw+ 18% (Wingclaw)
Teostra Powder 12% (Wingclaw 2x)
Teostra Gem 3% (Head)


Material Drop Rate
Teostra Tail 80% (Tail)
Teostra Carapace 27% (Body)
Fire Dragon Scale+ 21% (Body), 17% (Tail)
Teostra Mane 18% (Body)
Teostra Claw+ 14% (Body)
Teostra Webbing 10% (Body)
Teostra Horn+ 8% (Body)
Teostra Gem 2% (Body), 3% (Tail)

Dropped Materials

Material Drop Rate
Dragon Treasure 40%
Teostra Powder 34%, 25%
Fire Dragon Scale+ 25%
Teostra Carapace 15%, 40%
Elder Dragon Blood 10%
Teostra Gem 1%

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