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Sunbreak Defense Guide: Calculations and Mechanics

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - How Does Defense Work

The Defense stat reduces the damage taken by Hunters in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to know how defense and elemental resistance work, calculations for defense, how to raise these stats, and if it's better to raise HP or defense.

How Does Defense Work

Reduces Damage Taken

Defense reduces the damage you take from all attacks from monsters. This doesn't include ailment damages like poison which deals fixed damage but for the most part, if you wish to take less damage, pump up those defense stats.

Defense Calculations

The damage you take depends on the monster's moves and your defense. Monsters will always deal a set amount of damage depending on the move and the quest while defense reduces the damage received by hunters when hit.

Defense Damage Received % Damage Received (DR)
1 36 100%
80 18 50% (1/2)
160 12 33.3% (1/3)
240 9 25% (1/4)
400 6 16.7% (1/6)
880 3 8.33% (1/12)

The damage reduction can be estimated with the table of values observed above, where every 80 defense raises the denominator for % damage received by 1. Having 1 Defense is effectively taking the full force of the attack while 80 Defense halves HP lost and 160 Defense reduced it to a third. Boosting it to 400 Defense reduces it to just a sixth of the full damage.

These numbers were taken against a Village Arzuros, meaning its attacks are far weaker than monsters you'll encounter at higher ranks. This means you still need to raise your defense enough to avoid getting carted in one or two hits.

More Defense Increases Effective HP

Effective HP = Actual HP / DR,
where %DR is from the table above.

HP doesn't directly influence defense, as more HP still results in taking the same amount of damage. However, defense effectively gives you more HP, allowing you to survive more devastating attacks with higher defense. Because of this, more defense is always helpful.

While effective HP technically doesn't have diminishing returns, the perceived effect at higher defense, such as 700 and higher, is smaller since the percentage of effective HP gained with more defense is not as drastic.

How to Raise Defense

Defense is primarily increased with Armor Spheres. There are also consumable buff items such as Adamant Seeds and Armorskin that further stack defense. Several skills can also be used to boost defense, while augmenting armor in Master Rank can also raise defense.

Armor Sphere: How to Get and Uses

Skills that Increase Defense

Skill Effect
Defense Boost Increases defense. Resistances will also improve as the level increases.
Defiance Increases defense when monsters become enraged.
Embolden When targeted by a monster, that monster becomes more likely to become enraged but your own defense is increased.
Fortify Increases your attack and defense when you fall in battle. (Disabled for some quests. Can stack twice.)
Furious Using the Red Scroll builds your fury while fighting monsters. Swapping to the Blue Scroll when your fury is full gives you infinite stamina temporarily.
Heroics Increases attack power and defense when health drops to 35% or lower.

How Does Elemental Resistance Work

Increases or Decreases Damage Taken From Elemental Attacks

Elemental Defense, or Resistance, is a percentage modifier to damage reduction depending on elemental attacks. For example, 10 Fire resistance will reduce damage from fire-based attacks by 10%, while negative resistance increases damage taken. Because resistance only works against elemental attacks, only focus on Elemental Defense if your target monster utilizes a lot of elemental attacks.

High Resistance Prevents Blights

Another way Monster Hunter Rise utilizes elemental defenses is by preventing elemental blights when you have at least 20 resistance. Is Fireblight killing you through moxie? Get higher fire resistance gear to survive!

How to Raise Resistance

Like defense, your armor determines base resistance. Resistance can be increased by equipping certain skills or eating specific dango. Armor augments can also change resistance values. Do note that all elements cap at 50 resistance.

Skills that Increase Resistance

Skill Effect
Defense Boost Increases defense. Resistances will also improve as the level increases.
Dragon Conversion When using the Red Swap Scroll, all elemental resistance is set to 0 and converted into elemental attack. The Blue Swap Scroll raises elemental resistance.
Dragon Resistance Increases dragon resistance. Also improves defesnse at higher levels.
Dragonheart Draconic energy fills you after losing a certain amount of health. Weapons lose all non-dragon effects.
Fire Resistance Increases fire resistance. Also improves defense at higher levels.
Furious Using the Red Scroll builds your fury while fighting monsters. Swapping to the Blue Scroll when your fury is full gives you infinite stamina temporarily.
Ice Resistance Increases ice resistance. Also improves defense at higher levels.
Thunder Alignment Gain the power of the elder dragon Thunder Serpent Narwa.
Thunder Resistance Increases thunder resistance. Also improves defense at higher levels.
Water Resistance Increases water resistance. Also improves defense at higher levels.
Wind Alignment Gain the power of the elder dragon Wind Serpent Ibushi.

HP Vs. Defense Vs. Elemental Resistance

HP Has Less Priority

MH Rise - Health and Stamina Bar

Unlike previous Monster Hunter Games, the HP stat cannot be built anymore. While it's still important to raise HP as high as possible, being unable to build around it makes it a lower priority. Green Spiribirds have completely replaced Vitality Boost, but you can use Spiribird's Call for a random chance to get these Spiribrids while hunting. Make sure to gather some temp buffers before heading into dangerous battles!

Spiribird Locations and Best Spiribird Routes

Raise HP in the Canteen

MH Rise - Yomogi and Palicoes with Dangos

Since Spiribirds take a little bit of time to gather during quests, we highly suggest getting a meal from the Dango shop instead to raise your HP and Stamina. Higher levels of Dango Bird Caller can also double Spiribird effects, reducing the time needed to maximize HP. Make sure to always grab some Dango before heading to missions!

Dango List: Effects and How to Unlock

Defense Stat is Always a Priority

MH Rise - Gunlance Full Blast End in Guard Edge Combo

With the removal of Vitality Boost, your utmost focus in defensive builds should be the defense stat. Despite that, it is not imperative to get defense boost skills. Simply upgrading your armor should be enough for most hunts then get skills that boost your weapon's capability like Guard Up for tank weapons and more damage for weapons that wish to dish out damage.

Elemental Defense is Secondary

MH Rise - Magnamalo Hellfire Vortex

There will be tough fights where monsters use nasty elemental attacks. Despite having a high defense stat, some monsters will just pierce through defenses and one-shot hunters easily. To get through this, a set with high elemental resistance against the monster's element could be considered to survive their attacks.

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