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This is Game8's Latest News page for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for Nintendo Switch. Check here for the latest news and info for MH Rise including upcoming quests, livestreams and official announcements.

Latest News and Game Info - May

[May 20, 2021]
Update 3.0 Digital Livestream Event Announced for May 26th!

Monster Hunter's official Twitter account announced a May 26th Digital Event that will focus on the upcoming second Free Title Update (Version 3.0) highlighting the announcement of new monsters and a new ending! We expect them to announce the exact release date during the livestream so don't forget to stay tuned!

The Version 3.0 Update will also come at around 1.4GB, a heftier update than Version 2.0. The first free title update brought in a lot of things - we expect Update 3.0 to deliver as well!

May 26th Digital Event

Latest News and Game Info - April

[April 22, 2021]
Update 2.0 Digital Livestream Event Announced for April 27th!

Monster Hunter's official Twitter account announced an April 27th Digital Event that will focus on the upcoming free update (Version 2.0) highlighting the return of the Elder Dragon Chameleos, Apex Rathalos, and more! Of course, we expect them to announce the exact release date during the live stream so don't forget to stay tuned!

The Version 2.0 update will also come at around 0.9GB! This is pretty hefty for an update so expect a lot of things to be announced on April 27!

April 27th Digital Event

[April 6, 2021]
Free Item Packs to Celebrate 5 Million Units Shipped Worldwide!

In celebration of Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) having shipped 5 million copies worldwide, CAPCOM gave free item packs for all hunters! Talk to the Courier to claim yours!

Free Rewards: How to Get Free Gifts

[April 6, 2021]
Give Me Honey! Twitter Campaign Goal Successfully Reached

The goal for the Give Me Honey! The Twitter campaign has been reached! All hunters will be receiving Honey x50 claimable at the Courier!

Free Rewards: How to Get Free Gifts

Latest News and Game Info - March

[March 19, 2021]
Preloading Available in All Regions

MH Rise Pre-loading

It was confirmed by users worldwide that the game was made available for pre-loading worldwide. So if you preordered the digital version of the game, you can go ahead and pre-load it!

How to Pre-Load and Preorder

[March 17, 2021]
Give Me Honey! Campaign on Twitter

The Give Me Honey! campaign was held on the official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter pages. Hunters will be rewarded with 50 Honey in-game (a very important ingredient to get Mega Potions!) if the total RTs across their Twitter pages reached 50,000.

[March 12, 2021]
Apex Mizutsune

Monster Hunter Rise - Apex Mizutsune.png

A differently-colored Mizutsune with new bubbles was revealed in a Japanese Monster Hunter Rise commercial. It's completely different from the Mizutsune we encountered in the demo, so it's definitely the Apex version!

What are Apex Monsters?

[March 12, 2021]
Second Demo (Demo Version 2) Released!

Monster Hunter Rise - Slay Magnamalo in Second Demo.png

On March 12th at 1:00 AM GMT (March 11th at 9 PM EST), the second Demo for Monster Hunter Rise was released. This round adds a new foe, the flagship monster Magnamalo! With a time limit of only 15 minutes, hunters will need to bring out every trick in the book to best this foe.

How to Download the Second Demo

Latest News and Game Info - February

[February 26, 2021]
PC (Steam) Version to be Released in Early 2022

Monster Hunter Rise -PC Steam Release Early 2022.png

Hunters that prefer to play on the PC, rejoice! It was announced that Monster Hunter Rise will be coming to Steam early in 2022.

[February 17, 2021]
New Monsters and Rampage Details in Nintendo Direct

A new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise was included in the Nintendo Direct on February 17th. Both new and returning Monsters join the battle, with our first look at how the Rampage mechanic will unfold!

Nintendo Direct Summary

[February 16, 2021]
Endemic Life That Gives Affinity Buffs Introduced

Affinity Defense Health
15% per Lampsquid 8% per Lampsquid Similar to Potion

Lampsquids is an endemic lifeform that can buff your affinity, defense, and health. All of these player stats is important, and the affinity buff seems especially huge!

List of Endemic Life

[February 11, 2021]
Cohoot and Join Requests

Send a Join Request.png

You can send a Join Request through your Cohoot, similar to how SOS Flares worked in Monster Hunter World!

Join Requests Guide | How to Join and Send out SOS

Rampage Quests on Quest Board

Rampage on Quest Board.png

If you look closely at the list of quests on the Quest Board, you can spot Rampage Quests!

What is the Rampage?

[February 4, 2021]

With the Meowcenaries, you can send out Palicoes and Palamutes to get valuable items and materials while you go on your own quests!

Meowcenaries Guide

[February 2, 2021]
Somnacanth Hunt in Frost Islands

IGN released an exclusive gameplay video where they hunted a Somnacanth in the Frost Islands using Dual Blades! Somnacanth uses a lot of attacks that can put you to sleep and damages you through blast attacks. Barioth also showed up in the hunt for a while.

Frost Islands | Monster Hunter Rise

Hunting Whistle Used in the Japanese version

Meanwhile, IGNJapan used the Hunting Horn in the same hunt. Check these videos out for an in-depth look at Frost Islands, Somnacanth, and the two weapons!

[February 2, 2021]
Buddy Plaza and Buddy Scout

A video about the Buddy Plaza and the Buddy Scout system was released. Now you can hire Palicoes and Palamutes to assist you!

Buddy Plaza Guide

[February 1, 2021]
Demo Period Has Ended!

Monster Hunter Rise - Demo Availability
The Demo was suddenly released at 1:00 GMT on January 8th, 2020. It's available from the Nintendo eShop now, so go ahead and start downloading! The hunt begins!

The demo period has already ended last February 1, 2021! If you have downloaded the demo during the demo period, you may still play solo or multiplayer locally!

How to Download the Demo | Can You Still Play the Demo?

Latest News and Game Info - January

[January 28, 2021]
Training Area

The brand new Training Area was revealed! It looks like it has a lot of things you can interact with and practice your skills with. They also showed the Mizutsune Hunting Horn, which looks just as beautiful as the armor set!

Training Area Guide

[January 28, 2021]
Hot Drinks Gone!

In the previous game, bringing Hot Drinks to cold environments such as the Frost Islands was standard practice. But now, it seems like they're completely removed from the game!

[January 7, 2021]
Digital Event

A Digital Event with brand new information for Monster Hunter Rise was released on January 7th at 14:00 GMT.

We've updated with all the insights we grabbed in our full guide!

Digital Event 1/7 - Everything We Learned

Release Date Confirmed for March 26th

Monster Hunter Rise - Release Date.png

Monster Hunter Rise has been confirmed for a release on March 26th, and at this time is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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