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This is a guide to delivering monster eggs and other Transport Item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Learn the fastest way to deliver each Transport Item, the best egg delivery route for each, and all other tips for carrying eggs.

Controls when Delivering Eggs

L Stick + Butto R.png
Sprint or Slide while in a slope.
Buttons Y.png Drop Egg
Buttons B.png Roll
Buttons zL.png+ Buttons A.png

Buttons zL.png+ Buttons X.png

Buttons zL.png + Button zR.png
Wire Bug Commands
(A =Forward, X = Upward, Zr = Camera Aim)


Monster Hunter Rise - Dash Eggs Delivery

L Stick + Butto R.png

While carrying eggs, you can use the L stick then hold the R button to sprint. This will consume stamina but it will greatly increase your movement speed while carrying eggs. Sprinting consumes stamina but running out of stamina will not drop the egg.

Drop Egg

Monster Hunter Rise - Drop the Egg

Buttons Y.png Drop Egg

If you wish to discontinue the egg delivery, you can press the Y button on the switch to drop the egg. This will destroy the egg in the process so avoid doing this if you only wish to take a break from carrying the egg. When enemy monsters appear, it is imperative for the player to dodge attacks instead of dropping the egg if you want to complete the delivery process.


Monster Hunter Rise - Rolling with the Egg

Buttons B.png Roll

Rolling is your evasive option when enemies attack you while you're carrying eggs. This is why sprinting isn't supposed to be permanently used while delivering since dodging also consumes stamina. Take a balance between sprinting and normal walking when delivering eggs to avoid situations where you run out of stamina and enemies attack!


Monster Hunter Rise - Wirebug Egg Delivery

Buttons zL.png+ Buttons A.png

Buttons zL.png+ Buttons X.png

Buttons zL.png + Button zR.png
Wire Bug Commands
(A =Forward, X = Upward, Zr = Camera Aim)

The best addition to egg delivery quests is MH Rise's new wirebug move. You can use wirebugs while carrying eggs to propel yourself to a great distance without breaking the egg! This can also be used when jumping from a great height then canceling the drop with a wirebug Move to save the egg.

How to Use Wirebugs

Where to Find Eggs

Pick up from Nests

Monster Hunter Rise - Egg-Locations

The easiest way to get eggs is of course, from nests! You can easily find nests all over maps so be on the lookout as delivering eggs yields money!

List of All Account Items

Laid by Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise - Scaring a Gargwa to Drop Eggs.gif

Some monsters lay eggs when surprised. The best example of this is the Gargwa which lays eggs when attacked.

Gargwa Locations and Material Drops

Other Details While Carrying Eggs

Drops if attacked by monsters

Monster Hunter Rise - Dropping an Egg.gif

Your movement options are extremely limited while carrying eggs. To further increase the risk, you will also drop the egg if you get attacked by monsters. Make sure to avoid enemy attacks when monsters approach to protect your item!

Drops if you fall from high places

Monster Hunter Rise - Broken Bismuth Chunk.gif

While small hops won't cause the egg to break, jumping from an extremely high altitude will break the egg after the fall. This can be canceled by using the wirebug to dampen your fall.

Deliver to the Supply Box

Monster Hunter Rise - Complete Herbivore Egg Delivery At The Supply Box.png

The Supply Box is your main destination when carrying eggs. You will get a prompt when you approach the box. Once done, the egg will be successfully delivered and you'll get bonuses after the said quest!

Wirebug Whisperer is a must have!

Monster Hunter Rise - Wirebug Whisperer Skill.png

While carrying eggs or other heavy deliverables, your movement options become severely limited. By having the Wirebug Whisperer, you can use your wirebug dashes more which will greatly speed up your item delivery quests! Do consider adding this skill when going on expeditions to improve your mobility!

Wirebug Whisperer Skill Effects

List of Requests That Delivers Heavy Items

Request Condition and Rewards
Bunny Dangoーwith Eggs! Deliver Account Item
Rhenoplos Egg x1
Dizzybloom Dango
An Egg-cellent Idea? Deliver 2 Gargwa Eggs
Gargwa Egg x2
Egg Hammer I (Design)
Only the Good Eggs Deliver 2 Quality Wyvern Eggs
Quality Wyvern Egg x2
Berry Safe Dango

List of Eggs and Other Transport Items

Master Rank Transport Items
Premium Wyvern Egg Supreme Wyvern Egg Premium Herbivore Egg
Giant Laffresia Bigger Bismuth Chunk Giant Frost Fossil
Moon Drop
High Rank Transport Items
Gold Gargwa Egg Quality Wyvern Egg Rhenoplos Egg+
Alaffresia Big Bismuth Chunk Big Frost Fossil
Low Rank Transport Items
Gargwa Egg Wyvern Egg Rhenoplos Egg
Laffresia Bismuth Chunk Frost Fossil

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