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This is a guide and gameplay preview of the Hunting Horn weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Learn about the new changes and moves available for the Hunting Horn, with details on its new Silkbind Attacks.

Hunting Horn Tier List Ranking

Tier List Ranking S Rank Icon

The Hunting Horn became one of the best weapons in the game in Monster Hunter Rise. Playing melodies are now easier and faster than ever and playing notes are passively applied! If you have been meaning to try this weapon, now is the right time!

Weapon Tier List

Hunting Horn Controls

Button Action
Buttons X.png Left Swing
Buttons A.png Right Swing
Buttons X.pngButtons A.png
Backwards Strike
Button zR.png Perform
Button zR.pngButtons X.png
Magnificent Trio
Buttons zL.pngButtons X.png
Silkbind Attack: Slide Beat
Buttons zL.pngButtons A.png
Silkbind Attack: Earthshaker

Useful Combos
Stationary Combo
Right Swing
Buttons A.png
Left Swing
Buttons X.png
Right Swing
Buttons A.png
Slide Roll
Left Analog.png + Buttons B.png
Forward-Moving Combo
Slide Roll
Left Analog.png + Buttons X.png
Double Swing
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Buttons A.png
Overhead Smash
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Magnificent Trio Combo
Right Swing
Buttons A.png
Left Swing
Buttons X.png
Overhead Smash
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Magnificent Trio
Button zR.png + Buttons X.png

List of Melodies

Melody Effect
Self-improvement Temporarily boosts movement speed and prevents your attacks from being deflected.
Attack Up Temporarily boosts attack.
Defense Up Temporarily boosts defense.
Health Recovery (S) Restores a sliver of health.
Song of Raging Flame Boosts attack considerably for a period of time.

Hunting Horn New Moves

Official Hunting Horn Preview Video

Magnificent Trio

Magnificent Trio Animation 2.gif
Magnificent Trio is a new technique that plays three Hunting Horn Notes at once. In addition to executing a multi-hit attack, it also allows you to provide the effects from all stored Hunting Horn notes, making it a highly powerful action.

Buttons zR.png+Buttons X.png

Infernal Melody

infernal melody
Infernal Melody is a super song that requires you to fill the Hunting Horn's gauge to unleash the move. While the demo shows that it can play the Song of Raging Flame which greatly boosts your attacks for a period of time, it is still unknown whether other effects is available.

After the gauge is filled, use Button zR.png after a Magnificent Trio or a Slide Beat.

Slide Beat

slide beat.png
Slide Beat is a Silkbind Attack that leaps forward and does damage. In the video, it also appears that it can shake off attacks and continue moving.

Buttons zL.png+Buttons X.png


Earthshaker is a Silkbind Attack that attaches the Ironsilk to a blade and drives it into the monster. The hunter then uses the horn to pound sonic waves into the afflicted body part, dealing damage to it.

Buttons zL.png+Buttons A.png

Hunting Horn Strengths and Weaknesses


Check IconReceive melody effects automatically

Check IconMagnificent Trio is powerful

Check IconCan stun monsters

Check IconGreat support

Check IconLong reach

Receive Melody Effects Automatically

Receive Melody Effects Automatically.jpeg
In previous games, Hunting Horn players were required to use the Perform action before yielding the results of the notes they played. In Monster Hunter Rise, for the first time, players can receive these boons as soon as the notes are played, making it much easier to continue moving and acting while simultaneously providing buffs to the team.

Great Support with Melodies

recital 1.png
There is a multitude of melodies that can buff the Hunting Horn user and the other hunters. The variety of possible boosts, such as Attack Up (L), Earplugs (L), Defense Up (L), allows them to assist the team effectively to suit the situation.

Magnificent Trio is Powerful

By playing three notes and pressing ZR + X, players can execute the new Magnificent Trio attack, which allows them to provide the effects of all stored Notes. Like previous games, this requires the player to first Perform the notes, but being able to gain the advantages of all notes while simultaneously inflicting an attack makes it a significant buff to the Hunting Horn.

Can Stun Monsters

head attack 1.png
Every time the Hunting Horn hits the monster's head, it builds stun damage that can lead to a KO. While a monster is KO'd, Hunting Horn users can either use this time to build up more stun damage so that a monster is permastunned, or to refresh their melodies.

Long Reach

The Hunting Horn has a surprisingly long reach, and can even aim for body parts positioned higher than most, like the head and the tail.


Check IconCannot guard

Check IconLow DPS

Check IconMelodies need to be refreshed

No Guarding

It is one of the two heavy weapons that cannot guard (the other being the hammer). However, with the new Silkbind Attack, Slide Beat, it might be possible to go through attacks without getting damaged.


Compared to other weapons, it has lower DPS than most. To use the Hunting Horn effectively, play together with other hunters and boost their abilities instead of relying entirely on the Horn's own damage output.

This is not true as the Hunting Horn was shown to have a high damage output in the Demo. While it is not yet known if this will be the Hunting Horn's damage output in the official release, the current Hunting Horn that was shown to us is definitely not lacking in damage.

Melodies Need to be Refreshed

Melodies needs to be refreshed every few minutes. Although Monster Hunter Rise improves the situation by removing the need to use the Perform action, players will need to keep melodies in mind at all times while battling to maximize their effectiveness.

How to Use the Hunting Horn

Use Melodies to Support Teammates

recital 2.png
It should go without saying that Hunting Horn users should use melodies and keep them active as their first priority.

They can queue up melodies outside of fights, then play them during fights so as to not waste time queuing up the melodies. Hunting Horn users should also combo playing the notes with effective timing to ensure they can play the notes as quickly as possible during a battle.

Attack Up (L) has been a standby

Although the (L) version of Attack Up hasn't yet been revealed in Monster Hunter Rise, players could use Attack Up (L) in Monster Hunter World to boost their weapon's attacking power to ×1.15. With two stacks of Attack Up (L), it can reach as high as ×1.2, making the entire team much more effective during a battle.

Play Notes While Attacking

Perform While Attacking.jpeg

Although the Hunting Horn is a support weapon, that doesn't mean its users have to stay out of the line of fire. With their new potential to unleash melodies as soon as they're played, Hunting Horn users are more equipped than ever to provide buffs for their team while dishing out attacks at the same time!

Aim for the Monster's Head

head attack 2.png
The Hunting Horn, like the Hammer, is a blunt weapon. This allows its users to aim for a stun when attacking the head, and its comparatively long reach makes this achieveable.

Stunlocking a monster is incredibly useful for Hunting Horn mains and the other hunters as well, so try to aim for the head as much as possible.

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the comment above is wrong, the highest dps belongs to the long sword with 4 min 40, look it up on youtube

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>>1 This is still the demo and yea right now, HH is busted. They will likely still make changes in the official release to tweak things out. Like how Arzuros seems to rip my Hp bar by half even tho I'm seemingly wearing good LR armor sets.

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